2024 Beijing Auto Show: The Great Wall made great efforts to launch the cannon!

  [car home New Car Launches] At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, we saw the Great Wall Dalilun gun model at the booth. This model is composed of Shanhaipao+Shanhaiju+exclusive car stickers, and it is an exclusive model customized for online celebrity "Dalilun loves spinach".

Home of the car

Home of the car

  "Dalilun Gun" is customized and built based on the performance version of Shanhai Gun. As an innovative masterpiece of leisure products for the Great Wall Gun, Shanhai Gun Performance Edition is built on the tank platform, equipped with a 3.0T V6 engine and a Hi4-T plug-in hybrid system, with a vertical 9AT transmission, and comes standard with Borgwarner 4A+MLOCK intelligent four-wheel drive and front and rear axle electronically controlled differential locks.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  "Dalilun Gun" not only continues the existing product strength of the performance version of Shanhai Gun, but also adds equipment that young people like, such as Shanhaiju and exclusive car stickers. Among them, Shanhaiju, as a mobile campsite, can lift the roof tent with one button and quickly create an outdoor "two-bedroom".

Home of the car

  The layout style of the new car interior is more luxurious and advanced. It uses a 14.6-inch central control panel and a 12.3-inch LCD instrument. In addition, it also has steering wheel heating, front and rear wireless charging, electric side pedals and brand audio. Driving assistance also provides HWA high-speed pilot-assisted driving functions, including ACC adaptive cruise, automatic parking, DVR driving records before and after, 360 HD look around and so on. (Compile/car home yaoyu)

It is expected that the Great Wall artillery pickup truck will be officially launched in September this year.

  On August 30th, the passenger version of Great Wall Gun, a pickup truck model owned by Great Wall Motor, was officially launched at Yongchuan Factory in Chongqing. The Great Wall Gun is a brand-new product of Great Wall pickup truck, adopting a brand-new design language, and its overall shape is very tough. According to previous news, the car is expected to be listed in September this year. With the official launch of this model in Chongqing Yongchuan factory, it also marks the official completion and production of Great Wall Motor Chongqing factory. In addition, the official announcement of its pre-sale price range is 126,800-159,800 yuan.

Auto channel [September 2] [Home Car Information List+Highlights List+Headline News Red Bar] It is expected that the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck will be officially launched in September this year.

Auto channel [September 2] [Home Car Information List+Highlights List+Headline News Red Bar] It is expected that the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck will be officially launched in September this year.

  "Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition"

Auto channel [September 2] [Home Car Information List+Highlights List+Headline News Red Bar] It is expected that the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck will be officially launched in September this year.

  ● New car features

Auto channel [September 2] [Home Car Information List+Highlights List+Headline News Red Bar] It is expected that the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck will be officially launched in September this year.

  "Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition"

Auto channel [September 2] [Home Car Information List+Highlights List+Headline News Red Bar] It is expected that the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck will be officially launched in September this year.

  "Great Wall Gun Commercial Edition"

  The car debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2019. In terms of appearance, the new car adopted a tough design style, and it was also a brand-new design language for the Great Wall pickup truck. The large-size front grille was combined with sharp headlights, and a brand-new brand LOGO was hung at the front grille, with a unique style. The car is built on the special platform of P71 pickup truck of Great Wall, and there will be three product directions: commercial pickup truck, passenger pickup truck and off-road pickup truck.

Auto channel [September 2] [Home Car Information List+Highlights List+Headline News Red Bar] It is expected that the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck will be officially launched in September this year.

Auto channel [September 2] [Home Car Information List+Highlights List+Headline News Red Bar] It is expected that the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck will be officially launched in September this year.

  The car has a body size of 5410/1934/1886mm, a wheelbase of 3230mm, and an interior size of 1520/1520/538mm, which is one of the larger pickup truck models in China. In the rear part, the overall shape of the new car is full, and the rounded taillights are crystal clear, which echoes the shape of the headlights. In addition, in terms of external configuration, the new car comes standard with LED daytime running lights, front fog lights, adjustable headlight height, delayed headlight closing, LED exterior rearview mirror turn signal, electric adjustment of exterior rearview mirror, multi-stage boneless front automatic wiper, four-door window one-button lifting, shark fin antenna and so on. On this basis, the high-profile models have added electric sunroof, electric folding of exterior rearview mirror and welcome pedal.

Auto channel [September 2] [Home Car Information List+Highlights List+Headline News Red Bar] It is expected that the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck will be officially launched in September this year.

Auto channel [September 2] [Home Car Information List+Highlights List+Headline News Red Bar] It is expected that the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck will be officially launched in September this year.

Auto channel [September 2] [Home Car Information List+Highlights List+Headline News Red Bar] It is expected that the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck will be officially launched in September this year.

  The interior of this car has a strong riding style in terms of materials and modeling. The symmetrical design looks very relaxed, and it provides three combinations of technical texture, brown imitation wood decorative board and brown and white leather material to meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers. In terms of details, the front and rear rows are equipped with multiple external power ports, and the back of the rear seat can be leveled at a ratio of 4:6, which has a good performance in humanization and details.

Auto channel [September 2] [Home Car Information List+Highlights List+Headline News Red Bar] It is expected that the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck will be officially launched in September this year.

  In terms of power, it is equipped with a 2.0T gasoline engine of GW4C20B, with a maximum power of 197 HP. The transmission system is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission from ZF, and it has a four-wheel drive system. In addition to the passenger version of the car that will be pre-sold, the Great Wall Gun series will also provide off-road style models and commercial models for consumers to choose from in the future.

  ● About Great Wall Motor Chongqing Yongchuan Factory

  The factory established by Great Wall Motor in Yongchuan, Chongqing is its fifth full-process production base, and it is also a powerful supporting force for the formation of Great Wall Motor’s globalization strategy. The newly built and put into operation Chongqing factory has achieved a high degree of automation. There are 98 welding robots in the welding workshop, and the automation rate has reached 100%. The automatic online rate of SPS+AGV automatic conveying system in the assembly workshop has also reached 70%.

  In terms of intelligent manufacturing, Chongqing factory can combine the monthly sales demand, form the monthly production plan of the factory through APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) system, and decompose the plan into material demand plan, distribution plan and production plan, so as to realize the high coordination of multiple processes in advance. In terms of intelligent logistics, Chongqing factory can realize logistics management inside and outside the factory, logistics quality management, distribution management and order-driven warehousing management through WMS (Warehouse Management System) and LES (Logistics Execution System), so as to reach the leading level of intelligent logistics management in China.

