The price is 249,800-309,800. Seven new cars of BYD Tang family are on the market.

A few days ago, Netcom learned from the official that seven new cars of BYD Tang family were listed, and the price range was 249,800-309,800 yuan. The Tang family’s all-engine high-value series, which is composed of Tang EV Champion Edition, Tang DM-p Champion Edition/God of War Edition and Tang DM-i Champion Edition for 200KM, still adopts the extremely imposing Longyan aesthetic design language, and comes standard with FSD variable damping suspension system. The high-end models are also equipped with Yunnian -C intelligent damping body control system and CCT comfort control technology.

car make and model Price (ten thousand yuan) Tang DM-i champion edition 200KM exclusive type 24.98 Tang EV champion edition 600KM exclusive type 24.98 Tang EV champion edition 730KM exclusive type 26.98 Tang EV champion version 635KM four-wheel drive flagship 29.98 Tang DM-p Champion Edition 215KM Four-wheel Drive Exclusive Type 26.98 Tang DM-p Champion Edition 215KM Four-wheel Drive Flagship 28.98 Tang DM-p ares edition 30.98 Watchmaking: Netcom Internet Info Agency

(Tang EV Champion Edition)

(Tang DM-p Champion Edition)

In terms of appearance, the Tang family’s all-engine high-value series still uses the representative aesthetics of the dynasty, and adds new silver glaze white, glacier blue car color and 20-inch and 21-inch new styling wheels. At the same time, Tang EV Champion Edition, Tang DM-p Champion Edition/God of War Edition also added a new Chinese knot taillight shape, which is highly recognizable after lighting.

(Tang DM-p Ares Edition)

It is worth mentioning that the Tang DM-p Ares Edition uses silver sand and black color inspired by armor, and is equipped with high-performance golden yellow 6 piston calipers, black painted multi-spoke wheels and matte black logo. Exclusive appearance kit. In addition, the interior of the new car is covered with black high-grade suede seats, door panels, central control armrest boxes, car ceilings, etc., and a leather steering wheel is adopted.

(Tang DM-p Champion Edition Interior)

In the interior part, the Tang family provides a brand-new lotus rhyme gray interior color scheme, which is inspired by the most popular China color in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, showing the charm of China. At the same time, the interior of the new car is wrapped in a larger area of soft leather, which is matched with INS craft ornaments to further enhance the visual and touch texture of the cockpit. In terms of space, the car still offers 6-seat and 7-seat layout options.

(Tang EV Champion Edition Interior)

In terms of intelligence, the Tang family’s all-engine high-value series comes standard with unlimited enjoyment of the intelligent cockpit, which not only has a built-in DiLink(5G) intelligent network connection system, but also has situational modes such as nap/baby mode, as well as intelligent voice interaction system and full-scene digital keys that support the functions of continuous dialogue, visible speaking, interruption at any time, and four-tone zone awakening. In addition, the new car also comes standard with DiPilot intelligent driver assistance system which can realize L2+ intelligent driver assistance function.

In terms of comfort configuration, Tangjiazu’s all-engine high-value series comes standard with 12-speaker HiFi-class customized Dana audio, ventilation/heating/electric adjustment of the main and co-pilot seats, 31-color atmosphere lights, bacteriostatic modules and steering wheel heating. The big six-seat version is also equipped with high-end comfort configurations such as ventilation, heating and 10-point massage in the middle row. Convenient configuration, it comes standard with electric tailgate, 220V AC socket in the car, 50W mobile phone wireless fast charging and 6kW mobile power station.

In terms of power and battery life, the two-wheel drive version of Tang EV Champion Edition has a cruising range of 730km, and the four-wheel drive version is equipped with a super intelligent electric four-wheel drive system. The zero-speed acceleration only takes 4.4s, and the whole system can also achieve a maximum DC fast charging function of 170kW, charging for 10 minutes. The longest battery life is 173km.

