Class A share evening hotspot | RMB exchange rate broke "7"! Peripheral interest rate hike expectations are strengthened again, Apple has become the number one short target on Wall Street

The big news worth watching this evening are:

1. The Supreme Leader met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

2. The good news is coming! The General Office of the State Council issued a document related to the reduction of fees for securities, funds, etc.;

3. The RMB exchange rate has broken "7"! What are the implications? How will the future trend go?

4. The United States will ban Chinese batteries after 2024? BYD board secretary: It is impossible for the electric vehicle industry to decouple.

5. Peripheral interest rate hikes are expected to be further strengthened, and fund managers may accelerate the transfer of positions and shares.

The following is the text of the evening report:

1. The Supreme Leader meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Importance: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

On the afternoon of the 15th local time, the Supreme Leader of the President of the People’s Republic of China held a bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Samarkand State Guesthouse, conferring on Sino-Russian relations and international and regional issues of common concern.

The Supreme Leader stressed that China is willing to strongly support each other on issues concerning each other’s core interests and deepen practical cooperation in trade, agriculture, connectivity and other fields. The two sides should strengthen coordination and cooperation within multilateral frameworks such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, CICA, and BRICS countries, and promote all parties to enhance unity and mutual trust, expand practical cooperation, safeguard regional security interests, and safeguard the common interests of developing countries and emerging market countries.

2. The good news is coming! The General Office of the State Council issued a document related to the reduction of securities, funds, etc

Importance: ★ ★ ★ ★

On September 15, the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Further Optimizing the Business Environment and Reducing the Institutional Transaction Costs of Market Entities, including 23 items in five aspects. The key contents are as follows:

Fully implement market access negative list management

Encourage securities, funds, guarantees and other institutions to further reduce service charges

Improve the intellectual property protection system for new fields and new formats such as big data, artificial intelligence, and genetic technology

Fully implement fair competition censorship and investigate and punish malicious subsidies, low-price dumping, setting unreasonable trading conditions, etc

Promote the reduction of logistics service charges

For more details, please click to view the full text.

3. The RMB exchange rate has broken "7"! Which sectors are expected to benefit? How will the future trend go?

Importance: ★ ★ ★ ★

On September 15, Beijing time, after more than two years, the exchange rate of the RMB against the US dollar once again entered the "7" era. What is the impact? How will it go in the future? The comprehensive official and expert authoritative views of the country are as follows:

On the sector: Huaxi Securities believes that the greater the proportion of overseas business income, the greater the degree of impact of exchange rate fluctuations. However, there are differences in the elasticity of exchange rate effects in different industries. Technology-intensive industries such as electronics, household appliances, automobiles, and medical apparatus benefit more than labor-intensive industries such as textiles and clothing.

Exports: China’s export trade in shoes and accessories, textiles and apparel, leather bags account for a large share, and a moderate depreciation of the RMB may benefit companies in these industries.

On imports: In turn, industries that need to import raw materials, goods, and services from overseas, as well as companies that carry more dollar bonds, may be negatively affected.

On prices: China’s CPI constitutes the vast majority of food, and the country can be self-sufficient. The depreciation of the RMB against the US dollar has little impact on prices.

Follow-up trend: The RMB exchange rate does not have the basis for long-term depreciation. Even if it breaks the "7" this time, it will be inevitable to rise back to the "6" range in the future as the domestic economy stabilizes and the US dollar index pulls back with the use of some tools.

More relevant interpretations can be found here.

The United States will ban Chinese batteries after 2024? BYD board secretary: It is impossible for the electric vehicle industry to decouple

Importance: ★ ★ ★

Recently, a screenshot was posted on the Internet, claiming that the US IRA Act requires that Chinese batteries be banned after 2024.

In this regard, BYD board secretary Li Qian wrote on WeChat Moments on the afternoon of the 15th, "I don’t see how the electric vehicle industry is decoupled? In the electric vehicle industry, the United States is still in the early stage, relying on increased subsidies to support, while China has completely shifted from policy-driven to market-driven."

The new team of Tianfeng Securities also issued a document saying that the IRA bill only says that starting from 2024, any country whose battery components are produced in the list of "countries of special concern" (China is included) will no longer apply subsidies, and there is no ban.

5. Policies are frequent in various places, and there are multiple leading stocks connected to the board. Will real estate become the main line in the next stage?

Importance: ★ ★ ★

Recently, real estate stocks have also ushered in multiple catalysts in policies, and many cities have relaxed policies. In just two days on the 14th and 15th, there were major moves in Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Suzhou, and Qingdao. For details, click here.

In the real estate sector, Zhongzhou Holdings 4 days 3 board, Shahe shares 2 board, Xinhualian 2 board.

Comments: Recently, the new energy track has fallen sharply, and low-valued sectors such as finance and real estate have risen against the trend. Will real estate become the main line in the next stage? CITIC Securities believes that the policy will be implemented in a gradual and cumulative manner. The supply-side changes under the credit crisis have brought significant opportunities to some blue-chip real estate companies.

6. Peripheral interest rate hikes are expected to be further strengthened, and fund managers may accelerate their position-shifting and stock-swapping. The style will change.

