In 2019, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was announced, and three scientists, including the "father of lithium batteries", won the prize.

  CCTV News:On the morning of October 9, local time in Sweden, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced in Stockholm that it would award the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Wittingham and Yoshino Akira in recognition of them."developing lithium-ion batteries"The contribution of. They will share the prize of 9 million Swedish kronor (about 6.5 million yuan).

  Lithium-ion batteries have completely changed our lives and are used in all applications, from mobile phones to laptops and electric cars. Through the work of the winners, this year’s Nobel Prize winner in chemistryIt laid the foundation for a wireless and fossil fuel-free society..

  In the early 1970s, M. Stanley Wittingham, who won this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry, was developing.The first functional lithium batteryAt that time, the great power of lithium was used to release its external electrons.

  John B. Goodenough, winner of the 2019 chemistry prize.The potential of the lithium battery is doubled.It creates suitable conditions for more powerful and useful batteries.

  This year’s Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, Akira Yoshino, succeeded inPure lithium was removed from the battery.Instead, it is based on lithium ions that are safer than pure lithium. This makes the battery feasible in practice.

  John B. Goodenough isFather of lithium batteryHe made the lithium battery smaller, larger and more stable in use, thus realizing commercialization and at the same time starting the process of portable electronic equipment. At present, he is Professor department of mechanical engineering of the University of Texas at Austin, USA. At the age of 97, he is a famous solid physicist, the inventor of cathode materials of lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate and Ferrous lithium phosphate, and one of the founders of lithium-ion batteries. He designs new materials by studying the relationship between chemistry, structure and solid electron/ion properties, and solves material science problems. Sony produced the world’s first commercial lithium battery after adopting Goodenough theory in 1991. Since then, mobile phones, cameras, hand-held cameras and even electric vehicles have entered the era of portable new energy.

  M Stanley Whitingham is currently a professor of chemistry and director of the Institute of Materials and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Binghamton University, State University of New York.

  Akira Yoshino, a Japanese chemist, is currently a researcher at Asahi Kasei and a professor at meijo university. He was commended by Zi Zi. Yoshino is the inventor of modern lithium-ion batteries, and has won the highest honor in engineering, the Global Energy Award and the Charles Stark Draper Award. (CCTV reporter Hao Xiaoli)

Aauto Quicker’s acquisition of Huanju Small Loan helps financial business expand. In 2023, revenue increased by 20.5%, and e-commerce GMV reached 1.18 trillion.

  Guangzhou Huaduo Network Technology Co., Ltd. recently transferred its 100% equity of Guangzhou Huanju Microfinance Co., Ltd. to Beijing Yunzha Technology Co., Ltd., which is the controlling entity of Aauto Quicker Technology. [Quietly Acquisition] Huanju Small Loan was established in 2016 with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan. The company is the operating entity of YY Credit, providing a series of financial services. Aauto Quicker APP’s "My Wallet" function has existing loan products, showing third-party lending institutions in diversion mode and guiding users to apply for loans. [Total revenue increased by 20.5% year-on-year] According to the financial report of Aauto Quicker in 2023, the annual total revenue reached 113.47 billion yuan, up by 20.5% year-on-year, and the adjusted net profit was 10.3 billion yuan. The platform’s e-commerce business GMV reached 1.18 trillion, and the number of monthly paying users exceeded 130 million. Aauto Quicker’s recruitment of official website shows that the company recruits product operation managers and salespeople in the financial field.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took over the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety show?

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

At the end of May, iQiyi’s "Youth has You 2" ended; In June, Tencent’s video "Creation Camp 2020" is still going on, and Youku’s "The Name of a Teenager" is crouching aside and will be officially announced in a few days.

In the youth idol market, Teng Aiyou’s three companies are playing as close as a bee, and Hunan Satellite TV Department, the originator of the draft, is another world.

Today, Mango TV "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" suddenly went online. After the topic of "Young You 2" was broken, "Sisters" took over the traffic stick and swiped the screen in the circle of friends.

On the other hand, because the TV talent show is limited, TV stations that missed the idol talent show have entered the live broadcast field, at least they can’t miss the outlet of traffic realization. For example, Hunan Satellite TV just released a big live broadcast plan not long ago, aiming at various festivals and celebrations. Oriental TV broadcasts the ace program IP, and Zhejiang Satellite TV not only aims at the ace program live broadcast, but also will launch the first national anchor competitive variety show.

In addition, the major trump cards of satellite TV, such as Extreme Challenge, Run, super brain and other "comprehensive N generations", have also ushered in great changes this year, with many bright spots.

Q3 variety show is very lively, and a new round of competition is about to begin.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?
"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Four major video platforms: Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku and Mango TV.

Five Davids: Hunan Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Oriental Satellite TV and Beijing Satellite TV.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Youai Tengmang: Wang Fried frequently,

The older "sister" group took over the flow stick.

The key variety shows of Q3 families will be launched one by one, which can be described as frequent explosions.

Talent shows on video websites are still the mainstream, including music, idols, dances, variety shows and so on. Tencent video carries out program innovation in the post-draft era, and pushes the first variety coffee draft; Mango TV’s older sister group has long since failed to broadcast the first fire. Today, when it went online, it swiped the screen and set off the next wave of traffic.

In addition, in Q3 this year, video websites also started to observe the lives of celebrities living alone, including "Let Life Look Good" by Tencent Video, "I want to live like this" by iQiyi, and "Look at my life" by Youku. Mango TV focuses on family relations. Before that, "The Romantic Travel of Wife" ushered in the fourth season, and the new "Mother-in-law and Mother" also really brushed a wave of existence.

1. Mango TV  

Family observation programs are the most important, and "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" unexpectedly disturbed the rivers and lakes

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Mango TV’s third-quarter variety play is: senior women’s team draft+focus on family relations+others.

First of all, family relations programs account for the most.

Among the seven programs to be broadcast on Mango TV in Q3, three will focus on family relations, including Romantic Travel of Wife 4, Mother-in-law and Mother-in-law, and Newborn Diary 2.

"Wife’s Romantic Travel" ushered in the fourth season this year, and "Ada Choi+Max Zhang" brought its own heat; "Mother-in-law and Mother" is a new program, which is naturally suitable for topic discussion and has been searched several times. "New Diary 2" invited GAI and Wang Siran to make their debut this year.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Of course, the most exciting thing is "Braving the Wind and Waves", which focuses on the draft of older female artists.

