It opened Jackie Chan’s path to stardom and also revolutionized Hong Kong film

1905 movie network feature As an audience, no matter how much experience you have, there will definitely be a name that cannot be avoided in the memory of growing up: Jackie Chan. Therefore, when the fourth "Jackie Chan Action Film Week" opens soon, it must once again evoke everyone’s feelings and tributes to this kung fu superstar.


This movie week not only showcased 24 Jackie Chan’s classic action movies, but also chose "Drunk Fist" as the opening film. For viewers who are more familiar with "Police Story", "Project Eagle", "Red Fan District", "Rush Hour", "Zodiac" and even "New Police Story", it is a bit "long".


Why does Jackie Chan have a "soft spot" for "Drunken Fist" this time? This drama is not only the origin of his road to stardom, but also the portrayal of his 40 years of success. It can be called a benchmark that changed the development of Hong Kong kung fu films and made Hong Kong films go to a golden age. It even has influence across the film field… Whether it is an exaggeration, let Xiao Dianjun accompany you to reveal the legendary appearance of "Drunken Fist" for 40 years.


1. "Something out of nothing" Drunk Eight Immortals

Producer Wu Siyuan, director Yuan Heping, and star Jackie Chan’s "Iron Triangle" were credited with the launch of "Drunken Fist". They had previously teamed up to create a Kung Fu comedy "Serpentine Diao Hands". After the box office hit, the Taiwanese filmmakers invited them to the local celebration party. Unexpectedly, the various movements of the filmmakers during the banquet triggered Wu and Yuan’s inspiration for "Drunken Fist". Ba Ye (Yuan Zhi’s nickname) even thought that "Drunken Fist has a sense of comedy, and the image will look good when shot!"

But boxing always has an ins and outs. As a result, Ba Ye spent a month summing up eight formulas from various ancient stories, including "Lv Dongbin: Drunk to carry the pot with great strength", "Tieguai Li: It’s true to choose a knee and hit the drunk", "Han Zhongli: Drunk walking and hugging the top of the heart", "Zhang Guolao: Drunk throwing a cup and kicking a chain", "Lan Caihe: A single toast to stop the waist and break", "Uncle Cao: Immortal toasting and locking the throat", "Han Xiangzi: Catching the wrist and hitting the chest and drunk blowjob" and "He Xiangu: Bouncing the waist and offering drunken swinging steps", which were interpreted by Jackie Chan and became a classic in the history of kung fu films.


In other words, the "Drunken Eight Immortals" boxing route that audiences are familiar with today is actually eight inspirations "made out of nothing"!


Second, Jackie Chan’s "double eyelid" truth

If you watch "Serpentine Diao Hands", you will find that Jackie Chan was still single eyelid at that time, why did "Drunken Fist" become "double eyelid"? This is from the list of Jackie Chan’s injury history, "Shooting" Drunken Fist "The corner of the eye was kicked out"…


It is said that when Jackie Chan was filming, Huang Zhengli, known as the "King of Leg Skills", kicked the part above the eye and below the eyebrow, bleeding profusely on the spot, and the diagnosis was that the corner of the eye was cracked. But Jackie Chan, who has always been afraid of injections, refused to sew, and finally could only stick the wound with medical tape. After tearing it off, the wound turned into a "double eyelid", and finally could only "open" the other eye. Therefore, "Drunken Fist" is not only Jackie Chan’s famous work, but also can be said to be a "cosmetic work".


3. "Look at my red face and thick neck"

In addition to filming injuries, Jackie Chan also worked hard for the performance. Especially before each performance, he didn’t really drink, but let himself bow down and hold his breath, and by holding his breath, all the blood rushed to his head, so that it looked like his face was red after being drunk.

It can be seen that Jackie Chan sang in the song "Drunk Fist" many years later, "Look at my blush and thick neck, and know in my heart that I am a hero", which is a portrayal of his drunkenness when he "held back" himself.


IV. Yuan Xiaotian became very popular in his later years

"Drunken Boxing" should not only mention Jackie Chan’s Wong Fei-hung, but also Yuan Xiaotian’s "Su Qier". As the father of Yuan Heping and others, Yuan Xiaotian is not only one of the earliest martial arts instructors in Hong Kong, but also made a series of "Wong Fei-hung" movies in the 1960s. By the 1970s, he had retired, but in order to support Yuan Heping’s directing career, he was willing to go out again, not wanting to be popular all over Asia.


In fact, Ba Ye conceived martial arts moves that combined elements of acrobatics and comedy in the theater, and his father was behind it: "My father basically passed on what he knew to our children… At that time, his academic career was very hard, and he practiced every morning… In the afternoon, he went to the suburbs to practice basic skills, swords, swords and halberds, and learned boxing and somersaults." So from the play that Yuan Xiaotian taught Jackie Chan in "Drunk Fist", Ba Ye did put a lot of childhood memories in it.


V. Unexpected success

In 1978, the "Iron Triangle" of Wu, Yuan and Cheng was already satisfied with the big sale of "Serpentine Diao Hands", but they did not expect the success of "Drunken Fist" to exceed their imagination: in Hong Kong, the film was released from October 5 to November 3 of that year, and the box office reached 6.76 million Hong Kong dollars, which digitally broke the box office record (5.31 million) held by Bruce Lee’s "Raptors Crossing the River", and finally ranked second in the annual box office.

In Taiwan, Wu Siyuan even described the results of "Drunken Fist" as "too profitable" and "outrageous at all", even to the point where the film distributor gave him a bunch of money every time he saw Wu Siyuan! In fact, before "Drunken Fist", many Taiwanese film distributors refused to buy Jackie Chan movies, on the grounds that "Jackie Chan is a box office poison, you want me to die!" But after the film was released, Jackie Chan soon became a millionaire, and even Golden Harvest wanted to poach him to pass the file, even offering a salary of 4.80 million Hong Kong dollars, which can be called "straight to the fool"!