Importance: ★ ★ ★

On September 15, class A shares adjusted again. Due to the increased volatility in the global market and the increased demand for institutional funds to avoid risks, some fund companies emphasized that there may be a need to switch positions in funds. According to brokerage China, fund managers may lay out oversold sectors.

Comments: What happened to the fund group stocks in those years? Just look at the chart below. In other words, the allocation ratio of partial stock public funds to new energy has reached an astonishing 40%, which can be said to be very high!

7. The mass production of Hengchi 5 is imminent, and Hengda Automobile’s Tianjin factory will hold a mass production ceremony on September 16

Importance: ★ ★ ★

Hengda Motor’s Tianjin factory will hold a mass production ceremony of Hengchi 5 on September 16. At present, Hengda Motor President Liu Yongzhuo and other executives have gone to the Tianjin factory site, and the site of the event ceremony has been preliminarily completed.

In addition, the following news is also worth noting:

8. MIIT: There is blind investment and duplicate construction in the field of new energy vehicles, but it will be gradually digested and solved.

9. China Securities Association: More than 60% of chief economists believe that the year-on-year growth rate of GDP in the fourth quarter will increase slightly compared with the third quarter.

National Energy Administration: China’s electricity consumption 852 billion kWh in August, an increase of 10.7% year-on-year.

1. U.S. stocks opened slightly lower: Some popular Chinese stocks fell, and Adobe fell more than 13%.

The three major U.S. stock indexes collectively opened lower, with the Dow down 0.08%, the Nasdaq down 0.69%, and the S & P 500 down 0.35%. Some popular Chinese stocks fell, Kingsoft Cloud, Bilibili, and XPeng Motors fell more than 3%, and iQIYI and Qutoutiao fell more than 2%.

Adobe tumbled more than 13% to its lowest level since late April 2020, after announcing the acquisition of Figma and providing Q4 financial guidance. Netflix rose 3.3% and expects the low-cost subscription service to reach 40 million audience by the third quarter of 2023.

The Chinese concept demon stock is still multiplied by the number of stocks initially rose by more than 56%, triggering a suspension, and the stock skyrocketed by more than 311% overnight.

Apple became Wall Street’s number one short target: short positions reached $18.40 billion, surpassing Tesla for the first time in more than two years

Wall Street bears are eyeing large technology stocks in the United States. According to financial analysis firm S3
Partners released data on September 14 local time. As of September 13, Apple’s latest unpositioned squaring short position was $18.444 billion, surpassing Tesla for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak overseas in April 2020. It has become the number one short target for Wall Street bears.

3. Last-minute thrilling clearance, the first rail strike in the United States in 30 years was averted

After more than 20 hours of all-night negotiations, at 5:05 a.m. the day before the deadline, the White House announced that Amtrak and the unions had reached a "thrilling" tentative agreement, averting the first rail strike in 30 years.

After combing through the investment opportunities that the market is concerned about, we found that degradable plastics, VR, etc. are attracting attention.

MIIT strengthened the application of low-carbon materials such as degradable plastics, and institutions favored these 13 stocks during the year

The MIIT General Office and others have issued the "three products" implementation plan for the raw material industry to develop green and low-carbon products. It is mentioned that the research and development and application of high-quality green and low-carbon materials such as degradable plastics and bio-based materials should be strengthened.

Guohai Securities Research Report pointed out that under the promotion of the plastic ban policy, it is predicted that by 2025, the total market demand for degradable plastics in China will reach 4.1523 million tons, which is 9.23 times the demand in 2018, and the unit price 20,000 yuan/ton is 83 billion.

Tencent’s self-selected stocks found that this year, there are 13 shares of Jinfang Technology that have received more than 10 institutional researchers, including Wanhua Chemical, Yutong Technology, and Hengli Petrochemical, which are 113, 50, and 42 respectively.


2. The PICO 4VR all-in-one machine will be officially launched at the end of the month, and the industrial chain is expected to attract attention

According to media reports, according to the PICO Tmall flagship store, Pico
The 4VR all-in-one machine has been officially opened for pre-order and is expected to be officially launched at the end of this month. The final price will be announced on September 27. Users can book at a price of 100 yuan between September 13 and 22:00 on September 27, and pay the balance at 22:30 on September 27.

The industry believes that the VR all-in-one machine with independent computing power, independent interaction, independent display and independent content platform in our country has become the current mainstream virtual reality (VR) end point device. According to the data released by IDC, the shipment of VR headsets in Quarter 1 of 2022 in China was 257,000 units.

Class A shares in the company:

Zhidu Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of Guangzhou Zhidu Cosmos Technology Co., Ltd., launched the first domestic digital art meta-universe community "Meta Beyond", which is currently available in PICO.
VR, iQIYI · Adventure VR and Android mobile terminals are launched. (Recommended by AVIC Plaza Securities)

Changxin Technology: Provides the latest VR Quest2 display module for Meta, and also provides VR headset module for domestic VR giant PICO. (Recommended by Huaxin Securities)

In addition, the following sectors are also worth paying attention to:

3. Huawei Cloud: It will support 10,000 startups worldwide in the next three years.

4. Hengqin launches the pilot of intelligent networked driverless cars.

5, iPhone 14 series of mobile phones have not been sold and the price has increased: the spot premium is 200-4000 yuan, and the most expensive one is priced at 17,000 yuan;

6. MIIT: It is organizing research to promote the application of eSIM technology on smartphones and other devices.

On the positive side, the self-selected brother prompts attention to the signing of a cooperation framework agreement between Huayi Technology and a subsidiary of Ningde Times, etc.; on the negative side, attention is paid to the suspension of the formal cooperation agreement between Zhezhong Shares and Mount Everest in Tibet and Qidi Qingyuan.

positive announcement

1. Hikvision: 2 billion yuan – 2.50 billion yuan to buy back shares, and the repurchase price does not exceed 40 yuan/share.

