Do not hesitate to violate the law in order to increase the powder? Be wary of "Tik Tok-style life" becoming a public hazard.


  On October 31, the official WeChat of the traffic police in Hanshou County, Changde City, Hunan Province issued a warning report, saying that some drivers with cars were illegally parked in the queue at Yuanshui Bridge in Hanshou County, occupying the road to shoot Tik Tok. After receiving the report, the police have organized an investigation and will deal with it seriously after verification. At the same time, they call for compliance with road traffic safety laws and regulations.

  Judging from the live pictures taken by netizens, more than one car occupies the road and is suspected of violating the parking. On the one hand, it hinders the normal passage of other vehicles and easily causes traffic congestion; On the other hand, because the road narrows, it is easy to cause rear-end collision, rubbing and so on, which can be said to be harmful to others. However, these phenomena of illegally occupying roads to shoot vibrato videos are just a microcosm of the prevailing "Tik Tok-style life". There are many forms and channels for similar things in reality, so we should be vigilant enough.

  For example, in order to shoot a short video of vibrato, someone forcibly accosted women on the road, which led to conflicts between the two sides and even criminal cases. Some people imitate the so-called "exchanging vegetables for meat" in the short video of vibrato, and exchange their vegetarian dishes for other people’s barbecues in restaurants or nightingale stalls. As a result, the other side is disgusted and the two sides fight. When more and more similar farce is staged around us, it reminds us that it is time for some young people to lead a "Tik Tok-style life".

  The "Tik Tok-style life" of netizens can also be divided into two situations. One is that some people take shooting short vibrato videos as a means to seek benefits and earn extra money, or even as their own career or entrepreneurial project. In order to attract attention, increase the number of fans and raise their attention, some people become increasingly anxious and crazy, even to the point where they do whatever it takes. There is also a kind of taking vibrato video as a pastime or entertainment, satisfying one’s vanity and getting satisfaction in others’ praise and evaluation. They may not be as eager for quick success as the first kind of people, but driven by vanity and stimulated by others’ praise and evaluation, they are easy to become sensitive and melodramatic, gradually lose self-control and do some weird or extreme things.

  It stands to reason that a person’s words and deeds in public places can generally be tolerated as long as they do not violate national laws and regulations and social order and good customs. However, it has been suspected of violating national laws and regulations, as well as social public order and good customs, for example, motor vehicles illegally occupying roads to shoot videos, forcibly chatting up and harassing others in order to shoot videos, or damaging the environment and cultural relics in order to shoot videos. In this regard, some netizens bluntly pointed out that those who trample on national laws and social morality for their own interests have actually become "social hazards."

  You can live a "Tik Tok-style life", but you must be responsible for your actions, consciously self-discipline, and keep your actions within the track of national laws and social morality, and not be too willful. The network platform that publishes such short videos should also increase the intensity of audit and supervision. Once illegal and unethical behaviors are found in short videos, they must be resolutely curbed, cleaned up and given necessary punishment.

  The relevant government departments should also strengthen the supervision and punishment of this phenomenon. For example, the act of illegally occupying roads to shoot short videos should be dealt with seriously in accordance with the existing laws and regulations, which will not only make the parties pay the due price, but also be a necessary warning education for others.

Breaking the ice is blocked! It is not easy to say "warming up" in US-Russian relations.


  CCTV News:During the campaign and after taking office, Trump repeatedly said that he would improve relations with Russia. Putin and Russia also reciprocated and made a positive response. But today, under the heavy resistance at home and abroad, the relationship between the United States and Russia is hard to break.

  Recently, Flynn, assistant to the President of the United States for national security affairs, was heated up by the American media because of his resignation because of "leaking secrets" during a secret talk with the Russian ambassador. Some American media even pointed the finger at Trump himself.

  Trump had to make it clear at the White House press conference on the 16th: I have nothing to do with Russia.

  Reporter:Do you know that your team members had contact with Russia during the election?

  US President Trump:I’ve already said it’s Flynn. Flynn is one, but he’s the one who deals with this problem. That’s his job.

  Reporter:During the presidential campaign, too?

  US President Trump:No, no, as far as I know, no one (has contact with Russia).

  Reporter:Didn’t you know that someone on the team had contact with Russia during the campaign?

  US President Trump:How many times do I have to answer this question?

  Reporter:Can you answer yes or no?


  US President Trump:Contact with Russia is a conspiracy. I know you stood up and asked questions. This is too important. The whole incident is a conspiracy. I have nothing to do with Russia.

  The US media "blocked" and even exposed Russian military actions.

  In addition to hyping "collaboration with the enemy", the American media also tried to play up the Russian threat. Recently, the US media quoted US military officials as saying that they have successively exposed the news that Russian troops are carrying out offensive military actions. This includes the Russian "spy ship" mentioned by Trump appearing on the east coast of the United States.

  CBS reported that a Russian spy ship approached the east coast of the United States on the morning of 14th Eastern Time, and was only 100 kilometers away from Delaware. Although the ship was sailing in international waters, it was equipped with spy equipment and surface-to-air missiles that could intercept communication signals.

