More than 8 models of Tiggo were exposed to brake failure, and the problem pointed to brake by wire!

If you are the owner and prospective owner of Tiggo 8 PRO or Tiggo 8 PLUS, please note that there is something wrong with Chery’s brake-by-wire technology.

Recently, Master Jiao learned from relevant channels that Chery’s brake-by-wire technology has brought troubles to many car owners. The specific performance is as follows: 1. There will be a buzzer when braking; 2. The brake pedal becomes hard; 3. Brake failure; 4. Brake jitter. At present, it is understood that some car owners have formed rights protection groups and shared fault cases in the groups.

Please step on the brakes when the vehicle starts, but the owner has been stepping on the brakes.

The corner master found that a car owner was driving at a low speed of 30 kilometers per hour, and suddenly the brake pedal rebounded, and then a fault code appeared in the dashboard. At this time, the brake pedal felt hard and the hard-vegetable pedal vehicle appeared jitter.

At present, the official has not responded to this problem, and the owner has locked the root of the problem in the brake-by-wire technology. Because some owners of Tiggo 8 PRO and Tiggo 8 PLUS do not have such problems, the problem owners are mainly concentrated in the vast version of Tiggo 8 PRO and Tiggo 8 PLUS pride+,so what is Chery’s brake-by-wire technology?

In March 2022, Chery Automobile announced a major innovation when it launched the Tiggo 8 PLUS version. The braking system of the car was upgraded and the integrated brake-by-wire system of Bethel WCBS was adopted. The core technology of this system is to integrate the vacuum booster pump, master cylinder, electronic vacuum pump, EPB and ESC. The following figure shows the comparison between the integrated brake-by-wire system module and the traditional vacuum booster pump. Its main purpose is to reduce costs and enhance the competitiveness of products. In addition to cost reduction, the official said that this system can also coordinate energy recovery system and high dynamic pressurization capacity. In other words, most of Chery’s new energy vehicles will adopt the brake-by-wire system in the future.

Integrated brake-by-wire system

Traditional vacuum booster pump

However, at present, it is obvious that the technology is not yet mature, and some car owners equipped with brake-by-wire technology have become "mice". Master Jiao then went to the domestic third-party vehicle quality complaint platform to investigate and found that there have been centralized complaints about the models equipped with brake-by-wire technology in the Tiggo 8 PRO plate, and the most complained car in the Tiggo 8 PLUS plate is Haoqing+,which is also equipped with brake-by-wire technology.

Up to now, Chery officials have not responded to the vehicles with problems in the by-wire control technology. Judging from the problem of concentrated outbreak, Master Jiao’s personal guess may be that there is a problem with a batch of vehicles equipped with wire control technology. The failure of the brake system is a major personal safety hazard, and the manufacturer must attach great importance to it, and it is necessary to complete the upgrade, optimization and even recall of the problem model in a short time.

A few days ago, Chery Automobile just released the sales data in July 2022, and the group’s sales volume was 131,533, a year-on-year increase of 57.7%. This figure successfully surpassed 122,633 vehicles of Geely Automobile and 101,920 vehicles of Great Wall Motor. In terms of splitting, Chery’s total sales volume was 131,533 vehicles, of which 50,614 vehicles were exported, up 90.1% year-on-year. The sales volume of new energy was 25,614 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 253%. It can be seen that the sales of new energy have surged, and in addition, the export volume has reached a new high. This is the happy side.

However, the safety hazard brought by the brake-by-wire technology hangs over Chery like a time bomb. However, if it is detonated, it will surely face the collapse of product quality reputation, and all efforts will be wasted.