2. Huayi Technology: Signed a cooperation framework agreement with Ningde Times (Shanghai).

3. Xingshuaier: The subsidiary signed the "General Rules for Procurement of Productive Materials" with Shenzhen BYD Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

4. Funeng shares: increase the price of on-grid electricity and natural gas gate stations.

5. Xinwangda: It is planned to build a 30GWh power battery production base 12 billion.

6. Kelun Pharmaceutical: Net profit is expected to increase by 55% to 70% year-on-year in the first three quarters.

7, China Railway: won the bidding of 38 major projects, a total of 91.20 billion yuan.

Negative announcement

1. Zhezhong Shares: The company has suspended the agreement on the formal cooperation agreement with Mount Everest in Tibet and Qidi Qingyuan.

2. Two-board Xinhualian: The company’s business does not involve the concept of Universal Studios.

3. ST Zotye released a stock price change announcement: the relevant cooperation is currently only for the transformation of the original production line, and no new pure electric vehicle production capacity construction projects will be carried out and no new production capacity will be added.

4. Ordinary people: The pharmaceutical group plans to reduce its holdings by no more than 2%.

5. Kid King: Nanjing Weiying plans to reduce its holdings by no more than 1%.

6. Heat Scene Bio: The company’s former supervisor received a written administrative penalty decision.

This article is selected from "Tencent’s self-selected stocks", edited by Zhitong Finance: Wei Haoming.

BMW 5 Series replaced BYD Han, using daily real evaluation.

I remember that at that time, many cities in China had already drunk the first cup of milk tea in autumn, and the weather in Shenzhen was still hot in summer. I took my old colleague a circle older than me to the 4S shop in Shenzhen to accompany him to see Han. There was an activity in the store that weekend to promote Han, and we all lined up for an hour when we went for a test drive that day.

My old colleague, I usually call him Bingo, he is the owner of 520Li. This car was bought in 10 years, mainly for commuting, and it has been in operation for several years.

He has been driving this 520Li for more than ten years, mainly for commuting, and he seldom drives it at ordinary times. In recent years, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly. Bingo has always wanted to change a car in the past two years. He is tired of driving a petrol car. In addition, he has a new SUV at home. If he runs long distances, he can drive his car. He told me that many charging piles have been installed in their community, and there are also many cars in the community. Tang also has several cars. He said that he wanted to keep up with the trend of the times and always wanted to change to a pure electric new energy vehicle. The pure electric vehicle produced a few years ago, he felt that it was too expensive and unnecessary, and other vehicles did not have enough battery life. Tucki P7 and Han, who came out this year, are both very interested. Considering that the electric car has been made for so many years, the safety factor will be more guaranteed, and Han’s overall car is also very good, so he is very interested in replacing a Han EV. Coupled with the replacement of Han in Shenzhen, there can be a replacement subsidy of 50 thousand, so he has long planned to buy this Han.

At that time, I went with him for a test drive, which was the top match of the red interior with a Chinese red appearance. After the test drive, Bingo said that he didn’t expect domestic cars to be so good now, and both the interior and the workmanship would not be worse than his 520Li. Considering his own needs, Bingo said that he was too old and didn’t need too fast, so he ordered the 258,000 2-drive version of the 600-kilometer one, which was set with a black appearance and brown interior, which was more in line with his age.

Recently, I happened to be on a business trip for a month. When I returned to the company, Bingo told me that his Han had brought the car back for half a month. He has been driving for more than half a month. This black-looking Han also looks very atmospheric, with a slender size, giving people a steady and luxurious atmosphere.

The brown interior gives people a sense of stability and calmness, which looks very comfortable. Han’s chair is as comfortable as a soft sofa.

The central control panel is very large, and some general functions are available. Moreover, the software of the car machine system is very powerful now. Navigation, movies, music, intelligent voice assistant, and the often publicized KTV function in the car are all very practical and convenient functions.

This central control display is also very clear, with a strong sense of science and technology. There are many shortcut function buttons on the steering wheel. In addition, the Chinese characters on the steering wheel greatly shine to represent the cultural feelings of China going global.

Whether it’s the door switch or the central control gear handle, these high-quality tactile sensations that we used to see on foreign luxury cars look very much like when we actually touch them in our hands.

Bingo said that a very important reason for choosing Han was that its back row space was large enough, which was similar to its 520Li. Sometimes when he took his family out, his two children could sit more comfortably in the back row.

Finally, I asked Bingo about how it feels when using this car, what are its advantages, whether the power of the two-wheel drive version is a little weak, and what is the difference compared with it. Bingo said so. First of all, in terms of the workmanship of the car, because it is compared with the car almost 10 years ago, Han’s workmanship will definitely not be worse than his, and the interior space texture is even better than his previous 520. Then the only thing he thinks will feel worse than that of the car is that when crossing the potholes, Han’s suspension is still not as good as its 520, and the handling feeling of the car is not as good as his original 520. When driving, it feels very comfortable, and the car is in harmony with people. When turning a corner, Han will feel like driving a boat and can’t actually feel its turn. Bingo said that it may also be the reason why he drove the 520 for too long.

