It opened Jackie Chan’s path to stardom and also revolutionized Hong Kong film

1905 movie network feature As an audience, no matter how much experience you have, there will definitely be a name that cannot be avoided in the memory of growing up: Jackie Chan. Therefore, when the fourth "Jackie Chan Action Film Week" opens soon, it must once again evoke everyone’s feelings and tributes to this kung fu superstar.


This movie week not only showcased 24 Jackie Chan’s classic action movies, but also chose "Drunk Fist" as the opening film. For viewers who are more familiar with "Police Story", "Project Eagle", "Red Fan District", "Rush Hour", "Zodiac" and even "New Police Story", it is a bit "long".


Why does Jackie Chan have a "soft spot" for "Drunken Fist" this time? This drama is not only the origin of his road to stardom, but also the portrayal of his 40 years of success. It can be called a benchmark that changed the development of Hong Kong kung fu films and made Hong Kong films go to a golden age. It even has influence across the film field… Whether it is an exaggeration, let Xiao Dianjun accompany you to reveal the legendary appearance of "Drunken Fist" for 40 years.


1. "Something out of nothing" Drunk Eight Immortals

Producer Wu Siyuan, director Yuan Heping, and star Jackie Chan’s "Iron Triangle" were credited with the launch of "Drunken Fist". They had previously teamed up to create a Kung Fu comedy "Serpentine Diao Hands". After the box office hit, the Taiwanese filmmakers invited them to the local celebration party. Unexpectedly, the various movements of the filmmakers during the banquet triggered Wu and Yuan’s inspiration for "Drunken Fist". Ba Ye (Yuan Zhi’s nickname) even thought that "Drunken Fist has a sense of comedy, and the image will look good when shot!"

But boxing always has an ins and outs. As a result, Ba Ye spent a month summing up eight formulas from various ancient stories, including "Lv Dongbin: Drunk to carry the pot with great strength", "Tieguai Li: It’s true to choose a knee and hit the drunk", "Han Zhongli: Drunk walking and hugging the top of the heart", "Zhang Guolao: Drunk throwing a cup and kicking a chain", "Lan Caihe: A single toast to stop the waist and break", "Uncle Cao: Immortal toasting and locking the throat", "Han Xiangzi: Catching the wrist and hitting the chest and drunk blowjob" and "He Xiangu: Bouncing the waist and offering drunken swinging steps", which were interpreted by Jackie Chan and became a classic in the history of kung fu films.


In other words, the "Drunken Eight Immortals" boxing route that audiences are familiar with today is actually eight inspirations "made out of nothing"!


Second, Jackie Chan’s "double eyelid" truth

If you watch "Serpentine Diao Hands", you will find that Jackie Chan was still single eyelid at that time, why did "Drunken Fist" become "double eyelid"? This is from the list of Jackie Chan’s injury history, "Shooting" Drunken Fist "The corner of the eye was kicked out"…


It is said that when Jackie Chan was filming, Huang Zhengli, known as the "King of Leg Skills", kicked the part above the eye and below the eyebrow, bleeding profusely on the spot, and the diagnosis was that the corner of the eye was cracked. But Jackie Chan, who has always been afraid of injections, refused to sew, and finally could only stick the wound with medical tape. After tearing it off, the wound turned into a "double eyelid", and finally could only "open" the other eye. Therefore, "Drunken Fist" is not only Jackie Chan’s famous work, but also can be said to be a "cosmetic work".


3. "Look at my red face and thick neck"

In addition to filming injuries, Jackie Chan also worked hard for the performance. Especially before each performance, he didn’t really drink, but let himself bow down and hold his breath, and by holding his breath, all the blood rushed to his head, so that it looked like his face was red after being drunk.

It can be seen that Jackie Chan sang in the song "Drunk Fist" many years later, "Look at my blush and thick neck, and know in my heart that I am a hero", which is a portrayal of his drunkenness when he "held back" himself.


IV. Yuan Xiaotian became very popular in his later years

"Drunken Boxing" should not only mention Jackie Chan’s Wong Fei-hung, but also Yuan Xiaotian’s "Su Qier". As the father of Yuan Heping and others, Yuan Xiaotian is not only one of the earliest martial arts instructors in Hong Kong, but also made a series of "Wong Fei-hung" movies in the 1960s. By the 1970s, he had retired, but in order to support Yuan Heping’s directing career, he was willing to go out again, not wanting to be popular all over Asia.


In fact, Ba Ye conceived martial arts moves that combined elements of acrobatics and comedy in the theater, and his father was behind it: "My father basically passed on what he knew to our children… At that time, his academic career was very hard, and he practiced every morning… In the afternoon, he went to the suburbs to practice basic skills, swords, swords and halberds, and learned boxing and somersaults." So from the play that Yuan Xiaotian taught Jackie Chan in "Drunk Fist", Ba Ye did put a lot of childhood memories in it.


V. Unexpected success

In 1978, the "Iron Triangle" of Wu, Yuan and Cheng was already satisfied with the big sale of "Serpentine Diao Hands", but they did not expect the success of "Drunken Fist" to exceed their imagination: in Hong Kong, the film was released from October 5 to November 3 of that year, and the box office reached 6.76 million Hong Kong dollars, which digitally broke the box office record (5.31 million) held by Bruce Lee’s "Raptors Crossing the River", and finally ranked second in the annual box office.

In Taiwan, Wu Siyuan even described the results of "Drunken Fist" as "too profitable" and "outrageous at all", even to the point where the film distributor gave him a bunch of money every time he saw Wu Siyuan! In fact, before "Drunken Fist", many Taiwanese film distributors refused to buy Jackie Chan movies, on the grounds that "Jackie Chan is a box office poison, you want me to die!" But after the film was released, Jackie Chan soon became a millionaire, and even Golden Harvest wanted to poach him to pass the file, even offering a salary of 4.80 million Hong Kong dollars, which can be called "straight to the fool"!


South East Asia

"Drunken Fist" was already selling crazy in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and I don’t want to go even further when it was released in South East Asia and Japan and South Korea in 1979. In Japan alone, the film’s box office was as high as 1.90 billion yen, ranking eighth among the top ten grossing films of the year; in Seoul in the same year, the film was screened for half a year, and the number of viewers was as high as 1.42 million, which is equal to 4.27 million people in South Korea watching "Drunken Fist" at that time, thus breaking the local historical record and maintaining it for 11 years. It was not until 1990 that it was broken by "Ghost Love". No wonder the Korean newspapers said at that time: Why can other people’s movies be made so well?


"Drunk Fist" also broke Singapore’s historical sales record, with a box office of up to 1.46 million Singapore dollars; as for Malaysia, Wu Siyuan’s words describe it as "a sea of people at the entrance of the Kuala Lumpur theater, the boss ran to the box office and grabbed a lot of money, and wrapped it up for me with something…"

In the end, "Drunken Fist" reached more than 22 million US dollars at the global box office that year, confirming what is meant by "sensation"!


Seven, "bonuses" and "prizes" are not missing

If the box office is a "bonus", then the selection of the major film institutions is the prize that "Drunken Fist" deserves – who said that the kung fu films in the early Republic of China could not be elegant?

In 2000, "Double Film Weekly" selected "100 Best Hong Kong Films of the 20th Century", "Drunken Fist" ranked 20th, second only to "Jingwumen" in the kung fu film; in 2005, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Chinese film, the Hong Kong Film Awards Association selected "100 Best Chinese Films in a Century", and "Drunken Fist" ranked 33rd; in 2011, the Golden Horse Film Festival voted for "100 Classic Chinese Films in Film History", and "Drunken Fist" was once again on the list; in the same year, the Hong Kong Film Archive selected "100 Hong Kong Films You Must See" list, and saw "Drunken Fist". It can be seen that from Hong Kong to the entire Chinese film, "Drunken Fist" is a classic masterpiece with far-reaching influence.


Eight, the rise of kung fu comedy

The popularity of "Drunk Fist" made the Kung Fu comedy reach its peak in the early years of the People’s Republic of China in 1979-80. All Hong Kong was thinking about how to add various comedy ideas to martial arts, so the authentic Hong Quan Liu Jialiang shot "Mad Monkey" and "Bad Head He", the fledgling Tsang Zhiwei shot "Kicking the Hall" and "Thief Stolen". In addition to shooting "Lin Shirong", Hong Jinbao Yuan Heping, the former’s "Mad Kid" won Yuan Biao, and the latter’s "North and South Drunk Fist" won his younger brother Yuan Xinyi. Even Cheng Xiaodong rarely shot "Ma Liu" as the protagonist, and even Xu Hark’s "No Door to Hell" also has many shadows of kung fu comedy. In short, the famous action movie artists we are familiar with today all contributed to the kung fu comedy back then.


However, in those two years, no one could shake Jackie Chan’s superstar status: in 79, Jackie Chan’s first self-directed and self-starred "Laughing Fist" became the annual box office champion with 5.45 million Hong Kong dollars; in 80, "Junior Brother" became the first film in Hong Kong’s film history to break through 10 million box office, and became the opening work of Hong Kong’s "Spring Festival"!