South East Asia

"Drunken Fist" was already selling crazy in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and I don’t want to go even further when it was released in South East Asia and Japan and South Korea in 1979. In Japan alone, the film’s box office was as high as 1.90 billion yen, ranking eighth among the top ten grossing films of the year; in Seoul in the same year, the film was screened for half a year, and the number of viewers was as high as 1.42 million, which is equal to 4.27 million people in South Korea watching "Drunken Fist" at that time, thus breaking the local historical record and maintaining it for 11 years. It was not until 1990 that it was broken by "Ghost Love". No wonder the Korean newspapers said at that time: Why can other people’s movies be made so well?


"Drunk Fist" also broke Singapore’s historical sales record, with a box office of up to 1.46 million Singapore dollars; as for Malaysia, Wu Siyuan’s words describe it as "a sea of people at the entrance of the Kuala Lumpur theater, the boss ran to the box office and grabbed a lot of money, and wrapped it up for me with something…"

In the end, "Drunken Fist" reached more than 22 million US dollars at the global box office that year, confirming what is meant by "sensation"!


Seven, "bonuses" and "prizes" are not missing

If the box office is a "bonus", then the selection of the major film institutions is the prize that "Drunken Fist" deserves – who said that the kung fu films in the early Republic of China could not be elegant?

In 2000, "Double Film Weekly" selected "100 Best Hong Kong Films of the 20th Century", "Drunken Fist" ranked 20th, second only to "Jingwumen" in the kung fu film; in 2005, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Chinese film, the Hong Kong Film Awards Association selected "100 Best Chinese Films in a Century", and "Drunken Fist" ranked 33rd; in 2011, the Golden Horse Film Festival voted for "100 Classic Chinese Films in Film History", and "Drunken Fist" was once again on the list; in the same year, the Hong Kong Film Archive selected "100 Hong Kong Films You Must See" list, and saw "Drunken Fist". It can be seen that from Hong Kong to the entire Chinese film, "Drunken Fist" is a classic masterpiece with far-reaching influence.


Eight, the rise of kung fu comedy

The popularity of "Drunk Fist" made the Kung Fu comedy reach its peak in the early years of the People’s Republic of China in 1979-80. All Hong Kong was thinking about how to add various comedy ideas to martial arts, so the authentic Hong Quan Liu Jialiang shot "Mad Monkey" and "Bad Head He", the fledgling Tsang Zhiwei shot "Kicking the Hall" and "Thief Stolen". In addition to shooting "Lin Shirong", Hong Jinbao Yuan Heping, the former’s "Mad Kid" won Yuan Biao, and the latter’s "North and South Drunk Fist" won his younger brother Yuan Xinyi. Even Cheng Xiaodong rarely shot "Ma Liu" as the protagonist, and even Xu Hark’s "No Door to Hell" also has many shadows of kung fu comedy. In short, the famous action movie artists we are familiar with today all contributed to the kung fu comedy back then.


However, in those two years, no one could shake Jackie Chan’s superstar status: in 79, Jackie Chan’s first self-directed and self-starred "Laughing Fist" became the annual box office champion with 5.45 million Hong Kong dollars; in 80, "Junior Brother" became the first film in Hong Kong’s film history to break through 10 million box office, and became the opening work of Hong Kong’s "Spring Festival"!


 Nowadays, if you mention or revisit kung fu comedy, you should remember the transformative significance of "Drunken Fist".


Hong Kong’s "Comedy Age"

Looking back, Hong Kong films were able to achieve prosperity in the 1980s, thanks in essence to the rise of comedy themes: before "Drunk Fist", although Hong Kong had the first comedy hits by the Hui brothers, it was still "unique", and kung fu films fell into a low ebb after Bruce Lee’s death, because no one could imitate and copy him.

As a result, Jackie Chan and Yuan Heping defied tradition, and the line of "Kung Fu + Comedy" was not only different, but also more down-to-earth. The success of "Drunken Fist" made the whole of Hong Kong find that as long as you can "fight and laugh", you can make a lot of money at a low cost! Afterwards, Hong Kong people will add comedy elements to any theme they shoot, and they will try their best, thus creating a golden age of Hong Kong films – in other words, "Drunken Fist" has contributed to the market tradition of "laughing every time" in Hong Kong films!


Ten, the sequel to Drunk Fist Yan Brilliant

Fifteen years after "Drunk Fist", Jackie Chan once again played Huang Feihong and created the genuine sequel "Drunk Fist 2". Compared with the first episode, the film is more meaningful because it is a commemorative work of the establishment of the Hong Kong Action Stuntman Guild. All the creators in front of the stage and behind the scenes confiscated the pay. The initial cost of the film was only 28 million Hong Kong dollars, of which 3 million was used to buy the guild’s meeting place. It was already a "cheap" one for Jackie Chan’s works at that time.


Just like the first episode, "Drunken Fist 2" once again broke the sales record of Hong Kong kung fu films, with a box office of 40.71 million Hong Kong dollars, ranking among the runners-up in the annual box office in 1994, and only looking at the numbers, the film’s box office record was maintained for a full 17 years, and it was broken by "Ip Man 2" (43 million), which shows the audience’s feelings for "Drunken Fist".


Perhaps many people do not know that "Drunken Fist 2" is still the first Hong Kong film to be introduced in the form of national distribution after the reform of the mainland film market. In other words, Jackie Chan can be said to be the "pioneer" of the mainland entering the box office era. And just looking at these scenes, you can see how famous Jackie Chan was in the mainland at that time:


"No injury, no drunken fist"

Back then, "Drunken Fist" made Jackie Chan "double eyelids", which was already a serious injury experience. I don’t want to think that 15 years later, he staged a more dangerous scene in "Drunken Fist 2": the whole person was kicked into the fire, and the heat and pain could be felt just by looking at the screen; and the last fight, not only did it take three months to shoot, but Jackie Chan really drank a little industrial alcohol, which was better than "holding his breath" in the first episode!