In addition, he said that Han’s sound insulation effect is quite good. When driving on the road, there is no engine noise, and the whole car feels very quiet when driving. He won’t feel bad in terms of power. He said that he felt that the tram was speeding up so fast that he didn’t get used to it at first. Finally, when it comes to battery life, he said that it is warm all the year round in Shenzhen. This car has been in operation for more than half a month, and it is estimated that the battery life is about 550 kilometers, which makes him feel more practical.

Finally, Bingo said that this Han is really good, but he has a more real feeling after using it for more than half a month. He said that this Han is OK, but it is not as good as advertised on the Internet. It can only be said that it is good, and there is still a way to go before it is excellent. There is still a certain gap between some cars and traditional luxury cars, and he is also happy with the progress of domestic cars.

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Cailian Automobile Morning Post [August 7]

  Cui Dongshu: Among the top 500 enterprises in the world, China Automobile Company is generally better.

  On August 6, Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the Federation, issued a document saying that recently Fortune published the latest list of the world’s top 500 in 2023, the world.The overall performance of auto companies is good. The sales revenue of auto companies in the top 500 will increase from 2.4 trillion US dollars in 2015 to 3.1 trillion US dollars in 2022. The sales of major auto companies will increase steadily, and the overall performance of major auto companies is very good. China’s main automobile group performed particularly well.And Geely Group, all maintain an annual increase of $10 billion.

  Cui Dongshu: China enterprises in the automobile and parts industries performed well.Some independent car companies, such as independent groups, have outstanding performance, and the status of parts companies has weakened.

  Great Wall pickup truck: 15,841 vehicles were sold worldwide in July.

  Great Wall pickup truck recently released its sales data for July. Great Wall pickup truck sold 15,841 vehicles worldwide in July, and accumulated 118,437 vehicles worldwide from January to July, up 7% year-on-year. From January to July, the domestic terminal market accounted for nearly 50%.

  Cailian Automobile: In the pickup truck market, the leading edge of the Great Wall is becoming more and more obvious.

  Rong Tai, Zhejiang Province: The total sales amount of customer-designated projects in the life cycle is about RMB 1.223 billion.

  August 6, Rong Tai, Zhejiang, the company recently received an overseasFixed-point notice of automobile customers, choosing the company as the supplier of insulation parts for automobile thermal runaway protection. According to the customer’s plan, there is a total of one designated project, with a life cycle of 6 years and a total sales amount of about 1.223 billion yuan. The designated project is expected to start production in the first quarter of 2024.

  Cailian Automobile: The wave of automobile electrification has given upstream suppliers unprecedented development opportunities.

  Tengshi N8 is launched with Yunnian -C intelligent damping body control system.

  August 5, SmartThe full-scene SUV Tengshi N8 was officially launched, and two versions were launched, namely, the flagship six-seat version of the four-wheel drive super hybrid was 326,800 yuan, and the flagship seven-seat version of the four-wheel drive super hybrid was 319,800 yuan. As the second model of N series after Tengshi brand rejuvenation, Tengshi N8 locates medium and large SUV, equipped with DM-p super hybrid system and EHS electric hybrid system +1.5T Xiaoyun 40.12% high thermal efficiency engine.The comprehensive power is 360kW, and the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is only 4.3s s.. Based on the chassis adjustment of Tengshi X Mercedes-Benz, N8 is equipped with Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system and CCT comfort control technology after upgrading, and can support OTA upgrade.

  Cailian Automobile: With the potential of a stable brand of generate, Tengshi focused on the pain points of SUV users, and created a product label for N8, which is "a city can be wild, and the whole region has a way".

  Suzuki, Maruti, India: The goal is to double the annual output to nearly 4 million vehicles by 2031.

  On August 6th, according to the latest annual report of Maruti Suzuki, the largest Indian automobile manufacturer, the company aims to launch new models and increase exports, and double its annual output to nearly 4 million vehicles by 2031, among which it plans to triple its overseas sales to 800,000 vehicles. By fiscal year 2030-2031, Maruti Suzuki is expected to launch six electric vehicles, which will account for 15% to 20% of its total sales by then.

  Cailian Automobile: Suzuki is still thriving in the Indian market.

  Kia recalled more than 120,000 cars in the United States due to the risk of engine fire.

  On August 5, according to the recall information updated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on August 5, Kia America will recall some 2017-2022 Niro and 2018-2022 Niro plug-in hybrid cars, totaling 121,411 vehicles, due to the risk of engine compartment fire.

  Cailian Automobile: Kia’s road to electrification transformation is not smooth sailing.

  (Cailian reporter Zhang Yipeng finishing/commenting)

Aauto Quicker is a women’s group, Tik Tok is a variety show, and what are the "tricks" for short videos that cross the border?

The arrival of Q3 means that the year 2020 is half over.