 Nowadays, if you mention or revisit kung fu comedy, you should remember the transformative significance of "Drunken Fist".


Hong Kong’s "Comedy Age"

Looking back, Hong Kong films were able to achieve prosperity in the 1980s, thanks in essence to the rise of comedy themes: before "Drunk Fist", although Hong Kong had the first comedy hits by the Hui brothers, it was still "unique", and kung fu films fell into a low ebb after Bruce Lee’s death, because no one could imitate and copy him.

As a result, Jackie Chan and Yuan Heping defied tradition, and the line of "Kung Fu + Comedy" was not only different, but also more down-to-earth. The success of "Drunken Fist" made the whole of Hong Kong find that as long as you can "fight and laugh", you can make a lot of money at a low cost! Afterwards, Hong Kong people will add comedy elements to any theme they shoot, and they will try their best, thus creating a golden age of Hong Kong films – in other words, "Drunken Fist" has contributed to the market tradition of "laughing every time" in Hong Kong films!


Ten, the sequel to Drunk Fist Yan Brilliant

Fifteen years after "Drunk Fist", Jackie Chan once again played Huang Feihong and created the genuine sequel "Drunk Fist 2". Compared with the first episode, the film is more meaningful because it is a commemorative work of the establishment of the Hong Kong Action Stuntman Guild. All the creators in front of the stage and behind the scenes confiscated the pay. The initial cost of the film was only 28 million Hong Kong dollars, of which 3 million was used to buy the guild’s meeting place. It was already a "cheap" one for Jackie Chan’s works at that time.


Just like the first episode, "Drunken Fist 2" once again broke the sales record of Hong Kong kung fu films, with a box office of 40.71 million Hong Kong dollars, ranking among the runners-up in the annual box office in 1994, and only looking at the numbers, the film’s box office record was maintained for a full 17 years, and it was broken by "Ip Man 2" (43 million), which shows the audience’s feelings for "Drunken Fist".


Perhaps many people do not know that "Drunken Fist 2" is still the first Hong Kong film to be introduced in the form of national distribution after the reform of the mainland film market. In other words, Jackie Chan can be said to be the "pioneer" of the mainland entering the box office era. And just looking at these scenes, you can see how famous Jackie Chan was in the mainland at that time:


"No injury, no drunken fist"

Back then, "Drunken Fist" made Jackie Chan "double eyelids", which was already a serious injury experience. I don’t want to think that 15 years later, he staged a more dangerous scene in "Drunken Fist 2": the whole person was kicked into the fire, and the heat and pain could be felt just by looking at the screen; and the last fight, not only did it take three months to shoot, but Jackie Chan really drank a little industrial alcohol, which was better than "holding his breath" in the first episode!



Therefore, the "bonuses" and "prizes" did not harm this drama. "Drunken Fist 2" not only became the world’s Chinese film box office champion in 1994 (according to data exceeding 365 million RMB), but was also selected by Time magazine as one of the "100 Best Movies in the History of Film", and was ranked fifth by Black Belt magazine as "The Most Wonderful Film and Television Fight in History". At the same time, it won the Golden Statue and Golden Horse Double "Best Action Design"…

It can be said that the two "Drunken Fist" starring Jackie Chan can be called one of the most outstanding kung fu series in the history of Chinese movies.


Twelve, drunken boxing and cultural crossing

Over the past 40 years, the influence of "Drunken Fist" has not only been in the film, but also one of the representatives of the "cross-regional culture" of Chinese films.


As the Japanese "national manga" of "Dragon Ball", the author of "Dragon Ball", Akira Toriyama, has bluntly stated that he is a fan of Jackie Chan, and his favorite movie is "Drunken Fist". "Without this movie, I couldn’t have created" Dragon Ball "at all."


"Naruto’s Li Luoke is also a" natural drunken fist master ":


In Hong Kong, the famous cartoonist Huang Yulang also created a comic of the same name in 1981 inspired by "Drunken Fist", which was popular and was called one of the "Four Famous Works of Huang Yulang":


Even weak sounds can be used to imitate "Drunken Fist", even to the point of "God Sync":


Even the Japanese variety show "Talk Show After the Rain" did a Jackie Chan special, and specially imitated the classic scenes of "Drunken Fist":


Even FC games, released in 1990 as "Jackie Chan’s Dragon", were inspired by "Drunken Fist".



Later, whether it was the arcade game "Double Dragon Fight", or the PC game "King of Kung Fu" and "Iron Fist" Lei Wulong, etc., they also used Jackie Chan’s style or action in "Drunken Fist":


Timg (2).jpg

Of course, there is no shortage of Zhen Yuanzhai in "The King of Fighters", no doubt from Yuan Xiaotian in "Drunken Fist":

The history of Chinese film has been 40 years and countless classics, but "Drunken Fist" must be one of the influencers who can spread to the world; for Jackie Chan, he can become the longest-running superstar in the Chinese film industry, and "Drunken Fist" is a watershed in his acting career!

Green travel helps low-carbon life (consumption window, new observation on green consumption ④)

  Haikou City, Hainan Province, speeds up the construction of public charging piles to escort citizens’ green travel. The picture shows that construction workers are installing new energy vehicle charging piles next to the public parking space at the intersection of Changtong Road and Binhai Avenue in Haikou.

  People’s Vision

  Daoxian County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province advocates low-carbon green travel, and has opened pure electric buses for Guitou Village, Lianghekou Village and other villages with rich tourism resources, which is convenient for villagers and tourists. The picture shows the pure electric bus running on the road at the entrance of Guitou Village, Meihua Town, Daoxian County.

  People’s Vision

  core reading

  The construction of the urban slow-moving system has been steadily carried out, the proportion of new energy vehicles in the fields of urban public transportation, taxis, and urban logistics distribution has continued to increase. Digital technologies such as the Internet and big data have deeply empowered the travel field, and green travel has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Promote the realization of the "double carbon" goal, and green transportation has great potential.

  Green travel fashion environmental protection

  All localities are accelerating the construction of urban slow-moving systems, making public transportation more convenient

  "My home is about 5 kilometers away from my unit, and I used to drive to and from get off work. Since Meihu Greenway was upgraded and renovated, as long as it didn’t rain, I would ride my bike to and from get off work. Not only is it low-carbon and energy-saving, but I can also enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, breathe fresh air all the way, and my energy is much better than before." Zhang Liyun, a citizen of Qingyunpu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, said that cycling to and from get off work can serve multiple purposes.

  Walking on the Badashanren Meihu Greenway in Qingyunpu District, you can always see many citizens riding, and cycling has become the first choice for more and more citizens to travel.

  "Urban greenway construction is a livelihood project that benefits the people. It enhances the well-being of the people while decorating the city." Ye Xiutang, secretary of the Qingyunpu District Party Committee, said that in recent years, the government has invested more than 10 million yuan to upgrade and renovate Meihu Greenway. About 1 kilometer of greenways have been built, and about 3.3 kilometers of greenways have been renovated. There are also new bicycle lanes to help residents travel green.

  In Anning City, Yunnan Province, the Mantis River slow-walking system is an ecological greenway that is everywhere. "The slow-walking system integrates a health trail and a bicycle slow-walking path. The two roads are separated by a variety of trees and shrubs, and there are rest areas and observation decks along the line, which is very attractive to citizens," said Jiang Qi, chief of the Landscaping Management Section of the Anning City Administration.

  Liang Shuanglu, a professor at the School of Economics at Yunnan University, believes that the popularity of urban greenways in various places reflects the concept of green travel.

  "Green transportation is an important part of forming a simple and moderate, green and low-carbon, civilized and healthy lifestyle, which helps to create a high-quality life and promote high-quality development." Wang Yun, deputy director of the Institute of Foreign Economics of the China Academy of Macroeconomics, said that from the perspective of consumption, green transportation involves purchase, use and management; from the perspective of participants, it involves the government, enterprises and consumers. In recent years, our country’s green transportation has developed rapidly, and gradually built a low-carbon and environmentally friendly transportation development pattern.

  The proportion of urban public bus and tram and rail transit trips has further increased, and the degree of public transportation travel facilitation has been significantly improved. For example, Beijing has created conditions for green travel by building a convenient, interoperable and multi-network integrated public transportation system, and the proportion of green travel in central urban areas is expected to reach 74.6% in 2022.

  The proportion of new energy vehicles used in public services such as urban public transportation, rental, sanitation, logistics and distribution, postal express delivery, and civil aviation airports has gradually increased. In some small and medium-sized cities, the cultivation of "green urban and rural transportation circles" is accelerating. For example, there are 437 buses in Anning City, of which 343 are new energy vehicles, accounting for more than 78% of the total number of vehicles. It is expected that all new energy buses will be operated by 2023.

  Accelerate the promotion of new energy vehicles

  The supply and sales of new energy vehicles are booming, and the operation and maintenance service system and other supporting facilities are accelerated

  "I found a new charging station on Suxi Avenue on the mobile map APP. It is very convenient to use. You can pay by scanning the code on your mobile phone, and it only takes about half an hour to charge quickly." Recently, next to the new energy vehicle charging station in the parking lot of the Sports Park in Suxi Town, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, Hu Xiaojun, an owner who is charging his new energy vehicle, said: "Now, there are more and more new energy vehicle charging stations, and it is more convenient and safe for us to use new energy vehicles."

