Tik Tok Female online celebrity Rankings 2018 The most famous Tik Tok female anchor rankings.

  Tik Tok is a video app that many people like to play nowadays. You should know that there are a lot of female online celebrity on Tik Tok, and their values are exploding. Every day, many single dog kneels down on these Tik Tok goddesses. Let’s take a look at the list of Tik Tok female online celebrity. How many do you know?

Tik Tok Women’s online celebrity Rankings 2018

1. Wu Jiayu

  Wu Jiayu is one of the most popular goddesses in Tik Tok. Her videos are basically dances. There are many people who can sing and dance well in Tik Tok, and she can stand out from the homogenization content and become one of the top ten online celebrity in Tik Tok. Wu Jiayu relies on special shooting techniques. From the subway station to the street, from the bedroom to the living room, the videos are very rhythmic and bring more visual stimulation to users.

2. fox is rigorous

  Fox was originally a model with a professional background, but I believe no one had heard of her before Tik Tok appeared. And her real popularity on the Internet is on Tik Tok. Some time ago, some negative news about her came out, such as indecent photos, but she still has a large number of fans on Tik Tok. In addition, fox has a very domineering name, which is called the first beautiful goddess in Tik Tok, and runs its own clothing brand Taobao shop offline.

3. Keiko ssica

  Keiko ssica is also a very famous dance goddess in Tik Tok, and she dances very well. I believe many netizens on Tik Tok have seen the video of Miss Keiko. Miss Keiko looks sweet, her big white legs are very beautiful, her dance is superb, and her smile is particularly charming. Every video of her brings youth and vitality, which makes people feel very comfortable.

4. Tik Tok is gentle.

  Speaking of Wen Wan, I believe many people have heard that this young lady was very popular at the beginning. She became popular all over the country overnight and was later banned. This new goddess of Tik Tok, who became popular overnight, is gentle, and many people got to know her after being screened by her overnight. However, there are many people who are popular. Only after a period of popularity, the new goddess was banned because of various negatives.

5. Brother Li

  Tik Tok Lige became popular because of a song called "Let You Be My Eyes". Just like this video, the cumulative praise is close to 20 million, which makes Li Ge rise by tens of millions. With a sweet smile and a unique voice, the number of fans is now more than 39 million, nearly 40 million, but it was later banned because of the national anthem.

6. Qu Yiting

  Qu Yiting is a well-known long leg in Tik Tok, and fans tease his legs for years. Qu Yiting heard that she is particularly low-key, but she has a pair of legs that can hold up a two-meter gas field. It’s the kind of thin, white, straight legs that I’ve ordered in my last life. Dancing is also very good, and the face value is also very high, which is really enviable! Dance with passion, changeable temptation, and play with legs for years.

7. Zhang Tianyun

  Zhang Tianyun believes that many otaku will like it because she is a very sweet girl. Otakus watch her videos many times every day, and even the mobile phone screensaver is all her. Xiaoxiao’s posting in Tik Tok has set off an upsurge that my husband wants to hug me. Because of wearing a rainbow sweater, Xiaoxiao’s recognition of sending a few shaking videos can be said to be very high.

8. Jiaxin

  Tik Tok Jiaxin can be said to be a strange man. With the help of "Hum, I will know all the time whether to accompany me to sleep!"! What, are you going to play for a while? No! " "Roll", and has a lovely appearance and a voice that attracts a lot of popularity!

9. Brother M

  Brother M’s popularity mainly depends on her unique voice, that is, her smoky voice with the same style as Zhou Xun. Brother M doesn’t have much advantage in face value, and his face is a little chubby, but Miss Jie’s singing skills are really invincible. With her unique voice and singing skills, Brother M also has tens of millions of fans on Tik Tok, many of whom are true love fans. Every time I listen to my little sister’s song, people have to love it.

10. Erdou

  In Tik Tok, Erdou is a very special female online celebrity. Because, she became popular not by herself, but by adoration. She had little experience in shooting short videos before she became popular. Later, without relying on facial features or jokes, Meng Chong became a figure in the popularity list of online celebrity, Tik Tok, and people had to sigh the strong attraction of Meng Chong.

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