  ● Edit comments

  According to previous data, in May 2019, the number of domestic pickup terminals was 30,400, up 1.76% year-on-year. From January to May, the number of insured terminals was 174,000, a year-on-year increase of 10.14%. In the context of the overall decline of the automobile market, pickup trucks with a double-digit growth trend are regarded as one of the potential market segments. As one of the earliest manufacturers of pickup trucks in China, Great Wall Motor naturally has to dig deep into this market segment. The brand-new pickup truck that Great Wall Motor put into production this time is such an example. With the improvement of people’s living standards, there is also more demand for pickup trucks. Therefore, on the basis of better appearance and more comfortable interior, the car has also derived three types of commercial pickup trucks, passenger pickup trucks and off-road pickup trucks to meet the needs of various consumers, which is quite worthy of recognition. We also expect this epoch-making China brand pickup truck to enter the market as soon as possible. (Author: Luo Aoyu)

238 original brands! A glimpse of the strength of local business development in Changsha

In mid-February, Changsha officially issued the "Implementation Opinions on Building an International Consumption Center City", proposing to build Changsha into an international consumption center city with the reputation of "Fashion Capital", "Happiness Capital", "Vigorous Capital" and "Leisure Capital". At the same time, the opinion pointed out that 24 creation tasks will be implemented, such as accelerating the construction of international business districts, accelerating the construction of characteristic commercial blocks, enhancing the gathering of local characteristic brands, developing night economy, improving catering consumption and sports consumption.

The growth of local characteristic brands is an indispensable element to witness the commercial development of the city. In the exploration of local original brands in Changsha, according to the big data of Winner, there are 238 local chain brands stationed in major shopping centers in Changsha, with rich formats and diverse categories. Catering, retail, cultural and sports entertainment, life service and children’s parents and children create hot spots in their respective tracks, which reflects the charm of urban commercial development.

Changsha, online celebrity naturally lives up to its reputation, including 137 catering brands among more than 200 local brands, and the highlight of the catering industry continues, accounting for 58%; Retail sales performed well, accounting for 17%; Local brands of life service, cultural and sports entertainment and children’s parent-child format also occupy some markets. The core sections of various formats influence, drive and promote each other, and local brands intensively cultivate the commercial market, which has strong growth strength.

Data collection scope: based on the store data of Changsha project obtained by Winstar online and offline channels, the date of online collection and quarterly update (there may be incomplete data) for some projects is February 28, 2022.

The commercial market in Changsha, which has been polished for a long time and refined by the market, has not only the inheritance and spread of time-honored brands and non-legacy brands, but also the sudden rise of new forces of emerging brands, focusing on catering and retail formats. Since the establishment of local brands, the categories have been increasingly enriched.

The well-thought-out and carefully crafted local brands can see through their subdivided business categories to see the development of the industry.

? Catering format: Xiang Jun C, the rise of "online celebrity"

Under the repeated epidemic situation, the resilience of Changsha’s catering industry is relatively strong, and the catering consumption in major businesses has maintained a good fundamentals. According to statistics, among the 137 original catering brands in Changsha, Chinese catering accounts for 49%, leisure catering accounts for 21%, exotic catering accounts for 16%, hot pot/braised pot/griddle accounts for 10%, and barbecue/teppanyaki accounts for 5%.

Chinese catering: Chinese simple (fast) meals rank first, followed by Hunan cuisine.

From the perspective of subdivided categories, there are many types of local catering in Changsha, and consumers have many options. There are 36 brands of local Chinese simple (fast) meals in Changsha, ranking first in the catering industry; There are 26 brands of local Hunan cuisine, ranking second, and the rest of Guangdong cuisine, seafood, northwest cuisine and Yunnan-Guizhou cuisine are involved, and diverse food styles are presented.

Among 36 Chinese simple (fast) meals, there are special snacks, noodle shops and other sub-categories. Among them, Suo powder, as the soul of breakfast in Changsha, is a necessary punching operation recommended by Changsha people, food bloggers or travel guides. Brands such as Tianjin Liuzizi Powder House, Phoenix Girl Xiangxi Fish Powder, Daguan Rice Noodles and Wugu Fish Powder have attracted much attention.

Under the wave of consumption upgrading, among the innovative characteristic hot pots represented by emerging hot pots/stews/griddles, there are abundant categories such as King Pot Pork Belly Chicken Hot Pot, Jijing Pork Belly Chicken Three-second Fish, chicken coconut and Dabinjia, and the market players of chicken coconut, Pork Belly Chicken, Fish Hot Pot, Chuanchuan Hot Pot and other sub-categories have also increased.

Focusing on the localized development of Changsha, Hunan cuisine is one of the representatives of the city’s business cards, and many Hunan cuisine brands are also exploring more ways of development. In today’s prefabricated dish market, the chef who insists on "only using chefs to fry" peppers stands out, and has been deeply involved in Hunan cuisine for 24 years, and has opened 50 direct stores in Changsha, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The chain brands of Hunan cuisine, such as exquisite food, one lamp, delicious taste, Tanzong chopped pepper fish head and fried beef with kitchen smoke, have formed a double effect of good collection flow and good reputation.

Exotic dining: Japanese and Korean cuisine is far ahead.

Among the original exotic restaurants in Changsha, there are 15 Japanese and Korean restaurants, accounting for 68% of the exotic restaurants. Among them, Kimura Heping House, Royal Cattle Craftsman, Xiaoming Charcoal Roasted Fat Cattle Specialty Store, Lekeshi Korean Restaurant, etc. cover many sub-categories of Japanese barbecue, Korean barbecue, sushi, Lamian Noodles and Korean cuisine.

Behind the rise of steak is the general trend of quality upgrading and high-end catering upgrading. Western-style catering, as a high-value consumer product, is also in line with consumers’ demands for higher quality.

Exotic dishes, dietary differences, and the preservation and innovation of dish flavor are the key to the differentiated competition of this category. Among the local exotic categories in Changsha, there are Thai dishes such as DuDu Thai Restaurant, Man Xiong Pizza, Sam Kitchen, etc. Although the number of western-style simple (fast) meals is small, they have a good response in the market.

Leisure catering: the competition between baked desserts and drinks tends to be fierce.

Among the emerging leisure restaurants, baked desserts and drinks are actively expanding. Among the local leisure restaurants in Changsha, baked desserts account for 45%, drinks account for 27%, and leisure snacks account for 28%.

As a category favored by young and middle-aged people and consumed with high frequency, the iteration of leisure catering industry is also increasing day by day. Many enterprises cross the border, and the investment and financing of the industry are booming. In the tea market of 100 billion yuan, the market competition is fierce, and local brands are represented by Modern China Tea Shop (demand area: 50-70 square meters), Guoyaya (demand area: 20-50 square meters), MAMA CHA and Lemon Season, occupying the main position in Changsha.

As a local tea brand in Changsha, many emerging players have continuously increased their market share through product innovation and upgrading, brand building, cross-border integration, and national culture and innovation. At the same time, most local brands are no longer limited to the local market, and Modern China Tea Shop has also set up stores in other cities in Changsha and Lemon Festival. In the mid-end market, brands also have certain recognition and market competitiveness.

When it comes to baked desserts, the rise of emerging brands in the market has further attracted consumers’ attention. At present, Chinese baking in the dessert baking track is on the rise, and new brands are constantly emerging. Taking Changsha local market as an example, the new brand of Guofeng store and product design of Momo Dim Sum Bureau has emerged in this subdivision track; Under the heat wave, Chinese baking represented by Wu Susheng’s palace shortbread is also vigorously expanding its stores; Western-style baking such as Rosa cake and Duoxilai cake also has considerable market performance.