  In small and medium-sized cities, the degree of improvement of supporting facilities is a key factor affecting the willingness of more consumers to buy new energy vehicles. State Grid Yiwu Power Supply Company is actively building charging facilities to improve the social energy efficiency level in the service area. At present, the density of local public charging piles reaches 1.18 per square kilometer, which strongly promotes the green transformation of transportation.

  According to the data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2021, the annual sales of new energy vehicles in our country 3.521 million, an increase of 1.6 times year-on-year, ranking first in the world for seven consecutive years, with a market share of 13.4%. The "Implementation Plan for Promoting Green Consumption" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments proposes to "vigorously promote new energy vehicles". Wang Yun believes that with the continuous improvement of supporting infrastructure such as charging and replacing electricity, the consumption of new energy vehicles is expected to maintain a rapid development trend and help the transportation sector achieve the "double carbon" goal.

  "The vehicles have little noise and basically no shaking, and the interior is fully equipped with new seats, air conditioners, fire equipment, etc., which is very comfortable," said Zhang Xiaohong, a villager in Chuntao Town, Yujiang District, Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province. In recent years, Yujiang has continuously improved the service facilities of new energy buses to facilitate the travel of the masses. "Now, we have put in a total of 30 new energy buses to provide more convenient, safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly bus services for people to travel," said the relevant person in charge of Yujiang Passenger Station.

  The "14th Five-Year" Development Plan for Comprehensive Transportation Services issued by the Ministry of Transport proposes that by 2025, the proportion of new energy vehicles in urban public transportation, taxis, and urban logistics distribution will reach 72%, 35%, and 20% respectively. Wang Yun suggested that efforts should be made to promote the application of new energy vehicles for electricity exchange mode pilots, in-depth activities of various new energy vehicles to the countryside, and encourage car companies to develop and promote new energy models that are suitable for the travel needs of rural residents, of high quality and low price, and advanced and applicable.

  Digital technology is deeply empowering

  Utilize intelligent technology, innovate incentive mechanisms, improve travel sharing rates, and stimulate residents’ willingness to travel green

  "My friends and I often take a ride together, which can effectively reduce carbon emissions." Qu Yuanxin, a student at Hebei University, believes that in the context of increasingly intelligent and shared travel methods, Internet travel service platforms can contribute more to environmental protection, energy saving and reducing traffic pressure.

  According to the "Zero Carbon Travel" Research Report released by Didi Travel, 98.12% of the respondents are willing to guide the people around them to practice green and low-carbon. Li Jinlong, co-founder and vice president of Didi Travel, said that smart travel businesses such as Hitch should increase model innovation and technology empowerment, and promote the formation of green travel methods that combine mutual assistance travel and commercial travel.

  In September last year, the Environmental Development Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Central Joint Certification Center released the "Shared Cycling Pollution Reduction and Carbon Reduction Report", which shows that in the past five years, Meituan bicycle and motorcycle users have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 1.187 million tons, which is equivalent to reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of 270,000 private cars for one year.

  In recent years, transportation services have become more convenient and intelligent, technological application innovation has been active, and the level of digitalization, networking and intelligence in the industry has been continuously improved. Some local governments and enterprises have joined forces to use intelligent technologies to innovate incentive mechanisms to stimulate residents’ willingness to travel green.

  In September 2020, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, Beijing Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau and Autonavi Map jointly launched the "MaaS Travel, Green City" campaign. As of March 23 this year, the number of users participating in the campaign on the Autonavi Map APP exceeded 1 million. "We will further rely on digital technology innovation to enrich the connotation of carbon inclusion, continue to expand the scope of carbon inclusion incentives, and make people’s green travel experience better," said Liu Zhenfei, president of Autonavi Group.

  "When you leave, turn on the Autonavi map to ride the navigation, ride one kilometer to the subway station, and walk 500 meters to the destination after getting off the subway. You can get about 5kg of carbon emission reduction energy for the whole process. The accumulated carbon emission reduction energy can be used not only for participating in public welfare activities, but also for redeeming gifts such as public transportation coupons and shopping vouchers," said Zhang Ling, a Beijing resident.

  Wang Yun said that relying on digital technologies such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, intelligent and shared travel methods have entered people’s lives, which will help to significantly reduce traffic pollution emissions. In the future, we must further adhere to the concept of intensive development, innovate travel models, deepen technology empowerment, improve travel sharing rates, optimize urban transportation capacity, and help traffic travel save energy and reduce emissions.

Zhiji Automobile completed the A round of equity financing, and there is still suspense in the ranking of new forces?

On August 1, Zhiji Automobile announced the completion of the signing of the A round equity financing agreement. After completing this round of financing, the post-investment valuation of Zhiji Automobile will reach nearly 30 billion yuan. This is only one year and seven months after the official establishment of Zhiji Automobile-December 25, 2020.

This round of financing was led by Bank of Communications Capital, and SAIC continued to increase investment. At the same time, it also introduced many well-known investment institutions such as ICBC Investment, National Green Development Fund, Zhiyou Venture Capital, Shanghai State-owned State-owned Enterprise Comprehensive Reform Fund and CITIC Securities Investment.

The first model of Zhiji Automobile, Zhiji L7, was delivered on June 18th. As of July 31st, this model has delivered 1,051 vehicles to users, making it the fastest model with cumulative delivery of more than 350,000 yuan of luxury pure electric vehicles in China.

After the completion of the A round of financing, the development of Zhiji Automobile is bound to further accelerate.

According to the plan, in the second half of this year, Zhiji will also go on the market and deliver the L7 SUV model Zhiji LS7. By then, Zhiji will form a "double flagship" product structure. In 2023, Zhiji will also introduce two pure electric intelligent luxury B-class models.

After the first shot was fired by Zhiji L7, can Zhiji Automobile pursue victory and reshape the current new power pattern?

On November 26, 2021, SAIC announced that it would jointly invest with Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba to set up Zhiji Automobile, a high-end intelligent pure electric vehicle project. This "No.1 Project", which was previously code-named "L" in SAIC, officially surfaced, and Zhiji Automobile also entered the running state.

Less than two months later, on January 13, 2021, two "mass production vehicles" of Zhiji Automobile were released in Shanghai, one was the pure electric car Zhiji L7 and the other was the pure electric SUV Zhiji LS7.

Zhiji L7 is the first product introduced to the market by Zhiji Automobile. Since the nationwide user delivery was started on June 18th, the first delivery volume of Zhiji L7 has exceeded 1,000 vehicles. This allows Zhiji Automobile to quickly enter the public’s field of vision from a young brand that has just been born.

In today’s new energy vehicle market, new products are listed together. As far as high-end models are concerned, a number of models have been listed this year, including Weilai ES7, Tucki G9 and Ideal L9, and the delivery time is within this year. In this "Wei Xiaoli" high-end product fight in 2022, why can Zhiji L7 stand out?

First of all, the products of Zhiji L7 must be excellent.

The electrification level of a new energy vehicle is the embodiment of its basic skills. In this respect, Zhiji L7 has the ability comparable to that of a million luxury cars. Zhiji L7 adopts four-wheel steering all-wheel drive system and front and rear mixed tire width design, especially the latter’s four-wheel drive system with mixed tire width and partial rear drive characteristics. Due to technical barriers and high cost, this kind of technology is rarely used in practice. At present, only Porsche Taycan applies the same design in electric vehicles.

In terms of assisted driving, the descriptions of various new energy brands on the market are dazzling, but some technologies are often not mature, resulting in uneven actual experience, and Zhiji Automobile hopes to create a "more human-like" intelligent driving experience.

At present, Zhiji L7 can cope with the high-order ability of complex road scenes such as "traffic jam on congested roads", "big cars dodging with special-shaped cars" and "big curvature curves" only through visual fusion scheme. This is due to the artificial intelligence super algorithm empowered by Zhiji L4-level same algorithm platform.

With the increasing intelligence level of new energy vehicles, software OTA has become a standard. However, Zhiji Automobile does not equate simplicity with intelligence, but insists on the technical route of coordinated upgrade of software and hardware, and regards Zhiji Automobile as a growing "digital life".

In other words, with "upgradeable hardware" as the growth trunk, "software iteration" as the development thinking, and iteration on the cloud driven by numbers, the "smart car" has the ability of self-evolution.

Different from fuel vehicles, the attributes of smart cars have changed now. It is no longer just a means of transportation, but a mobile space, which meets more diverse needs for travel, work and entertainment than in the past.

This also means that users put forward higher requirements for the comfort of cars, and in all these comfortableness, although the air health level is extremely important, especially for the mother and baby groups, it is often overlooked.

The 180+ clean and high-definition cockpit is a major feature that distinguishes Zhiji automobile from other brands. Through the whole industrial chain control far exceeding the national standard benchmark, Zhiji has realized the industry’s first pure taste workshop, and the new car will have a healthy air level after being placed for 180 days. This also allowed Zhiji to get the perfect score of CN95 fresh air cockpit certification, the only one in the industry.