Tang DM-p Champion Edition/Ares Edition is equipped with DM-p King Hybrid System, and also equipped with differential lock. The acceleration time of zero hundred is 4.3s, and the comprehensive battery life is over 1000km;. Tang DM-i Champion Edition is equipped with DM-i super hybrid technology, and a long battery life version with a pure battery life of 200km is optional. Under comprehensive working conditions, the fuel consumption per 100 km is only 5.5L, and the comprehensive battery life reaches 1,100 km.

(Photo/Text Netcom Zhang Xiaoyi)

Analyze BYD Han EV Champion Edition, which configuration is more cost-effective?

Zhiji Automobile/Linjing Store

In the automobile industry, BYD seems to have gradually become synonymous with new energy brands. Whether it is the in-depth research and development of battery technology or the continuous introduction of vehicles, BYD’s models will always surprise us every time. Not long ago, in order to better pursue sales and performance, BYD launched a series of models called "Champion Edition". Among them, the new car has upgraded the configuration and reduced the price. Of course, as a highly concerned Han EV, it also ushered in the upgrade of the "Champion Edition" and launched five models. So let’s take a look at the differences between these five BYD Han EV Champion Editions. How should we make a choice?

1. Unify cool design.

In terms of appearance, in fact, the overall design is not much different from the current BYD Han EV. However, a new color scheme of "Glacier Blue" has been added, and it is available as standard in the whole system. This also makes the Han EV Champion Edition more rich in style, and the start is high. It is also equipped with 19-inch wheels, which makes the vehicle more dynamic in visual effect.

In addition, the Chinese EV Champion Edition continues to adopt the "DragonFace" design language, with Chinese taillights and AGS active air intake grille. Based on the thermal management requirements of the whole vehicle, the opening and closing strategy of the active grille is carefully optimized, making the opening and closing of the active grille more accurate. As for the body size, it still maintains the cash data, with a wheelbase of 2920mm and a positioning of medium and large cars. This kind of body data also makes the vehicle have a good performance in space. When the experiencer is 170cm, adjust the front seat to a comfortable position, and the head space is about two punches, and the head space is about two punches, and the leg space is about three punches, which is excellent in the same class of vehicles. As for the trunk space, it is half, and the space is not very large. Including the rear part, only the standard electric tailgate has been added, and the 506KM and 605KM distinguished taillights have been upgraded to the "Chinese knot" style.

2. Look at the interior configuration, which one do you choose?

The interior of Han EV Champion Edition still continues the simple and luxurious accessory style of the former, but there are still some differences in the configuration of the five models. The vehicle comes standard with DiLink4.0(5G) intelligent network connection system, 5G quick connection, dual-frequency positioning navigation and intelligent voice interaction in the four-tone area of the car are all very practical functions.

However, configurations such as W-HUD head-up display and BSD blind spot monitoring system have been further upgraded, and the display is clearer and the proportion is more appropriate, which greatly improves the driving safety of drivers and passengers. As for the steering wheel heating, intelligent fragrance, 12-speaker Dana audio, ventilation/heating of the main driver’s seat, front heat insulation sound insulation glass+rear black privacy glass, 6.6kW mobile power station and electric tailgate, they are also standard in the whole department. On the whole, the configuration level is obviously far higher than that of most models at the same price.

Of course, these are just all the standard items of the champion version of Han EV. If you pay more attention to the configuration when buying a car, the configuration of two 715KM models of Han EV must not be missed. Both 715KM vehicles use leather seats, which are large in size and thick in filling. The front main and auxiliary seats all support 12-way electric adjustment and ventilation and heating functions, and the passenger seat has boss key function.

