Tik Tok Female online celebrity Rankings 2018 The most famous Tik Tok female anchor rankings.

  Tik Tok is a video app that many people like to play nowadays. You should know that there are a lot of female online celebrity on Tik Tok, and their values are exploding. Every day, many single dog kneels down on these Tik Tok goddesses. Let’s take a look at the list of Tik Tok female online celebrity. How many do you know?

Tik Tok Women’s online celebrity Rankings 2018

1. Wu Jiayu

  Wu Jiayu is one of the most popular goddesses in Tik Tok. Her videos are basically dances. There are many people who can sing and dance well in Tik Tok, and she can stand out from the homogenization content and become one of the top ten online celebrity in Tik Tok. Wu Jiayu relies on special shooting techniques. From the subway station to the street, from the bedroom to the living room, the videos are very rhythmic and bring more visual stimulation to users.

2. fox is rigorous

  Fox was originally a model with a professional background, but I believe no one had heard of her before Tik Tok appeared. And her real popularity on the Internet is on Tik Tok. Some time ago, some negative news about her came out, such as indecent photos, but she still has a large number of fans on Tik Tok. In addition, fox has a very domineering name, which is called the first beautiful goddess in Tik Tok, and runs its own clothing brand Taobao shop offline.

3. Keiko ssica

  Keiko ssica is also a very famous dance goddess in Tik Tok, and she dances very well. I believe many netizens on Tik Tok have seen the video of Miss Keiko. Miss Keiko looks sweet, her big white legs are very beautiful, her dance is superb, and her smile is particularly charming. Every video of her brings youth and vitality, which makes people feel very comfortable.

4. Tik Tok is gentle.

  Speaking of Wen Wan, I believe many people have heard that this young lady was very popular at the beginning. She became popular all over the country overnight and was later banned. This new goddess of Tik Tok, who became popular overnight, is gentle, and many people got to know her after being screened by her overnight. However, there are many people who are popular. Only after a period of popularity, the new goddess was banned because of various negatives.

5. Brother Li

  Tik Tok Lige became popular because of a song called "Let You Be My Eyes". Just like this video, the cumulative praise is close to 20 million, which makes Li Ge rise by tens of millions. With a sweet smile and a unique voice, the number of fans is now more than 39 million, nearly 40 million, but it was later banned because of the national anthem.

6. Qu Yiting

  Qu Yiting is a well-known long leg in Tik Tok, and fans tease his legs for years. Qu Yiting heard that she is particularly low-key, but she has a pair of legs that can hold up a two-meter gas field. It’s the kind of thin, white, straight legs that I’ve ordered in my last life. Dancing is also very good, and the face value is also very high, which is really enviable! Dance with passion, changeable temptation, and play with legs for years.

7. Zhang Tianyun

  Zhang Tianyun believes that many otaku will like it because she is a very sweet girl. Otakus watch her videos many times every day, and even the mobile phone screensaver is all her. Xiaoxiao’s posting in Tik Tok has set off an upsurge that my husband wants to hug me. Because of wearing a rainbow sweater, Xiaoxiao’s recognition of sending a few shaking videos can be said to be very high.

8. Jiaxin

  Tik Tok Jiaxin can be said to be a strange man. With the help of "Hum, I will know all the time whether to accompany me to sleep!"! What, are you going to play for a while? No! " "Roll", and has a lovely appearance and a voice that attracts a lot of popularity!

9. Brother M

  Brother M’s popularity mainly depends on her unique voice, that is, her smoky voice with the same style as Zhou Xun. Brother M doesn’t have much advantage in face value, and his face is a little chubby, but Miss Jie’s singing skills are really invincible. With her unique voice and singing skills, Brother M also has tens of millions of fans on Tik Tok, many of whom are true love fans. Every time I listen to my little sister’s song, people have to love it.

10. Erdou

  In Tik Tok, Erdou is a very special female online celebrity. Because, she became popular not by herself, but by adoration. She had little experience in shooting short videos before she became popular. Later, without relying on facial features or jokes, Meng Chong became a figure in the popularity list of online celebrity, Tik Tok, and people had to sigh the strong attraction of Meng Chong.

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Teach you how to run correctly!

In recent years, there are more and more urban running parties, and too many people want to release their work pressure and lose weight through running.

Of course, if you want to lose weight by running, you must control your diet at the same time. As the saying goes, you can effectively lose weight by keeping your mouth shut and taking your legs apart.

