Great Wall Motor Retrograde New Energy


Wen Haochao Business Review, written by pineapple and edited by Yang Xuran.

  Alashan is definitely one of the hottest online celebrity producing areas in Tik Tok.

  It is "poetry and distance" in the eyes of cross-country enthusiasts. Every October, there will be a grand cross-country rally-Alashan Heroes’ Club. In 2019, the video of "Alashan Shake Shake" was played 40 million times in Tik Tok, and it was also searched by many media such as CCTV, Sina and Tencent.

  The cross-country culture of "sunset speeding" and "freedom and uninhibited" is completely on fire. It is not only the carnival of the brave, the meditation of the unruly, but also the second spring of the fuel car.

  "Great Wall Cannon", "Haval H6" and other vehicles frequently appeared in off-road vehicle competitions, which also made Great Wall Motor (SH: 601633), a 30-year-old car company from Baoding, once again fire.

  Since July this year, the Great Wall’s stock market has performed like a shot in the arm. In just half a year, its share price has risen from the 5-10 yuan range that it has maintained for five years to 37 yuan, more than tripling.


  Great Wall Motor’s Share Price Performance in May-December

  At home in the era of new energy vehicles, Great Wall Motor has stepped out of its own exponential growth curve and become a "traditional car enterprise" and "fuel vehicle".The benchmark for traditional fuel car companies to break through in the new energy era.

  What has Great Wall Motor experienced, which can represent the fuel vehicle to attack the market in the era of new energy explosion?

  From Baoding Wei Jianjun to Jack Wey

Wei Jianjun, a soldier who used to be unsmiling, is becoming a fashion person who embraces young people.

  At the shareholders’ meeting in 2015, when asked why Great Wall Motor did not emphasize marketing, Wei Jianjun, the chairman of the board of directors, frequently made golden sentences, saying, "It is unnecessary to produce cars because the production of wine can create a brand" and "No brand-new car products will be launched in the next 5-6 years".

  At that time, Wei Jianjun was still a resolute "soldier Wei Jianjun" and an unsmiling "Baoding Car God".

  However, this year, careful people will find that Wei Jianjun’s title has changed to "Jack Wey", showing a gentle and cordial smile frequently in front of the public media.

  From Baoding Car God to Jack Wey, Great Wall Motor has also transformed itself into aA "famous ghost talent" who loves hot spots and sucks traffic.

  At the Beijing Auto Show in 2020, the Great Wall appeared with a series of new models-the new ——SUV was named "Harvard First Love" and "Harvard Big Dog", the new pickup truck was called "Great Wall Gun" and "Tank", the new energy vehicles were "Euler Good Cat", "Black Cat" and "White Cat", and even the car-making technology platform included "Lemon" and "Tank".

  The Great Wall has tasted almost all the trendy marketing: the title of general manager of brand marketing has been changed to "Dean of Cats Research", and it has joined forces with Elvis Presley Radio, Warrior and other national trends in an attempt to set off a "cat culture"; Invite Shen Mengchen, Wang Han and other stars to sell cars live; Heavily calling on young people to launch the electric car racing and refitting competition ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  All kinds of changes are pointing to the same clue-youthfulness. Behind this is the deep anxiety of this traditional car company.

  In 2011, Haval H6 made Great Wall Motor win the title of God in World War I: the sales volume broke through 10,000 in five months, 20,000 in two years, and 80,000 in five years. This record is also brilliant for the whole automobile industry.

  However, with the rise of Jilin Boyue, Changan CS75, Honda CR-V and other models, SUVs gradually shifted from the blue ocean to the red sea market, and Haval’s leading edge was weakening.


  Along with the silence, there are also company performance and stock price performance.Since 2017, the revenue growth rate of Great Wall has dropped sharply, and even slipped into the negative growth range. The decline in net profit is particularly rapid. In 2016, it was still a profit of 105 million, and by 2019 it was only less than 45 million. Its share price is halved, sliding from 10 yuan to 5 yuan.

  The 30-year-old Great Wall Motor’s solution to the "middle-aged crisis" is to set off a series of young reforms from products to marketing and management, which have been quite effective in less than one year.