Retail format: the competition of fashion products is fierce, and the trend clothing is innovative and growing.

Retail formats convey consumers’ consumption attitudes. Among contemporary young consumers, personalized consumption and self-satisfaction consumption are constantly reshaping the market consumption patterns. Among the 41 original retail brands in Changsha, market lifestyle accounts for 54%, clothing accounts for 34%, and supermarkets/convenience stores account for 12%.

Among them, large supermarkets, boutique/fresh supermarkets are the main supermarkets, which are blessed with food collection and rich family. In addition, cross-border e-commerce/bonded stores, represented by Youa overseas purchases, combine online and offline experience stores through the O2O cross-border e-commerce platform to provide Haitao users with quality goods and services.

Clothing: Fashion clothing has its own school, and Changsha is also the city of fashion.

In the observation and research of fashion clothing category by Winship.com, Changsha has become the "most dense city" of fashion clothing stores, relying on the strong sense of fashion atmosphere in the whole city to overwhelm first-tier cities such as Shanghai. According to the statistics of Winner Big Data, among the 14 local clothing brands in Changsha, business, fashion trends, fashion boutiques and other sub-categories are superimposed, among which women’s wear and women’s shoes with market trends are the most prominent.

Fashion consumption conveys consumers’ attitude and cognition to market judgment and brand choice, and "fashion trend" is one of the relatively important influencing factors. EAH CHANIE Yichen, indicia, Saint-Desi, Cannes and other clothing brands have met the needs of consumers by reviewing multiple positioning, and are deeply loved by consumers.

Fashion life: home clothes and beauty care lead strongly.

Under the sub-category of fashion life, home textiles are the main category, and many household textile brands such as (002761) home textiles, Fuli Zhenjin and Meng Jie home textiles are all originated from the local market in Changsha, and they also have certain market influence in other cities in China.

In addition, among the beauty care brands, Yu Nifang, Second Skin, SNSUKI global explosive beauty, BOOM! FRESH! And so on, in the form of beauty care, make-up, and collection stores. Fashion digital, kitchen and bathroom appliances, fashion accessories and German brands of eyes are all involved, mainly including ASD glasses, Tongcheng electric appliances, RelaxLife and other brands.

Children’s parent-child: Children’s amusement brand has obvious advantages.

The combination of "double reduction" mode and "three-child" policy also has a great test for the development of the brand. At present, with the new generation of families born after 1980s and 1990s, the consumption of children’s parent-child format has increased, and it has also become the focus of the corresponding brands. Among the local children’s parent-child brands in Changsha shopping center, children’s amusement accounts for 45%, children’s retail accounts for 25%, and children’s service and education both account for 15%.

Parent-child interaction experience is a traffic engine for businesses and brands to gather customers. Thematic parent-child interaction amusement parks are popular, and children’s amusement brands are active. There are relatively many brands of children’s sports halls and amusement parks such as Rainbow Hall Children’s Amusement Park, Mickey Le Roller Skating, Karl Feiche and Debel Trampoline Club. In terms of children’s retail, children’s toys and maternal and child products are the main products, covering brands such as Babe Bear and Gelingdao Children’s Toy City.

In addition, in terms of children’s services, the categories are mainly restaurants, photography and haircuts, Tiamo Tianmu parent-child restaurant, Fenglinger and Qiqi 72 children’s hairdressing.

Recreation and sports: the proportion of leisure and entertainment is high, and the overall situation is improving.

With the popularity of "online celebrity economy" and "night economy", Changsha, a charming city, has a good development trend of social entertainment. In statistics, leisure and entertainment accounted for 47%, sports accounted for 26%, culture and art accounted for 16%, and education and training accounted for 11%.

Among them, the cultural and artistic categories are mainly book bars and DIY handicrafts, including Desiqin 24-hour bookstore, Hongdao bookstore and delicious laboratory; There are mainly brands such as WEGYMER Jianmeng and Baicheng Qi Kang Fitness in the fitness clubs.

Among the leisure and entertainment brands, KTV, cinema, network card game, VR experience hall and many other categories are assembled. Represented by Letian MC Studios, Urban Tribe Animation and Game Experience Center, Hi Le KTV and other brands, the rich local leisure and entertainment brands have deepened the bonus brought by the city online celebrity label and attracted more and more young people to call for the city.

Among them, the Mango International Studios brand, which belongs to Hunan Film Distribution and Projection Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hunan Radio and Television Station, confirms the title of "Media Art Capital" in Changsha, and provides impetus and opportunity for the cultural and creative development of local brands in Changsha.

Life service: life support is the leading factor.

From the perspective of life service format, the popularity of hair care, beauty spa, foot massage and other products has soared. According to statistics, among the local life services in Changsha, supporting retail accounts for 57%, beauty health accounts for 24%, medical health accounts for 5%, and other categories account for 14%.

In supporting retail, local brands mainly include urban flower country, common people’s (603883) pharmacy, delicious duck neck, foraging meow and other brands, including pharmacies, flower shops, fruit shops, snacks and other categories.

Among the original brands of beauty health care, Shangli International, Faze Modeling, Yierkang, etc. focus on hairdressing styling and foot massage. At the moment of "Yan value economy", consumers pursue the perfect beauty image, which also urges more similar local brands to be highly sought after.

Attachment: List of local brands in Changsha (in the shopping center)

(Editor: Cui Chen HX015)

Can Xiaolong help Haval take off again?

Transfer from: Huaibei News Network

On May 15th, 2023, Haval’s "Xiaolong" was officially listed, which was praised by the industry. Its high popularity, although it has long been commonplace for Harvard, has been more than three years since the launch of the last explosive product-"Big Dog".

In the following three years, due to the "mask problem", the automobile market environment changed, which brought opportunities and challenges to many OEMs. For Harvard, which once dominated the home SUV market, it brought more challenges.

"Xiaolong" has seen the growth point of sales for the Harvard brand, just like "a long drought meets sweet rain"; rightGenerally speaking, it is regarded as a powerful medicine to reverse the current decline.

In the view of "Great Wall People", the significance of Xiaolong is particularly important.

How important is Xiaolong? Is it a strategic vehicle that continues to write the brilliant brand of Haval, or is it a passer-by in the process of brand development? In response to these questions, the author recently communicated with Qiao Xinyu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Harvard Brand Marketing.

Interviewee:Qiao Xinyu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Haval Brand Marketing of Great Wall Motor

Interviewer:Netcom Huo Hongwei

Interview time:2023.05.24

Interview location:Beijing Yizhuang

In the domestic passenger car market, SUV products have enjoyed a 45% share for many years, and the sales of compact and intermediate SUVs account for half of the overall SUV market. It can be said that whoever can dominate this market segment will have the absolute right to speak in the new car market.