Due to these characteristics, Zhiji Automobile has won the recognition of a large number of users from an emerging young brand in a very short time, and competed with Tesla, Weilai and Ideality in the high-end market.

Nowadays, with the completion of A round of equity financing by Zhiji Automobile, the future of Zhiji Automobile’s rapid development is very clear.

As a new car-making force that landed in the capital market earlier among the new forces, "Wei Xiaoli" has become a solid head of the new energy track. These three companies were established around 2014 and 2105, and many models are currently on sale. Last year, the delivery volume was close to 100,000.

Behind "Wei Xiaoli", there are Nezha and Zero Run, whose delivery volume has increased rapidly since last year. With their cost-effective products, they have gained a firm foothold in the second echelon.

From the establishment of the company to the launch of products, although the speed of Zhiji has been very fast, it is not too early to enter the game.

Under such circumstances, it seems that it is not easy for Zhiji Automobile to break through. In addition to the most important product strength, it is particularly important whether Zhiji has the advantage to widen the gap with its competitors in terms of system, service and even resources.

Different from the "Wei Xiaoli" Internet cross-border car building, Zhizhi has its own unique advantages in the background of car building.

On the one hand, Zhiji is backed by SAIC, the largest automobile group in China, and can share SAIC’s rich experience in automobile manufacturing, ensure product quality and shorten the cycle of making cars. This is also the reason why Baidu built a car and bound Geely early.

On the other hand, Alibaba and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech provide support for Zhiji’s software and intelligence. As the largest artificial intelligence company in China, Alibaba will empower Zhiji Automobile in terms of cloud capability, data security, intelligence and future cutting-edge technologies. Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, known as "China Silicon Valley", provides technical soil for the growth of Zhiji automobile.

In the first half of this year, due to uncertain factors such as epidemic situation and local conflicts, the automobile supply chain suffered an unprecedented impact. Stopping production and reducing production are the common difficulties experienced by most manufacturers, which once challenged the lean production mode of the automobile industry. The ability to control the supply chain has also become one of the core competencies of current automobile companies.

At present, Zhiji has established in-depth cooperation with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, Momenta, Zebra Zhixing, Huayu Vision, Yanfeng Group and other leading enterprises in the automobile industry chain. In the future, this will bring more gains to Zhiji’s spare parts supply and cost.

If Zhiji’s strong background gives it a higher starting point, then the "Yuanshigu User Data Rights Plan" is entirely from Zhiji’s own innovation ability.

Through the "Original Stone Valley User Data Rights Plan", Zhiji applied the blockchain technology to the smart car industry for the first time, with 300 million "original stones" corresponding to the growth rights of Zhiji’s founding value, and gave back the contribution of user data in the form of data rights.

This means that Zhiji makes cars no longer "consumables" in the traditional sense, but can constantly "add value" through the use of users, bringing them a steady stream of new value.

For example, new users can use up to 6,800 rough stones and 10,000 yuan in cash to exchange for the laser radar integrated intelligent driving hardware system. According to Zhiji’s plan, in the future, the original stone can also be used to exchange software and hardware upgrades, enjoy services, limit fine products, digital collections and limit experience activities.

This is the first in the world. On July 12, 2022, Zhiji Automobile specifically announced the details of the rights and interests of the original stone convertibility, and penetrated the mining path of the original stone, and this user data rights plan officially landed.

Following Zhiji L7, the SUV model Zhiji LS7 will also be listed and delivered in the second half of this year, and two pure electric smart luxury B-class models will be introduced next year. These products will quickly enrich Zhiji’s product matrix, so as to bring greater brand effect.

A young brand, how to tear open the existing pattern to find a place? Zhiji Automobile will give an answer.

The heavy Great Wall diesel 2.4T will be loaded, and the parameters are almost equal to D4D, matching the tank and gun models.

In recent years, hard-core off-road vehicles and recreational pickup trucks have exploded rapidly, becoming models sought after by consumers, especially the emergence of a number of domestic models, which has lowered the threshold and price of off-road, such as the current fire.
get away
, play type is
A monopoly, it can almost be said that the Great Wall monopolizes the entry-level hard-core off-road market, with compact tanks relying on 300 and medium and large tanks relying on 500. There are still many models to be released in the subsequent tank family.

However, with the advent of high oil prices, Tank 300 is facing a severe situation. Although the sales volume is still stable, with the impact of rising oil prices and decreasing heat, the order growth rate of Tank 300 is declining, and its Tank 500 model has a larger displacement and higher fuel consumption, so consumers will think more about it. After all, it will cost money to buy it back.

How to solve this embarrassing dilemma? In fact, a solution has long been thought of. First, both Tank 300 and Tank 500 will launch hybrid models and plug-in hybrid models. Among them, the hybrid version of Tank 300 has been listed overseas and is expected to be released at the end of April in China, followed by the plug-in hybrid models of Tank 300 and Tank 500. The combination of plug-in hybrid technology and hard-core off-road is actually quite perfect, with high torque and low fuel consumption. Currently, H equipped with plug-in hybrid technology can reduce fuel consumption.

However, what can solve the urgent need at present is actually another means. It is the Great Wall of Wei Jianjun’s king-grade product-diesel power chain. The power of the Great Wall has been under development, and its green static series diesel engines have always been the leader of domestic diesel.
Later, H9, Fengjun series and Great Wall guns were all equipped, and they have always been the fist-class products of the Great Wall.

Compared with gasoline engine, diesel engine has higher thermal efficiency, lower fuel consumption and strong torque, which is very suitable for hard-core off-road vehicles. Compared with gasoline engine, diesel engine has half the use cost and better power performance, especially on off-road sections. However, because the technical content of diesel engine is not low at all, and the domestic fuel quality is poor, domestic passenger cars rarely use diesel power. However, the diesel engine of Great Wall is advanced in technology and has been adjusted for domestic oil products, which is deeply loved by consumers.

At present, due to many factors, such as emissions, all passenger cars of Great Wall are not equipped with diesel engines, and the diesel H9 has become a swan song. If you want to buy a diesel engine model of Great Wall, you can only buy a pickup truck of Great Wall, but the 2.0T engine on the pickup truck is weak, and the 2.0T diesel engine with twin turbines may not be used again because of emissions problems, but the recent appearance of a new car of Great Wall may completely change this situation.

Recently, a brand-new gun model-full-size pickup truck based on tank 500 platform will be equipped with the latest 2.4T diesel engine of Great Wall and matched with 8AT gearbox. This engine code-named GW4D24 is a vertical 2.4T diesel engine with a maximum power of 135kW and a peak torque of 480 N m. This parameter is close to that of Toyota 2.8TD4D diesel engine with larger displacement, and it is also equipped with an electronically controlled VGT variable cross-section turbine and a 2000Bar fuel injection system.

As a result, the Great Wall finally has a brand-new diesel engine for passenger cars, and this engine will also cover tank, Haval and gun series models in the future, which is a great good news for consumers who want to buy diesel versions of tank 300 and tank 500. After all, diesel engines are more powerful and have lower fuel consumption and cheaper oil prices, which is a good choice for consumers who like hard-core off-road vehicles. (Text/Youshi Automobile Haoyang)

Note: the pictures are from the internet, and the rights belong to the original author. Thank you! This article only represents the author’s personal views, and does not represent the position of AUV.

SUV Complaint List in September: Many domestic models were on the list, and Song pro ranked first in new energy.

With the arrival of the golden autumn in October, the data of automobile brands in September began to be released one after another. Today, let’s first take stock of the complaint list of SUV in September.

From the picture, it can be seen that the top ten China product brand models occupy a large part, and the Song pro new energy model under BYD once again ranks first because of the failure to deliver the car according to the contract. Other models are mostly old problems.

As a hot brand of new energy, BYD’s problem is still "not delivering the car according to the contract". As the best-selling model of BYD, the car itself is not a big problem, but the long service cycle is still a pain point for BYD, which also leads to the dissatisfaction of many consumers, so it is reasonable to rank high.

The main problem of Haval’s first love is the foaming and cracking of car paint. It is understood that Harvard has also given a repair plan for this kind of problem. In addition, Haval’s first love still has complaints such as the delay in upgrading the car system. I hope that it will not be on the list next month after the problem is solved.

The reason for BMW X3′ s listing is still the old problem of the ID7 car system. At present, quite a few car owners think that the ID7 system is inconsistent with the publicity, and this problem has gone through a long period, but it seems that BMW’s speed of solving the problem still needs to be improved.

The reason why Xingyue L is on the list is still the old problem that the second key is not delivered. The main reason is probably the shortage of resources in the chip market, which has also attracted the attention of manufacturers, but it seems that it has not been well solved at present.

I think everyone knows the reason why Li ONE made the list. Because the new model L8 was put on the market and the owners were not informed in advance, many owners thought it had been cut with leeks, which caused a lot of complaints.