Therefore, the "bonuses" and "prizes" did not harm this drama. "Drunken Fist 2" not only became the world’s Chinese film box office champion in 1994 (according to data exceeding 365 million RMB), but was also selected by Time magazine as one of the "100 Best Movies in the History of Film", and was ranked fifth by Black Belt magazine as "The Most Wonderful Film and Television Fight in History". At the same time, it won the Golden Statue and Golden Horse Double "Best Action Design"…

It can be said that the two "Drunken Fist" starring Jackie Chan can be called one of the most outstanding kung fu series in the history of Chinese movies.


Twelve, drunken boxing and cultural crossing

Over the past 40 years, the influence of "Drunken Fist" has not only been in the film, but also one of the representatives of the "cross-regional culture" of Chinese films.


As the Japanese "national manga" of "Dragon Ball", the author of "Dragon Ball", Akira Toriyama, has bluntly stated that he is a fan of Jackie Chan, and his favorite movie is "Drunken Fist". "Without this movie, I couldn’t have created" Dragon Ball "at all."


"Naruto’s Li Luoke is also a" natural drunken fist master ":


In Hong Kong, the famous cartoonist Huang Yulang also created a comic of the same name in 1981 inspired by "Drunken Fist", which was popular and was called one of the "Four Famous Works of Huang Yulang":


Even weak sounds can be used to imitate "Drunken Fist", even to the point of "God Sync":


Even the Japanese variety show "Talk Show After the Rain" did a Jackie Chan special, and specially imitated the classic scenes of "Drunken Fist":


Even FC games, released in 1990 as "Jackie Chan’s Dragon", were inspired by "Drunken Fist".



Later, whether it was the arcade game "Double Dragon Fight", or the PC game "King of Kung Fu" and "Iron Fist" Lei Wulong, etc., they also used Jackie Chan’s style or action in "Drunken Fist":


Timg (2).jpg

Of course, there is no shortage of Zhen Yuanzhai in "The King of Fighters", no doubt from Yuan Xiaotian in "Drunken Fist":

The history of Chinese film has been 40 years and countless classics, but "Drunken Fist" must be one of the influencers who can spread to the world; for Jackie Chan, he can become the longest-running superstar in the Chinese film industry, and "Drunken Fist" is a watershed in his acting career!

Jiang Ling, Secretary of Luoyang Municipal Party Committee, led a delegation to Xi’an City and Yan’an City, Shaanxi Province for inspection and study

  From June 8 to 10, Jiang Ling, a member of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Luoyang Municipal Party Committee, led a team to Xi’an and Yan’an City, Shaanxi Province to inspect and study the protection and utilization of cultural heritage, the development of the new cultural tourism industry, and the improvement of urban quality, and paid tribute to the Yan’an Revolutionary Memorial Site. He stressed that it is necessary to deeply study the spirit of the important speech of the Supreme Leader General Secretary at the Cultural Inheritance and Development Symposium, give play to historical and cultural advantages, deepen regional mutual learning and mutual learning, and show greater responsibility in promoting cultural self-confidence and self-improvement and building a modern civilization of the Chinese nation.

  During his visit to Xi’an, Jiang Ling held talks with Fang Hongwei, member of the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Xi’an Municipal Party Committee, to exchange views on deepening project cooperation. The two sides said that Xi’an and Luoyang are both famous historical and cultural cities of the country, with rich cultural heritage, rich natural resources, superior transportation location and good industrial foundation. They will further deepen practical cooperation in the protection of major heritage sites, the protection and activation of cultural relics, and the integration of culture and tourism, and jointly promote the creative transformation and innovative development of China’s excellent traditional culture, so as to contribute to the construction of modern Chinese civilization.

  Xi’an, like Luoyang, has a profound historical heritage and many cultural relics. Jiang Ling has successively visited Daming Palace National Heritage Park, Small Wild Goose Pagoda Historical and Cultural Area, Tang Chang’an City Anrenfang Inn, Xi’an City Wall Yongning Gate and other places to inspect the protection and utilization of cultural heritage. He pointed out that it is necessary to learn from the experience of Xi’an, put more effort into activation and utilization, strengthen the protection of cultural logos and the construction of immersive experience scenes, not only protect cultural relics and cultural heritage, but also display the texture of famous historical and cultural cities, and enhance tourists’ recognition and recognition of Luoyang’s ancient capital.

  In the past two years, Xi’an Datang Never Sleeps City, Datang Furong Garden and other cultural tourism projects have innovatively launched new experience scenes such as "Tumbler Miss", "Neon Clothes" and "Tang Secret Box", which have become the Internet celebrity clock in. Jiang Ling has a deep understanding of the project planning and operation, pointed out that he should learn the experience and practice of building a full-chain cultural tourism industry ecology in Xi’an, firmly "subversive creativity, immersive experience, young consumption, mobile end communication" concept, and do a solid job in business innovation, efficient drainage, traffic monetization and other work to create an immersive cultural tourism destination.

  The Yisushe Cultural Block is an important window and business card for Xi’an’s newly built city charm. Furong Xintiandi Characteristic Block, Qujiang Book City and other projects have also explored many experience and practices in the experience scene. Jiang Ling has a deep understanding of the construction and operation of cultural blocks, and pointed out that great efforts should be made to do a good job in the construction of urban characteristic blocks, introduce more youthful and international new formats and scenes, vigorously develop the night economy, enhance the city’s smoke and smoke, and continuously improve its attractiveness to young people.

  Yan’an Red Street is a large-scale themed cultural tourism project invested and built by Wanda Group. Jiang Ling and Wang Jianlin, chairperson of Wanda Group, jointly inspected the construction and operation of the Yan’an Red Street project, inspected some immersive experience projects, and held talks. The two sides said that the current cultural and tourism consumption demand is strong, and they will deepen cooperation and complement each other’s advantages. Relying on the Longmen tourist resort project, they will deeply explore Luoyang’s characteristic historical and cultural resources, and make a modern expression of traditional culture, so that more tourists can "return to the prosperous Tang Dynasty" in the immersive experience.