  According to the latest data in November, the sales volume of Great Wall Motor has reached 122,600 units, a year-on-year increase of 27.6%.

  Among them, Haval H6, as a facade, sold 102,000 vehicles a month, accounting for 83% of the total sales, up 22.1% year-on-year, driving the market share back to more than 20%; Euler, a new energy vehicle, became a new force, with a sales volume of 11,600, a year-on-year increase of 414.7%; The Haval Big Dog, which just went on the market in September and is still in the production climbing period, has a monthly sales volume of 8,555 vehicles.

  As of the third quarter, Great Wall’s revenue was 621 million, down 0.69% year-on-year. According to the current trend, the annual growth rate will turn from negative to positive.

  Looking at the whole market, just over half of the winter in December, the spring of the auto market has come early.

  Reform meets a good opportunity

After the cold winter of the automobile industry cycle, the automobile sales in China are now recovering. Not only the Great Wall, but also a large number of car companies including Geely and SAIC have ushered in a rebound in performance and valuation.

  The rise of the Great Wall is not a case, and the whole vehicle sector is in a strong recovery.

  In April this year, with the improvement of epidemic prevention and control situation,The auto sector showed signs of recovery for the first time, ending a 21-month decline.Sales in that month increased by 5.9% year-on-year. Among passenger cars, SUV led the growth with a growth rate of 7.3%.

  Subsequently, the production and sales data increased for 8 consecutive months, which confirmed the trend of the automobile sector’s economic recovery. In November, China’s automobile sales all reached a new high in the year, with a year-on-year increase of 12.6%, among which passenger cars have maintained a growth rate of around 8% for five consecutive months.

  In such a recovery market,The performance of car companies has grown brilliantly, and valuations have ushered in repairs.

  Leading enterprises such as SAIC, GAC, Chang ‘an, Geely, etc. all had double-digit growth in sales performance in November. Changan and Great Wall, with SUV explosions CS75 and Haval H6, saw their sales growth rate of more than 20%.

  Judging from the performance of the capital market, the leading stock prices have ushered in a general increase. Since July, the share prices of SAIC and GAC have increased by about 50%.The share prices of Chang ‘an and Geely have doubled, while Great Wall Motor ranks first among traditional car companies with a high growth rate of 365%.


  On the other hand, in the contest of the new energy vehicle market, the performance of the Great Wall is also awesome.

  In the ranking of new energy small vehicles in November by Gaspar, the sales volume of Euler Black Cat ranked in the top three, with a year-on-year growth rate of 373%, second only to Wuling Hongguang and Tesla model 3.

  Except for Weilai, which went crazy, the growth rate of Great Wall’s share price even surpassed that of Tucki, Ideality and BYD in the second half of this year.

  So, why does the Great Wall stand out?

  Big explosion of niche market

Northwest China has become the most popular tourist destination, and Alashan has become a holy place for every SUV owner to visit, and the cross-country culture has exploded.

  Car enthusiasts in Zhihu sum up the advantages of SUV in this way: It’s like a man always wants to marry a wife who is beautiful, has long legs, can cook, keep house, has self-cultivation and other functions-SUV combines the high passability of off-road vehicles, the comfort of cars and the ability of long-distance raids, and integrates sports, leisure and business.

  And this is what they said about Haval H6, which won the SUV sales title for 10 years in a row: cheap big bowl is delicious, and the leather is durable without any serious injury. It can stretch your feet, has a large space, and the design is not ugly. It is also suitable for the whole family to go for an outing and occasionally pull goods on weekends.

  The multifunctional Haval H6 with an average price of 100,000 yuan has become a "hard currency" in the SUV market.Therefore, when the epidemic situation eased and the automobile market picked up in 2020, when SUV took the lead, Great Wall Haval bore the brunt.

  However, people have more expectations for the Great Wall fuel truck, which comes from the upgraded SUV with fire in off-road culture-Off-road vehicles and pickup trucks.

