Jiang Ling, Secretary of Luoyang Municipal Party Committee, led a delegation to Xi’an City and Yan’an City, Shaanxi Province for inspection and study

  From June 8 to 10, Jiang Ling, a member of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Luoyang Municipal Party Committee, led a team to Xi’an and Yan’an City, Shaanxi Province to inspect and study the protection and utilization of cultural heritage, the development of the new cultural tourism industry, and the improvement of urban quality, and paid tribute to the Yan’an Revolutionary Memorial Site. He stressed that it is necessary to deeply study the spirit of the important speech of the Supreme Leader General Secretary at the Cultural Inheritance and Development Symposium, give play to historical and cultural advantages, deepen regional mutual learning and mutual learning, and show greater responsibility in promoting cultural self-confidence and self-improvement and building a modern civilization of the Chinese nation.

  During his visit to Xi’an, Jiang Ling held talks with Fang Hongwei, member of the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Xi’an Municipal Party Committee, to exchange views on deepening project cooperation. The two sides said that Xi’an and Luoyang are both famous historical and cultural cities of the country, with rich cultural heritage, rich natural resources, superior transportation location and good industrial foundation. They will further deepen practical cooperation in the protection of major heritage sites, the protection and activation of cultural relics, and the integration of culture and tourism, and jointly promote the creative transformation and innovative development of China’s excellent traditional culture, so as to contribute to the construction of modern Chinese civilization.

  Xi’an, like Luoyang, has a profound historical heritage and many cultural relics. Jiang Ling has successively visited Daming Palace National Heritage Park, Small Wild Goose Pagoda Historical and Cultural Area, Tang Chang’an City Anrenfang Inn, Xi’an City Wall Yongning Gate and other places to inspect the protection and utilization of cultural heritage. He pointed out that it is necessary to learn from the experience of Xi’an, put more effort into activation and utilization, strengthen the protection of cultural logos and the construction of immersive experience scenes, not only protect cultural relics and cultural heritage, but also display the texture of famous historical and cultural cities, and enhance tourists’ recognition and recognition of Luoyang’s ancient capital.

  In the past two years, Xi’an Datang Never Sleeps City, Datang Furong Garden and other cultural tourism projects have innovatively launched new experience scenes such as "Tumbler Miss", "Neon Clothes" and "Tang Secret Box", which have become the Internet celebrity clock in. Jiang Ling has a deep understanding of the project planning and operation, pointed out that he should learn the experience and practice of building a full-chain cultural tourism industry ecology in Xi’an, firmly "subversive creativity, immersive experience, young consumption, mobile end communication" concept, and do a solid job in business innovation, efficient drainage, traffic monetization and other work to create an immersive cultural tourism destination.

  The Yisushe Cultural Block is an important window and business card for Xi’an’s newly built city charm. Furong Xintiandi Characteristic Block, Qujiang Book City and other projects have also explored many experience and practices in the experience scene. Jiang Ling has a deep understanding of the construction and operation of cultural blocks, and pointed out that great efforts should be made to do a good job in the construction of urban characteristic blocks, introduce more youthful and international new formats and scenes, vigorously develop the night economy, enhance the city’s smoke and smoke, and continuously improve its attractiveness to young people.

  Yan’an Red Street is a large-scale themed cultural tourism project invested and built by Wanda Group. Jiang Ling and Wang Jianlin, chairperson of Wanda Group, jointly inspected the construction and operation of the Yan’an Red Street project, inspected some immersive experience projects, and held talks. The two sides said that the current cultural and tourism consumption demand is strong, and they will deepen cooperation and complement each other’s advantages. Relying on the Longmen tourist resort project, they will deeply explore Luoyang’s characteristic historical and cultural resources, and make a modern expression of traditional culture, so that more tourists can "return to the prosperous Tang Dynasty" in the immersive experience.

  Yan’an is the Holy Land of the Chinese Revolution and the cradle of New China. During the inspection, the delegation paid tribute to the Yan’an Revolutionary Memorial Site with reverence, revisited the glorious years of the Party Central Committee in Yan’an during the Revolutionary War, remembered the great achievements of the older generation of revolutionaries, and visited "The Great Course – The Thirteen-Year History Exhibition of the CPC Central Committee in Yan’an". Everyone expressed that it is necessary to deeply study and implement the spirit of the important speech of the Supreme Leader General Secretary leading the 20th CPC Central Committee Politburo Standing Committee to pay tribute to the Yan’an Revolutionary Memorial Site, continue the red blood, enhance the political position, and transform the achievements of promoting the great party founding spirit and the spirit of Yan’an into practical actions to do a good job in current work, and promote the modernization of Luoyang. New achievements in various undertakings.

  The delegation also inspected the advanced concepts and operation management models of Xi’an and Yan’an in combination with the construction of youth-friendly cities and the renovation of key areas.

  Xi’an Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Secretary-General He Wenquan, Xi’an Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, Qujiang New District Party Working Committee Secretary Yao Lijun, Yan’an Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Political and Legal Committee Secretary Ma Yuefeng, Wanda Group Chief Vice President Liu Haibo, Luoyang City Leaders Wang Jun, Zhang Yujie, Wei Xianfeng, etc. participated in relevant activities respectively.

Geely Xingyue L real car appeared, with Volvo 2.0T power, 7.7s broke 100.

The auto show in April is about to start, and the car circle will be lively again, especially for independent brands, and several head brands have launched their own heavy models. In fact, after years of development, independent brands are no longer limited to cost performance. In the same class, they not only have richer configurations, but also have a good driving experience, especially the deep binding with them, which makes L have the comprehensive strength of not losing joint venture brands.