In essence, there is not much difference in the idol group drafts of Teng Aiyou’s three companies, all of which focus on young teenagers and girls, but the public is inevitably tired of aesthetics. Mango TV, on the other hand, launched "Sister Who Rides the Wind and Waves", focusing on older female artists who have entered the entertainment circle for many years. From sea selection to official publicity guests, they have been on more than a dozen hot searches in a month. After going online today, it was even more unexpected to brush the screen. At present, there are 30 well-known domestic female artists such as Quiet, Yi Nengjing, Eva Huang, Yisa, Claudia, Yuqi Zhang, Hailu and Orfila.

How the energetic "sisters" are selected into a group, what kind of group they become, what kind of planning they will have after forming a group, and how the market will react are all worth looking forward to.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

2. Tencent Video  

After the draft, the program of the times was innovated, and Talk Show 3 and Tomorrow’s Son 4 became the basic disc of Q3.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Tencent video Q3 will continue to explore in the draft field, and will be paired with two trump cards, Tomorrow’s Son 4 and Talk Show Conference 3. At present, there are programs on the air, such as Creation Camp 2020, Hot Us and Let Life Look Good.

"Creation Camp 2020" will end in early July, and "Hot Us" has been received in advance, and the broadcast time of the two programs will span the second and third quarters. "Hot We" can be regarded as a derivative of the talent show, positioning the well-known music groups in the market to fight.

Idol draft has been developing in full swing on video websites in the past two years, but the embarrassing thing is that the development of idol industry is not mature, and the highly popular players and groups in the draft are almost all facing the state of debut.

"Then what?" Tencent Video issued such a question from a platform perspective, and the draft derivative program "Hot We" came into being, making up for the market vacancy.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

The picture is from the pilot film "Hot Us"

In addition to "Hot Us", in the field of draft innovation, Tencent Video Q3 will also launch a draft program focusing on variety coffee, that is, "Serious Gags", with a lineup of tutors such as He Jiong, William Chan, Zhang Wei, Li Dan and Stephy, which people are looking forward to.

The most noteworthy trump cards of Tencent’s video Q3 are Talk Show 3 and Tomorrow’s Son 4. Although it has not been officially announced, the prelude of Talk Show Conference 3, Cloud Sea Election, has been recorded for 16 issues, and Tomorrow’s Son 4 also announced its imminent return at the end of May.

Recently, the artist of Laughter Culture, the winner of Talk Show 2 and Cam, the host and judge of Cloud Sea Election, were caught in a drug abuse scandal, which cast a shadow over the upcoming Talk Show 3.

"Children of Tomorrow 4" recently officially announced the members of the "teachers’ group", including G.E.M., Vin, Nana Ou-yang, Lang Lang and Liang Long, and the "visiting professor" was Pu Shu.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Children of tomorrow 4

3. Iqiyi  

Small and beautiful observation programs account for half, and "China New Rap 2020" and "Summer 2 of the Band" play ace.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Q3, iQiyi’s style of play is: observation program +S-level sound synthesis+others.

According to incomplete statistics, small and beautiful observation programs accounted for half of the eight variety shows broadcast by iQiyi in the third quarter. Including the amateur love program I like you and I am also 2, the star living alone I want to live like this, the family life observation men who do housework 2, and the interaction between stars and amateurs and the unknown table.

The observation variety show is the routine operation of iQiyi, so in Q3, the top stream of iQiyi’s trump card is still S-rated China New Rap 2020 and Summer 2 of the Band.

This year is China New Rap 2020 (Hip hop in China) in the fourth year, at present, except Wu Yifan, no other tutors have been officially announced.

Summer of the Band ushered in its second season this year. Last year, the program won the popularity of rock bands such as New Pants, Miserable Faith, Hedgehog Band, click#15, penicillin and Jiulian Reality. Among the online band versions, Houhai Shark, Joyside, the dada, Zuoyou Band and ETA are popular.

Summer Surfing Shop is a brand-new program launched by iQiyi in Q3, with the theme of stars running surfing shops. On June 8th, the program just officially announced the lineup of permanent guests such as Huang Xuan, Elvis Han, Bridgette and Justin. Previously, the program attracted much attention because of the participation of YiBo, Allen, Li Xian and 2》THE NINE team of "Youth 2".

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

4. Youku  

World War II Men’s Team Draft Market, "This! Is hip-hop 3, sitting in Q3.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Youku Q3 broadcasts fewer programs, "This! Hip-hop 3 and the name of a teenager are the biggest trump cards. Together with two observation programs, Wang Miao Story and Watch My Life, and the explosion is coming 2, it is a star-studded program.

This year is "This! It is the third year of Hip-hop 3. The four captains officially announced in the new season are LAY, Jackson Wang, YiBo and Wallace Chung. Wallace Chung’s joining was somewhat unexpected, which caused quite a stir in public opinion. What’s more, the program group also finalized that Huang Bo was a flying guest, a rookie of Qingdao dancing king PK idol, and there was a direct physical collision. I wonder how many hard-core topics would be produced?

"The Name of a Teenager" focuses on the men’s team draft. This program is actually the second season of "In the Name of a Team", but because last year’s "In the Name of a Team" didn’t work well, Youku decided to make a makeover and set sail again, and entered the field of men’s team draft in World War II.

This year’s "The Name of Teenagers" was produced by Du Yan’s team. As a veteran of Hunan Satellite TV’s reality show, Du Yan was once the creative core of the ace show "Singer". After leaving the system, the team of Du Yan and Sun Li jointly created "Creation 101" in Tencent’s video fire. Youku chose Duyan team to do "The Name of Teenagers" this year, and many people in the industry expressed their expectation.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?
"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Four Davids: comprehensive N-generation reform,

Live selling goods to kill red eyes

In Q3 this year, the treasures of various TV stations are still the comprehensive N generations who have occupied the viewing for many years, and there has been a big wave of reform. At the same time, various TV stations have also brought forth new ideas in their own fields, such as comedy variety of Oriental TV, outdoor programs of Zhejiang TV and music programs of Jiangsu TV. The most noteworthy thing is that the live broadcast field is a red sea, and satellite TV is competing to enter the game.

1. Hunan Satellite TV  

Mainly promote the reality show of life and release the big live broadcast plan in a high-profile way.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

In mid-May, Hunan Satellite TV released the film list for the second half of the year, and the "Happy Camp" and "Everyday Up" were constantly updated.

According to incomplete statistics, among the 10 variety shows broadcast by Hunan Satellite TV Q3, life reality shows accounted for 5.Including the trump card "Life I yearn for 4", "My Girl 2" and "Skillful Detective", and the food reality show "Fresh Chef 100" joined by Liu Yuning. At present, "Chinese Restaurant 4" is being recorded in China, and the scheduled date has not been fixed.

In addition, Hunan Satellite TV’s new programs scheduled for Q3 include the cross-screen intergenerational variety Father-Son Confrontation, the cross-dimensional sound idol draft "Sound Plan" produced by the team of "Sound in the Scene", and the sports game selection reality show "Sports Boys".