According to the actual measurement, the electric adjustment range of the seat is large, the air volume of the seat ventilation is moderate, and the experience is good. The rear seat has a central armrest, a water cup holder and a storage compartment, and the overall configuration is slightly lower than that of the front seat. Only the 610km four-wheel drive flagship model supports the functions of rear electric backrest adjustment and seat heating and ventilation. Compared with the 715KM distinguished model, the 715KM flagship model not only adds the HWA high-speed road driving assistance to the DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, but also has the largest number of radars and the most comprehensive and advanced functions, which can reduce the burden of users’ long-distance driving.

At the same time, it also adds comfort configurations such as steering wheel heating and Nappa leather seats, which brings more advanced enjoyment to users. Therefore, in the same endurance mode, if you are more in pursuit of a full match, then the 715KM flagship model is a very good choice. And most of today’s stores will give priority to exclusive and honorable arrival, and the reason of sufficient production capacity has also led customers to take the initiative to favor these two configuration models. Of course, if you only pursue configuration, then 715KM flagship type and 610KM four-wheel drive flagship type can be selected.

3. Power is the main choice, and it is selected as 610KM four-wheel drive.

The Chinese EV Champion Edition provides a total of five models and four power systems, and the motor power of each model is different. The maximum power of a single motor is 150KW, 168kw and 180kw, respectively. The maximum power of the dual-motor four-wheel drive flagship model system is 380KW, and the maximum torque is 700N.m, and its 100-meter acceleration soars to 3.9 seconds, while the rest versions are 7.9 seconds. The 610KM four-wheel drive flagship, which is the top of the power system, must be the gospel of power lovers. The 3.9-second 100-kilometer acceleration with the blessing of double motors makes the performance of the vehicle strong enough.

It is also equipped with the newly released Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system, which can realize millisecond control and response, dynamically adjust the suspension state in real time, and make the vehicle performance better bloom. In sports mode, when you step on the "floor oil", you can feel that the dynamic response of this car is very sensitive. Unlike the delayed power output of the fuel car, the power of the vehicle is directly transmitted, clean and tidy, and the middle section is accelerated in one go. You can feel that the power output is always smooth and silky, and the driving experience is quite calm under the strong sense of pushing back.

In the emergency braking state, the pedal feedback is very calm and practical, and there is no feeling of bouncing and jumping. The whole process is quite smooth. Moreover, the FSD variable damping suspension can adjust the damping in real time according to the road conditions, so that the car body can bring better dynamic performance. When walking through the mountain road, you can obviously feel that the flexibility of the suspension is very strong, and the compression stroke of the suspension will not be easily pushed to the limit. The general sparse vibration filter is more thorough, the texture is improved a lot, and it has the comfort and isolation of an executive-class car.

The lighter unsprung weight makes the whole body lighter and more hand-following. Especially, the steering mode provides two modes: comfort and sports. In sports mode, the steering torque gain is particularly obvious, which can help us to control more accurately when walking through mountain roads. Therefore, if you are more looking forward to the dynamic texture, then the 610KM four-wheel drive flagship model must be the best choice. Of course, if the power demand is not great, the other four two-wheel drive models are more suitable.

4. Choosing a tram, battery life is also one of the conditions.

After picking up the configuration and picking up the power, there are naturally consumers who prefer battery life. Due to the downward price drop, the customer age of Han DMi is also rapidly young, and the demand ratio of wedding car and family as the first car begins to rise, and battery life has become the primary consideration standard. Then the five models of the Han EV Champion Edition are distinguished by endurance, namely: 506KM distinguished model, 605KM distinguished model, 610KM four-wheel drive flagship model and 715KM distinguished model and flagship model.

Then, for consumers who don’t have high endurance requirements and general interior configuration requirements, 506KM and 605KM can already meet the normal practical needs on weekdays. The main difference between them is that 506KM is more suitable for consumers who commute in cities and have limited budgets, while 605 is more suitable for occasional long-distance needs, and the economy is not so tight. The configuration of 695KM will also be higher, such as blind spot monitoring, early warning of opening doors, and custom-made Dana audio by HiFi, which are also not available in the 506KM model. Of course, if you want to pursue the ultimate endurance and the economy can meet it, the two models of 715KM are more suitable.