  Himalayan extreme cross-country, Luya International Championship, and the 60th anniversary of Everest measurement re-measurement. In 2020, the Great Wall Gun sponsored major events and made frequent appearances.

  When you open Baidu to search for the words "Tibet" and "off-road", you are greeted by off-road youths wearing sunglasses and jeans, sharing their "trip to western Hunan" and "experience in Tibet" among the blue sky and white clouds, often accompanied by Great Wall guns, tanks 300 or Harvard dogs-all of which are the off-road culture and brand sense that the Great Wall is trying to create.

  "For every two pickup trucks sold, one comes from the Great Wall". In July, the sales volume of Great Wall guns exceeded 20,000, exceeding 50% to take the market share; The luxury off-road tank 300 was newly launched on December 17th, and has achieved over 10,000 sales, exceeding the accumulated sales of more than 7,000 in herdsman in the first 11 months. The sales volume of affordable off-road vehicle Haval H9 in November increased by 17.9% month-on-month, ranking first among domestic medium and large off-road SUVs.

  Behind the popularity of several models, the capital market values not only the off-road field, but also the market space instigated by domestic brands, and it is also the field represented by this space and beyond the reach of new energy vehicles.

  In short:In the off-road culture, there is no room for new energy vehicles.

  The cruising range is limited, and the extreme climate environment will be greatly reduced; The battery can’t stand the impact of external force, rain and lightning, and it is easy to cause spontaneous combustion, self-explosion and short circuit; The great torque released instantly by stepping on the accelerator is easy to break through the grip of the tire, making it more difficult to get rid of extreme off-road difficulties …New energy vehicles are naturally insulated from off-road vehicles, which is an important function of vehicles, whether for practical use or entertainment;

  In addition, for many players, the fun of cross-country is the roar of motor, rotation, drift, take-off ….. all of which can’t be brought by an electric car without sound.

  Up to now, only one off-road vehicle in herdsman has been testing water and electricity, and it still adopts a hybrid device of oil and electricity. "Crossing no man’s land", no new energy vehicle has such confidence.

  Cross-country culture has brought fire to the Great Wall Tank 300 and the Great Wall Gun, and these two new cars, which are less than one year old, undoubtedly pinned the ambition of Great Wall Motor to get rid of the low-cost SUV market and cover the middle and high-end market.

  Is it a real explosion, or is it just a moment? This may also require consumers to verify with longer mileage and more user experience.But capital has long voted with its feet, occupied the pit early and made a choice.

  New energy catches female users

In 2015, the Great Wall increased by 16.8 billion yuan to develop new energy core technologies and complete vehicles, which ended in failure, but it was "unexpectedly" successful in 2020.

  Another new energy vehicle market opened up in the Great Wall, the success of Euler products is more attributed to the user positioning of "pleasing"-Female consumers.

  Prior to this, new energy vehicles either held high and fought like emerging car-making forces, and plunged huge sums of money into high-end fields, or were as low as dust and made into tool-based scooters.User markets such as women and urban white-collar workers have always lacked products with both appearance and high cost performance to meet the demand.

  The Euler series, with an average price of more than 70,000, fills the above gaps well. At the same price, the Euler model has longer battery life, more space and more fashionable appearance. According to an Euler car owner, Euler is mostly used by female white-collar workers, or the first car in a small family, or simply to occupy a new energy license.


  Euler focuses on the small car market.

  Combined with the new direct selling game of "live broadcast+group fight+e-commerce", Euler brought up a market by "cat culture".In November, Euler sold 11,600 vehicles, a year-on-year surge of 414.7%.

  However, the new energy layout of the Great Wall is not smooth sailing. As early as 2015, Great Wall had raised 16.8 billion yuan to develop new energy core technologies and complete vehicles, which ended in failure.

  In August 2018, Great Wall Motor announced the first generation of Euler under the heavy penalty of "double points" for excessive bicycle fuel consumption. At that time, BAIC, Geely and BYD’s new energy vehicles had already achieved results.

  The failure of new energy vehicles is in sharp contrast with the rapid rise of Euler today.