The most striking thing about this film list is that Hunan Satellite TV announced its big live broadcast plan in 2020.

In previous years, Hunan Satellite TV usually used live broadcast for New Year’s Eve parties. This year’s six major theme parties will all use live broadcast. The 818 Global Car Night is scheduled for Q3, and the latest live broadcast is "Let’s go!" Brothers’ poverty alleviation live broadcast selling goods program has a huge momentum.

This year, in addition to the innovation in the program, Hunan TV is very careful in studying the path of live broadcast with goods.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

2. Zhejiang Satellite TV  

The wind of outdoor sports is blowing fiercely, and the live broadcast of goods is threatening.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Hunan Satellite TV mainly promotes the slow variety reality show of life, while Zhejiang Satellite TV focuses on outdoor sports.

The outdoor sports program of Zhejiang Satellite TV bears the brunt of "Run". This year’s "Run" has new faces such as KUN and Guo Qilin, and a special season of running men will be launched in the fourth quarter.

At present, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s outdoor programs include Travel Notes of Youth 2 and a brand-new program Travel Notes of the Week. The host of Travel Notes of the Week is Jay Chou, and the guests include Nicholas Tse, JJ Lin and Jam Hsiao.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Zhejiang Satellite TV’s treasure of Zhentai "2020 Good Voice of China" (Season 9) will be broadcast in Q3.

Two years ago, the copyright lawsuit of "Good Voice" was settled, and "New Songs of China" was changed back to "Good Voice of China". This program, which once helped Zhejiang Satellite TV establish its status as a river and lake, has reached its ninth year this year. At the end of May, The Voice of ChinaGeneral director Jin Lei announced that the latest season will open the original track Internet audience voting.. Li Jian and Ronghao Li will join as mentors.

In Q3, Zhejiang Satellite TV will also launch the country’s first anchor growth competitive variety "Live City", music street variety "Good Times", and star apprentice Michelin’s food variety "Star Picking" and other new programs.

Last month, the public service live broadcast on the closing night of the fifth season of "Ace to Ace" made Zhejiang Satellite TV realize the power of the live broadcast. Q3 is in the field of live broadcast, and Zhejiang Satellite TV is also in a strong position. At present, the live variety show scheduled for Q3 is "High-speed Kitchen", which will try to sell goods with Viya.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

3. Dragon TV  

Comedy innovation+life slow variety, creating the ecological circle of Oriental Taiwan with goods

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Dragon TV’s top stream "Extreme Challenge" will usher in its sixth year this year, and it has been broadcast. At the same time, there is also a dance reality show "Dancer", with Allen, THEO, Tong Liya and Venus as guests. The two programs will span the second and third quarters.

A few days ago, at the investment promotion meeting of Oriental TV, the official of Oriental TV announced that Extreme Challenge would launch a derivative program "Treasure Trip", and the members of the "Extreme Group" would set off from Kashgar and explore the desert plateau and vast desert within 20 days.

At the investment promotion meeting, Oriental TV released many innovative programs in the second half of the year, and comedy innovation became the biggest highlight, such as The King of Variety Comedy, an all-star lineup including Bo Huang, Degang Guo and Shen Teng. However, at present, it is confirmed that there are two slow-paced programs scheduled in Q3, Perfect Summer for the stars to run an inn by the sea and King of Songs in a small town for young musicians to experience life in a small town.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

In the field of live broadcast, Dragon TV has penetrated the most thoroughly.

At the investment promotion meeting, Wang Leiqing, director of the Oriental TV Center, directly upgraded the live broadcast with goods to the strategy of TV, and will use three main programs, including the famous program IP to derive the content with goods, create a reality show with goods for online celebrity, and combine the TV evening with the big-name sales of e-commerce to form the ecological circle with goods of Oriental TV.

In addition, Oriental TV will also launch the first star e-commerce reality show "Super Red Brother in Business", and the current schedule is undecided.

Viya became the celebrity of Dragon TV this year. "We are in Action 4", which ended in February, used the program IP and Viya to sell goods, with a turnover of more than 7 million. At present, the "Extreme Challenge 6" being broadcast, Viya directly appeared on the PK Extreme Men’s Team, and the sales with goods reached more than 6 million.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

4. Jiangsu Satellite TV  

Music programs are innovative, and the live broadcast of the party is the hardest.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Jiangsu Satellite TV’s ace program "If You Are the One" and "One Stop to the End" have been constantly improved all the year round. At the same time, another ace "super brain" ushered in great changes in the seventh season.

The seventh season of "super brain" spans the second and third quarters, and the guest lineup has been greatly changed. At the same time, the competition system has been changed to the circle promotion system, supplemented by players playing the list, which is very similar to the operation of the idol talent show. For this reason, the audience has different opinions, but the ratings have indeed improved significantly compared with the sixth season last year.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Spanning the second and third quarters, there are the new blind date conference 4 and the reality show Sunshine Sisters Amoy.

At the end of 2019, Zeng Guan of Jiangsu Satellite TV Merchants Association announced the 2020 program list, in which there were many innovative audio-visual programs.

Judging from the news released at present, the original music program scheduled by Jiangsu Satellite TV in Q3 is most likely "China Original Season". China Original Season is characterized as a musical version of If You Are the One, which will bridge the gap between music and musicians. The permanent lineup of online transmission includes Joker Xue, KUN, Chris Lee, Liu Yuning and others.

In the field of live selling, Jiangsu Satellite TV seems to be less sensitive than its rivals. At present, its biggest investment is the 6.18X cat party. In other aspects, the live broadcast is mostly used in the interaction between Morphy, an IP and previous dating show player, and netizens.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?


The survival pressure of the film and television industry this year can’t be compared with any previous time, but the TV industry is a slightly lucky branch, especially in the field of variety shows, which can be recorded without audience and few guests.

Q1 Due to the epidemic situation, the entire film and television industry stopped; Q2 TV field began to resume work in an orderly manner; Q3′ s programs are launched one by one, and various platforms can be seen everywhere playing the card "King Fried". All TV time slots and websites are all-stars. Some variety producers say that Q3 this year is the most competitive time slot.

Great pressure forces the industry to innovate, and the choice of platform reveals the word "seeking change".Such as the various talent shows on the video platform-Idol draft has exploded.It has been booming for two years, and the "competing products are homogenized and the market is weak" appears from time to time, but Mango TV’s "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" has brought a new round of imagination space to the market.Tencent video is also constantly expanding idol programs, so there are "Hot Us" and "Serious Gags".

