Fushun area Haval Xiaolong MAX hot promotion, the reserve price is 142,800! There are plenty of cars.

In the promotion channel of Fushun in car home, it is in progress, and this model has offered the highest discount of 17,000 in Fushun area. Now the minimum starting price for purchasing Haval Xiaolong MAX is 142,800. Want to know more preferential information, click "Check the car price" in the quotation form, and strive for a higher discount!


Haval Xiaolong MAX is a dynamic SUV with a modern design. The front face design of the car system adopts streamlined lines and bold shapes, showing a strong sense of strength. The air intake grille is decorated with a large area of chrome, which not only increases the luxury of the vehicle, but also highlights the sense of movement of the vehicle. In terms of overall style, the design style of Haval Xiaolong MAX is very smooth, and the body lines are simple and bright, giving people a fashionable and dynamic feeling. In addition, the car is also equipped with a series of intelligent technologies, such as panoramic sunroof, intelligent voice control, adaptive cruise, etc., to bring more comfortable and convenient driving experience to drivers and passengers. Generally speaking, Haval Xiaolong MAX is a high-performance SUV model integrating fashion, sports and technology, which is worth looking forward to.


Haval Xiaolong MAX is a large SUV model, with a body length, width and height of 4758 * 1895 * 1725mm, a wheelbase of 2800mm, a front tread of 1626mm and a rear tread of 1630mm. The side lines of the car body are smooth, showing a dynamic and steady style. The tyre size is 235/55 R19, and the rim style is fashionable and atmospheric. Both front wheels and rear wheels adopt the same specifications, which makes the vehicle more stable when driving.


The interior design of Haval Xiaolong MAX is simple without losing the sense of luxury. The steering wheel is made of leather, which is comfortable and supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, which is convenient for drivers to adjust the best driving posture. The central control screen has a size of 12.3 inches and is equipped with a voice recognition control system, which can realize voice control of multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning, skylight and other functions, providing drivers with a more convenient operating experience. The front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge and connect devices. The seat is made of imitation leather. The main driver’s seat supports front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment and height adjustment (2-way), and the co-pilot’s seat supports front and rear adjustment and backrest adjustment. The front seats are also equipped with heating function to provide a more comfortable driving experience. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be laid down proportionally, providing more storage space. Generally speaking, the interior design of Haval Xiaolong MAX pays attention to practicality and comfort, providing drivers and passengers with a full range of comfortable experiences.


Haval Xiaolong MAX is equipped with a 1.5L 116 horsepower L4 engine with a maximum power of 85kW and a maximum torque of 140 N m.. This engine uses a 2-speed DHT gearbox to provide a smooth driving experience. Its power performance is strong, which can meet the needs of daily driving and also has low fuel consumption. Whether on urban roads or highways, Haval Xiaolong MAX can provide stable power output and bring comfortable driving experience to drivers.

In our test, the driving experience of Haval Xiaolong MAX is excellent. Power surge, spacious space, domineering appearance, broad vision, comfortable sitting, excellent chassis training. At the same time, the interior design is exquisite, full of science and technology, and the car machine responds quickly. The owner drove the car directly to the mountain to camp on the first day of picking it up, and it felt very good. His first impression is that he has a large space, a good view and a great driving experience. He specifically mentioned the excellent performance of the four-wheel drive system on the uphill road, which made driving more stable and reliable. In general, the performance of Haval Xiaolong MAX has been highly praised by the owner @ Geng Yongsheng, and it is a highly recommended SUV model.

Sailisi (601127) Dragon and Tiger List Data (09

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Huawei’s P series is renewed as Pura: Inspire creativity with imagination and create a new benchmark for image aesthetics.