  Looking at the whole new energy vehicle market, the small low-end new energy vehicles represented by Wuling Hongguang mini and Great Wall Euler have turned red, which is closely related to the policy background of new energy vehicles going to the countryside, exemption from purchase tax and no-shake number.

  Small new energy vehicles priced at 60,000-150,000 yuan and positioned as "people’s scooter" have an overwhelming advantage in fuel vehicle equivalence, which accurately hits the market demand of young office workers.

  But with reference to historical experience,But the low end will meet the red sea.Haval H6, which is positioned in the low-end SUV market, will inevitably lose its advantage under fierce competition.

  By analogy, small new energy vehicles will also face more intense competition.

  At present, the average market share of small pure electric vehicles has reached 40%, and its main selling cities have gradually transitioned from first-and second-tier cities to sixth-tier cities.The small and micro car market, which meets the price demand but is difficult to meet the functional demand, will gradually turn from blue to red and start fierce competition.

  At that time, it is obviously not enough for Euler to only focus on the "cat" car market.

  This brand-new brand needs to build a more perfect product matrix from niche to mass, from price to function, from low-end to high-end, in order to resist the strong impact of competitors. But for the Great Wall, it is obviously not as comfortable as the days in the off-road vehicle.

On April 23rd, the new car map of the M5 was exposed.

Recently, we obtained a set of real car maps of the new model M5 from domestic social media. Earlier, at the Huawei HarmonyOS Ecological Spring Communication Conference, Yu Chengdong announced that the new M5 would be officially launched on April 23rd. The new car is expected to be upgraded for intelligent driving and driving control, and will continue to introduce pure electric and extended-range models.



  In appearance, this car is equipped with a closed air intake net, which is a pure electric version. The new border M5 has been fine-tuned for the appearance details. The LOGO of the front of the car is designed in black, and the silver trim at the lower enclosure is also changed to black. Other parts are consistent with cash.


  From the side of the car body, the camera components at the fender of the new car and the chrome trim around the window are all replaced with blackened designs. The new car is also equipped with black double five-spoke wheels and red brake calipers, which further increases the sporty atmosphere. In addition, we can see that the roof is equipped with a lidar.

  The power information has not been released, and the current models are available in pure electric and extended range. The motor is available in 272 HP rear drive and 496 HP four-wheel drive. The cruising range of pure electric rear-drive vehicles is 602 km and 620km, and that of pure electric four-wheel drive vehicles is 534km. The extended-range model is equipped with a 1.5T engine as a range extender, with a maximum power of 152 HP and a pure battery life of CTLC ranging from 230 to 260km.

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"Braving the Wind and Waves" took over the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety show?

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

At the end of May, iQiyi’s "Youth has You 2" ended; In June, Tencent’s video "Creation Camp 2020" is still going on, and Youku’s "The Name of a Teenager" is crouching aside and will be officially announced in a few days.

In the youth idol market, Teng Aiyou’s three companies are playing as close as a bee, and Hunan Satellite TV Department, the originator of the draft, is another world.

Today, Mango TV "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" suddenly went online. After the topic of "Young You 2" was broken, "Sisters" took over the traffic stick and swiped the screen in the circle of friends.

On the other hand, because the TV talent show is limited, TV stations that missed the idol talent show have entered the live broadcast field, at least they can’t miss the outlet of traffic realization. For example, Hunan Satellite TV just released a big live broadcast plan not long ago, aiming at various festivals and celebrations. Oriental TV broadcasts the ace program IP, and Zhejiang Satellite TV not only aims at the ace program live broadcast, but also will launch the first national anchor competitive variety show.

In addition, the major trump cards of satellite TV, such as Extreme Challenge, Run, super brain and other "comprehensive N generations", have also ushered in great changes this year, with many bright spots.

Q3 variety show is very lively, and a new round of competition is about to begin.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?
"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Four major video platforms: Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku and Mango TV.

Five Davids: Hunan Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Oriental Satellite TV and Beijing Satellite TV.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Youai Tengmang: Wang Fried frequently,

The older "sister" group took over the flow stick.

