238 original brands! A glimpse of the strength of local business development in Changsha

In mid-February, Changsha officially issued the "Implementation Opinions on Building an International Consumption Center City", proposing to build Changsha into an international consumption center city with the reputation of "Fashion Capital", "Happiness Capital", "Vigorous Capital" and "Leisure Capital". At the same time, the opinion pointed out that 24 creation tasks will be implemented, such as accelerating the construction of international business districts, accelerating the construction of characteristic commercial blocks, enhancing the gathering of local characteristic brands, developing night economy, improving catering consumption and sports consumption.

The growth of local characteristic brands is an indispensable element to witness the commercial development of the city. In the exploration of local original brands in Changsha, according to the big data of Winner, there are 238 local chain brands stationed in major shopping centers in Changsha, with rich formats and diverse categories. Catering, retail, cultural and sports entertainment, life service and children’s parents and children create hot spots in their respective tracks, which reflects the charm of urban commercial development.

Changsha, online celebrity naturally lives up to its reputation, including 137 catering brands among more than 200 local brands, and the highlight of the catering industry continues, accounting for 58%; Retail sales performed well, accounting for 17%; Local brands of life service, cultural and sports entertainment and children’s parent-child format also occupy some markets. The core sections of various formats influence, drive and promote each other, and local brands intensively cultivate the commercial market, which has strong growth strength.

Data collection scope: based on the store data of Changsha project obtained by Winstar online and offline channels, the date of online collection and quarterly update (there may be incomplete data) for some projects is February 28, 2022.

The commercial market in Changsha, which has been polished for a long time and refined by the market, has not only the inheritance and spread of time-honored brands and non-legacy brands, but also the sudden rise of new forces of emerging brands, focusing on catering and retail formats. Since the establishment of local brands, the categories have been increasingly enriched.

The well-thought-out and carefully crafted local brands can see through their subdivided business categories to see the development of the industry.

? Catering format: Xiang Jun C, the rise of "online celebrity"

Under the repeated epidemic situation, the resilience of Changsha’s catering industry is relatively strong, and the catering consumption in major businesses has maintained a good fundamentals. According to statistics, among the 137 original catering brands in Changsha, Chinese catering accounts for 49%, leisure catering accounts for 21%, exotic catering accounts for 16%, hot pot/braised pot/griddle accounts for 10%, and barbecue/teppanyaki accounts for 5%.

Chinese catering: Chinese simple (fast) meals rank first, followed by Hunan cuisine.

From the perspective of subdivided categories, there are many types of local catering in Changsha, and consumers have many options. There are 36 brands of local Chinese simple (fast) meals in Changsha, ranking first in the catering industry; There are 26 brands of local Hunan cuisine, ranking second, and the rest of Guangdong cuisine, seafood, northwest cuisine and Yunnan-Guizhou cuisine are involved, and diverse food styles are presented.

Among 36 Chinese simple (fast) meals, there are special snacks, noodle shops and other sub-categories. Among them, Suo powder, as the soul of breakfast in Changsha, is a necessary punching operation recommended by Changsha people, food bloggers or travel guides. Brands such as Tianjin Liuzizi Powder House, Phoenix Girl Xiangxi Fish Powder, Daguan Rice Noodles and Wugu Fish Powder have attracted much attention.

Under the wave of consumption upgrading, among the innovative characteristic hot pots represented by emerging hot pots/stews/griddles, there are abundant categories such as King Pot Pork Belly Chicken Hot Pot, Jijing Pork Belly Chicken Three-second Fish, chicken coconut and Dabinjia, and the market players of chicken coconut, Pork Belly Chicken, Fish Hot Pot, Chuanchuan Hot Pot and other sub-categories have also increased.

Focusing on the localized development of Changsha, Hunan cuisine is one of the representatives of the city’s business cards, and many Hunan cuisine brands are also exploring more ways of development. In today’s prefabricated dish market, the chef who insists on "only using chefs to fry" peppers stands out, and has been deeply involved in Hunan cuisine for 24 years, and has opened 50 direct stores in Changsha, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The chain brands of Hunan cuisine, such as exquisite food, one lamp, delicious taste, Tanzong chopped pepper fish head and fried beef with kitchen smoke, have formed a double effect of good collection flow and good reputation.