On April 18th, 2012, Huawei launched the first P-series product Ascend P1, which started Huawei’s unremitting pursuit of excellent image and technology aesthetics, won the love of hundreds of millions of consumers around the world, and also recorded and witnessed the wonderful moments of countless consumers’ lives. After 12 years of glory, Huawei P series was officially upgraded to Huawei Pura in 2024, and on the special day of April 18th, 2024, Huawei released a brand-new flagship mobile phone Pura 70 series, starting again with a brand-new attitude, inspiring extraordinary creativity with infinite imagination, leading the fashion trend with unique style, realizing a new leap from technology leading to brand leading, and starting a brand-new chapter in Huawei Pura series!

leadDevelopment history of moving images,promoteEvolution of science and technology aesthetics

In the past 12 years, the development history of Huawei P series is like a chronicle of the interweaving of mobile images and scientific aesthetics, which witnessed the complete stage of this field from budding to prosperity and development, and always played an important role as an innovation leader. Since the first generation of P series, Huawei has continuously tapped and released the potential of mobile photography and gradually set an industry benchmark. Every time a new product is released, it is accompanied by a major breakthrough in imaging technology. From the optimization of depth ranging of early pictures to the deep development of night scene mode, and then to the exquisite presentation of telephoto shooting, P series expands the boundaries of mobile photography all the time.

Looking back, Huawei P series took the lead in applying RGBW four-color sensor in the industry, subverting the traditional color capture method; The first black-and-white color dual camera is launched to realize the experience innovation of mobile phone photography; Self-developed RYYB super photosensitive sensor breaks the bottleneck of dark photography in one fell swoop; The first 5x periscope optical telephoto lens, 100x binocular hybrid zoom and the first super-concentrated night vision telephoto have led the trend of telephoto photography again and again. P series is like a walking color collimator, telescope and night vision instrument. Every iteration is an innovation and breakthrough in the industry, which sets a new milestone for moving images.

Huawei P series has never been a purely technical pile-up, but adheres to the concept of taking users as the core, helping users to cross the constraints of time and space, freeze the beautiful moments from far to near, from dark to bright, from macro to micro, comprehensively expand the possibility of photography, and make beauty everywhere and omnipresent. Whether it’s crossing the distance between time and space, bringing the unreachable moon closer to the palm of your hand, penetrating the darkness and finely capturing the light and shadow flow at night, or freezing the moment and going deep into the fantasy mystery of the microscopic world, P series helps users capture vivid details and beautiful moments in life in all-weather scenes with its excellent image performance.

It is particularly worth mentioning that P series has also opened up territory in the field of portrait photography, promoting the quality evolution of smartphone portrait photography, not only paying attention to the fine depiction of the subject, but also giving portrait photography a unique light and shadow texture and emotional depth through the accurate grasp of light and atmosphere, so that each portrait work can tell a unique story.

At the same time, Huawei P series has always adhered to the initial intention of recording truth and expressing emotions, accompanying users to grow up together and recording real life with images. With the continuous innovation of mobile video technology, P series encourages users to actively explore the unknown world, faithfully restore the original appearance of life, and make every picture present the true beauty of "what you see is what you get". The intelligent and humanized photography experience gives users strong confidence, so that they can record the pictures that touch their hearts at any time in their lives, connect the ups and downs of life with images, and deduce their own wonderful life plays.

Each generation of P-series mobile phones carries users’ unique memories and emotional sustenance. They are not cold technological products, but vivid expressions and powerful expressions of each user’s understanding of life and perception of the world.

Pursue your heart and forge ahead,brand-newStart again with a gesture

Nowadays, people’s aesthetic taste is constantly upgrading with the changes of time and cultural environment, and there are higher requirements for product design and function. This aesthetic upgrade is not only reflected in the pursuit of appearance, but also in the exploration of the essence and spirit of products.

Huawei P series has been evolving and upgrading in the past 12 years. It not only pursues the ultimate aesthetic feeling and design sense in appearance, but also revolutionizes its functions to meet the changing needs of users. The accumulation of this quantitative change eventually brought about the sublimation of qualitative change, which made Huawei Pura emerge at the historic moment and unique.

Facing the next 12 years, Huawei Pura series will set sail with a brand-new attitude, leading mobile images from discovering beauty to creating beauty, from device innovation to style expression, from recording life to artistic creation, perfectly integrating peak image technology, aesthetic design concept and original style expression, and starting a new exploration journey about image power and personality expression.

