[Ground Evaluation Line] Guisheng Online Comment: "Subject 3" goes out of the circle, and only by keeping the cultural roots can it move towards "long red"

Dynamic music is accompanied by waving hands, twisting waist and hips, and half-twisted feet … During this period, the magic dance named "Guangxi Kemusan" is "out of the circle". Now this "subject three", which originated in Guangxi, has been "renovated" and created by netizens all over the country, and it has even spread through short videos. The "fire" is overseas and there are many circles.

Tracing back to the source,"Guangxi subject three"This dance is closely related to the living habits of Guangxi people, with a heavy cultural base. Speaking of Guangxi, the national carnival of "singing folk songs on March 3" and the snail powder of "smelling and eating incense" will first come to mind. As we all know, Guangxi people are also good at dancing. In this regard, it is rumored that "Guangxi people will experience three exams in their lives, one subject is singing folk songs, the other subject is rice noodles, and the third subject is dancing". In this way, this magical dance from Guangxi folk is called "subject three" "Fire" of "Guangxi Subject III"? Accidental with necessity. "Be the truest self" and "Happiness first" … These ideas conveyed by dance are infinitely close to the hearts of netizens. Although in the eyes of some netizens, "dynamic music+magical action" is a bit "earthy" or even a bit "non-mainstream", in the eyes of most people, this online cultural phenomenon is very interesting and has a cultural atmosphere.

I have to admit that "local flavor" culture has a great market among young people. Different from the traditional dance, the "subject three" mixed with burlesque performances can spread all over the world, driving more and more young people to participate in it, and many new "online celebrity" have emerged. Judging from the amplification of this phenomenon, there are many examples of "local flavor" culture setting off a "fashion style" in the Internet scene, which brought us joy and left a clear memory. For example, this year’s "digging, digging and digging" will explode all over the network. From children to "big friends", as long as the rhythm is turned on, most people will hum a few words; Looking ahead, the divine comedy "I’m from Yunnan and Yunnan Nujiang" also accidentally went off, and so on.

Some nonsense and earthy ideas have suddenly become popular on the internet, which is not unrelated to the multicultural needs of the online world. In the spiritual world of the Internet, a hundred flowers should have blossomed. The popularity of "Guangxi Subject III" is rooted in the cultural soil that Guangxi people can sing and dance well. With the spread of the Internet and the promotion of various eating places, it has achieved "coming out of the layer" and "breaking the circle", injecting new elements and vitality into the diversity and richness of online culture. Looking deep through this phenomenon, it itself reflects the cultural confidence of Guangxi people.

Only with culture and connotation can the roots be deeply rooted and become "long red". Whether "Guangxi Subject III" can achieve "long red" after leaving the circle depends on whether it has cultural connotation, whether it can arouse people’s spiritual resonance and stir up greater emotional resonance at a deeper level. Undeniably, many of the innovative ideas spread on the Internet, which are "popular" and "phenomenal", are difficult to "last forever", and some are even "short-lived", moving from a meteor to silence. However, "Guangxi subject three" is different from those niche ideas that suddenly "fire". The expression form of "subject three" is deeply integrated with the local dance in Guangxi, with distinctive regional characteristics and national symbols. However, what needs to be paid attention to is that in today’s information explosion era, the spread of network culture often lacks effective supervision and regulation, which requires preventing some commercialization and excessive speculation, keeping its roots and innovation, so as to help it grow healthily and continue to attract more netizens’ attention and pursuit.

The most important thing is that culture can reach the soul directly. The popularity of "Guangxi Subject III" network is also an opportunity for Guangxi to publicize and promote regional culture, national culture and historical culture. The local area should also dig deep into the cultural connotation and value significance behind it, incorporate more memorable and resonant innovative ideas, better protect and develop this distinctive network cultural phenomenon, and open up more "new ideas" and expectations. (Zhou Jun)