Haval H6, which has been the top seller in the same market for 9 years in a row, has created the dominant position in this market segment, and Haval has become synonymous with and guarantee for hot-selling SUVs.

In the second half of 2020, another explosion of Haval was born, and "Big Dog" became another divine car after H6. The tough appearance and a certain degree of cross-country ability make the big dog fill the gaps and shortcomings in Haval’s "H series", thus forming a pattern of "H6 and the big dog" fighting the world with two guns. It is this strategy that has made the highlight moment of Harvard brand.

However, the success of Xiao He also played havoc.When the "H Series" and "Dog Series" were promoted at a high speed, the shortcomings of Haval’s product line were exposed, that is, excessive dependence on the fuel technology route. In the post-epidemic era, competing products were given an opportunity, ending Haval H6′ s record of dominating the list for 100 consecutive months.

In this regard, Qiao Xinyu said, "The Harvard brand has two key tasks this year, one is the transformation of new energy; The other is the universalization of core technologies. "

There are two products listed this time, Xiaolong and Xiaolong MAX, and the price covers the range of 130,000-170,000 yuan. Among them, Xiaolong MAX, which is the first product of Haval to adopt Hi4 electric four-wheel drive technology, is equipped with a coffee intelligent driving system and a coffee OS intelligent cockpit, presenting an all-round new feeling for drivers and passengers from the indoor environment, driving safety to driving experience.

This is of course due to the technical advantages provided by the new energy platform, and it is also a state that traditional fuel vehicles can’t reach.

"It is no exaggeration to say that it is now’ to lift the power of the group and help Xiaolong’." Qiao Xinyu introduced to the author.

This seems to have some feelings when Wei WEY brand was founded, but it is not the same. For Wei WEY, at that time, only the brand itself was rushing forward, but now the Xiaolong series is working hard from top to bottom.

Hi4 is only launched now, and there is a certain time interval with competing products. Is it because the Great Wall has no new energy technology reserve?

Of course not. It’s just that the strategy adopted before is to hold high and fight high, which is quite a bit "high and low", but it ignores that arming its own product base is the key point to win the current battle. Due to the delay in making up his mind on the new energy strategy, Harvard suffered a bitter fruit.

"And now is to putGood technology+good price+good quality control, decentralized to Harvard’s main sales and hot-selling products, really benefiting more consumers. "Qiao Xinyu said very frankly, and I believe this is also the consensus of Harvard and even Great Wall Company.

In addition, the Great Wall is famous for its involution, which can be confirmed by looking at the previous product lineup. Only in the Haval system, there are more than 10 compact SUV products. Such a fine division can not provide accurate solutions for users’ diversified car needs, but more is to test consumers’ professionalism in product cognition. This is of course not the original intention of formulating strategies, but it is indeed a good intention to do bad things.

In fact, this situation has also occurred in other business lines of Great Wall Motor, not only in the Haval system.

For the planning of Harvard products later, Qiao Xinyu gave an accurate reply.Do subtraction”。

Haval will insist on walking on two legs, one of which is the fuel product line, mainly focusing on the "H series+big dog series" with H6 as the main part; The other is the "Dragon Series" new energy product line with Xiaolong as the main force. Fuel vehicles mainly focus on the range of 90,000-130,000 yuan, while the new energy product line will cover the range of 130,000-200,000 yuan. At the same time, in order to avoid fighting within the product, we should also make a clear distinction in product style and tonality, and promote it in the same price range and market segment with the combination of "urban SUV+ hard off-road", which really benefits consumers with different car needs.

In terms of product planning, there will be three fuel vehicles worth looking forward to this year, one is the new H5 and the other is the new H9. In addition, the H6, which has been redesigned in the middle period, will be launched in the third quarter of this year, and the new car has been greatly adjusted and upgraded in appearance, interior and power.

For Haval, H6 has the experience and advantages of being a champion, so this model will continue. As for the naming rules, Qiao Xinyu also gave a clear answer that H series products will not be renamed easily in the future. "The product sequence is inherited. Some of the new names once seemed to win traffic in the short term, but in fact they lost their brand value, which was not worth the candle. "

Qiao Xinyu said that Harvard has been combing and adjusting the product line of oil trucks so far this year. In the future, each market segment will be controlled in two models, and the two models should have very obvious category differences.

At the level of new energy products, a hard-core off-road product will be released in the follow-up of the "Dragon Series" model. The whole vehicle has a tough shape, which is obviously different from the Xiaolong series. However, Hi4, coffee intelligence and intelligent driving are the standard of Harvard’s new energy products in the future, which is worth looking forward to.

Will consumers in the future see both oil vehicles and new energy vehicles in a Haval 4S shop?

The answer is no.

Qiao Xinyu’s explanation is that Harvard should be built separately.Network, mainly "4S+2S", mainly sells "Dragon Series" models. "It is a proven truth that a store does not sell two products (fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles are not mixed). The location of the new energy store will be controlled at a linear distance of about 5 kilometers from the traditional oil car store. This is also to avoid internal consumption. "

"Will you consider the city exhibition hall?" I asked.

"At least not this year. We have calculated an account. Take Shangchao Store as an example. The initial investment of a store is at least 10 million yuan. Assuming that the gross profit of a dealer’s car is 10,000 yuan, then this store needs to sell 1,000 cars a year, and it is almost impossible to sell more than 80 cars every month. " Qiao Xinyu said, "The market situation is very severe this year. It is better to do product research and development with this money, and it will be more practical to give back to consumers."

It is estimated that by the end of this month, the number of distributors of Haval New Energy Network will exceed 200. At the same time, this year, the Haval brand will also expand its previous sales blank market.

Qiao Xinyu said that this year’s "new energy vehicles going to the countryside policy" is an opportunity for some car companies, especially products in the range of 100,000-200,000 yuan. Consumers in this part of the region are more "buy-and-buy" users, and the further down the market, the more users buy-and-buy. For Harvard new energy products represented by "Xiaolong", it provides opportunities for the brand to take off again.

Another point, Qiao Xinyu knows very well, is the professional ability of automobile terminal sales. They are brand spokespersons who face consumers directly, and their performance is a key factor in users’ final purchase decision. After all, the "arms race" between brands makes the product strength at a relatively high level, and the final competition is the professionalism of communication with consumers.

In the second half of this year, Haval will focus on the professional ability and operational ability of terminal distributors. Start the "decisive terminal" project, and conduct an all-round "big contest" on the improvement of sales process, the assessment of process indicators, and the practice of sales speech.

Qiao Xinyu said that in this era, the living environment of dealers has changed. In the past, it was "the best way to make money is to lie down, and it is too tired to bend over to make money, but not to stand up to make money"; Now the competition is intensifying, which is a great challenge for the first-line dealers. If you can’t do well in one brand before, you can choose to try your luck in other brands, maybe it’s ok. But now is the era of product hard-core competition, and consumers who enter the store know technology and products everywhere. Therefore, salespeople who are fighting in the front line are required to improve their competitiveness in order to keep up with the rhythm of the times.