In other program types, several major video platforms are also constantly seeking for change and exploration. For example, Teng Aiyou has launched a star solitary observation program to cater to the living conditions of young people. Mango TV launched "Mother-in-law and Mother", and before the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was presented to the stage, iQiyi launched "Summer Surfing Shop", which was not available in the surfing theme market before.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Needless to say, satellite TV can only do deeper articles on "seeking change" because of more restrictions.

Super brain, Extreme Challenge, Run, and other enduring generations all ushered in great changes this year. Because of the pressure of survival, satellite TV’s "seeking change" is more practical, not only changing the program, but also changing the revenue mode. And "live broadcast" seems to be the life-saving straw that David grasped in his hand this year.

The program form can be broadcast live, the ace IP combination can also be broadcast live, and even a live variety show can be launched. Dragon TV also upgraded the "live broadcast" to the TV business strategy.

It is not easy to survive, and it is not easy to change. But also because of this, we will see a dazzling variety market with high quality and quantity in Q3.

Ultra-low score and hot search, the idea of "black and red" should stop!

Special feature of 1905 film network Shortly after the TV series "Gentlemen of the East Eighth District" was broadcast, it ushered in a wave of bad reviews. The bad review pointed out that the starring performance was greasy and embarrassing, the plot was suspended and the values were distorted and vulgar. However, such a drama is called a sincere work that has been polished for many years by starring, screenwriter and producer at the same time. People’s Daily commented on this drama and questioned the sincerity of this work.

Gentlemen of the East Eighth District has been frequently searched since its launch, which has attracted much attention. Ma Rongrong, a film critic, said: "The appearance of such a play is, to some extent, a’ cultural landscape’ at present. Why can this play challenge the audience’s aesthetics and the bottom line of the three views unscrupulously? This is also a wake-up call for creators. Instead of indulging in self-emotion and their own small world, they should really observe and face this era, and not be divorced from the context and aesthetics of the times. In the current creative environment, all kinds of movies and TV dramas appear, but in the creation, creators still have a certain awareness of the bottom line, and what kind of bottom line is untouchable. "

Gentlemen of the East Eighth District can be said to give people a feeling of being out of date everywhere, but behind the tide of bad reviews, there is a phenomenon that TV dramas are getting more and more attention. The reason is very simple. Such a huge number of bad reviews have aroused the curiosity of some viewers and made people want to see how bad the play is. This phenomenon is called "black and red" in the industry.

The phenomenon of "black and red" has been around for a long time. In the early years, the film was famous because of poor production. After many years, this model is still tried and tested, so Ma Rongrong went to watch it: "I watched this play because there were too many critical voices on the Internet. Many WeChat official account even listed all the points of this play, and the greatest value of evaluating this play is that it can be the object of everyone’s spit and have a talk with colleagues. Gentlemen of the East Eighth District still takes the route of winning attention by bad reviews, which is definitely not a normal choice, and this’ black and red is also red’ is a very abnormal mentality. This kind of practice of paying attention to Bo and paying no attention to traffic is exhausting and unsustainable. It is definitely not worth the loss to pay for its long-term reputation for the sake of temporary interests. "

This time, the audience’s strong resentment also made everyone find that the audience’s aesthetics are constantly improving, but some creators are standing still. It is also a story about starting a business and growing up. The spirit, inner brotherhood and real connection of the three men in the story can be said that Zhu Yu is in the forefront; It tells the story of how the civilians who have nothing can realize their personal career development and self-worth through entrepreneurship.

Although "Gentlemen of the East Eighth District" also talks about brotherhood, these four people are already good brothers when they appear. This friendship has no source and is hard to convince. What they do most is to help each other escape moral responsibility and social responsibility. There is no concept of right and wrong, which is no different from collusion. On the other hand, in Miracle Stupid Child and Chinese Partner, all the people’s feelings are shaped in layers, for reasons and step by step. In Miracle Stupid Child, they gradually cultivate their feelings through long-term work and work together, which can make the audience feel substituted. True friendship is to face the reality together, solve difficulties together and face the crisis together, so that friendship can make real gold not afraid of fire.

In addition to scripts and values, actors’ performances are also the hardest hit areas for bad reviews. Hans Zhang, the leading actor, screenwriter and producer, has not made any progress in acting. Now, at the age of 38, Hans Zhang can be described as "rejuvenation", returning to the routine in the original "meteor rain". After reading it all, Qian Fan returned as a "overbearing president". On the contrary, in Miracle Stupid Child, the protagonist was the first to disassemble and repair the mobile phone. In order to fit the role, the protagonist really learned how to disassemble and repair the mobile phone, so that every related shot on the big screen was real, and the audience did not see this determination and perseverance for the performance.

It is not difficult to see that Hans Zhang has his own "ambition and greed" in the creation of Gentlemen in the East Eighth District, but after the superposition of multiple identities such as starring, producer, screenwriter and producer, he pieced together a "middle-aged version" of meteor rain. Hans Zhang, who was born as an idol drama actor, tried very hard to break through the bottleneck of his personal career and turn himself into an all-round film and television talent. However, to really get rid of the crisis of his personal career development, the core still needs him to constantly strive to improve himself and keep up with the development of the times in terms of cognition. Hans Zhang, whose creative consciousness has been left behind by the times, has repeatedly repeated the routine of "overbearing president", regardless of the audience’s aesthetics and the changes of the times.

It can be said that Hans Zhang’s answer sheet not only failed to satisfy the audience, but even made them angry. A work like Gentlemen of the East Eighth District not only affects the feathers of the creators and actors, but also is a new drama that can be broadcast on TV. In the case of wider spread, the wrong values in the work are spread out, which will mislead some immature audiences in front of the TV to some extent. At the same time, the plot that caters to bad tastes will also distort some viewers’ cognition of the world and gender relations, which is also a mistake that people can’t ignore in the drama. Movies and TV plays, as mass communication products, have a very strong influence on the orientation of the times and the people’s hearts. Popular cultural works must be responsible for their three views and contents.

It is not difficult to see from this bad review of Gentlemen of the East Eighth District that the audience’s eyes are discerning, and they can always tell which works are sincere and which works are fakes at the first time. Judging from the popular TV series in recent years, the audience wants to see more works with solid plot, logic, excellent production and sincere performance. I hope that the creators can learn from this lesson, earnestly grasp the hot spots, pulse and pain points of the times, and create works that are better and more suitable for this era.

"Hot Search" won the Golden Rooster domestic new film exhibition, which was most anticipated by the audience. Xin Yukun did not play suspense to dig deep into human nature.