The key variety shows of Q3 families will be launched one by one, which can be described as frequent explosions.

Talent shows on video websites are still the mainstream, including music, idols, dances, variety shows and so on. Tencent video carries out program innovation in the post-draft era, and pushes the first variety coffee draft; Mango TV’s older sister group has long since failed to broadcast the first fire. Today, when it went online, it swiped the screen and set off the next wave of traffic.

In addition, in Q3 this year, video websites also started to observe the lives of celebrities living alone, including "Let Life Look Good" by Tencent Video, "I want to live like this" by iQiyi, and "Look at my life" by Youku. Mango TV focuses on family relations. Before that, "The Romantic Travel of Wife" ushered in the fourth season, and the new "Mother-in-law and Mother" also really brushed a wave of existence.

1. Mango TV  

Family observation programs are the most important, and "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" unexpectedly disturbed the rivers and lakes

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Mango TV’s third-quarter variety play is: senior women’s team draft+focus on family relations+others.

First of all, family relations programs account for the most.

Among the seven programs to be broadcast on Mango TV in Q3, three will focus on family relations, including Romantic Travel of Wife 4, Mother-in-law and Mother-in-law, and Newborn Diary 2.

"Wife’s Romantic Travel" ushered in the fourth season this year, and "Ada Choi+Max Zhang" brought its own heat; "Mother-in-law and Mother" is a new program, which is naturally suitable for topic discussion and has been searched several times. "New Diary 2" invited GAI and Wang Siran to make their debut this year.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Of course, the most exciting thing is "Braving the Wind and Waves", which focuses on the draft of older female artists.

In essence, there is not much difference in the idol group drafts of Teng Aiyou’s three companies, all of which focus on young teenagers and girls, but the public is inevitably tired of aesthetics. Mango TV, on the other hand, launched "Sister Who Rides the Wind and Waves", focusing on older female artists who have entered the entertainment circle for many years. From sea selection to official publicity guests, they have been on more than a dozen hot searches in a month. After going online today, it was even more unexpected to brush the screen. At present, there are 30 well-known domestic female artists such as Quiet, Yi Nengjing, Eva Huang, Yisa, Claudia, Yuqi Zhang, Hailu and Orfila.

How the energetic "sisters" are selected into a group, what kind of group they become, what kind of planning they will have after forming a group, and how the market will react are all worth looking forward to.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

2. Tencent Video  

After the draft, the program of the times was innovated, and Talk Show 3 and Tomorrow’s Son 4 became the basic disc of Q3.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Tencent video Q3 will continue to explore in the draft field, and will be paired with two trump cards, Tomorrow’s Son 4 and Talk Show Conference 3. At present, there are programs on the air, such as Creation Camp 2020, Hot Us and Let Life Look Good.

"Creation Camp 2020" will end in early July, and "Hot Us" has been received in advance, and the broadcast time of the two programs will span the second and third quarters. "Hot We" can be regarded as a derivative of the talent show, positioning the well-known music groups in the market to fight.

Idol draft has been developing in full swing on video websites in the past two years, but the embarrassing thing is that the development of idol industry is not mature, and the highly popular players and groups in the draft are almost all facing the state of debut.

"Then what?" Tencent Video issued such a question from a platform perspective, and the draft derivative program "Hot We" came into being, making up for the market vacancy.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

The picture is from the pilot film "Hot Us"

In addition to "Hot Us", in the field of draft innovation, Tencent Video Q3 will also launch a draft program focusing on variety coffee, that is, "Serious Gags", with a lineup of tutors such as He Jiong, William Chan, Zhang Wei, Li Dan and Stephy, which people are looking forward to.

The most noteworthy trump cards of Tencent’s video Q3 are Talk Show 3 and Tomorrow’s Son 4. Although it has not been officially announced, the prelude of Talk Show Conference 3, Cloud Sea Election, has been recorded for 16 issues, and Tomorrow’s Son 4 also announced its imminent return at the end of May.

Recently, the artist of Laughter Culture, the winner of Talk Show 2 and Cam, the host and judge of Cloud Sea Election, were caught in a drug abuse scandal, which cast a shadow over the upcoming Talk Show 3.

