Analyze BYD Han EV Champion Edition, which configuration is more cost-effective?

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In the automobile industry, BYD seems to have gradually become synonymous with new energy brands. Whether it is the in-depth research and development of battery technology or the continuous introduction of vehicles, BYD’s models will always surprise us every time. Not long ago, in order to better pursue sales and performance, BYD launched a series of models called "Champion Edition". Among them, the new car has upgraded the configuration and reduced the price. Of course, as a highly concerned Han EV, it also ushered in the upgrade of the "Champion Edition" and launched five models. So let’s take a look at the differences between these five BYD Han EV Champion Editions. How should we make a choice?

1. Unify cool design.

In terms of appearance, in fact, the overall design is not much different from the current BYD Han EV. However, a new color scheme of "Glacier Blue" has been added, and it is available as standard in the whole system. This also makes the Han EV Champion Edition more rich in style, and the start is high. It is also equipped with 19-inch wheels, which makes the vehicle more dynamic in visual effect.

In addition, the Chinese EV Champion Edition continues to adopt the "DragonFace" design language, with Chinese taillights and AGS active air intake grille. Based on the thermal management requirements of the whole vehicle, the opening and closing strategy of the active grille is carefully optimized, making the opening and closing of the active grille more accurate. As for the body size, it still maintains the cash data, with a wheelbase of 2920mm and a positioning of medium and large cars. This kind of body data also makes the vehicle have a good performance in space. When the experiencer is 170cm, adjust the front seat to a comfortable position, and the head space is about two punches, and the head space is about two punches, and the leg space is about three punches, which is excellent in the same class of vehicles. As for the trunk space, it is half, and the space is not very large. Including the rear part, only the standard electric tailgate has been added, and the 506KM and 605KM distinguished taillights have been upgraded to the "Chinese knot" style.

2. Look at the interior configuration, which one do you choose?

The interior of Han EV Champion Edition still continues the simple and luxurious accessory style of the former, but there are still some differences in the configuration of the five models. The vehicle comes standard with DiLink4.0(5G) intelligent network connection system, 5G quick connection, dual-frequency positioning navigation and intelligent voice interaction in the four-tone area of the car are all very practical functions.

However, configurations such as W-HUD head-up display and BSD blind spot monitoring system have been further upgraded, and the display is clearer and the proportion is more appropriate, which greatly improves the driving safety of drivers and passengers. As for the steering wheel heating, intelligent fragrance, 12-speaker Dana audio, ventilation/heating of the main driver’s seat, front heat insulation sound insulation glass+rear black privacy glass, 6.6kW mobile power station and electric tailgate, they are also standard in the whole department. On the whole, the configuration level is obviously far higher than that of most models at the same price.

Of course, these are just all the standard items of the champion version of Han EV. If you pay more attention to the configuration when buying a car, the configuration of two 715KM models of Han EV must not be missed. Both 715KM vehicles use leather seats, which are large in size and thick in filling. The front main and auxiliary seats all support 12-way electric adjustment and ventilation and heating functions, and the passenger seat has boss key function.

According to the actual measurement, the electric adjustment range of the seat is large, the air volume of the seat ventilation is moderate, and the experience is good. The rear seat has a central armrest, a water cup holder and a storage compartment, and the overall configuration is slightly lower than that of the front seat. Only the 610km four-wheel drive flagship model supports the functions of rear electric backrest adjustment and seat heating and ventilation. Compared with the 715KM distinguished model, the 715KM flagship model not only adds the HWA high-speed road driving assistance to the DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, but also has the largest number of radars and the most comprehensive and advanced functions, which can reduce the burden of users’ long-distance driving.

At the same time, it also adds comfort configurations such as steering wheel heating and Nappa leather seats, which brings more advanced enjoyment to users. Therefore, in the same endurance mode, if you are more in pursuit of a full match, then the 715KM flagship model is a very good choice. And most of today’s stores will give priority to exclusive and honorable arrival, and the reason of sufficient production capacity has also led customers to take the initiative to favor these two configuration models. Of course, if you only pursue configuration, then 715KM flagship type and 610KM four-wheel drive flagship type can be selected.

3. Power is the main choice, and it is selected as 610KM four-wheel drive.

The Chinese EV Champion Edition provides a total of five models and four power systems, and the motor power of each model is different. The maximum power of a single motor is 150KW, 168kw and 180kw, respectively. The maximum power of the dual-motor four-wheel drive flagship model system is 380KW, and the maximum torque is 700N.m, and its 100-meter acceleration soars to 3.9 seconds, while the rest versions are 7.9 seconds. The 610KM four-wheel drive flagship, which is the top of the power system, must be the gospel of power lovers. The 3.9-second 100-kilometer acceleration with the blessing of double motors makes the performance of the vehicle strong enough.

It is also equipped with the newly released Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system, which can realize millisecond control and response, dynamically adjust the suspension state in real time, and make the vehicle performance better bloom. In sports mode, when you step on the "floor oil", you can feel that the dynamic response of this car is very sensitive. Unlike the delayed power output of the fuel car, the power of the vehicle is directly transmitted, clean and tidy, and the middle section is accelerated in one go. You can feel that the power output is always smooth and silky, and the driving experience is quite calm under the strong sense of pushing back.

In the emergency braking state, the pedal feedback is very calm and practical, and there is no feeling of bouncing and jumping. The whole process is quite smooth. Moreover, the FSD variable damping suspension can adjust the damping in real time according to the road conditions, so that the car body can bring better dynamic performance. When walking through the mountain road, you can obviously feel that the flexibility of the suspension is very strong, and the compression stroke of the suspension will not be easily pushed to the limit. The general sparse vibration filter is more thorough, the texture is improved a lot, and it has the comfort and isolation of an executive-class car.