A few days ago, the film "Hot Search" appeared at the Golden Rooster Film Festival and held a screening event. Director Xin Yukun, producer Wang Hongwei, starring Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang and Justin attended the post-screening interaction to share the behind-the-scenes story of film creation with the audience. In this film festival, Hot Search won the 36th China Golden Rooster Award, and the domestic new film exhibition was the most anticipated feature film by the audience.

The film "Hot Search" tells the story that Chen Miao (Zhou Dongyu), the editor-in-chief of the media, penetrated the traffic password, created an explosive article and rushed to the hot search, but indirectly boosted the female student of the bully to jump off the building. At this time, Chen Miao accidentally discovered the help information sent by a female student and involved a sexual assault case. Chen Miao’s partner He Yan (Song Yang) and investor Peng Yue (Justin) are involved in it. Public opinion has turned many times, what kind of interest chain is hidden behind the incident, and a public opinion war for the weak has started … The film will be officially released on December 1.

Xin Yukun, the director of Heart Labyrinth and Silent Burst, didn’t choose to make a fuss about suspense structure this time, but focused on the network theme closely related to the present, and explored the complex humanity behind the "network public opinion war". Xin Yukun said that in such a story, the suspense skills full of design will weaken the sense of reality. "I am willing to sacrifice suspense and impress the audience with authenticity.".

At the scene, producer Wang Hongwei said that movies have the responsibility to show social phenomena. Xin Yukun also said, "What happened in the network in recent years is the power of awakening, and it is necessary to be recorded and transmitted.". "The film can’t tell all the complicated causes behind the network, but I hope it can help you sort out the whole story and improve your ability to identify the truth."

This time, Zhou Dongyu plays Chen Miao, the editor-in-chief of the media. At the scene, Zhou Dongyu also shared his love for the role. "Chen Miao believes that one thing will die to the end, and this tenacity in her body particularly attracts me.".

Song Yang plays He Yan as a "middle-aged social animal" trapped by interests. Song Yang said frankly that the middle-aged crisis dominated the choice of what to say, and the reality and pressure made him constantly compromise, and he was powerless to the truth. Yuan Hong played a "perverted and bad" villain. Peng Yue held power and did whatever he wanted. Justin couldn’t help but say "I want to beat him!"

A number of new cars debut! 2023 Qingdao International Auto Show opened on April 28th.

Original title: A number of new cars debut! 2023 Qingdao International Auto Show opened on April 28th.

Source: Qingdao News Network Automobile

Original title: A number of new cars debut! 2023 Qingdao International Auto Show opened on April 28th.

Source: Qingdao News Network Automobile

From April 28th to May 3rd, one of the five auto shows in China, the 22nd Qingdao International Auto Show in 2023 will be held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center (Laoshan District).

As the most influential automobile exhibition in the north in the first half of the year, more than 100 brands brought the latest and hottest models to Qingdao, six indoor exhibition halls, showing thousands of models covering new energy, passenger, commercial, business and luxury, and relaying the upcoming Shanghai International Auto Show, which was a wonderful connection and exploded May Day!


Seize the intelligent track and launch a new car in Qingdao.

The competition of intelligent track is becoming more and more fierce. Both traditional car companies and new car-making forces have made great efforts in the field of "electrification and intelligence".

As the largest and most influential international automobile event in Shandong, every Qingdao International Auto Show, all brands will launch their latest models in the north or Shandong.

Weilai EC7, Krypton X, brand-new BMW 7 Series, BMW iX1, Lectra 08, Buick E5, BYD Seagull, BYD pro 2023, Tucki P7i, Dongfeng Honda HR-V, FAW Pentium M9, brand-new smart #3, SAIC Volkswagen Xintuyue, Hongqi H6, Dongfeng Nissan brand-new Sylphy, Volvo brand-new C40, and GAC AION Y younger. Chang Anyida, Dongfeng Citroen Versailles Modified Edition, Changan Auchan Z6IDD … In this exhibition, new cars and technology are still the focus of the scene, and dozens of new car conferences will instantly detonate the atmosphere.


Car buying boom detonated May Day.

After the sales period of the "Guoliu A" model was extended, the "price reduction storm" in March slowed down, and the promotion policy in April was no longer crazy. Under the current situation that the inventory pressure is still great, consumers who are still on the sidelines are the "problem" and "antidote" of the terminal consumer market.

The first wave of small climax of Qingdao automobile consumption detonated by the West Coast International Auto Show in March, many brands also indicated that they are bound to launch a general attack on inventory pressure at the Spring Auto Show in May. With the approach of the exhibition, the audience’s call for consultation also focused on "preferential policies for XX models at the auto show".

In order to cooperate with the promotion activities of various brands at the Spring Auto Show, and to give back to the support and love of fans and friends, the organizing committee will also launch a "car lottery" on the spot, giving away gifts such as refrigerators, color TVs and high-end cars, such as window film!

As the opening of the exhibition approaches, brands can’t help but lock in the mood of prospective car buyers in advance and release preferential policies one after another.

Geely Auto Show offers a limited time discount of 45,000 yuan;

Lorenz offers multiple discounts. The auto show went straight down in a limited time, up to 50,000 yuan; Pre-stored 2023 yuan intentional gold deducted 20000 yuan car purchase; You can also enjoy the factory subsidy policy;

Changan Auchan’s highest cash dropped by 17,000 yuan;

FAW Pentium financial subsidy of 10,000 yuan, replacement subsidy of 10,000 yuan;

Dongfeng Honda: Take photos with HRV PHEV and HR-V new cars and get a copy of the original car model; Auto show specials, with a maximum discount of N million, which is said to be very pleasant surprise;


Dongfeng Citroen, which set off the storm of price reduction in March, brought the modified version of Versailles, Tianyi and C6 to this exhibition. What kind of preferential policies will the site come up with? Citroen said that it would sell you a pass first.

The tip of the iceberg began to emerge. It is conceivable that the scene of Qingdao International Auto Show will be so hot from April 28th to May 3rd.


Dream the future and walk with love.

With the theme of "Green, the Road to the Future", Qingdao International Auto Show has been practicing the social responsibility of one of the five auto shows in China, and it is highlighted in the details of the exhibition. The 22nd Qingdao International Auto Show in 2023 is a series of charity activities, and you are cordially invited to participate.

In this exhibition, the organizing Committee specially invited 100 "little reporters" to the scene to touch the latest automobile technology and inject "car dream" into their dreams.

Together, "Children" will protect the dream of reading books-the donation activity of love books jointly organized by the organizing committee of the conference, Qingdao Financial Daily and Qingdao Traffic Station will also be held on the spot. Dear friends and children, you can donate children’s books (suitable for children under the age of 12, with complete pages and more than 90% new) that are idle at home, and every five books can be exchanged for two tickets for the commemorative edition of this exhibition, and a thank-you letter from the organizing Committee will be given. Let your love accompany more peers to grow up happily. For every big friend and child who participates in this activity, this visit will gain a more valuable meaning.