  Yan’an is the Holy Land of the Chinese Revolution and the cradle of New China. During the inspection, the delegation paid tribute to the Yan’an Revolutionary Memorial Site with reverence, revisited the glorious years of the Party Central Committee in Yan’an during the Revolutionary War, remembered the great achievements of the older generation of revolutionaries, and visited "The Great Course – The Thirteen-Year History Exhibition of the CPC Central Committee in Yan’an". Everyone expressed that it is necessary to deeply study and implement the spirit of the important speech of the Supreme Leader General Secretary leading the 20th CPC Central Committee Politburo Standing Committee to pay tribute to the Yan’an Revolutionary Memorial Site, continue the red blood, enhance the political position, and transform the achievements of promoting the great party founding spirit and the spirit of Yan’an into practical actions to do a good job in current work, and promote the modernization of Luoyang. New achievements in various undertakings.

  The delegation also inspected the advanced concepts and operation management models of Xi’an and Yan’an in combination with the construction of youth-friendly cities and the renovation of key areas.

  Xi’an Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Secretary-General He Wenquan, Xi’an Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, Qujiang New District Party Working Committee Secretary Yao Lijun, Yan’an Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Political and Legal Committee Secretary Ma Yuefeng, Wanda Group Chief Vice President Liu Haibo, Luoyang City Leaders Wang Jun, Zhang Yujie, Wei Xianfeng, etc. participated in relevant activities respectively.

Nongfu Spring is not as good as tap water?

  On the one hand, China Resources Yibao encountered a PH test strip, and on the other hand, Nongfu Spring was accused of being "not as good as tap water". The "two bottles of water" with growing grievances finally broke out in a full-scale "water battle" at the turn of this spring and summer. Recently, the war of words and words between the two sides is not enough, and the next battle will be in court.

  Nongfu Spring is negative and frequent, blame Yibao

  In the past month, Nongfu Spring has been exposed to mildew in bottled natural water, black unknown objects, brown floating objects, garbage siege in the water source, and different colors of the same batch of products. On April 10, another "industry insider" broke the news that Nongfu Spring’s standard is not as good as tap water.

  This series of quality disturbances has raised questions about Nongfu Spring. On April 11, Nongfu Spring finally couldn’t help but jump out and issue a statement, directly accusing the series of reports against Nongfu Spring of being deliberately planned, hidden behind the scenes is the state-controlled drinking water company, China Resources Yibao. In fact, when the water source of Nongfu Spring was exposed to garbage siege, Nongfu Spring pointed out that "this matter was done by a competitor", but did not directly name the competitor at that time.

  Observing the series ** publicity actions ** Yibao in recent times, it seems that there is "suspicion". After March 15 this year, China Resources Yibao once cooperated with a large portal website to launch the special topic ** "The Sadness ** Drinking Water in China", and published the same content advertisement in elevators and other channels. It listed all the water pollution incidents in China in the past 10 years, and then pointed out that "Do you still dare to drink the water transported by nature?" The target pointed to the well-known Nongfu ****** advertising slogan – "Nature’s Porter". The relevant website has now removed the topic. Since then, in the process ** Nongfu ****** being exposed to the pollution problem ** the water source ** the Danjiangkou, the figure ** China Resources Yibao has also emerged. On April 9, Yibao held a press conference in *******, the main content ** which was the responsibility ** drinking water enterprises to protect water sources and the need for water sources to meet drinking water standards.

  In its statement, Nongfu Spring also listed "criminal evidence" of Yibao, as competitors in Hunan, Guangdong, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei and other places have hired people to distribute leaflets attacking Nongfu Spring to retail stores and consumers door-to-door.

  More interestingly, there was a speculation circulating in the industry that Nongfu Spring’s recent troubles were similar to the way it had attacked its competitors in the past. Coincidentally, one of Nongfu Spring’s executives had moved to China Resources Yibao…

  However, Li Kai, the marketing director of China Resources Yibao, told reporters that he denied all kinds of speculation from the outside world, saying that the company would not do anything that violates fair competition.

  Yibao retorted, and a scolding war broke out

  Nongfu Spring has set off the climax of this round of war of words since the 11th, and released 17 long Weibo in a row in just 6 days from the 11th to the 16th.

  Moreover, Nongfu Spring is not satisfied with the theory of "naming", but also poses a posture of death and destruction. The official Weibo of Nongfu Spring has publicly recruited no less than 5,000 people, "to go to Bunongfu Spring and China Resources Yibao, which uses tap water as its water source, to compare the quality of all water sources, factories and products."

  Citizen Mr. Liu told reporters that he had forwarded the above-mentioned Weibo and had received a private message invitation from the official Weibo of Nongfu Spring on the 16th.

  This move made China Resources Yibao furious. At 1 noon on April 12, the official Weibo of China Resources Yibao posted a message: "People are not sages, who can be wrong! If you can change it, you can’t be good. ‘This is the case in life, and even more so in business! Advise a certain enterprise to be responsible to consumers and have the courage to take responsibility. Instead of the disaster moving eastward and grabbing the disaster on others!" Weibo. Although this Weibo did not specify the target, it was unanimously regarded by the outside world as a call to Nongfu Spring.

  In fact, China Resources Yibao has been holding back its breath for a long time. On March 22 this year, "International Water Day", Nongfu Spring was witnessed to do a demonstration of the pH value of bottled water at several major subway entrances in Guangzhou, and the bottled water for consumers to compare was Yibao. In the consumer sourcing activity held by Nongfu Spring every year, Yibao was also present at the pH value test site of different brands to be demonstrated by the example sign.

  "Yibao has always been annoyed by the practice of testing Nongfu Spring Water, and it is not impossible to fight back for this matter," a person close to Yibao told reporters. Regarding the recent statement of Nongfu Spring, the relevant person in charge of China Resources Yibao said that this is the usual method of Nongfu Spring. Once there is negative news, it depends on competitors, and before Wahaha and Master Kang. However, the person did not respond positively to Nongfu Spring’s suggestion that consumers were invited to visit the Yibao factory.