It can be said that running can not only help you gain a healthy and ideal weight, but also help you find channels to release stress and control emotions ~

Then let’s talk about the matters needing attention in running and the need to stretch and relax after running.

Let me share my running method with you!

The first is the four rules of running-

1. Make full warm-up preparations before running;

Before running, we should fully adjust the potential heat energy of the body to the preparation state, so that every joint of our body can adapt, stimulate hormones in the body, promote nerve cells in the learning area of the brain, and improve memory to a certain extent, so the preparation before jogging must be done!

Warm-up exercises can refer to:

1. Running with leg lifts in place, as a preparatory activity before running, this series of actions can make the whole body enter a state of motion. With the increase of the frequency and range of leg lifts, the whole leg and arm muscles can enter a state of motion.

2. Shoulder around the ring, the upper body is upright, and the arms are drooping, so that the shoulders are spread back and the shoulder joint is the center.

3. Neck around the ring, this action is similar to the previous shoulder around the ring, helping you find the correct position of your neck. Nowadays, people face computers and mobile phones for a long time. It will bring incorrect neck displacement when facing computers and mobile phones to running, which will make the health of cervical spine worse and worse. Friends who have cervical spondylosis must be gentle when doing this action. It is best to consult a doctor before.

(4) Hip encircling, which means opening your feet shoulder width, taking the central axis of your body as the axis, and encircling your hip joint. This action can help you ensure the flexibility of your hip joint.

⑤ Stand on one leg, with the calf folded to the root of thigh, and lean forward appropriately. This action mainly stretches the quadriceps femoris in front of the thigh, and can also prevent thigh cramps during running. This action can also be done after running, which also has certain preventive and relieving effects on lactic acid accumulation after exercise.

6. The knee joint is around the ring. Many running friends are suffering from abnormal noise of the knee joint, mainly due to insufficient warm-up and lubrication of the knee joint before running. The main points of this action are to put your legs together, squat half-way, hold your knees, and make a circle around the center line.

⑦. Stretch the calf muscles, with one leg in front and the other leg behind. The toe of the former triggers the latter to bend slightly, bending down and touching the toe of the former with one hand. This action can prevent calf cramps during running.

⑧. The ankle joint and wrist are looped, standing on one leg, and the other leg is on the ground with the toes as the center. At the same time, hands are crossed to hold the loop with the wrists as the center.

2. The key to healthy weight loss depends on the time and speed of running;

If you want to lose weight by running, it is best to control the running time at 30-60 minutes each time. If the running time is too short, the effect of burning fat will not be achieved. If the running time is too long, it will cause muscle fatigue, which is not good for health, just 3-5 times a week. People with large base weight should avoid running every day. After exercise, we should give our knees a full rest to avoid excessive friction and water accumulation, which is even more worthwhile. Moreover, the speed of running should not be too fast (of course, it should not be too slow), and the speed of about 6-7km/ h is the most reasonable. This pace can fully combine fat with oxygen to burn ~

3. Correct running posture;

1. Hold your head high, lean forward slightly, and keep your upper body straight. Don’t hold your chest, and don’t hold your chest out. The stable posture of the upper body has a great influence on breathing and rhythm.

2. Don’t touch the ground with your heel or forefoot. When landing, try to make the soles of your feet contact the ground as much as possible, and the forefoot or sole will touch the ground. The main thing is not to deliberately press the ankle.

3. Don’t pedal, pedal desperately when jogging, do you want to use your feet as rocket launchers? Have you thought about the knee and ankle feeling?

4. Swing your arms naturally back and forth, relax and open your shoulders backwards, don’t shrug your shoulders, and bend your elbows by about 90. Relax your hands and don’t make a fist, because making a fist is a tense posture, which will make you unable to swing your arm easily and naturally. Pay attention to the front and rear swing arms. Never swing your arms horizontally, because then your body will shake and your center of gravity will be unstable.

4. Stretch after running;

After jogging, fully stretching and stretching can fully burn the excess fat in the body, exercise most parts of the body and shape muscle lines. Of course, this is also the secret of not thickening legs after running, and stretching after running can also ease the tachycardia.

1. Leg stretching after running: Just keep your arms straight against a certain wall, with your legs standing back and forth, your front legs slightly bent, and your back legs straight. Press your body forward. Keep the heel of the back foot off the ground and change legs for 30 seconds.