Write at the end:

When the author asked whether the current order of Xiaolong series met the manufacturer’s expectations, Qiao Xinyu replied: "At present, there are many opponents, and consumers are also waiting to see. The four-wheel drive performance, two-wheel drive energy consumption and natural safety of four-wheel drive brought by Hi4 will help consumers tend to Xiaolong series in repeated comparisons. "

Haval’s previous glory was based on no rivals, but now it has entered the field of new energy and become rivals everywhere. After equal rights in technology, what the market finally presents is "fighting for products, fighting for prices and fighting for services".

Thanks to the Hi4 technology of the Great Wall, Xiaolong series products will bring the performance of "four-wheel drive performance and two-wheel drive fuel consumption", which also breaks the pain point of vehicles that have been plaguing four-wheel drive models.

Can Xiaolong lead Harvard to take off again? It depends not only on the strength of one’s own internal strength, but also on the overall environment of the market. At least for now, we see that it is on the runway and ready to take off.

Fushun area Haval Xiaolong MAX hot promotion, the reserve price is 142,800! There are plenty of cars.

In the promotion channel of Fushun in car home, it is in progress, and this model has offered the highest discount of 17,000 in Fushun area. Now the minimum starting price for purchasing Haval Xiaolong MAX is 142,800. Want to know more preferential information, click "Check the car price" in the quotation form, and strive for a higher discount!


Haval Xiaolong MAX is a dynamic SUV with a modern design. The front face design of the car system adopts streamlined lines and bold shapes, showing a strong sense of strength. The air intake grille is decorated with a large area of chrome, which not only increases the luxury of the vehicle, but also highlights the sense of movement of the vehicle. In terms of overall style, the design style of Haval Xiaolong MAX is very smooth, and the body lines are simple and bright, giving people a fashionable and dynamic feeling. In addition, the car is also equipped with a series of intelligent technologies, such as panoramic sunroof, intelligent voice control, adaptive cruise, etc., to bring more comfortable and convenient driving experience to drivers and passengers. Generally speaking, Haval Xiaolong MAX is a high-performance SUV model integrating fashion, sports and technology, which is worth looking forward to.


Haval Xiaolong MAX is a large SUV model, with a body length, width and height of 4758 * 1895 * 1725mm, a wheelbase of 2800mm, a front tread of 1626mm and a rear tread of 1630mm. The side lines of the car body are smooth, showing a dynamic and steady style. The tyre size is 235/55 R19, and the rim style is fashionable and atmospheric. Both front wheels and rear wheels adopt the same specifications, which makes the vehicle more stable when driving.


The interior design of Haval Xiaolong MAX is simple without losing the sense of luxury. The steering wheel is made of leather, which is comfortable and supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, which is convenient for drivers to adjust the best driving posture. The central control screen has a size of 12.3 inches and is equipped with a voice recognition control system, which can realize voice control of multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning, skylight and other functions, providing drivers with a more convenient operating experience. The front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge and connect devices. The seat is made of imitation leather. The main driver’s seat supports front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment and height adjustment (2-way), and the co-pilot’s seat supports front and rear adjustment and backrest adjustment. The front seats are also equipped with heating function to provide a more comfortable driving experience. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be laid down proportionally, providing more storage space. Generally speaking, the interior design of Haval Xiaolong MAX pays attention to practicality and comfort, providing drivers and passengers with a full range of comfortable experiences.


Haval Xiaolong MAX is equipped with a 1.5L 116 horsepower L4 engine with a maximum power of 85kW and a maximum torque of 140 N m.. This engine uses a 2-speed DHT gearbox to provide a smooth driving experience. Its power performance is strong, which can meet the needs of daily driving and also has low fuel consumption. Whether on urban roads or highways, Haval Xiaolong MAX can provide stable power output and bring comfortable driving experience to drivers.

In our test, the driving experience of Haval Xiaolong MAX is excellent. Power surge, spacious space, domineering appearance, broad vision, comfortable sitting, excellent chassis training. At the same time, the interior design is exquisite, full of science and technology, and the car machine responds quickly. The owner drove the car directly to the mountain to camp on the first day of picking it up, and it felt very good. His first impression is that he has a large space, a good view and a great driving experience. He specifically mentioned the excellent performance of the four-wheel drive system on the uphill road, which made driving more stable and reliable. In general, the performance of Haval Xiaolong MAX has been highly praised by the owner @ Geng Yongsheng, and it is a highly recommended SUV model.

Zhiji Automobile completed the A round of equity financing, and there is still suspense in the ranking of new forces?

On August 1, Zhiji Automobile announced the completion of the signing of the A round equity financing agreement. After completing this round of financing, the post-investment valuation of Zhiji Automobile will reach nearly 30 billion yuan. This is only one year and seven months after the official establishment of Zhiji Automobile-December 25, 2020.

This round of financing was led by Bank of Communications Capital, and SAIC continued to increase investment. At the same time, it also introduced many well-known investment institutions such as ICBC Investment, National Green Development Fund, Zhiyou Venture Capital, Shanghai State-owned State-owned Enterprise Comprehensive Reform Fund and CITIC Securities Investment.

The first model of Zhiji Automobile, Zhiji L7, was delivered on June 18th. As of July 31st, this model has delivered 1,051 vehicles to users, making it the fastest model with cumulative delivery of more than 350,000 yuan of luxury pure electric vehicles in China.

After the completion of the A round of financing, the development of Zhiji Automobile is bound to further accelerate.

According to the plan, in the second half of this year, Zhiji will also go on the market and deliver the L7 SUV model Zhiji LS7. By then, Zhiji will form a "double flagship" product structure. In 2023, Zhiji will also introduce two pure electric intelligent luxury B-class models.

After the first shot was fired by Zhiji L7, can Zhiji Automobile pursue victory and reshape the current new power pattern?

On November 26, 2021, SAIC announced that it would jointly invest with Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba to set up Zhiji Automobile, a high-end intelligent pure electric vehicle project. This "No.1 Project", which was previously code-named "L" in SAIC, officially surfaced, and Zhiji Automobile also entered the running state.

Less than two months later, on January 13, 2021, two "mass production vehicles" of Zhiji Automobile were released in Shanghai, one was the pure electric car Zhiji L7 and the other was the pure electric SUV Zhiji LS7.

Zhiji L7 is the first product introduced to the market by Zhiji Automobile. Since the nationwide user delivery was started on June 18th, the first delivery volume of Zhiji L7 has exceeded 1,000 vehicles. This allows Zhiji Automobile to quickly enter the public’s field of vision from a young brand that has just been born.

In today’s new energy vehicle market, new products are listed together. As far as high-end models are concerned, a number of models have been listed this year, including Weilai ES7, Tucki G9 and Ideal L9, and the delivery time is within this year. In this "Wei Xiaoli" high-end product fight in 2022, why can Zhiji L7 stand out?

First of all, the products of Zhiji L7 must be excellent.