Exotic dining: Japanese and Korean cuisine is far ahead.

Among the original exotic restaurants in Changsha, there are 15 Japanese and Korean restaurants, accounting for 68% of the exotic restaurants. Among them, Kimura Heping House, Royal Cattle Craftsman, Xiaoming Charcoal Roasted Fat Cattle Specialty Store, Lekeshi Korean Restaurant, etc. cover many sub-categories of Japanese barbecue, Korean barbecue, sushi, Lamian Noodles and Korean cuisine.

Behind the rise of steak is the general trend of quality upgrading and high-end catering upgrading. Western-style catering, as a high-value consumer product, is also in line with consumers’ demands for higher quality.

Exotic dishes, dietary differences, and the preservation and innovation of dish flavor are the key to the differentiated competition of this category. Among the local exotic categories in Changsha, there are Thai dishes such as DuDu Thai Restaurant, Man Xiong Pizza, Sam Kitchen, etc. Although the number of western-style simple (fast) meals is small, they have a good response in the market.

Leisure catering: the competition between baked desserts and drinks tends to be fierce.

Among the emerging leisure restaurants, baked desserts and drinks are actively expanding. Among the local leisure restaurants in Changsha, baked desserts account for 45%, drinks account for 27%, and leisure snacks account for 28%.

As a category favored by young and middle-aged people and consumed with high frequency, the iteration of leisure catering industry is also increasing day by day. Many enterprises cross the border, and the investment and financing of the industry are booming. In the tea market of 100 billion yuan, the market competition is fierce, and local brands are represented by Modern China Tea Shop (demand area: 50-70 square meters), Guoyaya (demand area: 20-50 square meters), MAMA CHA and Lemon Season, occupying the main position in Changsha.

As a local tea brand in Changsha, many emerging players have continuously increased their market share through product innovation and upgrading, brand building, cross-border integration, and national culture and innovation. At the same time, most local brands are no longer limited to the local market, and Modern China Tea Shop has also set up stores in other cities in Changsha and Lemon Festival. In the mid-end market, brands also have certain recognition and market competitiveness.

When it comes to baked desserts, the rise of emerging brands in the market has further attracted consumers’ attention. At present, Chinese baking in the dessert baking track is on the rise, and new brands are constantly emerging. Taking Changsha local market as an example, the new brand of Guofeng store and product design of Momo Dim Sum Bureau has emerged in this subdivision track; Under the heat wave, Chinese baking represented by Wu Susheng’s palace shortbread is also vigorously expanding its stores; Western-style baking such as Rosa cake and Duoxilai cake also has considerable market performance.

Retail format: the competition of fashion products is fierce, and the trend clothing is innovative and growing.

Retail formats convey consumers’ consumption attitudes. Among contemporary young consumers, personalized consumption and self-satisfaction consumption are constantly reshaping the market consumption patterns. Among the 41 original retail brands in Changsha, market lifestyle accounts for 54%, clothing accounts for 34%, and supermarkets/convenience stores account for 12%.

Among them, large supermarkets, boutique/fresh supermarkets are the main supermarkets, which are blessed with food collection and rich family. In addition, cross-border e-commerce/bonded stores, represented by Youa overseas purchases, combine online and offline experience stores through the O2O cross-border e-commerce platform to provide Haitao users with quality goods and services.

Clothing: Fashion clothing has its own school, and Changsha is also the city of fashion.

In the observation and research of fashion clothing category by Winship.com, Changsha has become the "most dense city" of fashion clothing stores, relying on the strong sense of fashion atmosphere in the whole city to overwhelm first-tier cities such as Shanghai. According to the statistics of Winner Big Data, among the 14 local clothing brands in Changsha, business, fashion trends, fashion boutiques and other sub-categories are superimposed, among which women’s wear and women’s shoes with market trends are the most prominent.

