BYD Tang Lian hit several cars, the driver insisted that the brakes failed, and netizens questioned: The throttle is a brake!

(Observer Net News/Xu Wei) Xi’ an BYD Tang DM crashed into several cars, which eventually led to the continuous fermentation of one death and five injuries. Up to now, the cause of the accident is still under investigation, and the official has not made a formal explanation of the accident. However, on the evening of April 28th, a netizen with the id of "@zhou00001" in Weibo voiced this incident and claimed to be the owner of BYD Tang DM in this incident. In Weibo, this netizen restored the accident of that day.

According to it, at that time, when Zhou started the vehicle in the pure electric mode of the vehicle and switched from the P gear to the D gear, "the foot brake was not loose, and the vehicle began to rush forward quickly". Zhou said that the vehicle was out of control except for the steering wheel at that time, and continuous braking and gear shifting did not play a role.

According to the police report of Xi ‘an Traffic Police High-tech Brigade, at about 16: 55 on April 23, Zhou (female, 44 years old, with c1 driver’s license) drove a BYD Tang vehicle with Shaanxi AF brand from east to west along Wenxing Lane, and collided with a white Shaanxi A car and a Shaanxi AU taxi that were driving normally, and then collided with an electric car driven by Zhang Moumou, Sun Moumou and a two-wheeled motorcycle driven by Jiang Moumou, and then collided with four motor vehicles parked on the roadside.

By 21: 00 on the same day, the accident had caused one death and five injuries.

On the evening of April 28, Zhou, who claimed to be the female driver involved, published a long article entitled "BYD who can’t stop, don’t let blood and tears cast your growth path".

Zhou said in Weibo: "At about 5 pm on April 23, 2019, after meeting my friends in Wenxing Lane, Xi ‘an High-tech Zone, I drove BYD Tang DM alone to turn around and take my children home. The vehicle I started in pure electric mode just started to switch from P gear to D gear, and before the brakes were released, the vehicle began to rush forward quickly. The vehicle was out of control except the steering wheel, and it had no effect whether it was continuously braked or switched gears. At that time, there were vehicles and pedestrians on the roadside. I could only control the steering wheel as much as possible to keep the vehicle moving forward. I avoided the vehicles and pedestrians on the road and kept stepping on the brakes to try to restore the brakes. In this state, the vehicle flew for five or six hundred meters. After passing through a traffic light at an intersection, it collided with an opposite vehicle in the process of avoidance, which currently caused serious consequences including one death and five injuries. "

In addition, Zhou also explained that the vehicle was purchased on October 11, 2018, and the first insurance was made on April 16 before the incident. In addition, the floor mat was the original 4S mat when buying a car.

Zhou claimed to have been driving for 11 years and the driving mileage exceeded 100,000 kilometers. During this period, there was no traffic accident. Zhou told BYD.Put forward five questions.

1. Why can’t you slow down when you start, such as braking failure, fast moving, and repeatedly stepping on the brakes to change gears?

2. Why did the active braking function promoted by Tang DM fail at the same time?

3. Why did the main driver’s airbag fail to open after the collision, which injured my face and chest?

4. Why can’t the driver’s and passenger’s doors be opened after the collision? I can only climb out from the front windshield.

5. After the collision, the on-board system was automatically connected to the customer service. The customer service asked me if there was an accident, and I immediately gave feedback about the brake failure. Later, I climbed out of the car and called 4S, and the feedback brake failed. Why did BYD manufacturers delay to respond and contact us?

To this end, contacted BYD for the first time, and the other party said that it was not convenient for the time being, and the cause of the accident was still under investigation.

At the end of Zhou’s article, she declared that all the above are true and willing to bear all the legal consequences of this article. At the same time, she also sent a supplementary statement about airbags: Regarding whether the driver’s airbag was opened, the co-pilot and side airbags were opened in my personal memory, and the main driver’s seat was not opened. I don’t rule out the possibility that I didn’t notice it when I climbed out of the front windshield because it was opened but deflated. I hope to have more live pictures or wait for the inspection report. If I didn’t find it, I would like to apologize. But the brake failure is a fact.

However, things quickly reversed.

On the evening of April 29th, BYD officially released a description of the traffic accident in Xi ‘an.

In response to the female car owner’s mention that "the airbag in the main driver’s seat was not opened", BYD responded in the explanation that according to the investigation of the on-site personnel, the airbag, airbag curtain and side airbag of the vehicle’s main and co-pilot all popped up.