  Four Russian military planes approached the US destroyer.

  Just a few days ago, on the 10th of this month, when the guided missile destroyer "Porter" of the United States was sailing in the Black Sea, it was similar to last year when it was approached by Russian fighters. This time, a Russian reconnaissance plane approached and flew low, and then three Russian fighters approached and flew low. Recently, it was less than one kilometer away from the American destroyer. American officials said that such a move was unsafe and unprofessional.

  Russia secretly deploys short-and medium-range cruise missiles

  In addition, The New York Times recently reported that Russia is secretly deploying land-based short-range cruise missiles, which are explicitly banned by Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty was signed by the Soviet Union and the United States in December 1987, which is called the Treaty between the Soviet Union and the United States on the Elimination of Intermediate-range and Short-range Missiles. According to the treaty, the Soviet Union and the United States will completely destroy and completely ban short-and medium-range missiles with a range of 500 to 1,000 kilometers and medium-range missiles with a range of 1,000 to 5,000 kilometers.

  The report also said that the short-and medium-range cruise missiles deployed by Russia can carry nuclear warheads. The deployment time was in December last year, when it was still during the Obama administration. Now, the Trump administration must respond to this.

  US officials said that Russia’s move was a flagrant violation of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and questioned Russia’s sincerity in reducing its weapons.

  Russian Defense Ministry: Russian warplanes approach "nothing"

  The Russian Defense Ministry responded to the report that Russian warplanes approached the US guided missile destroyer. On the 14th, Konashenkov, spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, said that the American media reports were "totally false".

  Secretary Putin: Russia always abides by its international obligations.

  On the 15th, Russian Presidential Press Secretary peskov also denied the news that the US media reported that "Russia secretly deployed short-range cruise missiles".

  Russian Presidential Press Secretary peskov:No one has formally accused Russia of violating Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and the source of the information you mentioned has not been stated. There is no doubt that Russia has always abided by its international obligations, including the treaty framework you mentioned.

  Trump: Or let Putin lose confidence in me.

  In response to recent reports that Russian spy ships appeared near the east coast of the United States, some American media said that this was Putin testing Trump. In response, Trump responded at the White House press conference.

  Reporter:Do you think Putin is testing you?

  US President Trump:I don’t think so. Putin may think that he can’t reach any agreement with me, because (media reports) make a politician who tries to reach an agreement (with other countries) politically unpopular.

  In the United States, there are obstacles to the recovery of US-Russian relations, in addition to the media and the military. On the 16th, the new US Defense Minister Matisse made it clear that the United States "has no intention to cooperate with Russia at the military level".

  US lawmakers from both parties demanded an investigation into the president’s relations with Russia.

  Trump’s idea of improving relations with Russia has also encountered resistance from American political circles. Recently, a number of heavyweight members of the Republican and Democratic parties in the United States used the topic to ask for a thorough investigation into the alleged "communication with Russia" by Flynn, assistant to the President of the United States for national security affairs.

  Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader of the House of Representatives and a Democrat, believes that Flynn may just be the scapegoat in this incident.

  John McCain, a senior US senator and Republican, said on the 14th that Flynn’s case made people question the Trump administration’s Russia policy, and he asked to investigate the relationship between the Trump administration and Russia.

  The trend of US-Russian relations attracts the attention of European countries.

  The European allies of the United States are also very vigilant and concerned about the actions of Trump and Putin. The contradiction between Russia and Europe has lasted for many years, and the two sides do not trust each other. On the 28th of last month, Trump had an hour-long conversation with Putin, releasing the signal to restart and improve the US-Russia relations. European countries are worried that once there is a major change in US-Russian relations, it will inevitably affect European-Russian relations and change Europe’s geostrategic pattern.

  Therefore, at the 53rd Munich Security Conference, which opened yesterday (17th), German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen warned the United States that Europe and the United States share common interests in their Russian policy and should trust each other and act together.

  Trump: Russia should "return" Crimea

  In addition to external resistance, Trump’s own attitude changes have also set obstacles for the improvement of US-Russian relations. During the campaign, Trump hinted that he was willing to accept Crimea’s entry into Russia. Recently, however, Trump went back on his word and proposed that Russia "return" Crimea to Ukraine. This attracted a "categorical rejection" from the Russian side.

  On the 15th, the Russian Foreign Ministry responded that it would not "return" Crimea to Ukraine, nor would it discuss it with other countries including the US.

  Russia: It is too early to talk about the trend of Russia-US relations.

  In view of various variables, Russian Presidential Press Secretary peskov said in a telephone interview yesterday (17th) that Russia is not disappointed by the lack of progress in improving Russian-American relations, and it is still too early to talk about the direction of Russian-American relations.

  Peskov also said that possible cooperation and differences between Russia and the United States can only be determined after the two heads of state hold substantive talks. It is not clear when the meeting will be held.