The electrification level of a new energy vehicle is the embodiment of its basic skills. In this respect, Zhiji L7 has the ability comparable to that of a million luxury cars. Zhiji L7 adopts four-wheel steering all-wheel drive system and front and rear mixed tire width design, especially the latter’s four-wheel drive system with mixed tire width and partial rear drive characteristics. Due to technical barriers and high cost, this kind of technology is rarely used in practice. At present, only Porsche Taycan applies the same design in electric vehicles.

In terms of assisted driving, the descriptions of various new energy brands on the market are dazzling, but some technologies are often not mature, resulting in uneven actual experience, and Zhiji Automobile hopes to create a "more human-like" intelligent driving experience.

At present, Zhiji L7 can cope with the high-order ability of complex road scenes such as "traffic jam on congested roads", "big cars dodging with special-shaped cars" and "big curvature curves" only through visual fusion scheme. This is due to the artificial intelligence super algorithm empowered by Zhiji L4-level same algorithm platform.

With the increasing intelligence level of new energy vehicles, software OTA has become a standard. However, Zhiji Automobile does not equate simplicity with intelligence, but insists on the technical route of coordinated upgrade of software and hardware, and regards Zhiji Automobile as a growing "digital life".

In other words, with "upgradeable hardware" as the growth trunk, "software iteration" as the development thinking, and iteration on the cloud driven by numbers, the "smart car" has the ability of self-evolution.

Different from fuel vehicles, the attributes of smart cars have changed now. It is no longer just a means of transportation, but a mobile space, which meets more diverse needs for travel, work and entertainment than in the past.

This also means that users put forward higher requirements for the comfort of cars, and in all these comfortableness, although the air health level is extremely important, especially for the mother and baby groups, it is often overlooked.

The 180+ clean and high-definition cockpit is a major feature that distinguishes Zhiji automobile from other brands. Through the whole industrial chain control far exceeding the national standard benchmark, Zhiji has realized the industry’s first pure taste workshop, and the new car will have a healthy air level after being placed for 180 days. This also allowed Zhiji to get the perfect score of CN95 fresh air cockpit certification, the only one in the industry.

Due to these characteristics, Zhiji Automobile has won the recognition of a large number of users from an emerging young brand in a very short time, and competed with Tesla, Weilai and Ideality in the high-end market.

Nowadays, with the completion of A round of equity financing by Zhiji Automobile, the future of Zhiji Automobile’s rapid development is very clear.

As a new car-making force that landed in the capital market earlier among the new forces, "Wei Xiaoli" has become a solid head of the new energy track. These three companies were established around 2014 and 2105, and many models are currently on sale. Last year, the delivery volume was close to 100,000.

Behind "Wei Xiaoli", there are Nezha and Zero Run, whose delivery volume has increased rapidly since last year. With their cost-effective products, they have gained a firm foothold in the second echelon.

From the establishment of the company to the launch of products, although the speed of Zhiji has been very fast, it is not too early to enter the game.

Under such circumstances, it seems that it is not easy for Zhiji Automobile to break through. In addition to the most important product strength, it is particularly important whether Zhiji has the advantage to widen the gap with its competitors in terms of system, service and even resources.

Different from the "Wei Xiaoli" Internet cross-border car building, Zhizhi has its own unique advantages in the background of car building.

On the one hand, Zhiji is backed by SAIC, the largest automobile group in China, and can share SAIC’s rich experience in automobile manufacturing, ensure product quality and shorten the cycle of making cars. This is also the reason why Baidu built a car and bound Geely early.

On the other hand, Alibaba and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech provide support for Zhiji’s software and intelligence. As the largest artificial intelligence company in China, Alibaba will empower Zhiji Automobile in terms of cloud capability, data security, intelligence and future cutting-edge technologies. Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, known as "China Silicon Valley", provides technical soil for the growth of Zhiji automobile.

In the first half of this year, due to uncertain factors such as epidemic situation and local conflicts, the automobile supply chain suffered an unprecedented impact. Stopping production and reducing production are the common difficulties experienced by most manufacturers, which once challenged the lean production mode of the automobile industry. The ability to control the supply chain has also become one of the core competencies of current automobile companies.

At present, Zhiji has established in-depth cooperation with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, Momenta, Zebra Zhixing, Huayu Vision, Yanfeng Group and other leading enterprises in the automobile industry chain. In the future, this will bring more gains to Zhiji’s spare parts supply and cost.

If Zhiji’s strong background gives it a higher starting point, then the "Yuanshigu User Data Rights Plan" is entirely from Zhiji’s own innovation ability.

Through the "Original Stone Valley User Data Rights Plan", Zhiji applied the blockchain technology to the smart car industry for the first time, with 300 million "original stones" corresponding to the growth rights of Zhiji’s founding value, and gave back the contribution of user data in the form of data rights.

This means that Zhiji makes cars no longer "consumables" in the traditional sense, but can constantly "add value" through the use of users, bringing them a steady stream of new value.

For example, new users can use up to 6,800 rough stones and 10,000 yuan in cash to exchange for the laser radar integrated intelligent driving hardware system. According to Zhiji’s plan, in the future, the original stone can also be used to exchange software and hardware upgrades, enjoy services, limit fine products, digital collections and limit experience activities.

This is the first in the world. On July 12, 2022, Zhiji Automobile specifically announced the details of the rights and interests of the original stone convertibility, and penetrated the mining path of the original stone, and this user data rights plan officially landed.

Following Zhiji L7, the SUV model Zhiji LS7 will also be listed and delivered in the second half of this year, and two pure electric smart luxury B-class models will be introduced next year. These products will quickly enrich Zhiji’s product matrix, so as to bring greater brand effect.

A young brand, how to tear open the existing pattern to find a place? Zhiji Automobile will give an answer.

BMW 5 Series replaced BYD Han, using daily real evaluation.

I remember that at that time, many cities in China had already drunk the first cup of milk tea in autumn, and the weather in Shenzhen was still hot in summer. I took my old colleague a circle older than me to the 4S shop in Shenzhen to accompany him to see Han. There was an activity in the store that weekend to promote Han, and we all lined up for an hour when we went for a test drive that day.

My old colleague, I usually call him Bingo, he is the owner of 520Li. This car was bought in 10 years, mainly for commuting, and it has been in operation for several years.

He has been driving this 520Li for more than ten years, mainly for commuting, and he seldom drives it at ordinary times. In recent years, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly. Bingo has always wanted to change a car in the past two years. He is tired of driving a petrol car. In addition, he has a new SUV at home. If he runs long distances, he can drive his car. He told me that many charging piles have been installed in their community, and there are also many cars in the community. Tang also has several cars. He said that he wanted to keep up with the trend of the times and always wanted to change to a pure electric new energy vehicle. The pure electric vehicle produced a few years ago, he felt that it was too expensive and unnecessary, and other vehicles did not have enough battery life. Tucki P7 and Han, who came out this year, are both very interested. Considering that the electric car has been made for so many years, the safety factor will be more guaranteed, and Han’s overall car is also very good, so he is very interested in replacing a Han EV. Coupled with the replacement of Han in Shenzhen, there can be a replacement subsidy of 50 thousand, so he has long planned to buy this Han.