"Children of Tomorrow 4" recently officially announced the members of the "teachers’ group", including G.E.M., Vin, Nana Ou-yang, Lang Lang and Liang Long, and the "visiting professor" was Pu Shu.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Children of tomorrow 4

3. Iqiyi  

Small and beautiful observation programs account for half, and "China New Rap 2020" and "Summer 2 of the Band" play ace.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Q3, iQiyi’s style of play is: observation program +S-level sound synthesis+others.

According to incomplete statistics, small and beautiful observation programs accounted for half of the eight variety shows broadcast by iQiyi in the third quarter. Including the amateur love program I like you and I am also 2, the star living alone I want to live like this, the family life observation men who do housework 2, and the interaction between stars and amateurs and the unknown table.

The observation variety show is the routine operation of iQiyi, so in Q3, the top stream of iQiyi’s trump card is still S-rated China New Rap 2020 and Summer 2 of the Band.

This year is China New Rap 2020 (Hip hop in China) in the fourth year, at present, except Wu Yifan, no other tutors have been officially announced.

Summer of the Band ushered in its second season this year. Last year, the program won the popularity of rock bands such as New Pants, Miserable Faith, Hedgehog Band, click#15, penicillin and Jiulian Reality. Among the online band versions, Houhai Shark, Joyside, the dada, Zuoyou Band and ETA are popular.

Summer Surfing Shop is a brand-new program launched by iQiyi in Q3, with the theme of stars running surfing shops. On June 8th, the program just officially announced the lineup of permanent guests such as Huang Xuan, Elvis Han, Bridgette and Justin. Previously, the program attracted much attention because of the participation of YiBo, Allen, Li Xian and 2》THE NINE team of "Youth 2".

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

4. Youku  

World War II Men’s Team Draft Market, "This! Is hip-hop 3, sitting in Q3.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Youku Q3 broadcasts fewer programs, "This! Hip-hop 3 and the name of a teenager are the biggest trump cards. Together with two observation programs, Wang Miao Story and Watch My Life, and the explosion is coming 2, it is a star-studded program.

This year is "This! It is the third year of Hip-hop 3. The four captains officially announced in the new season are LAY, Jackson Wang, YiBo and Wallace Chung. Wallace Chung’s joining was somewhat unexpected, which caused quite a stir in public opinion. What’s more, the program group also finalized that Huang Bo was a flying guest, a rookie of Qingdao dancing king PK idol, and there was a direct physical collision. I wonder how many hard-core topics would be produced?

"The Name of a Teenager" focuses on the men’s team draft. This program is actually the second season of "In the Name of a Team", but because last year’s "In the Name of a Team" didn’t work well, Youku decided to make a makeover and set sail again, and entered the field of men’s team draft in World War II.

This year’s "The Name of Teenagers" was produced by Du Yan’s team. As a veteran of Hunan Satellite TV’s reality show, Du Yan was once the creative core of the ace show "Singer". After leaving the system, the team of Du Yan and Sun Li jointly created "Creation 101" in Tencent’s video fire. Youku chose Duyan team to do "The Name of Teenagers" this year, and many people in the industry expressed their expectation.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?
"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Four Davids: comprehensive N-generation reform,

Live selling goods to kill red eyes

In Q3 this year, the treasures of various TV stations are still the comprehensive N generations who have occupied the viewing for many years, and there has been a big wave of reform. At the same time, various TV stations have also brought forth new ideas in their own fields, such as comedy variety of Oriental TV, outdoor programs of Zhejiang TV and music programs of Jiangsu TV. The most noteworthy thing is that the live broadcast field is a red sea, and satellite TV is competing to enter the game.

1. Hunan Satellite TV  

Mainly promote the reality show of life and release the big live broadcast plan in a high-profile way.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

In mid-May, Hunan Satellite TV released the film list for the second half of the year, and the "Happy Camp" and "Everyday Up" were constantly updated.