Write to the end:

I have to say that the launch of BYD’s "Champion Edition" series models is a good news for most consumers. After all, why not spend less money to enjoy a better equipped car? As for the Han EV Champion Edition, it is not difficult to see that how to make a choice depends on your own needs and hobbies. After all, five cars and four kinds of power can basically meet the choice needs of many consumers.

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The curse, which was called unlucky, has won.

Laiyuan Mixiniu Entertainment

Wen | Xiaofu   

"bad luck!"

Just one day after boarding Netflix, the douban score of Curse dropped from 8.0 to 6.8.

Unexpectedly, this China Taiwan Province horror film, which has been expected by mainland fans for more than a year, will cause such a strong controversy after webcasting.

However, the emergence of this word-of-mouth differentiation stems from the gap between some viewers’ expectations of the film content, and on the other hand, many viewers are disgusted with the psychological suggestion "teasing" implanted by the director in the film.

Is there anything wrong with the "curse"?

Hot search on "unlucky"

Curse is definitely the most watched Chinese horror film in recent two years.

Whether it’s the horror trailer that was once complained by netizens last year, or the numerous hot debates during the box office and release of the highest Chinese film in Taiwan Province, China this year with NT$ 171 million, this film has created so many records that people can’t ignore its existence.

Especially in the increasingly rare Chinese horror movies, Curse is the uncrowned king of Chinese horror movies in 2022.

However, on the other hand, the huge controversy after the webcast of The Curse obviously exceeded many people’s expectations.

In fact, before the official webcast, "Curse" was almost a good comment on the Douban platform. The score is 8.0, and the highest is 8.2-this is rare in Chinese horror movies.

However, last weekend, this film ushered in an unexpected word-of-mouth diving. In addition to the sharp drop in Douban score, there are many similar comments of "Forwarding likes to get unlucky" in the comments area, and even the term # curse unlucky # was once listed in Weibo hot search.

The audience has the freedom to comment on a film, just like the "unlucky" controversy in "The Curse" has also attracted new debates among the audience. Some viewers insist that it is willful and even offensive to curse the audience with movies, and whether the audience is religious or not, they will feel uncomfortable. Of course, there are also many viewers who are not too touched by the content of the film. In their view, The Curse is no different from many similar works, just an ordinary horror film.

However, we found that diving with Douban score seems not unusual, because the score of "Curse" on China Taiwan Province Yahoo is only 3.3 (out of 5.0). According to the ten-point system of Douban, mainland netizens are more tolerant.

Rhinoceros Jun briefly browsed some bad reviews from the audience in Taiwan Province, China, and most of them focused on the aspects of drama routines, not terror, swaying mirrors and so on. In contrast, mainland netizens have a higher degree of recognition of the film’s plays, and more people give this film a low score because of "bad luck".

Yes, the director won.

In fact, only by looking at the content level, the setting of "The Curse" is not novel. Simply summarized, it is a horror family film shot by mockumentary. As a witness of the original event, 80% of the heroine Li Ruonan’s actions in the film are to escape from the curse and contend with it, but in the end, maternal love makes her a devotee who dares to face the horror.

The beauty of "The Curse" is that it retains full interactivity besides the plot. If you pay close attention, it is not difficult to find that the director has been constantly breaking the fourth wall in the whole film, maintaining interaction with the audience in front of the screen, thus achieving the purpose of burying psychological hints.

For example, at the beginning, the film starts a mental experiment with the audience with the first-person dialogue of the heroine. Li Ruonan introduced to the audience two pictures of "Ferris wheel" and "train", which can change the direction with ideas, to prove that human will can change the world.

The following story mainly tells Li Ruonan’s experience in the form of mockumentary. In front of the camera, Li Ruonan’s self-report, reality and the past three story lines alternately advanced, stripping away the truth of the Chenjiazhuang incident step by step.

