Tank steering function? Can it be used in cars? See what the old driver says.

In the cross-country circle, 570 and Land Cruiser (Land Cruiser) are famous in the circle because they are equipped with two cross-country sharp weapons: crawling and tank turning around. At this point, even these burly cross-country experts can only admit defeat.

Among them, the tank U-turn function may not play any role in daily life for such a large SUV with a minimum turning radius of 6 meters. However, in off-road venues with complex terrain, there is a turning back with narrow road conditions and it is impossible to pass more than a few passes. At this time, the tank turning around plays an important role, and the frequency of this road condition in off-road is still relatively high.

What is a tank turn around?

The size of the tank must have seen the National Day military parade or the netizens of Mr. Bean probably know that the huge tank needs to turn. How big is the space? So some experts have developed a unique way to make the tank turn around in a small range, or even turn around in place.


The tank steering is mainly completed by a special steering mechanism, which can make the tracks on both sides move at different speeds, and the tank body will steer to the track on the slower side.


If it is necessary to turn around, just lock the track on one side, and the power generated by the track on the other side can drive the tank to turn around. If you need to make a quick U-turn, and the tracks on both sides move in the opposite direction, you can quickly complete the in-situ steering centered on the vertical axis of the car body.

How to use tank u-turn in automobile industry?

With the anti-sky function of tank turning around, can the car realize the anti-sky action of turning around in place? The answer is no, because the car drive is different from the tank, which can only control four-wheel forward or four-wheel backward, and can not realize the function of the tank with bilateral driving wheels moving in the opposite direction.


However, the function of tank turning around can be applied to the automobile field by using the principle that the car body deviates to the side where the tire runs slowly. passReduce or even lock the rotation speed of the wheel on one side of bending center, and turn around the rear wheel to realize the function of reducing the turning radius.The vehicle can pas through a narrow curve.

Take the land patrol as an example, cut into the low-speed four-wheel drive mode in the N gear state, then put the D gear into the creep mode and hit the steering wheel at an angle, and then press the tank U-turn function key, the vehicle will judge the rotation direction of the steering wheel and control the rotation speed of the inner rear wheel, so as to reduce the turning radius as stated in the tank U-turn principle.

What car has the function of tank turning around?


In addition to the tank U-turn function of the 570 and Land Patrol mentioned at the beginning of the article, the new models to be launched by the car and the off-road version of the gun pickup truck all have the tank U-turn function.


In addition to the U-turn function of the tank, the cross-country version of the cannon is also equipped with three locks in the front, middle and rear and a crawling mode. Creeping mode, commonly known as "fool off-road system". In the N gear, the four-wheel drive low-speed mode is engaged, and the creep is started. The vehicle can control the torque output of the engine, the gear position of the gearbox and the braking system by itself through the computer, so that the vehicle can pass through the bad road at a relatively slow and controllable speed, so as to prevent the driver from not grasping the speed well and causing the wheels to slip and get stuck.

Don’t say anything, the new model will be listed in August, so it’s up to you.