The lighter unsprung weight makes the whole body lighter and more hand-following. Especially, the steering mode provides two modes: comfort and sports. In sports mode, the steering torque gain is particularly obvious, which can help us to control more accurately when walking through mountain roads. Therefore, if you are more looking forward to the dynamic texture, then the 610KM four-wheel drive flagship model must be the best choice. Of course, if the power demand is not great, the other four two-wheel drive models are more suitable.

4. Choosing a tram, battery life is also one of the conditions.

After picking up the configuration and picking up the power, there are naturally consumers who prefer battery life. Due to the downward price drop, the customer age of Han DMi is also rapidly young, and the demand ratio of wedding car and family as the first car begins to rise, and battery life has become the primary consideration standard. Then the five models of the Han EV Champion Edition are distinguished by endurance, namely: 506KM distinguished model, 605KM distinguished model, 610KM four-wheel drive flagship model and 715KM distinguished model and flagship model.

Then, for consumers who don’t have high endurance requirements and general interior configuration requirements, 506KM and 605KM can already meet the normal practical needs on weekdays. The main difference between them is that 506KM is more suitable for consumers who commute in cities and have limited budgets, while 605 is more suitable for occasional long-distance needs, and the economy is not so tight. The configuration of 695KM will also be higher, such as blind spot monitoring, early warning of opening doors, and custom-made Dana audio by HiFi, which are also not available in the 506KM model. Of course, if you want to pursue the ultimate endurance and the economy can meet it, the two models of 715KM are more suitable.

Write to the end:

I have to say that the launch of BYD’s "Champion Edition" series models is a good news for most consumers. After all, why not spend less money to enjoy a better equipped car? As for the Han EV Champion Edition, it is not difficult to see that how to make a choice depends on your own needs and hobbies. After all, five cars and four kinds of power can basically meet the choice needs of many consumers.

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Looking forward to the 2008 Geneva Motor Show: six beautiful cars are the first to see (Figure)




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  Volvo XC60

  After the unprecedented success of its seven-seater full-size luxury SUV XC90, the XC60 concept new car that was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in 2007 is regarded as the forerunner of the global cross-border SUV. Recently, Volvo officially announced that the official production version of XC60 will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show. This novel and unique new car will be launched globally at the end of 2008 and enter the China market early next year. Competitors of this XC60 include Mercedes-Benz GLK, BMW X3, Audi Q5, Volkswagen Tiguan and so on.

  Ford sixth generation Fiesta

  Changan Ford will continue to bet on the "new car" this year, the most striking of which is the sixth generation Fiesta, which will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. If there are no accidents, this new car will be unveiled and put into production in China in the second half of the year and will be listed at the end of the year.

  The sixth generation Fiesta is the first mass-produced model of Ford concept car "Verve". In addition to the three-door model, the information of five-door models will be announced at the Geneva Motor Show. By comparing the pictures, we can find that the difference between the new generation Fiesta and Verve is quite small, and they have basically the same lines and designs, and only make adjustments in details, such as the large air dam at the front of the car, the combination of lights, and the chrome decoration under the fog lights.

  The chassis structure is the same as MAZDA2. In addition, the new Fiesta provides five power specifications. The gasoline engine includes two Duratec systems of 1.3 liters and 1.4 liters. In addition, a 1.6-liter Ti-VCT gasoline engine is added for the first time, with a maximum horsepower of 115 horsepower, which is more environmentally friendly than the previous generation.

  The second generation of British and finidi FX models

  In 2007, it was officially introduced into China, and Britain and finidi got a good start, and its FX, G, EX and other models were well received by the market. At this Geneva Motor Show, Britain and finidi prepared a rich feast-the second-generation FX car, which showed the determination of Britain and finidi to enter the European market, and it was reported that this new car would be introduced to China for a bigger market share at the first time.

  It has been nearly five years since the FX model was officially introduced into the market in 2003. Although the shape is still quite avant-garde from today’s point of view, it is inevitable that the second generation FX will come out in the face of the comprehensive upgrading of strong competitors. However, the news about the second generation FX is still quite limited, only that it will be equipped with a brand-new V8 power system.

  Chevrolet small change to Le Cheng

  A small modified Le Cheng made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007. It was a five-door hatchback car. At this Geneva Motor Show, GM Europe announced that it would release a brand-new three-door version of the car. Different from the previous five-door version, the Le Cheng three-door version has slightly changed the front face, enlarged the design of the Chevrolet cross factory emblem, and has a brand-new combination of red and white rear taillights. The car will be equipped with gasoline engines with displacement of 1.2L and 1.4L.. It is reported that Le Cheng will be listed in the middle of the year, with a five-door model and then a three-door model, which will impact the growing personalized car market.

  The Eighth European Accord

  Recently, Honda announced the European version of the eighth generation Accord, which will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Previously, the eighth generation Accord imported by Guangzhou Honda was the American version, which was quite different in appearance design. There are four-door and five-door versions on the model, and the pentagonal shield chrome-plated water tank cover is more stereoscopic than the American version, and it is full of sharp lines on the whole, showing incomparable aggression.

  The low center of gravity and wide car body are the characteristics of the Japan-Europe Accord, especially the five-door version, which can not only reduce the height of the luggage compartment floor, but also achieve the stability of driving and handling, and also provide excellent seating space and comfort. In addition, irregular chrome-plated door handles and double exhaust tailpipes will be standard equipment, and the rim size is 17 and 18 inches. (Ma Haiyan)

Editor: Wang Yuxi