  After being ridiculed by the official Weibo of China Resources Yibao, the official Weibo of Nongfu Spring quickly responded: "As a state-owned holding enterprise and a listed company, if China Resources Yibao dares to do it, it must dare to admit it, and maintain the moral bottom line of the enterprise in the hearts of the people. Don’t have the courage to do it, but don’t have the courage to admit it." And used a long Weibo to post a batch of online screenshots, leaflets and other pictures to prove that the series of incidents encountered by the company were carried out by China Resources Yibao.

  Since then, the public war between the two major bottled water giants in China has intensified.

  Yibao sued Nongfu Spring for reputation infringement

  On April 13, China Resources Yibao released an open letter to all China Resources Yibao people, in which it stated that for the deliberate attacks of certain companies, the company will retaliate or use legal weapons to protect itself when appropriate, and also ask employees not to go into muddy waters.

  On the same day, the media reporters received a "100,000 whys of Nongfu Spring" from the marketing director of Yibao: It is said that Qiandao Lake is the tap water source of Chun’an County, Danjiangkou is the tap water source of Danjiangkou citizens, and Wanlv Lake is the power source of Guangdong Xinfengjiang Hydropower Station. What kind of water source is Nongfu Spring? The water sources of Nongfu Spring are deep lake water, deep reservoir water, self-swimming spring, mountain spring water, groundwater… No matter what kind of water, it implements the local standard of natural water in Zhejiang Province. May I ask why? Yibao implements the national unified standard no matter where it is produced. May I ask Nongfu Spring, how can you feel?!

  In this regard, Nongfu Spring said it was "ridiculous", and the quality of Nongfu Spring was much higher than national standards, industry standards and local standards.

  Facts have proved that China Resources Yibao did what it said. On the afternoon of the 16th, China Resources Yibao confirmed in a notice to reporters that the company had filed a lawsuit against Nongfu Spring with the People’s Court of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, which was officially accepted by the court on April 15, 2013.

  The report said that recently, through its official Weibo, Nongfu Spring has claimed that the relevant reports of its own product quality problems recently disclosed by the media are deliberately planned by China Resources Yibao, and that China Resources Yibao uses the public’s panic about food safety and environmental pollution as a marketing tool.

  "The above false statements have not only been widely reposted through social media, but have also been continuously reported by major mainstream media and portal websites across the country, causing serious damage to China Resources Yibao’s reputation, business reputation and commodity reputation." Yibao said that according to the provisions of the civil law, it believes that Nongfu Spring’s behavior has constituted an infringement of China Resources Yibao’s reputation rights and should bear the legal liability for infringement according to law.

  The notice said that it believes in the public and the law will give Yibao a "just result", adding that any company’s actions to infringe on the reputation of competitors will not be successful, and it is not allowed by law. The notice reiterated that the company has firmly opposed, is and will not use illegal means to participate in market competition.

  As of press time, Nongfu Spring’s spokesperson, Mr. Wu, had not responded to the company’s lawsuit against China Resources Yibao, or even did not answer the phone. The official Weibo of Nongfu Spring, which has issued frequent statements to the public in recent days, also said nothing about this.

  Nongfu Spring pinched his peers and pinched the media

  The reporter noticed that since China Resources Yibao issued an open letter to take up legal weapons, the focus ** public opinion on Nongfu ****** has begun to shift. Nongfu ******’s subsequent statements did not name names and China Resources Yibao, but focused on clarifying water quality standards. Instead, they were pinned on the ******* Times.

  The **ficial Weibo ** Nongfu ****** has published several water quality monitoring reports, and the ******* Times, which has repeatedly "named" and questioned its water safety, even released a harsh message on Weibo on the 15th: "You can’t run away, and don’t even think about running."

  In response, "******* Times **ficial Weibo" posted a response on the morning ** the 16th, "In front ** the standard, you can’t run away, and don’t even think about running away." Since the dispute over product standards appeared in the newspapers, Nongfu ****** first accused competitors ** smearing, and then cursed the media for ignorance, but refused to give a tenable reason on the standard issue. Instead, he avoided the reality and repeatedly emphasized that "product quality" is higher than the national standard.

  Subsequently, the **ficial Weibo ** Nongfu ****** issued a "four-fold" ******* Times "Weibo, and posted a" Fourth Statement ** Nongfu ****** "signed on April 16 in the form ** a long Weibo. The content said:" Nongfu ****** products are comprehensively better than GB5749-2006 national tap water standards, ** which 21 indicators are 12-1000 times better than the national standard. Nongfu ****** compared with a full set ** 106 test indicators and 31 internal control indicators, a total ** 137 test reports were fully released. We hope that after the ******* Times sees the test report, should it feel, is your journalistic moral conscience still there? " Nongfu ****** insists that the quality ** the product is higher than any existing drinking water standards in the country, and it is also better than the current tap water standards. The arsenic and cadmium levels in the product are below the detection limit, and the levels are too low to be detected. Mold and yeast are also not detected.

  The Beijing Times V17 published two blogs in a row: one is "to be more serious about water standards and pay attention to the right to health"; the other is "I don’t know why Nongfu Spring doesn’t cooperate with normal interviews?!" The Beijing Times pressed Nongfu Spring: Why did companies abandon higher national standards with universal significance and choose lower local standards?

  At the same time, it was disclosed that the reporter contacted Wu Chaochao, a staff member of the Media Department of Nongfu Spring, and sent an interview outline as required. After that, he repeatedly dialed his phone, but the other party did not answer and did not receive any response.

  Our reporter found that since April 16, Wu Chaochao, who is responsible for media communication, has not answered the reporters’ calls.