Fashion consumption conveys consumers’ attitude and cognition to market judgment and brand choice, and "fashion trend" is one of the relatively important influencing factors. EAH CHANIE Yichen, indicia, Saint-Desi, Cannes and other clothing brands have met the needs of consumers by reviewing multiple positioning, and are deeply loved by consumers.

Fashion life: home clothes and beauty care lead strongly.

Under the sub-category of fashion life, home textiles are the main category, and many household textile brands such as (002761) home textiles, Fuli Zhenjin and Meng Jie home textiles are all originated from the local market in Changsha, and they also have certain market influence in other cities in China.

In addition, among the beauty care brands, Yu Nifang, Second Skin, SNSUKI global explosive beauty, BOOM! FRESH! And so on, in the form of beauty care, make-up, and collection stores. Fashion digital, kitchen and bathroom appliances, fashion accessories and German brands of eyes are all involved, mainly including ASD glasses, Tongcheng electric appliances, RelaxLife and other brands.

Children’s parent-child: Children’s amusement brand has obvious advantages.

The combination of "double reduction" mode and "three-child" policy also has a great test for the development of the brand. At present, with the new generation of families born after 1980s and 1990s, the consumption of children’s parent-child format has increased, and it has also become the focus of the corresponding brands. Among the local children’s parent-child brands in Changsha shopping center, children’s amusement accounts for 45%, children’s retail accounts for 25%, and children’s service and education both account for 15%.

Parent-child interaction experience is a traffic engine for businesses and brands to gather customers. Thematic parent-child interaction amusement parks are popular, and children’s amusement brands are active. There are relatively many brands of children’s sports halls and amusement parks such as Rainbow Hall Children’s Amusement Park, Mickey Le Roller Skating, Karl Feiche and Debel Trampoline Club. In terms of children’s retail, children’s toys and maternal and child products are the main products, covering brands such as Babe Bear and Gelingdao Children’s Toy City.

In addition, in terms of children’s services, the categories are mainly restaurants, photography and haircuts, Tiamo Tianmu parent-child restaurant, Fenglinger and Qiqi 72 children’s hairdressing.

Recreation and sports: the proportion of leisure and entertainment is high, and the overall situation is improving.

With the popularity of "online celebrity economy" and "night economy", Changsha, a charming city, has a good development trend of social entertainment. In statistics, leisure and entertainment accounted for 47%, sports accounted for 26%, culture and art accounted for 16%, and education and training accounted for 11%.

Among them, the cultural and artistic categories are mainly book bars and DIY handicrafts, including Desiqin 24-hour bookstore, Hongdao bookstore and delicious laboratory; There are mainly brands such as WEGYMER Jianmeng and Baicheng Qi Kang Fitness in the fitness clubs.

Among the leisure and entertainment brands, KTV, cinema, network card game, VR experience hall and many other categories are assembled. Represented by Letian MC Studios, Urban Tribe Animation and Game Experience Center, Hi Le KTV and other brands, the rich local leisure and entertainment brands have deepened the bonus brought by the city online celebrity label and attracted more and more young people to call for the city.

Among them, the Mango International Studios brand, which belongs to Hunan Film Distribution and Projection Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hunan Radio and Television Station, confirms the title of "Media Art Capital" in Changsha, and provides impetus and opportunity for the cultural and creative development of local brands in Changsha.

Life service: life support is the leading factor.

From the perspective of life service format, the popularity of hair care, beauty spa, foot massage and other products has soared. According to statistics, among the local life services in Changsha, supporting retail accounts for 57%, beauty health accounts for 24%, medical health accounts for 5%, and other categories account for 14%.

In supporting retail, local brands mainly include urban flower country, common people’s (603883) pharmacy, delicious duck neck, foraging meow and other brands, including pharmacies, flower shops, fruit shops, snacks and other categories.

Among the original brands of beauty health care, Shangli International, Faze Modeling, Yierkang, etc. focus on hairdressing styling and foot massage. At the moment of "Yan value economy", consumers pursue the perfect beauty image, which also urges more similar local brands to be highly sought after.

Attachment: List of local brands in Changsha (in the shopping center)

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