In July, when the screen was full of excitement, two short video platforms, Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker, also launched a new round of "attack" plan for the film and television industry: Aauto Quicker directly announced the seven-person group "KSGirls" and took a step of "becoming an idol"; Tik Tok continued to engage in variety shows, and went online to hold hands with singer Hu Haiquan’s program "HI! Springs listen to me "…

What are the new ideas and new ways of playing behind these frequent "cross-border" behaviors?

“show you the world

I appreciate it with you.

Watch flower of life bloom freely.

There is always a light that will illuminate the road ahead.

There is always some love worth watching with enthusiasm.

The world is very big. Go ahead with the wind.

Every dream has its own unique magnetic field. "

On July 5th, one day after the formation of "Creation Camp 2020" and "Hard Candy Girl 303", Aauto Quicker Film and Television officially announced its female group "KSGirls". Interestingly, Aauto Quicker’s women’s team did not have the usual group-forming links such as voting and public performance, but directly announced the "C debut" and released the first female team MV of Colorful Vision.

KSGirls is composed of seven girls, including Cai Bing, a dance blogger on the platform of Aauto Quicker, Chen Chunyu, a dance master, Huoxianmei, a popular anchor who changed from a game to entertainment, Chen Doby, a beautiful girl musician, He Yating, a popular cover blogger, etc. They are fast-paced online celebrity creators, among whom Chen Doby and Huoxianmei Aauto Quicker have more than 10 million fans.

This year, it is the "year of playing" in the women’s team draft: In March, iQiyi’s "Youth has You 2" made programs such as "reader" and "Wow" quickly out of the circle; In May, Tencent Video’s "Creation Camp 2020" launched the women’s group combination of "Hard Sugar Girl 303"; In June, Mango TV’s "30+" women’s group "Braving the Wind and Waves", with stocks and hardcore sisters Qi Fei …

On the one hand, idol talent shows frequently issue innovative declarations of "not defining women’s groups", and on the other hand, short video platforms touch idol tracks for the first time. On the crowded track of women’s team and draft, the quiet joining of short video platform is just like the subtle "throbbing" mood of TV people when the video platform just launched the online draft program. At present, it is not clear how KSGirls will take the idol road after forming a group, and what supporting women’s group performing activities with short video features will be held. However, these online celebrity girls who are from Aauto Quicker and have different specialties and bring their own fans may find new ways to develop women’s groups outside the reality show.

Regardless of whether KSGirls operates successfully or not, for Aauto Quicker, this is a good marketing action to reshape the brand image. According to Aauto Quicker Film and Television, within 24 hours of announcing the debut of the Aauto Quicker Women’s Team, tens of thousands of female users in Aauto Quicker released videos, announcing that they were "Aauto Quicker girls", with the declaration logo…… of # Aauto Quicker girls are in position C # … In the first MV of the women’s team "Colorful Vision", the poster copy of "Open a Aauto Quicker, everyone will debut" also made the Aauto Quicker Women’s Team more like a marketing direction aimed at "pulling new things".

It can be said that it has always been the direction of Aauto Quicker’s efforts to wash away the stereotype of "rustic flavor" and "sprint" to first-tier cities. Previously, after the publicity video "Back Waves" of bilibili Youth Day was overturned due to "lack of insight", Aauto Quicker released the video "Seeing" jointly with Ollie for uncle on the ninth anniversary, but it was an excellent case of "emotional touch".

"Some people say that only by looking at the world with prejudice can we have a way of looking at the world; You don’t need to presuppose any way to look at the world … "Seeing MV takes" being your own hero "and" the power of seeing "as its themes, which makes Aauto Quicker’s" old irons "bravely expose themselves. The content depicts many aspects of life, and the copy is simple and moving, which is in line with Aauto Quicker’s positioning and highlights the product attributes of the short video" Seeing Life ".

Recently, Aauto Quicker’s dynamics in the film and television track are far more than these: In May, the cinema film "Empty Nest" was launched in Aauto Quicker film and television, and the number of hits exceeded 16 million that night; At the same time, Aauto Quicker announced his participation in the production of the road film "He is My Brother" and the video call for papers for the joint film "Fighting over the tears of the Buddha’s Sage" in Aauto Quicker. Behind these actions, people are inevitably reminded that in September 2019, Aauto Quicker changed its business scope and added "film distribution and film production", and in December, it added "performance broker".

Long video is the only way for short video platform Aauto Quicker.

"The blue sky in the Milky Way.

There is a small white boat.

There is a osmanthus tree on the boat.

The white rabbit is playing. "

On July 4th, the singer Hu Haiquan held the guitar and sang the song "Little White Boat" which was recently ignited from the suspense drama "Hidden Corner", and cooperated with the band members to sing the classic song "The Most Beautiful" of Yu Quan …

This is Tik Tok’s recently launched custom music comprehensive "HI! Listen to me, the program created an online LiveShow on the short video platform. Formally, the program takes the personalized LiveShow of professional musicians as an incision, and invites different musicians as guests: in the first program, not only Guo Congming, a young singer with 42 million fans in Tik Tok and a Tik Tok talent, was invited, but also Liu Sihan, the singer of the song "Let the Rain Continue to Underground".

