In the second issue of "China Star Jump", the three goddesses 10-meter platform shocked the audience.

  Killer, the actress’s first jump in the 10m —— As the first contestant, Killer, a natural female voice, made her competitors fidgety when she started to jump. She directly stepped onto the 10m platform with her back to the pool, and the difficulty rose to another level. After almost flawless falling into the water, Killer became the first person in all diving programs.

"Hot Search" won the Golden Rooster domestic new film exhibition, which was most anticipated by the audience. Xin Yukun did not play suspense to dig deep into human nature.

A few days ago, the film "Hot Search" appeared at the Golden Rooster Film Festival and held a screening event. Director Xin Yukun, producer Wang Hongwei, starring Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang and Justin attended the post-screening interaction to share the behind-the-scenes story of film creation with the audience. In this film festival, Hot Search won the 36th China Golden Rooster Award, and the domestic new film exhibition was the most anticipated feature film by the audience.

The film "Hot Search" tells the story that Chen Miao (Zhou Dongyu), the editor-in-chief of the media, penetrated the traffic password, created an explosive article and rushed to the hot search, but indirectly boosted the female student of the bully to jump off the building. At this time, Chen Miao accidentally discovered the help information sent by a female student and involved a sexual assault case. Chen Miao’s partner He Yan (Song Yang) and investor Peng Yue (Justin) are involved in it. Public opinion has turned many times, what kind of interest chain is hidden behind the incident, and a public opinion war for the weak has started … The film will be officially released on December 1.

Xin Yukun, the director of Heart Labyrinth and Silent Burst, didn’t choose to make a fuss about suspense structure this time, but focused on the network theme closely related to the present, and explored the complex humanity behind the "network public opinion war". Xin Yukun said that in such a story, the suspense skills full of design will weaken the sense of reality. "I am willing to sacrifice suspense and impress the audience with authenticity.".

At the scene, producer Wang Hongwei said that movies have the responsibility to show social phenomena. Xin Yukun also said, "What happened in the network in recent years is the power of awakening, and it is necessary to be recorded and transmitted.". "The film can’t tell all the complicated causes behind the network, but I hope it can help you sort out the whole story and improve your ability to identify the truth."

This time, Zhou Dongyu plays Chen Miao, the editor-in-chief of the media. At the scene, Zhou Dongyu also shared his love for the role. "Chen Miao believes that one thing will die to the end, and this tenacity in her body particularly attracts me.".

Song Yang plays He Yan as a "middle-aged social animal" trapped by interests. Song Yang said frankly that the middle-aged crisis dominated the choice of what to say, and the reality and pressure made him constantly compromise, and he was powerless to the truth. Yuan Hong played a "perverted and bad" villain. Peng Yue held power and did whatever he wanted. Justin couldn’t help but say "I want to beat him!"

Beijing urban management changes new uniforms, and each player has a number on his chest.

  Since yesterday (October 1st), the city’s urban management team members in Beijing have started to carry out law enforcement inspections with new uniforms. Recently, the Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau has uniformly renewed the uniforms and signs of law enforcement personnel in the city’s urban management system. On the first day of the Eleventh Golden Week, the city’s environmental order was good. During the festival, all urban management and law enforcement departments will take a break and take up their posts, focusing on strengthening the prevention and control of bustling commercial districts and characteristic blocks, major transportation hubs, large-scale gatherings, activities and other crowded areas.

  After asking the way, the tourist said, Have you changed your uniforms?

  "Have you changed your uniforms?" Yesterday morning, outside the East Palace of the Summer Palace, Mr. Li, who was traveling from Hebei to Beijing, was surprised after asking the urban management team for directions. He said: "I mainly asked the city management for directions in the Bird’s Nest two days ago, and the answer was very detailed. I still have an impression of the previous uniforms."

  Beijing Youth Daily reporters saw in Qianmen and the Summer Palace and other popular National Day attractions that all urban management team members have put on new uniforms and started to perform their duties. The clothing color is navy blue, with a golden logo, and each team member’s number is on the chest.

  According to reports, the new uniforms mainly consider adapting to the fact that urban management law enforcement workplaces are mostly outdoors and on the streets, which is convenient for duty activities. This is also the requirement of the Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau to implement the "Administrative Measures for the Supply of Clothing and Signs for Urban Management Law Enforcement" by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, strengthen the construction of urban management law enforcement teams, and further promote standardized and civilized law enforcement.

  Solve the problem of people who are not empty in the three-meal car

  After the flag-raising ceremony yesterday morning, crowds poured into Qianmen area, and the law enforcement team members of Dongcheng Urban Management began to guide the crowd. According to reports, in view of the relatively dense number of tourists watching the flag-raising during the holiday season, Dongcheng City Management has sent six law enforcement teams to strengthen the deployment in Qianmen Arrow Tower, Qianmen East Street and Chang’ an Avenue from 5: 00 every day, and sell tourist goods to the following tourists. Personnel engaged in unlicensed catering will be disposed of promptly and quickly.


  节日期间 北京城管全员停休



  According to the person in charge of the Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, the management of construction sites will continue to be strengthened during the festival, and the construction enclosures in key areas will be checked according to the specifications, and the construction dust will be strictly controlled, and the management of construction waste transportation will continue to be strengthened to prevent road spillage; Increase the control of illegal activities such as open-air barbecue, burning garbage and white pollution. Visit and investigate the gas supply, users, kitchen waste generation and collection and transportation units around the key security areas one by one, and rectify the problems.

  Urban management volunteers help serve tourists.

  In addition, the urban management law enforcement department, in conjunction with the Beijing Urban Management Volunteers Association, set up urban management law enforcement publicity service stations in tourist attractions and window areas during the National Day to provide tourists with services such as inquiries, directions and simple medical care while monitoring the environmental order.

  Yesterday, in Qianmen Street, Nanluoguxiang Pedestrian Street, Summer Palace and other areas, volunteers organized by urban management departments participated in the publicity of laws and regulations, stopped uncivilized behavior, and provided some services urgently needed by tourists, such as directions.

  The person in charge of the Municipal Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau said that mobilizing members of the association, volunteer groups and the general public to actively participate in the maintenance of the holiday environmental order, especially guiding social units in key areas to actively participate in environmental governance and rectification, can jointly create a beautiful and clean urban environment.

  Text/Reporter Li Tao

  Photography/Reporter Wang Zhenlong Cui Jun