L adopts the latest CMA super matrix architecture, which not only has a tough appearance, but also adopts the 2.0T engine of Drive-E series, which can be said to be full of highlights. First of all, the appearance of the new car adopts the latest family-style design language, and the front face enters the waterfall air intake net and the surrounding zigzag elements, which further enhances the recognition of the new car. The interior of the flat headlight group on both sides is also blackened, which makes the sense of science and technology more obvious. The lower penetrating air inlet and the C-shaped side air inlets on both sides form an integrated design, which improves the visual width of the front face.

The shape of the side of the car body is very atmospheric. The steady posture, straight waistline and tough wheel eyebrows show a strong sense of strength. The flat roof line also indicates that there is enough space inside the new car. In terms of body size, the new car is 4770*1895*1689mm and the wheelbase is 2845mm, which is a standard medium-sized SUV.

The tail shape is relatively simple, and the through taillights on both sides are properly integrated with the silver chrome-plated decorative strip. The surrounding area below is also decorated with chrome-plated decoration, and the exhaust is designed in a hidden way, so the overall appearance is still very strong.

The new car in the interior adopts the popular double screen design. It can be said that the new car takes into account the sense of fashion and technology, and the combination of double colors presents a strong texture without losing luxury models. The materials used are naturally not bad, and the use of a large number of soft materials and stitching embellishment are more exquisite.

The new car is also rich in configuration, which can manage the cross-domain high-speed operation and function integration of functional domains such as power, intelligent driving, chassis and cloud collaboration. With the help of 5G technology, vehicles can find parking spaces, locate owners and find owners independently. At the same time, Xingyue L can also complete 100% unmanned driving, obstacle avoidance, intelligent parking space search, autonomous parking, parking and other functions within the 200-meter round-trip distance through independent learning, which is full of science and technology.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with Drive-E series 2.0TD in-cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine, with the maximum power of 218 HP and 238 HP, and the maximum torque of 325 Nm and 350 Nm, respectively. The transmission is matched with 7-speed wet DCT gearbox and 8AT gearbox from Aisin, with an acceleration of 7.7 seconds per 100 kilometers and a fuel consumption of 7.8L per 100 kilometers. It can be said that this power system is not only powerful, but also very fuel-efficient.

Rush to the hot search! The soldier brother who jumped into the river to save people on the Bund has found it!

  "Someone fell into the river!"

  "May Day" holiday

  A woman fell into the water on the Bund in Shanghai.

  Brother Bing jumped onto the hot search.

  Netizens like it.

  "This is the sense of security given by China soldiers."  

  A woman fell into the river on the Bund in Shanghai.

  Armed police on duty decisively jumped into the river to save people.

  On the evening of May 2, a woman was on the Bund in Shanghai.

  Fall into Huangpu river

  Armed police on patrol rushed to the scene.

  Climb over the fence and jump into the river.

  Rescue the woman who fell into the river ashore 

  This scene 

  See netizens have a boiling passion.

  Tens of thousands of netizens praised this.

  There are also many netizens curious.

  Who is this brave soldier brother?  

  The rescue soldier is the platoon leader after 95.

  These two details in the river are worrying.

  Armed police to save people

  Qiao Haitao, platoon leader of the first mobile detachment of the Armed Police Shanghai Corps.

  At 10 o’clock that night, he was patrolling the Bund viewing platform.

  Suddenly received a report that someone fell into the water.

  Qiao Haitao quickly led the team to the scene.

  At the same time, please ask your comrades to find the lifebuoy. 

  It’s urgent! 

  A woman on the river is ups and downs in the wave.

  See the woman’s back up.

  Worried that she would drown and suffocate

  Qiao Haitao only took off his military cap.

  Too late to take off the heavy military uniform.

  Don’t hesitate to climb over the railing and jump into the river.

  Swim to the woman 

  The uniform is very heavy after soaking in water.

  Fortunately, Qiao Haitao has excellent quality.

  I swam to the woman in 10 seconds.

  At this point, the comrades on the shore dropped the lifebuoy.

  Qiao Haitao asked the drowning woman to hold the lifebuoy firmly. 

  Unexpectedly, due to the urgent waves on the river.

  The woman was very weak again, and the lifebuoy was actually released.

  Qiao Haitao had to hold the woman again.

  Reach for the lifebuoy and put it under the woman’s arm.

  Struggling to push her ashore

  Comrades Zhou Yonggang and Jiang Jianye on the shore.

  Put down the rescue rope

  Qiao Haitao lifted the woman with his last strength.

  The woman was successfully saved.

  From Qiao Haitao jumping into the water to pushing the woman to the shore 

  The whole process only takes 2 minutes.

  Qiao Haitao was exhausted at this time.

  And choked a lot of water because the waves were too big.

  Unable to climb up the rescue rope.

  Fortunately, the rescue boat arrived at this time.

  Rescue it from the water. 

  It is understood that platoon leader Qiao Haitao is from Pudong, Shanghai. 

  Born in 1998.

  Enlisted by the veteran’s father.

  Recall this thrilling scene

  He simply said

  "This is all I should do!" 

  Netizen: This is the army!

  Qiao Haitao’s heroic figure 

  Won the praise of countless netizens.

  "This is the people’s army.

  For the people without hesitation. " 

  Some netizens also reminded me.

  be away

  Be sure to pay attention to your own safety 

  Give your life to jump into the river and save lives bravely.

  Like Qiao Haitao!

  Salute to the soldiers in China!

  ▌ This article Source: Central Radio and Television General Station Voice of China (ID: zgzs001) Comprehensive Shanghai Armed Police

  Producer Ma Wenjia

  Editor-in-Chief Zhang Zhida

  Editor Xu Chenyang