The six to ten models are Red Rabbit, H6, F7, Crown Lu Fang and Tiggo 8 owned by Haval. The problem of Red Rabbit is mainly paint cracking, H6 and F7 are still problems such as car system upgrade and disguised charging, while Lu Fang is still problems such as loud engine noise, car body resonance, air conditioning and engine jitter. The problem of Tiggo 8 is mainly the suspected design defect of headlights, which affects driving safety. The owner of this problem has reported it many times and hopes Chery can solve it properly.

Summary: Judging from the above rankings, many brands are still old problems that have appeared before. Although there are no new problems, the speed of dealing with old problems needs to be improved. I hope manufacturers can solve them as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Netizens reported that it was difficult to unblock the mobile phone number after it was mistakenly blocked. Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department: Complaints can be made.

Netizens reported that it was difficult to unblock the mobile phone number after it was mistakenly blocked. Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department: Complaints can be made.

The picture shows the telephone number announced by Yunnan Provincial Public Security Bureau. screenshot

  Kunming, Dec. 9 (Du Xiaoxiao)-Recently, the press office of the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Bureau announced that in the recent special crackdown on telecom network fraud, if there is a false seal, the public security organ will quickly identify the phone number and account number that was mistakenly shut down due to technical reasons after receiving the complaint and consultation call. If the public security organ is found to be inactive or passive, you can call "12389" to make a complaint.

  Recently, some netizens posted on the local message board that their micro-signal was permanently sealed by WeChat official on October 14th. After understanding, they learned that it was requested by Yunnan public security authorities, and provided contact numbers of 0871-630543xx and multiple telephones of Pu ‘er Public Security Bureau. After many contacts, the phone could not be opened.

  The netizen said that he works in Kunming and has never been to Myanmar. There is no violation of laws and regulations. The blocking of micro-signal has seriously affected his work and life. I hope the government can understand the situation as soon as possible and unblock the WeChat account.

  In addition, some netizens on the Internet reported that their QQ, mobile phone number, Alipay and other social platforms and payment platforms could not be used normally.

  The Information Office of the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department responded on the 8 th that in view of the rampant telecommunication network fraud activities in the border areas of China and Myanmar, which seriously infringed on the property safety of the people, the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference Office of the State Council on Combating New Crimes in Telecommunication Networks and the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Organs are organizing special crackdown actions, and decided to block and shut down suspected telecommunication network fraud calls, social and payment accounts such as QQ, WeChat, Alipay and POS machines in northern Myanmar and some areas where telecommunication network fraud activities are serious from October 14, 2019.

  If the phone number is turned off by mistake, you can contact the anti-fraud center of the local public security bureau as soon as possible (area code +96110) or call the anti-fraud center of the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Bureau (0871-63054338); If QQ, WeChat, Alipay, POS and other social and payment accounts are closed by mistake, you can contact the workstations of the Ministry of Public Security in Pu ‘er, Dehong and Lincang, Yunnan.

  The press office of the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Bureau said that if there is a false seal, the public security organ will quickly identify the phone number and account number that was mistakenly shut down due to technical reasons after receiving the complaint consultation phone number. If the public security organ is found to be inactive or passive, you can call "12389" to make a complaint.

Great Wall Motor Retrograde New Energy


Wen Haochao Business Review, written by pineapple and edited by Yang Xuran.

  Alashan is definitely one of the hottest online celebrity producing areas in Tik Tok.

  It is "poetry and distance" in the eyes of cross-country enthusiasts. Every October, there will be a grand cross-country rally-Alashan Heroes’ Club. In 2019, the video of "Alashan Shake Shake" was played 40 million times in Tik Tok, and it was also searched by many media such as CCTV, Sina and Tencent.

  The cross-country culture of "sunset speeding" and "freedom and uninhibited" is completely on fire. It is not only the carnival of the brave, the meditation of the unruly, but also the second spring of the fuel car.

  "Great Wall Cannon", "Haval H6" and other vehicles frequently appeared in off-road vehicle competitions, which also made Great Wall Motor (SH: 601633), a 30-year-old car company from Baoding, once again fire.

  Since July this year, the Great Wall’s stock market has performed like a shot in the arm. In just half a year, its share price has risen from the 5-10 yuan range that it has maintained for five years to 37 yuan, more than tripling.


  Great Wall Motor’s Share Price Performance in May-December

  At home in the era of new energy vehicles, Great Wall Motor has stepped out of its own exponential growth curve and become a "traditional car enterprise" and "fuel vehicle".The benchmark for traditional fuel car companies to break through in the new energy era.

  What has Great Wall Motor experienced, which can represent the fuel vehicle to attack the market in the era of new energy explosion?

  From Baoding Wei Jianjun to Jack Wey

Wei Jianjun, a soldier who used to be unsmiling, is becoming a fashion person who embraces young people.

  At the shareholders’ meeting in 2015, when asked why Great Wall Motor did not emphasize marketing, Wei Jianjun, the chairman of the board of directors, frequently made golden sentences, saying, "It is unnecessary to produce cars because the production of wine can create a brand" and "No brand-new car products will be launched in the next 5-6 years".

  At that time, Wei Jianjun was still a resolute "soldier Wei Jianjun" and an unsmiling "Baoding Car God".

  However, this year, careful people will find that Wei Jianjun’s title has changed to "Jack Wey", showing a gentle and cordial smile frequently in front of the public media.

  From Baoding Car God to Jack Wey, Great Wall Motor has also transformed itself into aA "famous ghost talent" who loves hot spots and sucks traffic.

  At the Beijing Auto Show in 2020, the Great Wall appeared with a series of new models-the new ——SUV was named "Harvard First Love" and "Harvard Big Dog", the new pickup truck was called "Great Wall Gun" and "Tank", the new energy vehicles were "Euler Good Cat", "Black Cat" and "White Cat", and even the car-making technology platform included "Lemon" and "Tank".

  The Great Wall has tasted almost all the trendy marketing: the title of general manager of brand marketing has been changed to "Dean of Cats Research", and it has joined forces with Elvis Presley Radio, Warrior and other national trends in an attempt to set off a "cat culture"; Invite Shen Mengchen, Wang Han and other stars to sell cars live; Heavily calling on young people to launch the electric car racing and refitting competition ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  All kinds of changes are pointing to the same clue-youthfulness. Behind this is the deep anxiety of this traditional car company.

  In 2011, Haval H6 made Great Wall Motor win the title of God in World War I: the sales volume broke through 10,000 in five months, 20,000 in two years, and 80,000 in five years. This record is also brilliant for the whole automobile industry.

  However, with the rise of Jilin Boyue, Changan CS75, Honda CR-V and other models, SUVs gradually shifted from the blue ocean to the red sea market, and Haval’s leading edge was weakening.


  Along with the silence, there are also company performance and stock price performance.Since 2017, the revenue growth rate of Great Wall has dropped sharply, and even slipped into the negative growth range. The decline in net profit is particularly rapid. In 2016, it was still a profit of 105 million, and by 2019 it was only less than 45 million. Its share price is halved, sliding from 10 yuan to 5 yuan.

  The 30-year-old Great Wall Motor’s solution to the "middle-aged crisis" is to set off a series of young reforms from products to marketing and management, which have been quite effective in less than one year.

  According to the latest data in November, the sales volume of Great Wall Motor has reached 122,600 units, a year-on-year increase of 27.6%.

  Among them, Haval H6, as a facade, sold 102,000 vehicles a month, accounting for 83% of the total sales, up 22.1% year-on-year, driving the market share back to more than 20%; Euler, a new energy vehicle, became a new force, with a sales volume of 11,600, a year-on-year increase of 414.7%; The Haval Big Dog, which just went on the market in September and is still in the production climbing period, has a monthly sales volume of 8,555 vehicles.

  As of the third quarter, Great Wall’s revenue was 621 million, down 0.69% year-on-year. According to the current trend, the annual growth rate will turn from negative to positive.

  Looking at the whole market, just over half of the winter in December, the spring of the auto market has come early.

  Reform meets a good opportunity

After the cold winter of the automobile industry cycle, the automobile sales in China are now recovering. Not only the Great Wall, but also a large number of car companies including Geely and SAIC have ushered in a rebound in performance and valuation.

  The rise of the Great Wall is not a case, and the whole vehicle sector is in a strong recovery.

  In April this year, with the improvement of epidemic prevention and control situation,The auto sector showed signs of recovery for the first time, ending a 21-month decline.Sales in that month increased by 5.9% year-on-year. Among passenger cars, SUV led the growth with a growth rate of 7.3%.

  Subsequently, the production and sales data increased for 8 consecutive months, which confirmed the trend of the automobile sector’s economic recovery. In November, China’s automobile sales all reached a new high in the year, with a year-on-year increase of 12.6%, among which passenger cars have maintained a growth rate of around 8% for five consecutive months.

  In such a recovery market,The performance of car companies has grown brilliantly, and valuations have ushered in repairs.

  Leading enterprises such as SAIC, GAC, Chang ‘an, Geely, etc. all had double-digit growth in sales performance in November. Changan and Great Wall, with SUV explosions CS75 and Haval H6, saw their sales growth rate of more than 20%.