According to incomplete statistics, among the 10 variety shows broadcast by Hunan Satellite TV Q3, life reality shows accounted for 5.Including the trump card "Life I yearn for 4", "My Girl 2" and "Skillful Detective", and the food reality show "Fresh Chef 100" joined by Liu Yuning. At present, "Chinese Restaurant 4" is being recorded in China, and the scheduled date has not been fixed.

In addition, Hunan Satellite TV’s new programs scheduled for Q3 include the cross-screen intergenerational variety Father-Son Confrontation, the cross-dimensional sound idol draft "Sound Plan" produced by the team of "Sound in the Scene", and the sports game selection reality show "Sports Boys".

The most striking thing about this film list is that Hunan Satellite TV announced its big live broadcast plan in 2020.

In previous years, Hunan Satellite TV usually used live broadcast for New Year’s Eve parties. This year’s six major theme parties will all use live broadcast. The 818 Global Car Night is scheduled for Q3, and the latest live broadcast is "Let’s go!" Brothers’ poverty alleviation live broadcast selling goods program has a huge momentum.

This year, in addition to the innovation in the program, Hunan TV is very careful in studying the path of live broadcast with goods.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

2. Zhejiang Satellite TV  

The wind of outdoor sports is blowing fiercely, and the live broadcast of goods is threatening.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Hunan Satellite TV mainly promotes the slow variety reality show of life, while Zhejiang Satellite TV focuses on outdoor sports.

The outdoor sports program of Zhejiang Satellite TV bears the brunt of "Run". This year’s "Run" has new faces such as KUN and Guo Qilin, and a special season of running men will be launched in the fourth quarter.

At present, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s outdoor programs include Travel Notes of Youth 2 and a brand-new program Travel Notes of the Week. The host of Travel Notes of the Week is Jay Chou, and the guests include Nicholas Tse, JJ Lin and Jam Hsiao.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Zhejiang Satellite TV’s treasure of Zhentai "2020 Good Voice of China" (Season 9) will be broadcast in Q3.

Two years ago, the copyright lawsuit of "Good Voice" was settled, and "New Songs of China" was changed back to "Good Voice of China". This program, which once helped Zhejiang Satellite TV establish its status as a river and lake, has reached its ninth year this year. At the end of May, The Voice of ChinaGeneral director Jin Lei announced that the latest season will open the original track Internet audience voting.. Li Jian and Ronghao Li will join as mentors.

In Q3, Zhejiang Satellite TV will also launch the country’s first anchor growth competitive variety "Live City", music street variety "Good Times", and star apprentice Michelin’s food variety "Star Picking" and other new programs.

Last month, the public service live broadcast on the closing night of the fifth season of "Ace to Ace" made Zhejiang Satellite TV realize the power of the live broadcast. Q3 is in the field of live broadcast, and Zhejiang Satellite TV is also in a strong position. At present, the live variety show scheduled for Q3 is "High-speed Kitchen", which will try to sell goods with Viya.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

3. Dragon TV  

Comedy innovation+life slow variety, creating the ecological circle of Oriental Taiwan with goods

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Dragon TV’s top stream "Extreme Challenge" will usher in its sixth year this year, and it has been broadcast. At the same time, there is also a dance reality show "Dancer", with Allen, THEO, Tong Liya and Venus as guests. The two programs will span the second and third quarters.

A few days ago, at the investment promotion meeting of Oriental TV, the official of Oriental TV announced that Extreme Challenge would launch a derivative program "Treasure Trip", and the members of the "Extreme Group" would set off from Kashgar and explore the desert plateau and vast desert within 20 days.

At the investment promotion meeting, Oriental TV released many innovative programs in the second half of the year, and comedy innovation became the biggest highlight, such as The King of Variety Comedy, an all-star lineup including Bo Huang, Degang Guo and Shen Teng. However, at present, it is confirmed that there are two slow-paced programs scheduled in Q3, Perfect Summer for the stars to run an inn by the sea and King of Songs in a small town for young musicians to experience life in a small town.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

In the field of live broadcast, Dragon TV has penetrated the most thoroughly.