First of all, the form of mockumentary itself can enhance the realism of the story, especially Li Ruonan’s first-person narration, which invisibly gives the audience a stronger sense of substitution.

Secondly, in this film, the director also borrowed the production mode of desktop movies many times. For example, through broadcast monitoring, online video, local video and other forms, it is also to let the audience get a stronger immersive feeling.

The most important point is that the director has always used Li Ruonan’s mouth to instill the content of the fictional "Big Black Buddha Mother" Sect in the film. Strange spell symbols, strange handprints, and the unintelligible eight-character mantra of "Fire Buddha repairs one, and the heart is humming", in the process of Li Ruonan calling on everyone to remember these information, the audience has unconsciously entered the director’s small trap.

Finally, after the truth of "The Curse" came out, the audience who knew that they had been cheated or even "cursed" by the director would have such a strong feeling of truth.

And all this, is the initiator of this "practical joke", given by director Kevin Ko.

Chinese horror films worthy of being written in film history

China audience can get such an immersive viewing experience, which is inseparable from the "tailor-made" of this film. In our opinion, the fear of the curse stems from three key points.

One is religion.

As early as a few years ago, director Kevin Ko said in the program that "we Chinese people will always have awe of religion."

In daily life, people believe in gods and buddhas and are afraid of ghosts, but if gods and buddhas no longer represent justice and ghosts start to act recklessly, it becomes an excellent material for Chinese thrillers. Domestic horror games, such as Fireworks, Paper Wedding Clothes, Paper Man and Hong Kong Mystery Record, which were released in China in recent years, actually borrowed religious elements from traditional culture.

In the film "Curse", the director who knows his way also focuses on the religious color. It costs a lot of money to order Buddha statues, make props and design scenes, so we can see that most of the horror colors in the film actually come from the sense of horror created by elements such as evil spirits and scriptures, rather than the direct attack of ghosts. This is also the biggest difference between Chinese horror movies and western horror movies.

The second is the event basis.

"The Curse" may be a rare work adapted from a real event in a horror film, and the original case of this film is a bizarre case that is still pending.

In 2005, a long-time superstitious family of six in Gushan District of Kaohsiung claimed to be possessed by gods, and successively went insane, self-mutilated, fought with each other, and even fed each other feces. The eldest daughter, who was identified as an evil spirit, was eventually imprisoned and abused by the whole family to death. Because the incident was so bizarre, after the police arrested them, the doctor decided that they were collective paranoia.

Cold cases like this are hotbeds of paranormal fear of urban legends, and the curse derived from it naturally has a natural sense of terror. It is reported that director Kevin Ko will continue to create new horror films inspired by paranormal, a real horror in the history of Taiwan Province Province.

The third is the mature horror film technique.

In addition to the above-mentioned desktop movies and the form of mockumentary, JumpsScare, which can bring the most direct sensory stimulation to the audience, is also skillfully used in the film. In addition, the insects, wounds, seals, spells and other elements that appear many times in the film, as well as the empty fingers and lotus milk that once spread widely on the Internet in Jane Eyre, are very typical fears of China audiences. The director can be said to have learned from others.

Of course, The Curse is not without flaws. For example, the distortion caused by frequent switching of different perspectives on the mirror and the discomfort of hand-held camera all weaken the narrative effect to some extent. On the whole, however, the film’s bold innovation in form and the audience’s strong feelings after watching it are doomed to be a horror film written in the history of Chinese film.

As for the climax of the film controversy, that is, the curse at the end, in fact, it is not uncommon in the field of horror films. In the past, classic horror films such as Curse and Ring at Midnight used similar techniques. The fact that "The Curse" can cause such a big controversy shows that it has completely hit the fear and taboo points of China audience.

Even when watching the movie in a non-big-screen scene, the fictional plot of this film still caused many viewers’ disgust and even discomfort. I think the director’s goal of shooting this film has been achieved. It is precisely because of this that we have more reason to think that Curse is a successful Chinese horror film.