  Judging from the performance of the capital market, the leading stock prices have ushered in a general increase. Since July, the share prices of SAIC and GAC have increased by about 50%.The share prices of Chang ‘an and Geely have doubled, while Great Wall Motor ranks first among traditional car companies with a high growth rate of 365%.


  On the other hand, in the contest of the new energy vehicle market, the performance of the Great Wall is also awesome.

  In the ranking of new energy small vehicles in November by Gaspar, the sales volume of Euler Black Cat ranked in the top three, with a year-on-year growth rate of 373%, second only to Wuling Hongguang and Tesla model 3.

  Except for Weilai, which went crazy, the growth rate of Great Wall’s share price even surpassed that of Tucki, Ideality and BYD in the second half of this year.

  So, why does the Great Wall stand out?

  Big explosion of niche market

Northwest China has become the most popular tourist destination, and Alashan has become a holy place for every SUV owner to visit, and the cross-country culture has exploded.

  Car enthusiasts in Zhihu sum up the advantages of SUV in this way: It’s like a man always wants to marry a wife who is beautiful, has long legs, can cook, keep house, has self-cultivation and other functions-SUV combines the high passability of off-road vehicles, the comfort of cars and the ability of long-distance raids, and integrates sports, leisure and business.

  And this is what they said about Haval H6, which won the SUV sales title for 10 years in a row: cheap big bowl is delicious, and the leather is durable without any serious injury. It can stretch your feet, has a large space, and the design is not ugly. It is also suitable for the whole family to go for an outing and occasionally pull goods on weekends.

  The multifunctional Haval H6 with an average price of 100,000 yuan has become a "hard currency" in the SUV market.Therefore, when the epidemic situation eased and the automobile market picked up in 2020, when SUV took the lead, Great Wall Haval bore the brunt.

  However, people have more expectations for the Great Wall fuel truck, which comes from the upgraded SUV with fire in off-road culture-Off-road vehicles and pickup trucks.

  Himalayan extreme cross-country, Luya International Championship, and the 60th anniversary of Everest measurement re-measurement. In 2020, the Great Wall Gun sponsored major events and made frequent appearances.

  When you open Baidu to search for the words "Tibet" and "off-road", you are greeted by off-road youths wearing sunglasses and jeans, sharing their "trip to western Hunan" and "experience in Tibet" among the blue sky and white clouds, often accompanied by Great Wall guns, tanks 300 or Harvard dogs-all of which are the off-road culture and brand sense that the Great Wall is trying to create.

  "For every two pickup trucks sold, one comes from the Great Wall". In July, the sales volume of Great Wall guns exceeded 20,000, exceeding 50% to take the market share; The luxury off-road tank 300 was newly launched on December 17th, and has achieved over 10,000 sales, exceeding the accumulated sales of more than 7,000 in herdsman in the first 11 months. The sales volume of affordable off-road vehicle Haval H9 in November increased by 17.9% month-on-month, ranking first among domestic medium and large off-road SUVs.

  Behind the popularity of several models, the capital market values not only the off-road field, but also the market space instigated by domestic brands, and it is also the field represented by this space and beyond the reach of new energy vehicles.

  In short:In the off-road culture, there is no room for new energy vehicles.

  The cruising range is limited, and the extreme climate environment will be greatly reduced; The battery can’t stand the impact of external force, rain and lightning, and it is easy to cause spontaneous combustion, self-explosion and short circuit; The great torque released instantly by stepping on the accelerator is easy to break through the grip of the tire, making it more difficult to get rid of extreme off-road difficulties …New energy vehicles are naturally insulated from off-road vehicles, which is an important function of vehicles, whether for practical use or entertainment;

  In addition, for many players, the fun of cross-country is the roar of motor, rotation, drift, take-off ….. all of which can’t be brought by an electric car without sound.

  Up to now, only one off-road vehicle in herdsman has been testing water and electricity, and it still adopts a hybrid device of oil and electricity. "Crossing no man’s land", no new energy vehicle has such confidence.

  Cross-country culture has brought fire to the Great Wall Tank 300 and the Great Wall Gun, and these two new cars, which are less than one year old, undoubtedly pinned the ambition of Great Wall Motor to get rid of the low-cost SUV market and cover the middle and high-end market.

  Is it a real explosion, or is it just a moment? This may also require consumers to verify with longer mileage and more user experience.But capital has long voted with its feet, occupied the pit early and made a choice.

  New energy catches female users

In 2015, the Great Wall increased by 16.8 billion yuan to develop new energy core technologies and complete vehicles, which ended in failure, but it was "unexpectedly" successful in 2020.

  Another new energy vehicle market opened up in the Great Wall, the success of Euler products is more attributed to the user positioning of "pleasing"-Female consumers.

  Prior to this, new energy vehicles either held high and fought like emerging car-making forces, and plunged huge sums of money into high-end fields, or were as low as dust and made into tool-based scooters.User markets such as women and urban white-collar workers have always lacked products with both appearance and high cost performance to meet the demand.

  The Euler series, with an average price of more than 70,000, fills the above gaps well. At the same price, the Euler model has longer battery life, more space and more fashionable appearance. According to an Euler car owner, Euler is mostly used by female white-collar workers, or the first car in a small family, or simply to occupy a new energy license.


  Euler focuses on the small car market.

  Combined with the new direct selling game of "live broadcast+group fight+e-commerce", Euler brought up a market by "cat culture".In November, Euler sold 11,600 vehicles, a year-on-year surge of 414.7%.

  However, the new energy layout of the Great Wall is not smooth sailing. As early as 2015, Great Wall had raised 16.8 billion yuan to develop new energy core technologies and complete vehicles, which ended in failure.

  In August 2018, Great Wall Motor announced the first generation of Euler under the heavy penalty of "double points" for excessive bicycle fuel consumption. At that time, BAIC, Geely and BYD’s new energy vehicles had already achieved results.

  The failure of new energy vehicles is in sharp contrast with the rapid rise of Euler today.

  Looking at the whole new energy vehicle market, the small low-end new energy vehicles represented by Wuling Hongguang mini and Great Wall Euler have turned red, which is closely related to the policy background of new energy vehicles going to the countryside, exemption from purchase tax and no-shake number.

  Small new energy vehicles priced at 60,000-150,000 yuan and positioned as "people’s scooter" have an overwhelming advantage in fuel vehicle equivalence, which accurately hits the market demand of young office workers.

  But with reference to historical experience,But the low end will meet the red sea.Haval H6, which is positioned in the low-end SUV market, will inevitably lose its advantage under fierce competition.

  By analogy, small new energy vehicles will also face more intense competition.

  At present, the average market share of small pure electric vehicles has reached 40%, and its main selling cities have gradually transitioned from first-and second-tier cities to sixth-tier cities.The small and micro car market, which meets the price demand but is difficult to meet the functional demand, will gradually turn from blue to red and start fierce competition.

  At that time, it is obviously not enough for Euler to only focus on the "cat" car market.

  This brand-new brand needs to build a more perfect product matrix from niche to mass, from price to function, from low-end to high-end, in order to resist the strong impact of competitors. But for the Great Wall, it is obviously not as comfortable as the days in the off-road vehicle.

Liangshan xingyue l zhiqing has a big price cut! The reserve price is 152,700. If you miss it, you won’t have it.

In car home Liangshan preferential promotion channel, preferential activities are being carried out. As an excellent automobile product, Xingyue L Zhiqing not only has excellent performance and driving experience, but also provides rich configuration and intelligent technology to bring you a more convenient and comfortable experience. At present, the highest discount of this car in Liangshan area has reached 0.7 million, and the lowest starting price is 152,700. If you want to know more preferential information, you can click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount. Act quickly and let Xingyue L Zhiqing become your new choice for travel!

The design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is very attractive, and the front face adopts a large air intake grille, which makes the whole front look very sporty. The grille is decorated with chrome, which makes the whole front look more exquisite. In addition, Xingyue L Zhiqing adopts a streamlined body design, and the overall style is very fashionable, giving people a very modern feeling. There are many details on the car body, such as chrome trim and sharp lines, which make the whole car look more dynamic and fashionable. Generally speaking, the design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is very attractive, and it is a very individual model.

As a medium-sized SUV, Xingyue L Zhiqing has excellent body dimensions, with length * width * height (mm) of 4,795 * 1,895 * 1,689, wheelbase (mm) of 2,845, front and rear wheel tracks (mm) of 1,610, front tyre size of 245/45 R20, and rear tyre size of the same kind. Viewed from the side, the car side lines of Xingyue L Zhiqing are smooth and natural, showing a beautiful S-shaped curve, and the overall visual effect is excellent. The rim style on the side of the car is fashionable and atmospheric, and the multi-spoke design is adopted to match the shape of the tire, making the whole car more dynamic. At the same time, the door design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is also very unique, and the hidden door handle is used to make the whole body more tidy. Generally speaking, Xingyue L Zhiqing is excellent in appearance design and left a deep impression on people.