In the exploration of image technology, Huawei Pura series has gone beyond the limitation of simple software and hardware iteration, and turned to focus on the optimization and upgrading of the entire image system architecture. From single device efficiency improvement to full link technology innovation, Pura series has built an advanced whole machine imaging technology system, which has achieved a leap from hardware precision to excellent imaging effect. Adhering to the forward-looking vision, Pura series will strengthen the ability of moving images in all directions, and expand more professional and diverse moving image bases through the breakthrough of four dimensions, such as sensing subtle light and dark changes, seamlessly spanning vast spaces, accurately capturing rich colors and instantly freezing eternal memories, thus empowering users to fully express their personalized image styles.

In terms of user experience, Huawei Pura series is committed to transforming each user into a unique creator, connecting reality and imagination with images, and endowing ordinary life art with charm. It will continue to challenge the limits of mobile imaging technology, awaken users’ inner imagination and turn it into shocking creative expression by breaking through the excellent shooting experience brought by innovation. Whether it is the visual impact that broke out in an instant, the emotional appeal that is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, the endless imagination that dares to explore, or the unique expressive force of color application, Pura series will join hands with users to jointly cast the power of images and breed artistic masterpieces full of personal imprint and unique style.

It is not difficult to see from the relevant brand information released by Huawei that Huawei Pura is deeply concerned about the spiritual value and power transmission carried by the image itself. With the increasing demand for individual self-expression, Huawei Pura aims to provide users with a broad and free creative space with its advanced image technology and excellent image performance. Huawei Pura seems to not only pay attention to the subversive innovation of technology, but also devote itself to promoting the value sublimation and style expression of video art, so that everyone can become a creator and artist, thus satisfying modern people’s pursuit of beauty and desire for self-expression.

Huawei Pura encourages users to display endless imagination and turn creativity into reality, so that each photo is not only a representation of physical scene, but also an artistic carrier with profound connotation and spiritual value, conveying the powerful power and far-reaching influence behind the image and leading users into a new era of images full of infinite possibilities and profound cultural connotations.

On the key historical node of April 18th, Huawei’s P-series upgrade to Pura marked a new journey for Huawei in the field of mobile images. This upgrade announced that Huawei is leading the mobile image from discovering the beauty of life to creating the beauty of art, and advocating personalized expression and value transmission of photography style. At the same time, it also means that mobile phone photography has evolved from a simple life recording tool to an important platform for artistic creation, allowing users to capture and create more imaginative moments with their mobile phones. This upgrade of Huawei has undoubtedly pushed mobile images to a new height.

Facing the future, the brand-new Huawei Pura will inspire creativity with imagination, and lead a new round of fashion image trend with its unique and distinctive brand style. Explore the unseen beauty with bold imagination; Open a new horizon with a pioneering perspective; Leading the fashion trend with original style, bringing a wonderful experience beyond expectations to consumers all over the world.

Huawei Pura is not only a better flagship mobile phone, but also a warm expectation and brave exploration for a better life in the future. Huawei Pura 70 series, as the first flagship mobile phone product of Pura series, will surely show the original style of the brand, and bring consumers a brand-new experience with its pioneering aesthetic design, leap-forward leading imaging technology and powerful flagship performance. At the same time, we also expect Huawei Pura to pursue its true heart, forge ahead and continue to write its own legendary chapter in the years to come!

Tsinghua Peking University made a hot search on the big move. What’s the matter?

  Cctv news(Reporter Kan Chunyu): Recently, the notices issued by official website of two universities have been jointly screened. Just look at the names of the universities and you will understand everything.

  Tsinghua of Peking University has successively issued notices, and the educational administration departments of the two universities have reached a consensus and decided to open some undergraduate courses to each other and recognize credits. Among them, Peking University offers 27 courses, mainly in humanities and social sciences, while Tsinghua offers 12 courses, mainly in science and engineering.

  As soon as the notice came out, the two universities were immediately put on the hot search list of Weibo by netizens.