  Southern Daily reporters, Zhou Zhao and Zhao Binghui

  Reporter observation

  Don’t pretend to be an ostrich in case of trouble in Nongfu Spring

  Pretending to be an ostrich and burying your head in the sand can only deceive yourself. However, it is impossible for you not to look up, open your eyes, or face the objective world for the rest of your life. The problem has to be solved. When everyone pays attention to you, they all prick up their ears and wait to hear your explanation. You don’t want a good opportunity to clarify. When you wait for your spirit to practice your lines and plan to give a speech, I am afraid that there will be no interested audience.

  Nongfu Spring released five test data on total arsenic, cadmium, selenium, nitrate and bromate in bottled water produced by multiple factories on the 14th. However, from the response, Nongfu Spring only said in general that "third-party testing agencies provide testing data." As for who the "third party" is, Nongfu Spring has not made it public. According to media reports, Nongfu Spring has commissioned the Hangzhou Quality and Technical Supervision and Testing Institute to test its products, but the test data is significantly different from the data released by Nongfu Spring on the 14th. Such an important test, but not telling which agency tested it, will inevitably weaken the persuasiveness of its data. You sell drinking water, not train tickets, and you can’t say "believe it or not, I believe it" to consumers across the country and send people away.

  A responsible enterprise should strictly implement national, local, and relevant industry standards, even the most stringent one, and at the same time mark the product packaging as required. Since Nongfu Spring’s products are of high quality, leaving behind the national standard eight streets, why not mark the national standard on the product packaging generously? There is no need to choose a place with the lowest requirements and post the standard everywhere to attract people’s dislike.

  Enterprises can’t just talk about being responsible to consumers. In action, they must first take consumers seriously and answer every question of "God" seriously and sincerely.

  Zhou Zhao

(Source: Southern Daily)

Sales have plummeted by nearly 40%, and NIO’s hope of turning around is already slim?

On May 1, NIO announced its sales for April. The domestic leading new force only delivered 6,658 new cars in April, a decrease of nearly 40% compared to March. In contrast, 25,681 new cars were sold at the same average price above 330,000, and 8,101 new cars were sold at JK. That is to say, NIO is not only no longer the top seller of new forces, but even failed miserably in the battle at the same price.

In early April, Li Bin said in an interview that if this year’s work is not good, 24 years will become another 19 years, that is, NIO may have to "return" to the ICU again. Judging from the current situation, this time may be further advanced.

What was the problem with NIO? Why did the new power, which was still in full swing in the past two years, suddenly fall into crisis? Let Kung Fu Car take everyone to take a look.

(1) The more models are sold, the fewer cars are sold

NIO has never been a brand that takes volume. As early as 2014, when the NIO brand was established, the slogan shouted was to represent domestic high-end electric vehicles to participate in global competition. But if there is no volume at all, the brand will be difficult to survive.

In December 2017, ES8 was launched, ES6 was launched in December 2018, and EC6 was launched in July 2020. NIO has completed the preliminary product layout. The three cars together can contribute about 10,000 units of sales per month, which was very moist at that time.

What’s more impressive is that NIO has "almost" achieved its goal. As an independent brand, its average transaction price exceeds 400,000 yuan, which is comparable to Mercedes-Benz and BMW, and far exceeds Audi. This result is also very scary. You know, this is a brand that has only been born for a few years, and it can be said that the sky is its limit.

But NIO’s subsequent performance was a big surprise. Since 2021, NIO’s new speed has accelerated significantly. ET7, ES7, ET5, EC7 have been listed successively, and old models such as ES6 and ES8 have also been rejuvenated. As a new force, NIO has seven models on sale simultaneously, but the monthly sales are only poor more than 6,000, which is very disappointing. As a comparison, the ideal three cars sell more than 20,000 per month, and the Tengshi (Parameter Shu Picture) sells more than 10,000 a car, and the polar krypton single model sells more than 8,000.

In the case of such a fragile brand, the "car sea tactics" are enough to show that NIO is casual in product definition. I talked to a former NIO engineer before, and he said that NIO’s approach is that the supervisor swings his arm and has no brains to start.

There is no clear definition before the project starts, and then there are more and more problems, and finally it is a work in progress or marginalized product when it is delivered to the market.

This approach will work in the "early days of entrepreneurship" in the future. For example, when ES8 first came out, although many functions were not opened. But because there are not many decent competitors at the same price, it sells well. But at this moment, in today’s highly invaded market, it is undoubtedly a great waste of resources to push new ones at will.

ET7, as a flagship sedan, is a front-drive platform, and ET5, as an entry-level model, is a rear-drive platform. The non-flagship ES7 entered the second-generation platform and lidar early, killing the "aging" ES8 in one fell swoop, but there is no market at all because of pricing issues. Such a slapstick operation is not uncommon here at NIO.

There is a saying that Li Bin and Qin Lihong are both liberal arts students, which makes them often do not make careful inferences and reviews when it comes to market layout, and are more willing to make emotional choices. On the one hand, this has created NIO’s unique humanistic temperament, but on the other hand, it has also caused the current chaos.

(2) The LeTV model is unsustainable. Is power exchange really the future?

Last year, NIO’s financial situation was already very bad. In 2022, NIO’s net loss for the whole year was 14.4371 billion yuan, of which 5.786 billion yuan was lost in the fourth quarter alone.

What is NIO’s response? At the same time as announcing the 2022 annual report, NIO said that 1,000 replacement stations will be built in 2023, and 500kW ultra-fast charging will be deployed "incidentally".

Why does NIO do this? In fact, it is to exchange services for the market. Compared to doing battery research and development, or building a battery production line. The return on investment ratio of power exchange services is immediate, at least the power station is actually increased. Tesla’s 4680 battery has cost a lot of money, and it has not been mass-produced for three years. If such investment is replaced by a power station, at least there is a real physical site. This is considered a major highlight of NIO. After all, for many users, power exchange is indeed very practical.

At the same time, NIO is "immune" to all price wars. No matter how Tesla and BYD are involved, NIO always insists on not reducing prices, which safeguards the interests of regular customers to the greatest extent.

But the crux of the problem is that today’s tram technology is becoming more and more mature, and the battery life is also constantly improving. When the actual battery life of high-end trams exceeds 500km, the added value brought by power replacement has become lower and lower.