The interior design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is full of sense of technology and luxury. The center console adopts a 12.3-inch LCD touch screen, which supports voice recognition control of multimedia system, navigation, telephone, air conditioner, skylight and window. The steering wheel is made of leather material, which supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth. There are two USB/Type-C interfaces in the front row and wireless charging function of mobile phone, and one USB/Type-C interface in the back row. The seat is made of imitation leather. The main driver’s seat supports four-way adjustment of front and rear, backrest, height and lumbar support. The co-pilot seat supports two-way adjustment of front and rear, backrest and height. The front seat also has heating and ventilation functions, and the driver’s seat is also equipped with electric seat memory function. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats support proportional reclining.

As a 1.5t L4 engine with 163 horsepower, the maximum power and torque of Xingyue L engine are 120kW and 255N·m respectively. It uses an advanced 3-speed DHT gearbox, which can provide excellent acceleration performance and driving experience. This engine not only has high combustion efficiency, but also has excellent reliability and durability, ensuring the stability and reliability of the vehicle. At the same time, Xingyue L Zhiqing also adopted advanced emission control technology, which made it perform well in environmental protection and meet the latest emission standards. In a word, Xingyue L Zhiqing is an excellent engine, which provides excellent power and performance for your driving experience.

In the evaluation of car home car owners, he spoke highly of the appearance of the Star Yue L-Smart Engine, calling it high-end, atmospheric and upscale, and even said that he wanted to control it himself at the first sight. This fully shows the outstanding performance of Xingyue L Zhiqing in design. As an SUV model, Xingyue L Zhiqing has made great efforts in body lines, front face modeling and detail treatment, presenting a style with a sense of modernity and technology. At the same time, its interior design is also very elegant, using high-quality materials and fine workmanship, making the whole car full of luxury and comfort. The intelligent engine system it is equipped with makes car owners love it, and it has performed very well in navigation, music and voice assistant. It can be said that Xingyue L Zhiqing has reached a high standard in appearance and interior design, which has brought excellent driving experience to car owners.

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30

Official authority, accurate, Xiaomi car is coming!

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

The new car announcement just released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Xiaomi Automobile is impressively listed:A car with a wheelbase of 3m and a wheelbase of 5m grows up, with a millet logo on the front and Beijing millet at the rear.

At the same time, an interior spy shot also flowed out:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

The popularity of all platforms in the whole network has been screened, especially the hot search in Weibo instantly rushed to the second place, which is second only to … You know that.

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Some people spit out "Bao Li Bao Qi", some people questioned that they could not be "the first car for young people", and all kinds of outrageous rumors also spread everywhere.

Xiaomi automobile "exploded" before it was launched.

What kind of car did Xiaomi build?

Do not speculate or break the news, only dig the public information in the announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, especially the key configurations that are ignored in the hot discussion but directly affect product positioning and even pricing.

Xiaomi Automobile is positioned as a medium-sized and large-sized car, with a body size of 4997mm/1963mm/1440mm and a wheelbase of 3000mm.

That is to say, the so-called "C-class car" is at the same level as the 5 Series, E Class and A6 of the traditional BBA.

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

In the camp of new energy and smart cars, it is equivalent to the newly released Aouita 12, Huawei Zhijie S7, BYD Han and Tengshi N7.

In terms of design, in the "Su Yan Zhao" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Xiaomi car is still beautiful and smooth, especially young and technologically advanced. It fits the "golden ratio" in design, with axle ratio 3X, width-height ratio 1.36X and wheel-height ratio 2X.

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

The deja vu design is also the root of being ridiculed for "keeping time and meters":

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

In fact, it’s not just Xiaomi who "protects the gas". Someone immediately made such a comparison:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

In terms of power parameters, the two-wheel drive model is equipped with a rear axle motor with a maximum power of 220kw, and the four-wheel drive model is equipped with a front motor of 220kw/ rear motor of 275kw.

That is to say, the four-wheel drive version is close to 650 horsepower, and if the declared total mass is 2.6 tons, it should be no problem to run into the 4-second club.

The two-drive battery is a lithium iron phosphate battery pack provided by BYD Foday Battery. The four-wheel drive model is a ternary lithium-ion battery provided by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited.

In terms of options, it is worth noting that:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

With lidar, according to Xiaomi’s firm positioning of building smart cars and the current trend of industry involution, the high probability is the high-order intelligent driving system covering NOA in the city.

The version without lidar is likely to achieve high-speed NOA capability.

Popular science, Xiaomi smart driving is not a procurement supplier, but a self-research. The core team comes from the previously acquired autopilot company DeepMotion.

At the same time, the exposure map of the interior also shows that Xiaomi gives high attention and functional priority to intelligent driving:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

The right side should be the choice of conventional driving modes, such as standard, sports and economy, while the button icon on the left side, like the concrete description of the perception outside the car, is likely to be "one-button intelligent driving".

Of course, the steering wheel design is also similar … However, it is still uncertain whether it is the final version.

Finally, it is worth noting that the Xiaomi logo is clearly hung on the front of the car, which is the same square logo as the mobile phone, and there is no special design for the car:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

At the rear of the car, the model name: SU7 is displayed, and the word "Beijing Xiaomi" is displayed:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Combined with the announcement information, Xiaomi Automobile is manufactured by Beiqi’s Beijing off-road production. The production place is also the Yizhuang factory in Beijing.

To sum up, Xiaomi’s first car is a C-class coupe, with a lidar and an OS.

Design technology, young, "Porsche Disciple" adds another member.

Xiaomi car "exploded" before it was launched.

Xiaomi’s car "exploded" and instantly rushed to the second place in Weibo.

The feedback mainly focuses on the shape design and logo.

For example, some people are keen to study the origin of various design elements on Xiaomi car.

There is a direct comparison between him and Porsche Taycan:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Others say it’s Tesla+Porsche:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Others dug up Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and McLaren 750S:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

In addition, about the logo, the discussion is also very enthusiastic:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Of course, the most hotly debated is the price.

Netizens expect Xiaomi to reproduce the "first car for young people", which is also an important factor in the rise of Xiaomi in consumer electronics.

However, according to the detailed report of car critic Han Lu, the price of Xiaomi car is in the range of 300,000-400,000 yuan, but "it can still reflect the cost performance".

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Hanlu’s revelations about the logo, design and size of the car have been verified to be correct, and the price is also of reference value.

Objectively speaking, the C new energy car with a wheelbase of 3 meters, in addition to clearly taking the cost-effective route of Zero Run, Nezha. The basic selling price of products oriented to luxury, comfort and technology is in the range of 300,000 yuan, which conforms to the industry and market rules.

The range of 300,000 yuan for Xiaomi Automobile is a very likely thing.

Finally, let’s have a heated discussion. Are you satisfied with the design of Xiaomi car?

The price of the first car SU7 is 300,000-400,000. Is Xiaomi too "floating" or is it worth the fare?

And according to the style of Lei Jun and Xiaomi, you can always "believe that good things are about to happen" until the final press conference.

Source of the article: Quantum bit

Anti-monopoly breaks the ills of big data "killing"

  On December 17th, "Big Data Killing" was searched by Weibo again, this time the protagonist was Meituan. Taxi software takes different pricing for the same customers, and booking hotel members costs more than ordinary users … … In recent years, "big data killing" has been frequently searched. Experts pointed out that the Anti-monopoly Guide on Platform Economy (Draft for Comment) (hereinafter referred to as the Anti-monopoly Guide) refines the provisions of the Anti-monopoly Law regulating Internet violations and promotes the platform to better assume social responsibilities. In order to eradicate the chaos of "big data killing", it is essential to improve laws and regulations and strengthen law enforcement, and urge enterprises to be honest and self-disciplined.

  "Big data killing" frequency hot search

  On December 17th, an article titled "I was cut by a member of Meituan" was screened on social media. Based on his own experience of ordering takeout, the author found that in the same store on Meituan, with the same delivery address and at the same time, the delivery fee for members was higher than that for non-members. According to the article, it was thought that opening take-away members would save money, but the delivery fee of almost all take-away merchants nearby was higher than that of non-members from 1 yuan to 5 yuan.

  At that time, "Meituan was killed by explosion" and quickly boarded the hot search list of Weibo on that day. Netizens complained in Weibo, Zhihu, black cats, friends circle, etc. about the differential treatment of old members by Meituan: the delivery fee is higher, the price increases after eating in the same store for two or three times, the full amount of membership is reduced after opening, and even the renewal of membership fee has felt that Meituan’s "likes the new and hates the old". Moreover, this is not only the case with the US Mission, but also the above problems when you are hungry.

  Later, Meituan’s take-out issued a statement in response, saying that the difference in delivery fee has nothing to do with membership. Because of the positioning cache in the software, the user’s last historical positioning was wrongly used, which deviated from the user’s actual position, resulting in inaccurate estimation of delivery fee. When placing an order, it will be calculated according to the real delivery address and will not be affected.

  The reporter learned that consumers’ complaints about "big data killing" are not just on the takeaway platform. During the "double 11" this year, Ms. Han, a Beijing consumer, found that she booked a hotel through an App, and the price difference was about 1000 yuan.