In addition, many wonderful and interesting activities will be carried out on the spot, such as fun photography contest, painting the future, auto show painter, random dance, auto show of the second campus cultural festival of Guanhai News, etc.

Beijing urban management changes new uniforms, and each player has a number on his chest.

  Since yesterday (October 1st), the city’s urban management team members in Beijing have started to carry out law enforcement inspections with new uniforms. Recently, the Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau has uniformly renewed the uniforms and signs of law enforcement personnel in the city’s urban management system. On the first day of the Eleventh Golden Week, the city’s environmental order was good. During the festival, all urban management and law enforcement departments will take a break and take up their posts, focusing on strengthening the prevention and control of bustling commercial districts and characteristic blocks, major transportation hubs, large-scale gatherings, activities and other crowded areas.

  After asking the way, the tourist said, Have you changed your uniforms?

  "Have you changed your uniforms?" Yesterday morning, outside the East Palace of the Summer Palace, Mr. Li, who was traveling from Hebei to Beijing, was surprised after asking the urban management team for directions. He said: "I mainly asked the city management for directions in the Bird’s Nest two days ago, and the answer was very detailed. I still have an impression of the previous uniforms."

  Beijing Youth Daily reporters saw in Qianmen and the Summer Palace and other popular National Day attractions that all urban management team members have put on new uniforms and started to perform their duties. The clothing color is navy blue, with a golden logo, and each team member’s number is on the chest.

  According to reports, the new uniforms mainly consider adapting to the fact that urban management law enforcement workplaces are mostly outdoors and on the streets, which is convenient for duty activities. This is also the requirement of the Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau to implement the "Administrative Measures for the Supply of Clothing and Signs for Urban Management Law Enforcement" by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, strengthen the construction of urban management law enforcement teams, and further promote standardized and civilized law enforcement.

  Solve the problem of people who are not empty in the three-meal car

  After the flag-raising ceremony yesterday morning, crowds poured into Qianmen area, and the law enforcement team members of Dongcheng Urban Management began to guide the crowd. According to reports, in view of the relatively dense number of tourists watching the flag-raising during the holiday season, Dongcheng City Management has sent six law enforcement teams to strengthen the deployment in Qianmen Arrow Tower, Qianmen East Street and Chang’ an Avenue from 5: 00 every day, and sell tourist goods to the following tourists. Personnel engaged in unlicensed catering will be disposed of promptly and quickly.


  节日期间 北京城管全员停休



  According to the person in charge of the Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, the management of construction sites will continue to be strengthened during the festival, and the construction enclosures in key areas will be checked according to the specifications, and the construction dust will be strictly controlled, and the management of construction waste transportation will continue to be strengthened to prevent road spillage; Increase the control of illegal activities such as open-air barbecue, burning garbage and white pollution. Visit and investigate the gas supply, users, kitchen waste generation and collection and transportation units around the key security areas one by one, and rectify the problems.

  Urban management volunteers help serve tourists.

  In addition, the urban management law enforcement department, in conjunction with the Beijing Urban Management Volunteers Association, set up urban management law enforcement publicity service stations in tourist attractions and window areas during the National Day to provide tourists with services such as inquiries, directions and simple medical care while monitoring the environmental order.

  Yesterday, in Qianmen Street, Nanluoguxiang Pedestrian Street, Summer Palace and other areas, volunteers organized by urban management departments participated in the publicity of laws and regulations, stopped uncivilized behavior, and provided some services urgently needed by tourists, such as directions.

  The person in charge of the Municipal Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau said that mobilizing members of the association, volunteer groups and the general public to actively participate in the maintenance of the holiday environmental order, especially guiding social units in key areas to actively participate in environmental governance and rectification, can jointly create a beautiful and clean urban environment.

  Text/Reporter Li Tao

  Photography/Reporter Wang Zhenlong Cui Jun

Online gun trafficking swindles Guangdong "hurricane" and destroys more than 300 criminal gangs.

       CCTV News:Guangdong provincial police recently announced the "Hurricane 2019" special action. From January to May this year, Guangdong province destroyed more than 300 criminal gangs and arrested more than 5,400 suspects, mainly involving gun-making, violence, pornography and gambling, telecommunication network fraud and other illegal crimes.

       14 people were arrested for destroying the criminal gang that cheated and robbed mobile phones.

       Since the beginning of this year, there have been a high number of cases of cheating and robbing mobile phones on the streets of Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Dongguan police focused on such cases. In this "Hurricane 2019" special operation, a regional criminal gang that cheated and robbed mobile phones was destroyed and 14 gang members were arrested. According to the police, members of the criminal gang pretended to be Hong Kong businessmen, looking for crime targets in the streets, and fled after borrowing the victim’s mobile phone on the grounds that the mobile phone could not be used or the mobile phone was dead.

       Lu Junguang, a brigade of the Criminal Police Detachment of Dongguan Public Security Bureau, said: "Criminal gangs usually drive their own vehicles, and then look for targets while driving. I claim that my mobile phone is out of power, can I borrow your mobile phone to call my friend, and then he will use a model machine and say that I will put it at your place first, I will find my friend in the past, I will come back and return it to you, and then I will leave. "


       According to the police, criminal suspects generally choose high-end mobile phone models to reduce the vigilance of victims, and focus on teenagers and migrant workers to commit crimes.

       Lu Junguang, a brigade of the criminal police detachment of Dongguan Public Security Bureau: "Their awareness of prevention is relatively weak. There are also migrants who come out to work. Generally, they choose remote road sections or factory areas. Many migrant workers get off work, use these time periods and use their sympathy to cheat their mobile phones. "

       On April 19, Dongguan police launched a unified network-closing operation in Guangzhou, Dongguan and Bozhou, Anhui Province, and arrested 14 suspects, 5 vehicles used for committing crimes, mobile phones, fake license plates, mobile phone model machines, mobile phone cards and other items involved. At present, the case is still under further investigation.

       Lu Junguang, a brigade of the Criminal Police Detachment of Dongguan Public Security Bureau: "Citizens should raise their awareness of fraud prevention and ask themselves why they lent it to him, because criminal suspects usually pretend to be bosses who come to do business or businessmen who come back from abroad, and then drive themselves and ask themselves why they lend it to him, because ordinary drivers have navigation in their cars and don’t borrow mobile phones."

       "Precision Poverty Alleviation" fraud involves more than 10 million yuan

       In this "Hurricane 2019" special action, the police in Guangzhou and Shaoguan also jointly detected a series of fraud cases involving the thawing of national assets, and arrested 90 suspects. By fabricating false projects such as "precision poverty alleviation", this gang claimed that it would get rich returns from the state by paying a certain amount of money, which led to a large number of people being deceived.