  As of press time, Tsinghua Peking University has opened some undergraduate courses to each other, and the topic of Weibo has been read by 160 million people. Netizens have given a familiar name to the two universities — — "TP-Link" has also voted pick Qingbei as the best CP of the year.

  Some netizens also expressed their regret that they missed the Qingbei course.

  There are also many college students calling on their schools to join the ranks.

  Then, as the envy of everyone, what do the students in Qingbei think of this change?

  Let’s take a look at the courses offered by the two schools first.

  According to the Notice of the Academic Affairs Department of Peking University on the Opening of Some High-quality Courses for Undergraduates in our University, in the spring semester of 2020, Tsinghua University will open 12 high-quality courses (with 170 places in 15 classes). In particular, it is pointed out that the grades obtained from cross-school courses are not included in GPA, but the credits will be included in Class A general-purpose credits or optional credits of the whole school.

  The Notice of Tsinghua University Academic Affairs Office and Registration Center on Opening Some General Core Courses for Undergraduates in Peking University shows that in the spring semester of 2020, some places of 27 general core courses for undergraduates in Peking University will be opened to undergraduates in Tsinghua.

  Qiu Wu, a junior in Peking University, learned the news in a circle of friends. After a rough understanding of the courses open in Tsinghua University, the girl of Chinese Department didn’t want to take courses, "because they are all engineering courses".

  Qiu Wu spoke highly of the courses offered by Peking University: "The courses we gave are very good, and everyone is worried that they will not be selected in the future."

  According to Qiu Wu, "Music and Mathematics", "History of Western Art" and "Sociology Theory Abroad" are all popular courses in Peking University, and many students from Tsinghua have attended before.

  Graduate Chen Chen originally planned to attend the intensive reading of Four Books in the spring semester, but after seeing this news, she changed her mind. She said: "There are a lot of people in these classes. After adding people from Tsinghua, the cost of auditing will be higher for students in our school, and it will take longer to occupy seats."

  Li Hua, a senior student in Tsinghua University, is somewhat moved by the psychology course offered by Peking University, but he is hesitant at the thought of running a long distance to attend classes. Jiang Zhifan, an alumnus, wants to choose "Music and Mathematics" of Peking University. However, considering the popularity of this class, he is somewhat worried that he will not be able to grab the class.

  Liu Mugeng is a sophomore in eecs. He is interested in the courses offered in Tsinghua. He said that he would study the content setting, class time, class hours, etc. of these courses again, and finally decide whether to take action according to his study plan for the new semester.

  Regarding the courses offered in Tsinghua, Jiang Zhifan, a senior student of Automation Department of Tsinghua University, said that "Introduction to Industrial Systems", "Experience of Manufacturing Engineering", "Basis of Industrial Systems" and "Introduction to Industrial Production" are all core courses of the school’s cultural quality, and the quality can be guaranteed. Alumni Li Hua believes that these "standard engineering courses" are not the most popular courses in the school, and "more than half of them are hands-on practice".

  According to the information of official website, the practical unit of the course "Industrial System Basis" includes not only intelligent factory sand table and 3D printing, but also the design and manufacture of welding robots and carbonless cars. "Modern Machining Technology and Practice" also covers the experiments of ultrasonic machining, laser machining and water jet cutting. The reporter learned that these two courses were offered by Tsinghua University Basic Industrial Training Center, and "Fundamentals of Industrial Systems" was once rated as an excellent course in Beijing.

  After reading this, what do you think about the communication between the two schools?

  In fact, in China, it is not new that a computer can connect the classrooms of the highest institutions of higher learning with a network cable. All major universities will publish their ace courses on the online education platform, including many national quality courses. These online courses are not only free, but also have their own assessment mechanism like a real university. To get the certificate of completion, you must take the mid-term and final exams and classroom tests.

  The door of knowledge has always been open to everyone, and "not getting a good class" is just an excuse for many people.

  (At the request of the interviewee, Qiu Wu, chenchen, Li Hua and Jiang Zhifan are all pseudonyms.)