At this time, consumers may pay more attention to the benefits. After all, the B-class ET5 sells more than 300,000, and the C-class Feifan F7 only sells 210,000, and the service seems to be less important.

In order to promote power exchange, NIO adopts the typical "LeTV model". The power exchange business is independent and placed outside the listed company, and then the power exchange business is continuously subsidized through the listed money. This seems "seamless", but as the NIO customer base continues to expand, the resources occupied by power exchange are also increasing, which will eventually feed back to the car price, that is, the price of NIO cannot be lowered.

That is to say, regardless of whether the battery is replaced or not, NIO’s users will eventually have to pay for this business. This is not a problem when sales increase, because doubled users can share these costs equally. But when NIO’s sales do not rise but fall, how can new car owners support the existing huge car owner base?

(3) To have faith, we must also look at the product

In the past few years, NIO could be said to be buying cars and giving away "Moments". There were NIO owners around Kung Fu Cars, and they were truly proud of their cars. They were very proud of NIO’s various activities and praised NIO’s various services.

But NIO should also realize that while this segment of consumers is important, they are far from the whole market. Most ordinary users still want high-quality and affordable models.

Not long ago, NIO launched the power station swap wish list function on the NIO App, where consumers participate in recommending the location of the power station. This may seem like a very "democratic" approach, but it may not be a good choice for the market. The location of the power station should be like opening a store, and "professional" choices should be made according to the local flow of people and the layout of the supplementary facilities, so as to ensure the interests of more car owners, not just the car owners to "vote".

The layout of products and technologies must be based on "professionalism", not emotion. Just like talking to the ideal engineer before about why the ideal doesn’t make cars, he replied that because the ideal customers at this stage are mainly family users, and the space of cars is difficult to meet, so he does not consider highlighting car products for the time being; when talking to the JK technicians about product definition, they said that it is not easy to break the game as a latecomer, and finally chose a relatively niche and the demand is not small.

To put it bluntly, if the market is already very crowded, as a latecomer to enter, there is a high probability that it will be cannon fodder. If there are still some gaps in the market, companies have a chance, provided that the price and positioning are appropriate in all aspects.

In a situation where all opponents are highly nervous, NIO’s careless market play, although it does seem to be a light weight, is inevitably gradually thrown away.

(4) Kung Fu shooting

In 2019, NIO was on the verge of bankruptcy because it could not raise money, and later Hefei City’s investment of 7 billion yuan saved it. I never thought that in this short two or three years, NIO would have to put himself in the "ICU" again, which has to be sighed.

Not long ago, Li Bin came out to reassure investors, saying that NIO was currently urgently saving itself, focusing on the four major fields of chips, mobile phones, sub-brands, and batteries. I don’t know if investors heard it or not. At least in Li Bin’s opinion, NIO’s product and technology layout is fine, so what kind of changes can be expected to be made.

Combined with the dilemma of Weimar, perhaps the entrepreneurial path of the first generation of new forces is about to be turned over.

Green travel helps low-carbon life (consumption window, new observation on green consumption ④)

  Haikou City, Hainan Province, speeds up the construction of public charging piles to escort citizens’ green travel. The picture shows that construction workers are installing new energy vehicle charging piles next to the public parking space at the intersection of Changtong Road and Binhai Avenue in Haikou.

  People’s Vision

  Daoxian County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province advocates low-carbon green travel, and has opened pure electric buses for Guitou Village, Lianghekou Village and other villages with rich tourism resources, which is convenient for villagers and tourists. The picture shows the pure electric bus running on the road at the entrance of Guitou Village, Meihua Town, Daoxian County.

  People’s Vision

  core reading

  The construction of the urban slow-moving system has been steadily carried out, the proportion of new energy vehicles in the fields of urban public transportation, taxis, and urban logistics distribution has continued to increase. Digital technologies such as the Internet and big data have deeply empowered the travel field, and green travel has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Promote the realization of the "double carbon" goal, and green transportation has great potential.

  Green travel fashion environmental protection

  All localities are accelerating the construction of urban slow-moving systems, making public transportation more convenient

  "My home is about 5 kilometers away from my unit, and I used to drive to and from get off work. Since Meihu Greenway was upgraded and renovated, as long as it didn’t rain, I would ride my bike to and from get off work. Not only is it low-carbon and energy-saving, but I can also enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, breathe fresh air all the way, and my energy is much better than before." Zhang Liyun, a citizen of Qingyunpu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, said that cycling to and from get off work can serve multiple purposes.

  Walking on the Badashanren Meihu Greenway in Qingyunpu District, you can always see many citizens riding, and cycling has become the first choice for more and more citizens to travel.

  "Urban greenway construction is a livelihood project that benefits the people. It enhances the well-being of the people while decorating the city." Ye Xiutang, secretary of the Qingyunpu District Party Committee, said that in recent years, the government has invested more than 10 million yuan to upgrade and renovate Meihu Greenway. About 1 kilometer of greenways have been built, and about 3.3 kilometers of greenways have been renovated. There are also new bicycle lanes to help residents travel green.

  In Anning City, Yunnan Province, the Mantis River slow-walking system is an ecological greenway that is everywhere. "The slow-walking system integrates a health trail and a bicycle slow-walking path. The two roads are separated by a variety of trees and shrubs, and there are rest areas and observation decks along the line, which is very attractive to citizens," said Jiang Qi, chief of the Landscaping Management Section of the Anning City Administration.

  Liang Shuanglu, a professor at the School of Economics at Yunnan University, believes that the popularity of urban greenways in various places reflects the concept of green travel.

  "Green transportation is an important part of forming a simple and moderate, green and low-carbon, civilized and healthy lifestyle, which helps to create a high-quality life and promote high-quality development." Wang Yun, deputy director of the Institute of Foreign Economics of the China Academy of Macroeconomics, said that from the perspective of consumption, green transportation involves purchase, use and management; from the perspective of participants, it involves the government, enterprises and consumers. In recent years, our country’s green transportation has developed rapidly, and gradually built a low-carbon and environmentally friendly transportation development pattern.