Compared with the music variety in the form of long video, this kind of music ensemble with the characteristics of high interactivity and timeliness of short video has obvious difference-relatively speaking, the music programs of network ensemble and electric ensemble are richer and more exquisite in sound effect, stage and program setting, but it also brings a sense of distance to the audience; The variety of short video platform is relatively "simple" in form and content, but it has the advantages of "small screen, live broadcast, barrage, gift" and so on.

Since the beginning of this year, Tik Tok’s attempt at variety shows can be described as tireless. During Q1 and Q2, Tik Tok, who is aiming at "house economy", quickly "dried up" in the variety section, and launched a series of entertainment programs, such as music DOULive, comedy DOU package and so on. Previously, Tik Tok also launched a series of star micro-variety shows, such as Return to Zero and Mr. Moxi, which cooperated with LAY and Leo. In addition, it also launched the "Star PD Plan" to jointly create online IP with stars. It can be said that for the layout of the entertainment track, Tik Tok’s characteristics are "famous guests+high publicity+huge flow", and combined with the characteristics of the platform to promote Tik Tok’s talent, under the "heavy money" to try the integrated development model of PGC and UGC.

Of course, Aauto Quicker is engaged in women’s idol, and Tik Tok is not idle. On June 5th, Tik Tok announced the launch of "Trainees, please start broadcasting" jointly with the four major head brokerage companies. Tik Tok Star Anchor Co-training Program ",it is reported that Tik Tok will invest 4 billion yuan to support the contestants in the event, aiming at supporting more high-quality talent anchors in music and dance.

As the growth of short video users slows down and the dividends peak, the business segments such as live broadcast between platforms, short video and advertising continue to "compete with each other", and the boundaries between long and short videos are increasingly blurred, which will inevitably make the giants’ eyes shift to other tracks. In the era of great entertainment, no matter which track the product is placed on, in the final analysis, it is the user’s time that is robbed.

The ecological changes in the entertainment market this year seem to be more intense.


Rotating editor: Yi Wu

Author: Siberia

Editor: Bitter wine

(Some pictures are from the Internet)

Online celebrity’s Cat Cafe: How to calculate the responsibility of teasing the cat to be scratched?

  In recent years, the popularity of pet coffee shops has remained high. In most pet coffee shops, besides selling small animals, it is even more exciting that customers can get in close contact with small animals when they arrive at the store. However, behind these warm and lovely pictures, there are also many hidden dangers.

  A few days ago, a user nicknamed "sccggbb" commented on a shop on an APP platform, reflecting the experience that his boyfriend was scratched by a cat when he and his boyfriend went to a cat cafe for consumption.

  According to sccggbb’s description, I have visited this cat and coffee shop twice. The first time I went with a friend, "My friend was caught by a cat, but there was no bleeding"; The second time I went with my boyfriend, "My boyfriend was directly scratched by a cat and bled". In these two experiences when her companion was scratched by a cat, what made her angry was the way the shopkeeper handled it. The user’s message information shows that after the first friend was scratched by a cat, "the shopkeeper gave an alcohol cotton pad to wipe it", and after the second boyfriend was scratched, the shopkeeper said that the use method of teasing the cat stick was wrong.

  So, what exactly happened? As a new format, what measures will cat coffee generally take to reduce the chances of customers being scratched by cats? Who is responsible for the customer being scratched by a cat in a cat cafe?


  It’s the wrong way to tease the cat

  Or was it thrown for no reason?

  On July 4, the reporter contacted an APP user nicknamed "sccggbb", who refused to be interviewed on this matter.

  After combing the replies from an APP platform to the user, the reporter learned that the user "sccggbb" and her boyfriend bought a set meal coupon for two people worth 88 yuan through the platform on the afternoon of Dragon Boat Festival (June 25th) and went to the store for consumption. After completing the use registration of the set meal coupon, they each got a cat-teasing stick from the shopkeeper.

  Ms. Fu, the owner of the store, recalled the scene to the reporter and added that while giving the cat-teasing stick, she also introduced the personality characteristics of each cat in the store to the two of them, and reminded them to pay attention to safety in the process of teasing cats. On the dining table in the store, there are also tips about the cat’s personality characteristics and the precautions for teasing cats.

  Ms. Fu told the reporter that through the monitoring of the store at that time, we can see that the boyfriend of the user "sccggbb" had the action of shaking the cat stick towards his body before being scratched by the cat, and thought that this was the main reason for being scratched by the cat. "Generally, the cat-teasing stick is shaken far away to ensure that you are not scratched by the cat." Ms. Fu admitted that when giving the cat-teasing stick to the two, she did not remind them of the possible risks of using the cat-teasing stick incorrectly.

  Ms. Fu’s statement is different from the comments made by the user "sccggbb" on an APP. According to the comments of sccggbb, "I didn’t mean to tease the cat at that time, but the cat jumped on me."


  Shopkeeper: I have returned the package coupon and am willing to send it to the doctor.

  Customer: You should compensate for the cost of vaccination.

  However, how to get injured is not the focus of the debate between the two sides. What makes the user "sccggbb" dissatisfied is mainly the way the shopkeeper handled his boyfriend after he was injured: "I didn’t see that you had anything to deal with within an hour of being scratched by a cat, so you should take the initiative to say that you would take us for vaccination."

  In this regard, Ms. Fu stressed in an interview that she started to communicate with her "sccggbb" boyfriend less than three minutes after he was scratched by a cat, and left after the customer said "It doesn’t matter, the cat has no problem with vaccination".

