SUV Complaint List in September: Many domestic models were on the list, and Song pro ranked first in new energy.

With the arrival of the golden autumn in October, the data of automobile brands in September began to be released one after another. Today, let’s first take stock of the complaint list of SUV in September.

From the picture, it can be seen that the top ten China product brand models occupy a large part, and the Song pro new energy model under BYD once again ranks first because of the failure to deliver the car according to the contract. Other models are mostly old problems.

As a hot brand of new energy, BYD’s problem is still "not delivering the car according to the contract". As the best-selling model of BYD, the car itself is not a big problem, but the long service cycle is still a pain point for BYD, which also leads to the dissatisfaction of many consumers, so it is reasonable to rank high.

The main problem of Haval’s first love is the foaming and cracking of car paint. It is understood that Harvard has also given a repair plan for this kind of problem. In addition, Haval’s first love still has complaints such as the delay in upgrading the car system. I hope that it will not be on the list next month after the problem is solved.

The reason for BMW X3′ s listing is still the old problem of the ID7 car system. At present, quite a few car owners think that the ID7 system is inconsistent with the publicity, and this problem has gone through a long period, but it seems that BMW’s speed of solving the problem still needs to be improved.

The reason why Xingyue L is on the list is still the old problem that the second key is not delivered. The main reason is probably the shortage of resources in the chip market, which has also attracted the attention of manufacturers, but it seems that it has not been well solved at present.

I think everyone knows the reason why Li ONE made the list. Because the new model L8 was put on the market and the owners were not informed in advance, many owners thought it had been cut with leeks, which caused a lot of complaints.

The six to ten models are Red Rabbit, H6, F7, Crown Lu Fang and Tiggo 8 owned by Haval. The problem of Red Rabbit is mainly paint cracking, H6 and F7 are still problems such as car system upgrade and disguised charging, while Lu Fang is still problems such as loud engine noise, car body resonance, air conditioning and engine jitter. The problem of Tiggo 8 is mainly the suspected design defect of headlights, which affects driving safety. The owner of this problem has reported it many times and hopes Chery can solve it properly.

Summary: Judging from the above rankings, many brands are still old problems that have appeared before. Although there are no new problems, the speed of dealing with old problems needs to be improved. I hope manufacturers can solve them as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary troubles.