2. Ligament stretching after running: open your feet to shoulder width, bend over and keep your knees straight, try to let your hands touch the ground and stick your upper body to your legs as much as possible.

3. Stretching the inner thigh after running: in the side bow position, the upper body leans forward and leans to the ground, and both hands support the ground below; Stretch the leg to the side and press it down. Keep the thighs and calves in a straight line and change legs for 30 seconds.

④ Stretching the front side of thigh after running: The body is standing on one leg, and the calf is folded to the root of thigh. You can lean forward appropriately and change legs for 30 seconds.

⑤. Butterfly stretching after running: Sit on the ground smoothly, bend your knees together, put the soles of your feet in front of your stomach, do your most comfortable posture, put your feet close to your groin, and press your upper body down for 30 seconds.

Nowadays, city workers can only find time to exercise in the morning or after work. So shall we run in the morning or fun run?

Fun run and morning running have their own benefits and advantages. You can adjust the distribution according to your own time. The most important thing is to stick to it! As the saying goes, as long as the kung fu is deep and the iron pestle is ground into a needle!

First of all, let’s talk about the advantages of morning running:

1. Running in the morning can change a person’s daily life, form a good habit of living and rest, don’t stay up late at night, and go to bed early automatically.

2. Running in the morning can breathe the freshest air in nature. As the saying goes, the plan for a good day lies in the morning.

3. When others are still asleep, I always feel that I have earned time when I get up early and run.

Persisting in running in the morning will also make you form the habit of eating breakfast every day, which will make you healthier.

While having advantages, we should also pay attention to the precautions for morning running:

1. Don’t run on an empty stomach. Although it has a certain fat-reducing effect, it will also lead to hypoglycemia/thrombosis, which will cause great harm to the body.

2. It is not advisable to run too early in the morning. It is better to run after 6 o’clock, and it is best to run from 9 to 11 o’clock. 30-60 minutes each time.

3. Although morning running can activate the body, the exercise effect is not as good as the legend.

4. The pace and distance of our morning run should be appropriate, not too strong.

Advantages of fun run:

Fun run is more convenient for most runners because they have more time after work.

2. fun run can make people more relaxed, relieve the pressure caused by a busy day, and you don’t have to think about some messy things when running;

3. fun run’s weight loss effect is more significant, because the night is the most vigorous time of human metabolism, which helps to burn fat;

④ At night, the number of platelets in people’s blood is relatively small, so that thrombosis can be well avoided;

⑤. fun run can also help to improve the quality of sleep. When you come back from running, take a rest and take a bath, you will fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Matters needing attention in fun run:

(1) In recent years, there have been many incidents reported on the Internet in fun run, so you should choose the location of fun run carefully. Safety is the first priority. Don’t go to fun run, a remote and sparsely populated place.

② fun run should have a light dinner, and don’t go out for a run immediately after dinner. It’s best to rest for about an hour and a half after dinner and start in fun run.

(3) fun run should try to finish before 9: 00 pm, just sweat a little, and leave some time for yourself to have a full rest, so as to avoid being too excited to fall asleep and affecting the state of going to work the next day.

Finally, the diet during running to lose weight;

Many people find that their legs will be thick after running for a period of time, or they can’t find the scales after running for a period of time. In view of whether the legs will become thick after running, if you have sufficient pre-running exercise and post-running stretching and correct running posture, you won’t get thick legs. As for why you haven’t lost the scales after running, diet is very important. Many people will feel very hungry after running, especially want to eat, but their appetite has improved and their food intake has increased. At this time, it is a test of our diet. The most important thing is what to eat. Remember not to overeat, otherwise they will become fatter instead of losing weight. Under normal circumstances, I will eat coarse grains or high-protein food after running for 1 hour, so that I can replenish the energy consumed after running in time and protein will not have to worry about getting fat, but the speed of dropping the scale will be a little slower, because it takes about 300 calories to run for 40 minutes. It is also recommended to give priority to coarse grains and vegetables and fruits when eating at ordinary times.

In conclusion, what I want to say is that no matter whether you are running or doing anything, it will not be immediate, but you should persevere. Some people run to lose weight, others run to be healthy. As long as you are willing to persist, you can actually see everyone’s changes and mental outlook ~ Let’s cheer together! Ollie, here! ! !