At the same time, the explanation points out: first, the seat belt warning shows that the main driver is not wearing a seat belt. Secondly, according to the external video at the scene of the accident, the brake light of the vehicle was not lit during the collision, but it can be lit after the collision.

BYD said that it has cooperated with the police to extract relevant data information from the background of the accident vehicle and will fully cooperate with the traffic police to investigate and handle the matter. Before the final identification of the accident and the investigation results come out, BYD will preserve the corresponding evidence and reserve the right to pursue legal action against the publication and forwarding of false information and malicious reports about brands and models.

In this regard, some netizens questioned that perhaps the whole thing is that the female driver mistakenly used the throttle as a brake, and the driver did not know it.

At present, the car has been sent for testing. As for whether this matter is a driver’s operational error or a vehicle problem, it still needs to wait for further investigation.

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Huawei’s P series is renewed as Pura: Inspire creativity with imagination and create a new benchmark for image aesthetics.

On April 18th, 2012, Huawei launched the first P-series product Ascend P1, which started Huawei’s unremitting pursuit of excellent image and technology aesthetics, won the love of hundreds of millions of consumers around the world, and also recorded and witnessed the wonderful moments of countless consumers’ lives. After 12 years of glory, Huawei P series was officially upgraded to Huawei Pura in 2024, and on the special day of April 18th, 2024, Huawei released a brand-new flagship mobile phone Pura 70 series, starting again with a brand-new attitude, inspiring extraordinary creativity with infinite imagination, leading the fashion trend with unique style, realizing a new leap from technology leading to brand leading, and starting a brand-new chapter in Huawei Pura series!

leadDevelopment history of moving images,promoteEvolution of science and technology aesthetics

In the past 12 years, the development history of Huawei P series is like a chronicle of the interweaving of mobile images and scientific aesthetics, which witnessed the complete stage of this field from budding to prosperity and development, and always played an important role as an innovation leader. Since the first generation of P series, Huawei has continuously tapped and released the potential of mobile photography and gradually set an industry benchmark. Every time a new product is released, it is accompanied by a major breakthrough in imaging technology. From the optimization of depth ranging of early pictures to the deep development of night scene mode, and then to the exquisite presentation of telephoto shooting, P series expands the boundaries of mobile photography all the time.

Looking back, Huawei P series took the lead in applying RGBW four-color sensor in the industry, subverting the traditional color capture method; The first black-and-white color dual camera is launched to realize the experience innovation of mobile phone photography; Self-developed RYYB super photosensitive sensor breaks the bottleneck of dark photography in one fell swoop; The first 5x periscope optical telephoto lens, 100x binocular hybrid zoom and the first super-concentrated night vision telephoto have led the trend of telephoto photography again and again. P series is like a walking color collimator, telescope and night vision instrument. Every iteration is an innovation and breakthrough in the industry, which sets a new milestone for moving images.

Huawei P series has never been a purely technical pile-up, but adheres to the concept of taking users as the core, helping users to cross the constraints of time and space, freeze the beautiful moments from far to near, from dark to bright, from macro to micro, comprehensively expand the possibility of photography, and make beauty everywhere and omnipresent. Whether it’s crossing the distance between time and space, bringing the unreachable moon closer to the palm of your hand, penetrating the darkness and finely capturing the light and shadow flow at night, or freezing the moment and going deep into the fantasy mystery of the microscopic world, P series helps users capture vivid details and beautiful moments in life in all-weather scenes with its excellent image performance.

It is particularly worth mentioning that P series has also opened up territory in the field of portrait photography, promoting the quality evolution of smartphone portrait photography, not only paying attention to the fine depiction of the subject, but also giving portrait photography a unique light and shadow texture and emotional depth through the accurate grasp of light and atmosphere, so that each portrait work can tell a unique story.

At the same time, Huawei P series has always adhered to the initial intention of recording truth and expressing emotions, accompanying users to grow up together and recording real life with images. With the continuous innovation of mobile video technology, P series encourages users to actively explore the unknown world, faithfully restore the original appearance of life, and make every picture present the true beauty of "what you see is what you get". The intelligent and humanized photography experience gives users strong confidence, so that they can record the pictures that touch their hearts at any time in their lives, connect the ups and downs of life with images, and deduce their own wonderful life plays.