       At the beginning of this year, Guangdong police received a clue that a criminal gang, under the banner of the state and the central government, used WeChat, QQ and other platforms to form various social groups to develop offline, adopted non-contact means for publicity and promotion, and fabricated projects such as "precise poverty alleviation" for fraud. After receiving the clue, the police immediately launched an investigation.

       Chen Wenhao, a policeman of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Wujiang Branch of Shaoguan Municipal Public Security Bureau: "In Shaoguan area, Xie Mou, Zeng Mou, Li Mou and others (headed) have successively established hundreds of WeChat groups. Through continuous development, they go offline and then look for victims. Tell them that as long as you submit personal information, as long as you pay project fees and admission fees of several yuan, ten yuan and several hundred yuan, you can get hundreds of thousands after the national cause and national rejuvenation of our country are completed.


       At the same time, Guangzhou police also received clues about the gang. After investigation, the police found that fraudsters brainwashed the masses by pyramid schemes, convincing the victims that they can get huge returns at a certain time in the future by paying a small amount of money.

       Lin Xijiang, Interpol Brigade of Yuexiu Branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau: "Although the so-called membership fee and admission fee are not much for everyone, some are more than 10 yuan, tens of yuan and more than 100 yuan, their statement is like a pile of sand, dripping water wears away the stone, and he deceives these people by brainwashing pyramid schemes, causing many people to believe him with all their heart." The total amount involved in our entire case is close to 50 million to 60 million. "

       From February 27th to March 21st this year, under the unified command of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, the public security organs in Guangzhou and Shaoguan launched a network-closing operation, which destroyed two criminal gangs, arrested 90 criminal suspects and seized a number of crime tools such as mobile phones, computers, official seals, letters of appointment and certificates on the spot. At present, the case is still under further investigation.

       Chen Wenhao, a policeman from the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Wujiang Branch of Shaoguan Public Security Bureau, said: "We found that most of these victims are middle-aged and elderly people. Remind them to be cautious when they are in contact with networks such as WeChat and Taobao. They should communicate with their children at home for these projects. If the public security organs take the initiative to find the victims, they also hope that the victims can cooperate with our work more. "

       Breaking the network gun trafficking case and seizing 54 guns.

       The case of manufacturing and selling guns is the key criminal case hit by the "Hurricane 2019" special action. Recently, the Guangzhou police destroyed a criminal gang that illegally manufactured guns and sold guns through the Internet, arrested 112 people involved and arrested 56 people. More than 50 guns of various types were seized.

       At the beginning of this year, Guangzhou police discovered a number of illegal gun trafficking dens in China through online inspections. After investigation, the police found that these suspects engaged in gun trafficking activities through social networks, involving more than 70 buyers.

       Zhou Jiandong, Interpol Brigade of Yuexiu Branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau: "There are buyers who buy it online and in some collection groups and QQ groups. Buyers are mainly young men, one is hobbies, collections, likes hunting, or some are engaged in illegal and criminal activities. "


       After careful investigation, the police grasped the basic situation of this criminal gang. On March 5, Guangzhou police launched a one-month network-closing operation. During the operation, 14 dens for manufacturing bullets were destroyed, 112 people were arrested, 56 people were detained, and a large number of guns, bullets, gunpowder and detonators were seized.

       Zhou Jiandong, Interpol Brigade of Yuexiu Branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, said: "Some [guns] are made or modified by themselves, and some are smuggled in. Trading by express mail, he took the whole gun apart and mailed it one by one. "

       Because the transactions of suspects are all conducted on the Internet and involve different provinces and cities in China, it is more difficult for the police to investigate and pursue.

       The police appealed to the general public to consciously resist illegal firearms, ammunition and explosives, and actively report illegal and criminal activities involving firearms, ammunition, explosives and simulation guns. For providing clues to the public security organs about illegal and criminal activities involving guns and explosions, the police will reward those who report meritorious deeds in accordance with relevant regulations. The police will investigate the legal responsibility for harboring and sheltering criminals involved in guns and explosions and helping criminals destroy or falsify evidence.

It took Sichuan Zigong father and son 50 days to climb over 12 mountains on foot in Tibet.

It took Sichuan Zigong and his son 50 days to climb over 12 mountains on foot in Tibet (Figure)

  Zigong, Sept. 11 (Liu Gang) "Every child can receive different education methods. I just want to experience the child’s will by hiking and accompany him to grow up healthily." In the past few days, the image of awei, a man from Zigong, Sichuan Province, who traveled with his son Xiaobao for 50 days and arrived in Lhasa, Tibet on foot along the 318 National Road has spread rapidly in the circle of WeChat friends.

  Awei, a 36-year-old native of Zigong, Sichuan, currently runs a cultural media company. He hoped that his son could cultivate a hard-working, brave and strong character from an early age, so he began to plan this hiking trip a year ago. Awei introduced that starting from Kangding and entering Tibet along National Highway 318, it is necessary to overcome many difficulties and climb over 12 high mountains above 4,000 meters above sea level to reach Lhasa. After nearly one year’s planning and one month’s preparatory work, this hike fully considered my son’s physical condition and personal wishes. In order to make this trip safe and feasible, one month before departure, he made a detailed daily plan with his son, including clothing, tools, medicines and equipment, what time to leave every day, how many trips, and where to stay. Awei said that before they set off, they drank anti-hyperreflexia drinks every day, and at the same time trained their sons through running to increase their vital capacity and build up their physique. In this way, he and his son have the courage to embark on this journey.

  "On the second day of hiking, we encountered setbacks." Awei introduced that on July 8, they arrived in Kangding by bus from Zigong, set off from Kangding bus station and started to walk along National Highway 318 to Lhasa. On that day, the itinerary was 37 kilometers over the mountainous area, with a large altitude difference and many bends. They chose to take the path in some sections, but because they were not familiar with the road conditions, they spent a lot of physical strength and wasted a lot of time.

  The reporter understands that shortly after awei and his son set off together with several hikers, both of them suffered from altitude sickness, but they were afraid to stay before dark, so they had to rely on anti-high-anti drugs for temporary maintenance. Finally, they arrived at Yakou at about 2 pm that day. At about 8 o’clock that night, he and his son successfully went down the mountain and arrived at the No.2 bridge camp at the foot of the mountain.

  "It’s so hard on the road. Do you blame Dad? Do you want to give up?" The experience of this day made Zhang Wei a little worried. He asked his son. The son replied that the road before giving up was for nothing, and he would not blame his father. This was voluntary. In an instant, the father and son wept bitterly.