  On September 15th, CCTV named the phenomenon of "big data killing" on the online travel platform, and mentioned that the online travel platform set differentiated prices for the same product or service under the same conditions for tourists with different consumption characteristics. On the same day, a poll conducted on the Weibo showed that 15,000 people thought they had encountered obvious price differences, accounting for nearly 80% of all voters.

  In March 2019, the survey results of "Big Data Killing" released by Beijing Consumers Association showed that 88.32% of the respondents thought that "Big Data Killing" was common or very common, and 56.92% of the respondents said that they had been killed by "Big Data". At the same time, respondents believe that online shopping platforms, online travel and online car rides have the most problems in consumer "big data killing", and online travel ranks first.

  On December 20, 2018, "Big Data Killing" was elected as the top ten buzzwords in social life in 2018.

  … …

  In addition, similar "killing" phenomena have appeared on many platforms such as air tickets and movies.

  "Big data killing" needs to be standardized

  Nowadays, big data algorithms are becoming more and more advanced, and information customization can meet people’s diversified and personalized needs. Liu Peng, an expert in the field of big data and artificial intelligence, said that the Internet platform can accurately portray netizens by collecting social data and behavioral data, thus reducing the cost of users’ access to information, improving the quality of service to users and adding convenience to life.

  According to Wang Wei, director of the Information Security Department of Beijing Jiaotong University, "killing big data" is not technically difficult. He pointed out that after mastering personal information, behavior habits and other data, the platform judges its preferences, user adhesion, price sensitivity, etc., and uses big data technology to achieve "thousands of people", so that different prices or search results seen by different users can be "killed".

  Shen Hao, a professor at the Big Data Research Center of Communication University of China, has the same view. He further pointed out that the Internet platform can easily judge whether it is a "stranger" or a "regular customer" through the amount of user data and the frequency of data updates. As a result, the platform makes a lot of money, the interests of merchants and consumers are damaged, and it is easy to lead to monopoly.

  Shen Hao introduced that generally speaking, there are two "kill-cooked" routines of the platform: one is to raise prices for users who are not sensitive to prices, and the other is to cultivate old users to develop consumption habits and reduce preferential treatment for old users, that is, to "treat new users better than old users". The "new users" here refer not only to newly registered users, but also to users who have stopped using them for a period of time and then returned.

  From the legislative practice of European and American countries, once the behaviors such as "killing big data" are identified as unfair behaviors such as price discrimination, they will be strictly prohibited.

  In 1914, the United States promulgated the Clayton Act, which clarified the impermissible practices such as price discrimination, exclusive transactions, and mergers and acquisitions that would seriously weaken competition. Amazon was exposed to differential pricing in 2000, and the prices displayed before and after users deleted cookie data were different. Amazon CEO Bezos apologized afterwards and said that all this was just an "experiment."

  In May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation came into effect, and the rights of Internet organizations to freely collect, analyze and manage user information will be strictly limited and regulated. On December 15, 2020, the European Union promulgated the draft Digital Market Law. Hong Yanqing, a senior researcher at the Peking University Institute of Rule of Law and Development, said that the explanatory memorandum of the draft pointed out that a few large platforms are increasingly serving as portals or "gatekeepers" between enterprise users and end users. These "gatekeepers" have substantial control over the access to the digital market, which leads many enterprise users to have greater dependence on these "gatekeepers" and in some cases lead to unfair behavior towards enterprise users. Article 55 of the draft clearly requires the gatekeeper to use data: in order to ensure that enterprise users can obtain relevant data, the gatekeeper should allow them to obtain data free of charge without hindrance according to the requirements of enterprise users, and should also allow the third party contracted by enterprise users to access these data. The "gatekeeper" should also facilitate real-time access to these data through appropriate technical measures.

  At present, there are laws such as E-commerce Law and Consumer Protection Law that regulate the "big data killing" behavior in China, but in fact, consumers often face the problem of proof when they encounter "big data killing".

  In 2019, when the Beijing Consumers Association released the survey results of "Big Data Killing", it pointed out that operators usually defend themselves on the grounds of product model or configuration, enjoying package discounts, and different time points, and do not disclose specific algorithms, rules and data. On the contrary, consumer rights protection is often in a difficult position to prove. The reporter inquired about the referee’s document network and found that some consumers had sued a take-away platform to the court on the grounds of "big data killing", but because of the difficulty of proof, both the first instance and the second instance lost.

  Anti-monopoly has a bright sword for "killing big data"

  In this context, the Anti-monopoly Law (Revised Draft) that has been completed and the Anti-monopoly Guide that has just finished soliciting opinions bear the expectations of all sectors of society.

  Zhai Wei, executive director of the Competition Law Research Center of East China University of Political Science and Law, pointed out that the Anti-Monopoly Guide refines the relevant provisions of the Anti-Monopoly Law regulating the Internet platform. Article 17 of the guide clearly points out that operators in the market-dominant platform economy may implement differential transaction prices or other trading conditions, new and old trading counterparts, differential standards, rules and algorithms, and differential payment conditions and trading methods based on big data and algorithms, according to the payment ability, consumption preferences and usage habits of the trading counterparts.

  At the same time, the Anti-Monopoly Law (Revised Draft) clarifies four possible legitimate reasons for operators in the field of platform economy to implement differential treatment, namely, to implement different trading conditions according to the actual needs of the trading counterparts and in line with legitimate trading habits and industry practices, to carry out preferential activities for the first transaction of new users within a reasonable period of time, to carry out random transactions based on the rules of fairness, reasonableness and non-discrimination on the platform, and other reasons that can prove the legitimacy of the behavior.

  Associate Professor Zhong Gang, executive director of the Competition Law Research Center of East China University of Political Science and Law, further explained that the clear justification is not to give the merchants an opportunity, but to follow the market logic and maintain the normal profit space of the merchants. According to Zhong Gang, judging whether "big data killing" is established in legal procedures will also give both parties the same right of proof.

  Enterprises should attach importance to anti-monopoly compliance

  The strong scale effect and network effect of the Internet industry itself are inherently exclusive to competition. Xiong Hongru, an associate researcher in the Innovation and Development Research Department of the State Council Development Research Center, pointed out that "the big is not a problem, but the big bullying the small, algorithm collusion and even governance risks within the platform".

  "The Anti-Monopoly Law protects the interests of consumers." Zhang Dezhi, director of the Consumer Supervision Department of the China Consumers Association, said, "I hope that after the revision of the Anti-Monopoly Law and the promulgation of the Anti-Monopoly Guide, it will be reloaded to help create a business atmosphere of fair competition and let consumers become real beneficiaries."

  Yu Zuo, Secretary-General of the Competition Policy Committee of China Institute of Industrial Economics, pointed out that monopoly enterprises abuse their dominant market position and set unreasonable high prices, which will definitely damage the interests of consumers in the end. It is expected that in the future, law enforcement departments will strengthen law enforcement in accordance with the revised Anti-Monopoly Law and the Anti-Monopoly Guide, and strictly investigate behaviors such as "big data killing" involving price discrimination and abuse of market dominance, so as to make the market compete fairly, improve product quality and benefit consumers.

  "The life of law lies in its implementation. Administration according to law is the key link of law implementation, and consciously abiding by the law is an important condition for law implementation. " Zhong Chun, an associate professor at Jinan University Law School, said that Internet companies are not short of professional knowledge or professionals, and they should strive to comply with regulatory requirements in anti-monopoly compliance in the future.

  With the increasing attention of the regulatory authorities and the maturity of the market, the domestic anti-monopoly laws and regulations and the level of law enforcement will be improved and improved rapidly. Lv Laiming, a professor at the Law School of Beijing Technology and Business University and vice president of the Beijing E-commerce Law Research Association, suggested that "fines are not the only way. When enforcing the law or supervising, administrative supervision departments can also take interviews and guidance to further urge them to rectify according to law."

  To solve the chaos of "big data killing", in addition to improving laws and regulations and strengthening law enforcement, it is more important for enterprises to abide by the law, be honest and self-disciplined.

  "Internet platform enterprises should strictly abide by anti-monopoly laws and regulations and maintain fair competition in the market." When answering a reporter’s question, the relevant person in charge of the Anti-monopoly Bureau of the General Administration of Market Supervision suggested that enterprises should sort out their own business practices in accordance with the provisions of the Anti-monopoly Law and not engage in monopolistic behaviors prohibited by the Anti-monopoly Law. At the same time, respect the law, abide by the law, and effectively strengthen anti-monopoly compliance management in accordance with the requirements of the Anti-monopoly Compliance Guide for Operators.

  Xue Jun, director of Peking University E-commerce Law Research Center, suggested that enterprises should establish a socialized appraisal mechanism according to the application scenarios of the algorithm and its impact on citizens’ basic rights and interests, so as to avoid the possible antitrust consequences of the algorithm.

  Only when laws and regulations are "long teeth", supervision plays an anti-monopoly combination boxing, and enterprises are promoted to self-discipline and social co-governance, can we get rid of the stubborn disease of "killing big data", change "killing" into "familiarity" and turn "first-time customers" into "repeat customers".