As for raising the content of the film to a realistic level, or even reprimanding the director, I am afraid it will not be.

As many netizens said, "Do they watch horror movies for good luck?"


Beijing urban management changes new uniforms, and each player has a number on his chest.

  Since yesterday (October 1st), the city’s urban management team members in Beijing have started to carry out law enforcement inspections with new uniforms. Recently, the Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau has uniformly renewed the uniforms and signs of law enforcement personnel in the city’s urban management system. On the first day of the Eleventh Golden Week, the city’s environmental order was good. During the festival, all urban management and law enforcement departments will take a break and take up their posts, focusing on strengthening the prevention and control of bustling commercial districts and characteristic blocks, major transportation hubs, large-scale gatherings, activities and other crowded areas.

  After asking the way, the tourist said, Have you changed your uniforms?

  "Have you changed your uniforms?" Yesterday morning, outside the East Palace of the Summer Palace, Mr. Li, who was traveling from Hebei to Beijing, was surprised after asking the urban management team for directions. He said: "I mainly asked the city management for directions in the Bird’s Nest two days ago, and the answer was very detailed. I still have an impression of the previous uniforms."

  Beijing Youth Daily reporters saw in Qianmen and the Summer Palace and other popular National Day attractions that all urban management team members have put on new uniforms and started to perform their duties. The clothing color is navy blue, with a golden logo, and each team member’s number is on the chest.

  According to reports, the new uniforms mainly consider adapting to the fact that urban management law enforcement workplaces are mostly outdoors and on the streets, which is convenient for duty activities. This is also the requirement of the Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau to implement the "Administrative Measures for the Supply of Clothing and Signs for Urban Management Law Enforcement" by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, strengthen the construction of urban management law enforcement teams, and further promote standardized and civilized law enforcement.

  Solve the problem of people who are not empty in the three-meal car

  After the flag-raising ceremony yesterday morning, crowds poured into Qianmen area, and the law enforcement team members of Dongcheng Urban Management began to guide the crowd. According to reports, in view of the relatively dense number of tourists watching the flag-raising during the holiday season, Dongcheng City Management has sent six law enforcement teams to strengthen the deployment in Qianmen Arrow Tower, Qianmen East Street and Chang’ an Avenue from 5: 00 every day, and sell tourist goods to the following tourists. Personnel engaged in unlicensed catering will be disposed of promptly and quickly.


  节日期间 北京城管全员停休



  According to the person in charge of the Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, the management of construction sites will continue to be strengthened during the festival, and the construction enclosures in key areas will be checked according to the specifications, and the construction dust will be strictly controlled, and the management of construction waste transportation will continue to be strengthened to prevent road spillage; Increase the control of illegal activities such as open-air barbecue, burning garbage and white pollution. Visit and investigate the gas supply, users, kitchen waste generation and collection and transportation units around the key security areas one by one, and rectify the problems.

  Urban management volunteers help serve tourists.

  In addition, the urban management law enforcement department, in conjunction with the Beijing Urban Management Volunteers Association, set up urban management law enforcement publicity service stations in tourist attractions and window areas during the National Day to provide tourists with services such as inquiries, directions and simple medical care while monitoring the environmental order.

  Yesterday, in Qianmen Street, Nanluoguxiang Pedestrian Street, Summer Palace and other areas, volunteers organized by urban management departments participated in the publicity of laws and regulations, stopped uncivilized behavior, and provided some services urgently needed by tourists, such as directions.

  The person in charge of the Municipal Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau said that mobilizing members of the association, volunteer groups and the general public to actively participate in the maintenance of the holiday environmental order, especially guiding social units in key areas to actively participate in environmental governance and rectification, can jointly create a beautiful and clean urban environment.

  Text/Reporter Li Tao

  Photography/Reporter Wang Zhenlong Cui Jun