  Ms. Fu said that the store monitoring showed that after confirming the situation with "sccggbb" and her boyfriend, the two continued to tease the cat in the store and left after about half an hour. When they left, they were "really sorry", so they returned "sccggbb" and 88 yuan, who bought the package coupon with her boyfriend that day, and said that "you can go to the hospital to ask if you are not at ease."

  Ms. Fu told reporters that all the cats in her shop had received four doses of vaccine at the end of July 2019 (including the cat rhinotracheitis vaccine, the mosaic virus vaccine and the panleukopenia vaccine commonly known as "Miaosanduo", as well as the rabies vaccine).

  In response to Ms. Fu’s statement, "sccggbb" expressed different views. "Even if the cat has been vaccinated, there is a certain chance that it will be infected with rabies if it is exposed at the third level, and it has already caught bleeding." "sccggbb" said that it was precisely because of the store’s unacceptable handling method that it gave the store a bad review and asked the store to compensate for the cost of rabies vaccine and tetanus vaccine according to the market price.

  Lawyer’s statement

  Under the condition that the customer is not at fault

  Shops should bear the responsibility.

  Ms. Fu told reporters that she had stopped the operation of the store two or three days after the dispute with "sccggbb". "It has been nearly a year since I opened the store, and I have been troubled by various situations, especially after this incident. I decided to close this store."

  Ms. Fu said that "sccggbb" has reflected the above disputes to the platform and consumer rights protection organizations. "If the relevant departments determine that I do have the obligation to pay compensation, I will bear the corresponding compensation, and it will not be affected by closing the store."

  In fact, the dispute between Ms. Fu and "sccggbb" is not accidental, and the problem of cats scratching customers often occurs in cat cafes. Taking Chengdu as an example, the reporter searched for "cat coffee" on an APP platform and got 133 related stores.

  How do these 133 stores deal with customers being scratched by cats? The reporter immediately dialed the phone number of a cat and coffee merchant located in the third section of Hongxing Road.

  The person in charge of the store told the reporter that it is a common problem for customers to be scratched by cats in cat coffee. Usually, after the customer tells the clerk that he has been scratched by a cat, the clerk will disinfect the customer’s wound at the first time. "The cats in our store will be vaccinated once every six months, and we will know from frequent contact with cats that it will not be infected if they are scratched by cats, so routine disinfection is enough." The person in charge said that when customers ask for rabies vaccination, the store will also compensate them accordingly.

  The person in charge said, "As long as the customer’s requirements are reasonable, the store will try its best to meet them in order to avoid disputes." He also told reporters that in a prominent position at the entrance of their store, customers will be prompted to "don’t hug the cat forcibly, if there is a risk, you will be at your own risk." At the same time, for the sake of customer safety, children under the age of 8 are not allowed to enter the store. After contacting a number of cat cafes in Chengdu, the reporter found that all cats and cafes had scratched customers, and almost all shops had disclaimers. Then, does such a statement, as expressed in the text itself, make the cat and coffee shop exempt from liability when the cat hurts people?

  The reporter consulted Song Hongyu, a lawyer of Taihetai Law Firm. Song Hongyu said that customers are mainly divided into two categories when cats are scratched by cats. In the first category, customers are indeed scratched because of their own way of teasing cats, which leads to the cat’s stress response; The second category is that customers are scratched by cats just because they are in the store without teasing them. "As long as the customer is not at fault, the store should bear the responsibility that the cats it raises infringe on the rights and interests of others." (Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star Journalist Ye Yan Intern reporter Cheng Bo)

Wild boar is no longer a national protected wild animal. How to find the balance between protection and hunting?

  Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, July 7th Question: Wild boar is no longer a national protected wild animal. How to find the balance between protection and hunting?

  Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporters Zhang Chaoqun, Gao Jianjun and Sun Qingqing

  A few days ago, National Forestry and Grassland Administration released the newly adjusted List of Terrestrial Wild Animals with Important Ecological, Scientific and Social Values, and the wild boar that caused serious damage in many places in the country was transferred out of the list, which means that it no longer belongs to the wild animals protected by the state. What is the realistic background of this change? Does it mean that you can kill at will after calling out the list? How to find the balance between protection and hunting? "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporter conducted an investigation and interview on this.

  Wild boar flooding in many places frequently hurts people and destroys things, and it has been called for a long time to delete them from the list.

  The newly adjusted "Three Owns" list includes 1924 species of wild animals. Compared with the catalogue first published in 2000, more than 700 species of wild animals have been added while basically retaining the original species. The species listed in the original list are not naturally distributed in China, or widely distributed, with a very high population, no extinction risk, and may even cause harm.

  "There is no threat to the survival of wild boar, and the population in many areas is too high, which is in line with the basic principle of adjustment." Jin Kun, a researcher at the Institute of Forest Ecological Environment and Nature Protection of China Academy of Forestry, said.

  In 2021, Tudeng Xiangba, the 45-year-old village party secretary and village committee director of Zengde Village, Shangmula Township, Litang County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, was killed by a wild boar attack on his way to the mountain.