Each generation of P-series mobile phones carries users’ unique memories and emotional sustenance. They are not cold technological products, but vivid expressions and powerful expressions of each user’s understanding of life and perception of the world.

Pursue your heart and forge ahead,brand-newStart again with a gesture

Nowadays, people’s aesthetic taste is constantly upgrading with the changes of time and cultural environment, and there are higher requirements for product design and function. This aesthetic upgrade is not only reflected in the pursuit of appearance, but also in the exploration of the essence and spirit of products.

Huawei P series has been evolving and upgrading in the past 12 years. It not only pursues the ultimate aesthetic feeling and design sense in appearance, but also revolutionizes its functions to meet the changing needs of users. The accumulation of this quantitative change eventually brought about the sublimation of qualitative change, which made Huawei Pura emerge at the historic moment and unique.

Facing the next 12 years, Huawei Pura series will set sail with a brand-new attitude, leading mobile images from discovering beauty to creating beauty, from device innovation to style expression, from recording life to artistic creation, perfectly integrating peak image technology, aesthetic design concept and original style expression, and starting a new exploration journey about image power and personality expression.

In the exploration of image technology, Huawei Pura series has gone beyond the limitation of simple software and hardware iteration, and turned to focus on the optimization and upgrading of the entire image system architecture. From single device efficiency improvement to full link technology innovation, Pura series has built an advanced whole machine imaging technology system, which has achieved a leap from hardware precision to excellent imaging effect. Adhering to the forward-looking vision, Pura series will strengthen the ability of moving images in all directions, and expand more professional and diverse moving image bases through the breakthrough of four dimensions, such as sensing subtle light and dark changes, seamlessly spanning vast spaces, accurately capturing rich colors and instantly freezing eternal memories, thus empowering users to fully express their personalized image styles.

In terms of user experience, Huawei Pura series is committed to transforming each user into a unique creator, connecting reality and imagination with images, and endowing ordinary life art with charm. It will continue to challenge the limits of mobile imaging technology, awaken users’ inner imagination and turn it into shocking creative expression by breaking through the excellent shooting experience brought by innovation. Whether it is the visual impact that broke out in an instant, the emotional appeal that is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, the endless imagination that dares to explore, or the unique expressive force of color application, Pura series will join hands with users to jointly cast the power of images and breed artistic masterpieces full of personal imprint and unique style.

It is not difficult to see from the relevant brand information released by Huawei that Huawei Pura is deeply concerned about the spiritual value and power transmission carried by the image itself. With the increasing demand for individual self-expression, Huawei Pura aims to provide users with a broad and free creative space with its advanced image technology and excellent image performance. Huawei Pura seems to not only pay attention to the subversive innovation of technology, but also devote itself to promoting the value sublimation and style expression of video art, so that everyone can become a creator and artist, thus satisfying modern people’s pursuit of beauty and desire for self-expression.

Huawei Pura encourages users to display endless imagination and turn creativity into reality, so that each photo is not only a representation of physical scene, but also an artistic carrier with profound connotation and spiritual value, conveying the powerful power and far-reaching influence behind the image and leading users into a new era of images full of infinite possibilities and profound cultural connotations.

On the key historical node of April 18th, Huawei’s P-series upgrade to Pura marked a new journey for Huawei in the field of mobile images. This upgrade announced that Huawei is leading the mobile image from discovering the beauty of life to creating the beauty of art, and advocating personalized expression and value transmission of photography style. At the same time, it also means that mobile phone photography has evolved from a simple life recording tool to an important platform for artistic creation, allowing users to capture and create more imaginative moments with their mobile phones. This upgrade of Huawei has undoubtedly pushed mobile images to a new height.

Facing the future, the brand-new Huawei Pura will inspire creativity with imagination, and lead a new round of fashion image trend with its unique and distinctive brand style. Explore the unseen beauty with bold imagination; Open a new horizon with a pioneering perspective; Leading the fashion trend with original style, bringing a wonderful experience beyond expectations to consumers all over the world.

Huawei Pura is not only a better flagship mobile phone, but also a warm expectation and brave exploration for a better life in the future. Huawei Pura 70 series, as the first flagship mobile phone product of Pura series, will surely show the original style of the brand, and bring consumers a brand-new experience with its pioneering aesthetic design, leap-forward leading imaging technology and powerful flagship performance. At the same time, we also expect Huawei Pura to pursue its true heart, forge ahead and continue to write its own legendary chapter in the years to come!