  The proportion of urban public bus and tram and rail transit trips has further increased, and the degree of public transportation travel facilitation has been significantly improved. For example, Beijing has created conditions for green travel by building a convenient, interoperable and multi-network integrated public transportation system, and the proportion of green travel in central urban areas is expected to reach 74.6% in 2022.

  The proportion of new energy vehicles used in public services such as urban public transportation, rental, sanitation, logistics and distribution, postal express delivery, and civil aviation airports has gradually increased. In some small and medium-sized cities, the cultivation of "green urban and rural transportation circles" is accelerating. For example, there are 437 buses in Anning City, of which 343 are new energy vehicles, accounting for more than 78% of the total number of vehicles. It is expected that all new energy buses will be operated by 2023.

  Accelerate the promotion of new energy vehicles

  The supply and sales of new energy vehicles are booming, and the operation and maintenance service system and other supporting facilities are accelerated

  "I found a new charging station on Suxi Avenue on the mobile map APP. It is very convenient to use. You can pay by scanning the code on your mobile phone, and it only takes about half an hour to charge quickly." Recently, next to the new energy vehicle charging station in the parking lot of the Sports Park in Suxi Town, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, Hu Xiaojun, an owner who is charging his new energy vehicle, said: "Now, there are more and more new energy vehicle charging stations, and it is more convenient and safe for us to use new energy vehicles."

  In small and medium-sized cities, the degree of improvement of supporting facilities is a key factor affecting the willingness of more consumers to buy new energy vehicles. State Grid Yiwu Power Supply Company is actively building charging facilities to improve the social energy efficiency level in the service area. At present, the density of local public charging piles reaches 1.18 per square kilometer, which strongly promotes the green transformation of transportation.

  According to the data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2021, the annual sales of new energy vehicles in our country 3.521 million, an increase of 1.6 times year-on-year, ranking first in the world for seven consecutive years, with a market share of 13.4%. The "Implementation Plan for Promoting Green Consumption" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments proposes to "vigorously promote new energy vehicles". Wang Yun believes that with the continuous improvement of supporting infrastructure such as charging and replacing electricity, the consumption of new energy vehicles is expected to maintain a rapid development trend and help the transportation sector achieve the "double carbon" goal.

  "The vehicles have little noise and basically no shaking, and the interior is fully equipped with new seats, air conditioners, fire equipment, etc., which is very comfortable," said Zhang Xiaohong, a villager in Chuntao Town, Yujiang District, Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province. In recent years, Yujiang has continuously improved the service facilities of new energy buses to facilitate the travel of the masses. "Now, we have put in a total of 30 new energy buses to provide more convenient, safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly bus services for people to travel," said the relevant person in charge of Yujiang Passenger Station.

  The "14th Five-Year" Development Plan for Comprehensive Transportation Services issued by the Ministry of Transport proposes that by 2025, the proportion of new energy vehicles in urban public transportation, taxis, and urban logistics distribution will reach 72%, 35%, and 20% respectively. Wang Yun suggested that efforts should be made to promote the application of new energy vehicles for electricity exchange mode pilots, in-depth activities of various new energy vehicles to the countryside, and encourage car companies to develop and promote new energy models that are suitable for the travel needs of rural residents, of high quality and low price, and advanced and applicable.

  Digital technology is deeply empowering

  Utilize intelligent technology, innovate incentive mechanisms, improve travel sharing rates, and stimulate residents’ willingness to travel green

  "My friends and I often take a ride together, which can effectively reduce carbon emissions." Qu Yuanxin, a student at Hebei University, believes that in the context of increasingly intelligent and shared travel methods, Internet travel service platforms can contribute more to environmental protection, energy saving and reducing traffic pressure.

  According to the "Zero Carbon Travel" Research Report released by Didi Travel, 98.12% of the respondents are willing to guide the people around them to practice green and low-carbon. Li Jinlong, co-founder and vice president of Didi Travel, said that smart travel businesses such as Hitch should increase model innovation and technology empowerment, and promote the formation of green travel methods that combine mutual assistance travel and commercial travel.

  In September last year, the Environmental Development Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Central Joint Certification Center released the "Shared Cycling Pollution Reduction and Carbon Reduction Report", which shows that in the past five years, Meituan bicycle and motorcycle users have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 1.187 million tons, which is equivalent to reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of 270,000 private cars for one year.

  In recent years, transportation services have become more convenient and intelligent, technological application innovation has been active, and the level of digitalization, networking and intelligence in the industry has been continuously improved. Some local governments and enterprises have joined forces to use intelligent technologies to innovate incentive mechanisms to stimulate residents’ willingness to travel green.

  In September 2020, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, Beijing Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau and Autonavi Map jointly launched the "MaaS Travel, Green City" campaign. As of March 23 this year, the number of users participating in the campaign on the Autonavi Map APP exceeded 1 million. "We will further rely on digital technology innovation to enrich the connotation of carbon inclusion, continue to expand the scope of carbon inclusion incentives, and make people’s green travel experience better," said Liu Zhenfei, president of Autonavi Group.

  "When you leave, turn on the Autonavi map to ride the navigation, ride one kilometer to the subway station, and walk 500 meters to the destination after getting off the subway. You can get about 5kg of carbon emission reduction energy for the whole process. The accumulated carbon emission reduction energy can be used not only for participating in public welfare activities, but also for redeeming gifts such as public transportation coupons and shopping vouchers," said Zhang Ling, a Beijing resident.

  Wang Yun said that relying on digital technologies such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, intelligent and shared travel methods have entered people’s lives, which will help to significantly reduce traffic pollution emissions. In the future, we must further adhere to the concept of intensive development, innovate travel models, deepen technology empowerment, improve travel sharing rates, optimize urban transportation capacity, and help traffic travel save energy and reduce emissions.