At that time, I went with him for a test drive, which was the top match of the red interior with a Chinese red appearance. After the test drive, Bingo said that he didn’t expect domestic cars to be so good now, and both the interior and the workmanship would not be worse than his 520Li. Considering his own needs, Bingo said that he was too old and didn’t need too fast, so he ordered the 258,000 2-drive version of the 600-kilometer one, which was set with a black appearance and brown interior, which was more in line with his age.

Recently, I happened to be on a business trip for a month. When I returned to the company, Bingo told me that his Han had brought the car back for half a month. He has been driving for more than half a month. This black-looking Han also looks very atmospheric, with a slender size, giving people a steady and luxurious atmosphere.

The brown interior gives people a sense of stability and calmness, which looks very comfortable. Han’s chair is as comfortable as a soft sofa.

The central control panel is very large, and some general functions are available. Moreover, the software of the car machine system is very powerful now. Navigation, movies, music, intelligent voice assistant, and the often publicized KTV function in the car are all very practical and convenient functions.

This central control display is also very clear, with a strong sense of science and technology. There are many shortcut function buttons on the steering wheel. In addition, the Chinese characters on the steering wheel greatly shine to represent the cultural feelings of China going global.

Whether it’s the door switch or the central control gear handle, these high-quality tactile sensations that we used to see on foreign luxury cars look very much like when we actually touch them in our hands.

Bingo said that a very important reason for choosing Han was that its back row space was large enough, which was similar to its 520Li. Sometimes when he took his family out, his two children could sit more comfortably in the back row.

Finally, I asked Bingo about how it feels when using this car, what are its advantages, whether the power of the two-wheel drive version is a little weak, and what is the difference compared with it. Bingo said so. First of all, in terms of the workmanship of the car, because it is compared with the car almost 10 years ago, Han’s workmanship will definitely not be worse than his, and the interior space texture is even better than his previous 520. Then the only thing he thinks will feel worse than that of the car is that when crossing the potholes, Han’s suspension is still not as good as its 520, and the handling feeling of the car is not as good as his original 520. When driving, it feels very comfortable, and the car is in harmony with people. When turning a corner, Han will feel like driving a boat and can’t actually feel its turn. Bingo said that it may also be the reason why he drove the 520 for too long.

In addition, he said that Han’s sound insulation effect is quite good. When driving on the road, there is no engine noise, and the whole car feels very quiet when driving. He won’t feel bad in terms of power. He said that he felt that the tram was speeding up so fast that he didn’t get used to it at first. Finally, when it comes to battery life, he said that it is warm all the year round in Shenzhen. This car has been in operation for more than half a month, and it is estimated that the battery life is about 550 kilometers, which makes him feel more practical.

Finally, Bingo said that this Han is really good, but he has a more real feeling after using it for more than half a month. He said that this Han is OK, but it is not as good as advertised on the Internet. It can only be said that it is good, and there is still a way to go before it is excellent. There is still a certain gap between some cars and traditional luxury cars, and he is also happy with the progress of domestic cars.

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The heavy Great Wall diesel 2.4T will be loaded, and the parameters are almost equal to D4D, matching the tank and gun models.

In recent years, hard-core off-road vehicles and recreational pickup trucks have exploded rapidly, becoming models sought after by consumers, especially the emergence of a number of domestic models, which has lowered the threshold and price of off-road, such as the current fire.
get away
, play type is
A monopoly, it can almost be said that the Great Wall monopolizes the entry-level hard-core off-road market, with compact tanks relying on 300 and medium and large tanks relying on 500. There are still many models to be released in the subsequent tank family.

However, with the advent of high oil prices, Tank 300 is facing a severe situation. Although the sales volume is still stable, with the impact of rising oil prices and decreasing heat, the order growth rate of Tank 300 is declining, and its Tank 500 model has a larger displacement and higher fuel consumption, so consumers will think more about it. After all, it will cost money to buy it back.

How to solve this embarrassing dilemma? In fact, a solution has long been thought of. First, both Tank 300 and Tank 500 will launch hybrid models and plug-in hybrid models. Among them, the hybrid version of Tank 300 has been listed overseas and is expected to be released at the end of April in China, followed by the plug-in hybrid models of Tank 300 and Tank 500. The combination of plug-in hybrid technology and hard-core off-road is actually quite perfect, with high torque and low fuel consumption. Currently, H equipped with plug-in hybrid technology can reduce fuel consumption.

However, what can solve the urgent need at present is actually another means. It is the Great Wall of Wei Jianjun’s king-grade product-diesel power chain. The power of the Great Wall has been under development, and its green static series diesel engines have always been the leader of domestic diesel.
Later, H9, Fengjun series and Great Wall guns were all equipped, and they have always been the fist-class products of the Great Wall.

Compared with gasoline engine, diesel engine has higher thermal efficiency, lower fuel consumption and strong torque, which is very suitable for hard-core off-road vehicles. Compared with gasoline engine, diesel engine has half the use cost and better power performance, especially on off-road sections. However, because the technical content of diesel engine is not low at all, and the domestic fuel quality is poor, domestic passenger cars rarely use diesel power. However, the diesel engine of Great Wall is advanced in technology and has been adjusted for domestic oil products, which is deeply loved by consumers.

At present, due to many factors, such as emissions, all passenger cars of Great Wall are not equipped with diesel engines, and the diesel H9 has become a swan song. If you want to buy a diesel engine model of Great Wall, you can only buy a pickup truck of Great Wall, but the 2.0T engine on the pickup truck is weak, and the 2.0T diesel engine with twin turbines may not be used again because of emissions problems, but the recent appearance of a new car of Great Wall may completely change this situation.

Recently, a brand-new gun model-full-size pickup truck based on tank 500 platform will be equipped with the latest 2.4T diesel engine of Great Wall and matched with 8AT gearbox. This engine code-named GW4D24 is a vertical 2.4T diesel engine with a maximum power of 135kW and a peak torque of 480 N m. This parameter is close to that of Toyota 2.8TD4D diesel engine with larger displacement, and it is also equipped with an electronically controlled VGT variable cross-section turbine and a 2000Bar fuel injection system.

As a result, the Great Wall finally has a brand-new diesel engine for passenger cars, and this engine will also cover tank, Haval and gun series models in the future, which is a great good news for consumers who want to buy diesel versions of tank 300 and tank 500. After all, diesel engines are more powerful and have lower fuel consumption and cheaper oil prices, which is a good choice for consumers who like hard-core off-road vehicles. (Text/Youshi Automobile Haoyang)

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More than 8 models of Tiggo were exposed to brake failure, and the problem pointed to brake by wire!

If you are the owner and prospective owner of Tiggo 8 PRO or Tiggo 8 PLUS, please note that there is something wrong with Chery’s brake-by-wire technology.