  Awei introduced that the total length from Kangding to Lhasa is more than 1,700 kilometers, mainly by walking. He and his son have backpacks weighing several tens of kilograms, and they have to walk more than 30 kilometers every day. Although it is July and August, on National Highway 318, they can experience four seasons in one day, cool, hot, rainstorm and even hail … … In Yajiang, they teamed up with two other hikers. On August 8, the four of them arrived at the Brother Inn in Paizhen, which is also one of the assembly points for walking the Medog Line. Awei said that walking Medog is a very dangerous thing, and there was no plan to take this section. But my son didn’t want to be separated from his teammates, so he joined this journey.

  From Songlinkou to Medog Beibeng Township, the whole journey is 78 kilometers, and it is necessary to cross the Duoxiongla Pass at an altitude of more than 4,200 meters, pass through the virgin forest, pass through Tiger Mouth, Leech Ridge and dangerous landslide areas. On the morning of August 9, the truck sent them and their party to Songlinkou — — The starting point of the hiking Medog line. On August 12th, the fourth day of walking in Medog, the team started from Khan Mi in the morning and walked for 32km. At 6pm, they finally arrived at their destination, Beibeng Township. awei and his son successfully conquered the "Medog Line of Life and Death".

  "I finally completed my mission." On August 17th, awei and his son arrived in Lhasa, and 12-year-old Xiaobao said excitedly in front of the Potala Palace. According to reports, the father and son stayed in Lhasa for 10 days. In addition to visiting scenic spots such as Potala Palace, awei also made a special trip to experience Tibetan culture with his son. Together, they went to learn to make Tibetan incense and visit Thangka painting master … … The father and son also set up a four-day stall on the streets of Lhasa. On August 26th, the father and son flew back to Sichuan.

  "Walking into Tibet mainly wants to accompany my son to grow up, and it is also a child’s ‘ Summer homework ’ One. " Awei said that the long-distance trip with his son began in 2015, and every time he took the initiative to ask his son for advice, he was fully prepared before implementing it. From the beginning, I don’t understand, I don’t want to go, and I gradually like it. My son has also grown up and matured in a year of travel and tempering. Children’s good conduct, strong and brave personality and independent thinking are now more and more obvious.

  "The first time he set up a stall, he stood at a distance and dared not approach, let alone sell." Awei said that in recent years, their father and son have been hiking, climbing mountains, living in farmhouses, doing farm work, living in tents, setting up stalls, working and changing places, etc. I found that my son is growing up slowly, and his thinking and views are more mature than those of his peers, which is what I would like to see. Awei said that "hardship" education, such as hiking, varies from person to person and is not suitable for every child. It is not in favor of every parent to follow suit deliberately. It is most important to choose a suitable way to experience and accompany their children according to their own characteristics.

  "Many times I forget that you are only 12 years old. Only when you arrive at your destination, you are so happy that you forget the pain, I remember that you are still a child. Perhaps, you don’t understand the meaning of walking 318 and crossing this road now, but you will understand its beauty one day. " Awei recorded the feeling of this hike. (End)

There is a prize for naming, and the Sino-Vietnamese (Guangxi) Border Town Football Competition is waiting for you to name it!

  It’s up to you to decide the official name of the new football match!

  In order to further help build a community of destiny between China and Vietnam, promote cultural exchanges and good-neighborliness between China and Vietnam, enrich the connotation of sports undertakings in border areas of Guangxi and Vietnam, and promote the national sports spirit and regional characteristic culture, we decided to hold a football feast across national boundaries-the China-Vietnam (Guangxi) Border Town Football Competition in 2024.

  The official names (including full names and abbreviations) of this football match are now widely collected from the whole society, and we look forward to your participation. The specific requirements are as follows:

  Award settings

  1. Award setting

  The preparatory group for the China-Vietnam (Guangxi) Border Town Football Match will select the best competition name work from several finalists, and after it is confirmed to be adopted, it will give the author a cash reward of 10,000 yuan and issue certificates. The finalists will also issue certificates, and they will all participate in the competition-related activities as special guests.

  2. Collection time

  March 10th to 15th, 2024

  3. Announcement time

  Before March 25th, 2024 (the publicity period is 3 days)

  Solicitation requirements

  1, the name of the event should be concise and lively, infectious and communicative, can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, reflecting the passion and vitality of football;

  2. Highlight the profound historical origins and close ties between China and Vietnam, as well as the multicultural and ethnic characteristics of the border areas in Guangxi;

  3. It can reflect the role of sports events as a bridge of international exchanges and a bond of friendship, and promote in-depth cooperation and exchanges between China and Vietnam in sports, culture, tourism and other fields;

  4. Give play to innovative thinking, and at the same time, be creative, easy to spread and remember.

  5. The submitted works (full name and abbreviation) must be original and have not been used in other competitions or activities, and avoid infringing on the intellectual property rights of others;

  6. The contributor shall be the copyright owner of the submitted work and have the right to use the work alone or authorize others to use it;

  7. The event organizer has the right to use the collected works free of charge during the copyright term, whether for public welfare purposes or for advertising purposes;

  8. Submission by the contributor shall be deemed as exclusive authorization for the organizer to use the work according to the purposes listed in this solicitation activity, and neither the copyright owner nor any other third party may use the work in any form. Otherwise, the organizer of the event has the right to pursue the legal responsibilities of the relevant responsible persons, including but not limited to the recovery of various commercial interests obtained from the use of the work, and has the right to revoke the winners’ awards in public at any time (including after the award is completed).

  Submission method

  Method 1: One-click tour of Guangxi online submission


  Method 2: Please send your work [full name+abbreviation+meaning] and creative description to the designated email address:, and mark "Collection of the Name of the Sino-Vietnamese (Guangxi) Border Town Football Match" in the subject of the email.

  Open your brain storm and give a resounding official tournament name to [China-Vietnam (Guangxi) Border Town Football Match]!

  Information about the planned teams.

  The Sino-Vietnamese (Guangxi) Border Town Football Competition is planned to adopt the mixed formation method, and Chinese and Vietnamese players will form a team by region, with the following names:

  China Dongxing-Vietnam Mangjie United Front, China Fangcheng-Vietnam Haihe United Front, China Pingxiang-Vietnam lang son United Front, China Ningming-Vietnam Luping United Front, China Longzhou-Vietnam Fuhe United Front, China Daxin-Vietnam Xialang United Front, China Jingxi-Vietnam Chongqing United Front, China Napo-Vietnam Baole United Front.

  For further information, please call the collection office.

  Tel: Mr. Zhu 18278848848; Ms. Tang 15277081597

  Source: Guangxi Tourism Development Group