At the investment promotion meeting, Wang Leiqing, director of the Oriental TV Center, directly upgraded the live broadcast with goods to the strategy of TV, and will use three main programs, including the famous program IP to derive the content with goods, create a reality show with goods for online celebrity, and combine the TV evening with the big-name sales of e-commerce to form the ecological circle with goods of Oriental TV.

In addition, Oriental TV will also launch the first star e-commerce reality show "Super Red Brother in Business", and the current schedule is undecided.

Viya became the celebrity of Dragon TV this year. "We are in Action 4", which ended in February, used the program IP and Viya to sell goods, with a turnover of more than 7 million. At present, the "Extreme Challenge 6" being broadcast, Viya directly appeared on the PK Extreme Men’s Team, and the sales with goods reached more than 6 million.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

4. Jiangsu Satellite TV  

Music programs are innovative, and the live broadcast of the party is the hardest.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Jiangsu Satellite TV’s ace program "If You Are the One" and "One Stop to the End" have been constantly improved all the year round. At the same time, another ace "super brain" ushered in great changes in the seventh season.

The seventh season of "super brain" spans the second and third quarters, and the guest lineup has been greatly changed. At the same time, the competition system has been changed to the circle promotion system, supplemented by players playing the list, which is very similar to the operation of the idol talent show. For this reason, the audience has different opinions, but the ratings have indeed improved significantly compared with the sixth season last year.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Spanning the second and third quarters, there are the new blind date conference 4 and the reality show Sunshine Sisters Amoy.

At the end of 2019, Zeng Guan of Jiangsu Satellite TV Merchants Association announced the 2020 program list, in which there were many innovative audio-visual programs.

Judging from the news released at present, the original music program scheduled by Jiangsu Satellite TV in Q3 is most likely "China Original Season". China Original Season is characterized as a musical version of If You Are the One, which will bridge the gap between music and musicians. The permanent lineup of online transmission includes Joker Xue, KUN, Chris Lee, Liu Yuning and others.

In the field of live selling, Jiangsu Satellite TV seems to be less sensitive than its rivals. At present, its biggest investment is the 6.18X cat party. In other aspects, the live broadcast is mostly used in the interaction between Morphy, an IP and previous dating show player, and netizens.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?


The survival pressure of the film and television industry this year can’t be compared with any previous time, but the TV industry is a slightly lucky branch, especially in the field of variety shows, which can be recorded without audience and few guests.

Q1 Due to the epidemic situation, the entire film and television industry stopped; Q2 TV field began to resume work in an orderly manner; Q3′ s programs are launched one by one, and various platforms can be seen everywhere playing the card "King Fried". All TV time slots and websites are all-stars. Some variety producers say that Q3 this year is the most competitive time slot.

Great pressure forces the industry to innovate, and the choice of platform reveals the word "seeking change".Such as the various talent shows on the video platform-Idol draft has exploded.It has been booming for two years, and the "competing products are homogenized and the market is weak" appears from time to time, but Mango TV’s "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" has brought a new round of imagination space to the market.Tencent video is also constantly expanding idol programs, so there are "Hot Us" and "Serious Gags".

In other program types, several major video platforms are also constantly seeking for change and exploration. For example, Teng Aiyou has launched a star solitary observation program to cater to the living conditions of young people. Mango TV launched "Mother-in-law and Mother", and before the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was presented to the stage, iQiyi launched "Summer Surfing Shop", which was not available in the surfing theme market before.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Needless to say, satellite TV can only do deeper articles on "seeking change" because of more restrictions.

Super brain, Extreme Challenge, Run, and other enduring generations all ushered in great changes this year. Because of the pressure of survival, satellite TV’s "seeking change" is more practical, not only changing the program, but also changing the revenue mode. And "live broadcast" seems to be the life-saving straw that David grasped in his hand this year.

The program form can be broadcast live, the ace IP combination can also be broadcast live, and even a live variety show can be launched. Dragon TV also upgraded the "live broadcast" to the TV business strategy.

It is not easy to survive, and it is not easy to change. But also because of this, we will see a dazzling variety market with high quality and quantity in Q3.