Recently, Master Jiao learned from relevant channels that Chery’s brake-by-wire technology has brought troubles to many car owners. The specific performance is as follows: 1. There will be a buzzer when braking; 2. The brake pedal becomes hard; 3. Brake failure; 4. Brake jitter. At present, it is understood that some car owners have formed rights protection groups and shared fault cases in the groups.

Please step on the brakes when the vehicle starts, but the owner has been stepping on the brakes.

The corner master found that a car owner was driving at a low speed of 30 kilometers per hour, and suddenly the brake pedal rebounded, and then a fault code appeared in the dashboard. At this time, the brake pedal felt hard and the hard-vegetable pedal vehicle appeared jitter.

At present, the official has not responded to this problem, and the owner has locked the root of the problem in the brake-by-wire technology. Because some owners of Tiggo 8 PRO and Tiggo 8 PLUS do not have such problems, the problem owners are mainly concentrated in the vast version of Tiggo 8 PRO and Tiggo 8 PLUS pride+,so what is Chery’s brake-by-wire technology?

In March 2022, Chery Automobile announced a major innovation when it launched the Tiggo 8 PLUS version. The braking system of the car was upgraded and the integrated brake-by-wire system of Bethel WCBS was adopted. The core technology of this system is to integrate the vacuum booster pump, master cylinder, electronic vacuum pump, EPB and ESC. The following figure shows the comparison between the integrated brake-by-wire system module and the traditional vacuum booster pump. Its main purpose is to reduce costs and enhance the competitiveness of products. In addition to cost reduction, the official said that this system can also coordinate energy recovery system and high dynamic pressurization capacity. In other words, most of Chery’s new energy vehicles will adopt the brake-by-wire system in the future.

Integrated brake-by-wire system

Traditional vacuum booster pump

However, at present, it is obvious that the technology is not yet mature, and some car owners equipped with brake-by-wire technology have become "mice". Master Jiao then went to the domestic third-party vehicle quality complaint platform to investigate and found that there have been centralized complaints about the models equipped with brake-by-wire technology in the Tiggo 8 PRO plate, and the most complained car in the Tiggo 8 PLUS plate is Haoqing+,which is also equipped with brake-by-wire technology.

Up to now, Chery officials have not responded to the vehicles with problems in the by-wire control technology. Judging from the problem of concentrated outbreak, Master Jiao’s personal guess may be that there is a problem with a batch of vehicles equipped with wire control technology. The failure of the brake system is a major personal safety hazard, and the manufacturer must attach great importance to it, and it is necessary to complete the upgrade, optimization and even recall of the problem model in a short time.

A few days ago, Chery Automobile just released the sales data in July 2022, and the group’s sales volume was 131,533, a year-on-year increase of 57.7%. This figure successfully surpassed 122,633 vehicles of Geely Automobile and 101,920 vehicles of Great Wall Motor. In terms of splitting, Chery’s total sales volume was 131,533 vehicles, of which 50,614 vehicles were exported, up 90.1% year-on-year. The sales volume of new energy was 25,614 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 253%. It can be seen that the sales of new energy have surged, and in addition, the export volume has reached a new high. This is the happy side.

However, the safety hazard brought by the brake-by-wire technology hangs over Chery like a time bomb. However, if it is detonated, it will surely face the collapse of product quality reputation, and all efforts will be wasted.

[Ground Evaluation Line] Guisheng Online Comment: "Subject 3" goes out of the circle, and only by keeping the cultural roots can it move towards "long red"

Dynamic music is accompanied by waving hands, twisting waist and hips, and half-twisted feet … During this period, the magic dance named "Guangxi Kemusan" is "out of the circle". Now this "subject three", which originated in Guangxi, has been "renovated" and created by netizens all over the country, and it has even spread through short videos. The "fire" is overseas and there are many circles.

Tracing back to the source,"Guangxi subject three"This dance is closely related to the living habits of Guangxi people, with a heavy cultural base. Speaking of Guangxi, the national carnival of "singing folk songs on March 3" and the snail powder of "smelling and eating incense" will first come to mind. As we all know, Guangxi people are also good at dancing. In this regard, it is rumored that "Guangxi people will experience three exams in their lives, one subject is singing folk songs, the other subject is rice noodles, and the third subject is dancing". In this way, this magical dance from Guangxi folk is called "subject three" "Fire" of "Guangxi Subject III"? Accidental with necessity. "Be the truest self" and "Happiness first" … These ideas conveyed by dance are infinitely close to the hearts of netizens. Although in the eyes of some netizens, "dynamic music+magical action" is a bit "earthy" or even a bit "non-mainstream", in the eyes of most people, this online cultural phenomenon is very interesting and has a cultural atmosphere.

I have to admit that "local flavor" culture has a great market among young people. Different from the traditional dance, the "subject three" mixed with burlesque performances can spread all over the world, driving more and more young people to participate in it, and many new "online celebrity" have emerged. Judging from the amplification of this phenomenon, there are many examples of "local flavor" culture setting off a "fashion style" in the Internet scene, which brought us joy and left a clear memory. For example, this year’s "digging, digging and digging" will explode all over the network. From children to "big friends", as long as the rhythm is turned on, most people will hum a few words; Looking ahead, the divine comedy "I’m from Yunnan and Yunnan Nujiang" also accidentally went off, and so on.

Some nonsense and earthy ideas have suddenly become popular on the internet, which is not unrelated to the multicultural needs of the online world. In the spiritual world of the Internet, a hundred flowers should have blossomed. The popularity of "Guangxi Subject III" is rooted in the cultural soil that Guangxi people can sing and dance well. With the spread of the Internet and the promotion of various eating places, it has achieved "coming out of the layer" and "breaking the circle", injecting new elements and vitality into the diversity and richness of online culture. Looking deep through this phenomenon, it itself reflects the cultural confidence of Guangxi people.

Only with culture and connotation can the roots be deeply rooted and become "long red". Whether "Guangxi Subject III" can achieve "long red" after leaving the circle depends on whether it has cultural connotation, whether it can arouse people’s spiritual resonance and stir up greater emotional resonance at a deeper level. Undeniably, many of the innovative ideas spread on the Internet, which are "popular" and "phenomenal", are difficult to "last forever", and some are even "short-lived", moving from a meteor to silence. However, "Guangxi subject three" is different from those niche ideas that suddenly "fire". The expression form of "subject three" is deeply integrated with the local dance in Guangxi, with distinctive regional characteristics and national symbols. However, what needs to be paid attention to is that in today’s information explosion era, the spread of network culture often lacks effective supervision and regulation, which requires preventing some commercialization and excessive speculation, keeping its roots and innovation, so as to help it grow healthily and continue to attract more netizens’ attention and pursuit.

The most important thing is that culture can reach the soul directly. The popularity of "Guangxi Subject III" network is also an opportunity for Guangxi to publicize and promote regional culture, national culture and historical culture. The local area should also dig deep into the cultural connotation and value significance behind it, incorporate more memorable and resonant innovative ideas, better protect and develop this distinctive network cultural phenomenon, and open up more "new ideas" and expectations. (Zhou Jun)