  In Yuanshanzi Village, Tongjiang County, Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, wild boars "patronize" every three to five nights. Among the 334 households in the village, more than 100 villagers planted crops and fruits, which were damaged by wild boars. According to the comprehensive villagers’ evaluation of Tongjiang County Wildlife Conservation Center, there are more than 20,000 wild boars in the county. From March 2022 to March 2023, Tongjiang County accepted more than 700 reports of wild animals such as wild boar.

  Since 2022, there have been more than 1,300 incidents of wild boar accidents recorded in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, and eight people have been injured and more than 3,500 mu of crops have been damaged.

  To this end, many county governments have to buy commercial insurance to make up for the losses caused by wild boar to farmers. Tongjiang County has spent more than 400,000 yuan in recent years to buy government rescue insurance for wildlife damage. In Mianyang City, five counties with serious wild boar hazards spend 100,000-300,000 yuan each year to buy commercial insurance with insurance coverage ranging from 1.2 million to 2 million yuan.

  Not only in the countryside, but also in Nanjing, Hangzhou and other places. The data show that wild boar is distributed in 28 of the 31 provinces in China, among which 857 counties (cities, districts) in 26 provinces are harmed by wild boar, which has adversely affected the production and life of local people.

  During the interview, the relevant departments of forestry and grassland in many places revealed that from the perspective of being conducive to social development and people’s lives, it has been called for a long time to delete wild boar from the "three haves" list. To this end, many places have made detailed wild boar population surveys and hazard assessments.

  Can I kill wild boar at will in the future?

  "I really can’t help it. The wild boar will eat 70 acres of my more than 100 acres." In a case heard by the People’s Court of Xichuan County, Henan Province in 2021, Wu Mou, who captured more than 8 wild boars with prohibited hunting equipment in the game reserve and during the game ban, stated this to the court.

  Now, does bringing wild boar out of the list mean that you can kill wild boar at will?

  Jin Kun and other experts said that after the wild boar was brought out of the list, it was easier to carry out hunting activities, but the principle of giving priority to protection should still be adhered to, and the provisions of laws and regulations such as no hunting area, no hunting period, no hunting tools and hunting methods, and national gun management should be strictly observed. When hunting wild boar, no harm should be caused to other wild animals protected by the state.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Wildlife and Wetland Protection Department of Sichuan Forestry and Grassland Bureau, one of the advantages of transferring wild boar out of the list is that the procedures are simpler at the grassroots level when dealing with the harm caused by wild boar and adopting population control.

  "One pig, two bears, three tigers and leopards." During the interview, villagers in many places used this folk saying to describe the strong aggression of wild boar.

  "The villagers can’t clean up the wild boar without tools", "the biting force is too strong", "the teeth are like knives" and "they dare not do it". The villagers in Xinyi Village, Muzuo Township, Pingwu County, Sichuan Province commented on the "lethality" of wild boar. Du Lin, the village party secretary, said, "A few years ago, an old lady in the village met a wild boar on the mountain, and her ankle was bitten off by a wild boar. She was barely able to walk on crutches after living in the hospital for more than two months."

  Li Zhongyi, the criminal investigation team leader of the Forest Police Detachment of Mianyang City Public Security Bureau, said that most wild boars are social animals, and generally two or three sows hang out with a group of young pigs. In order to protect their young, adult sows are usually irritable and aggressive. Wild boar has territorial consciousness and may attack other creatures in the territory.

  The reporter learned that there are only three hunting teams in Mianyang, a city with a good ecological environment and frequent wild boars, all of which are non-governmental organizations. Among them, only one team was allowed to use guns by the public security organs for the record.

  How to find the balance between protection and hunting?

  Experts interviewed said that the frequent appearance of wild animals such as wild boar not only caused crop losses, but also reflected the trend that the ecological environment in many places in China continued to improve and the habitat of wild animals expanded. "The ecology is getting better and better these years." Yang Tingxiu, a 50-year-old villager in Luoyigou Village, Qingxi Town, Qingchuan County, Sichuan Province, said that wild boar, deer and monkeys went to the fields to eat crops, which was the trouble after the ecological improvement.

  Experts suggest that wild boar is harmful, but it is not a "pest". Studies have shown that the habit of wild boar turning over the soil and arching the ground can effectively promote the healthy succession of forests. At the same time, the seeds of many plants in nature are also spread through the eating and activities of wild boar.

  The insiders believe that it is necessary to adhere to the principle of protection priority, find the balance between hunting and protection, and make scientific policies to achieve harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Otherwise, it is inevitable to fall into "indiscriminate killing — The number has dropped sharply — Protection — Overflow — The pattern of indiscriminate killing.

  Some grassroots cadres and the masses have called for the local government to formulate special control methods in areas where wild boar causes frequent harm. For example, the public security organs can properly participate in wild boar hunting activities, or approve private professional hunting teams to be equipped with a certain number of special firearms. At the same time, strictly regulate and implement the harmless treatment process and comprehensive utilization regulations such as sterilization, deep burial or incineration of prey carcasses, and strictly prohibit wild animals from flowing to the table.

  Experts warned that if Lu Yu wild boar, should keep calm, quickly find the surrounding terrain and shelter conducive to hiding. If the wild boar takes the initiative to attack, it should dodge to both sides to avoid the frontal collision of the wild boar; When you are deadlocked, try to find a tall and easy-to-climb tree to climb two or three meters, and call the police for help on the premise of your own safety.