Xiaomi Automobile officially appeared on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, but everyone remained tight-lipped before Xiaomi Automobile Factory.

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  Xiaomi automobile finally unveiled the veil.

  On November 15, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the declared model information of Xiaomi Automobile. According to the public information, the trademark of Xiaomi automobile product is Xiaomi brand, which is a pure electric car, and the manufacturer isGroup off-road vehicle co., ltd.

  The picture published on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that the tail logo of Xiaomi car is "Beijing Xiaomi". In terms of overall dimensions, it is 4997mm long, 1963mm wide, 1455mm high and 3000mm wheelbase. In addition, Xiaomi automobile uses iron phosphate., the supplier isFoday under its banner; The engine comes from United Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. and is driven by.The peak power is 220kW.

  According to the configuration information, some models are provided with options.This also means that in terms of assisted driving, there will be differences according to different configurations, which are divided into two schemes: with and without.

  As for the issue of "production qualification" concerned by the industry, according to the information published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the name of the enterprise is "Group Off-road Vehicle Co., Ltd.", the registered address is No.1 Tongxin Road, Zhaofeng Industrial Base, Zhaoquanying Town, Shunyi District, Beijing, and the production address is No.21 Courtyard, Huanjing Road, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is the self-built factory of Xiaomi Automobile. An industry insider told Blue Whale Finance reporter that the use of Beiqi off-road vehicles for "production qualification" does not mean that Beiqi is OEM for BAIC Group. This statement is not accurate. According to the available information, the Xiaomi Automobile Factory announced this time is assembled by Xiaomi itself, but other processing and parts need to be analyzed after seeing the physical car.

  On the same day, Blue Whale Finance reporter visited Xiaomi Automobile Factory. At about 3 pm, two security guards were on duty at the main entrance of the park to prevent irrelevant personnel from entering. In addition, several people were looking inward sporadically at the door. According to the security guards at the door, these people were waiting for their own docking people to pick them up, and they were not allowed to enter casually. At about 4 pm, a man in a suit walked out of Xiaomi Automobile Factory. One of the men said that they were talking with Xiaomi about cooperation in engineering. However, when Blue Whale Finance reporter asked about the news related to Xiaomi Automobile, the man picked it up obviously and said that he didn’t know all the news about Xiaomi Automobile, so don’t ask him. Not only that, but even the construction workers who are not the staff of Xiaomi Automobile nearby are silent about Xiaomi Automobile.

  Since Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi had built a car, Xiaomi’s every move has been concerned by the outside world. Since October this year, the rumors about Xiaomi Automobile have been constant. The last time Xiaomi publicly responded to the news about Xiaomi Automobile was on October 25, when Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun was in his personal life.The account said, "Xiaomi Automobile is progressing very smoothly at present, and it will be officially listed in the first half of next year, and will report to you when it is appropriate."

  Combing the time sequence, on March 30, 2021, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said in a public speech that in the next decade, Xiaomi will invest 10 billion US dollars to build cars, and Lei Jun will be personally responsible for the car-making business. In September 2021, Xiaomi Automobile Co., Ltd. was incorporated. On November 27th of the same year, the Management Committee of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone held a signing ceremony with Xiaomi Technology. With the signing of the Cooperation Agreement, Xiaomi Automobile was officially announced to settle in Beijing Economic Development Zone.

  According to reports, Xiaomi Automobile Project will build Xiaomi Automobile Headquarters Base, Sales Headquarters and R&D Headquarters, and will build a vehicle factory with an annual output of 300,000 vehicles in two phases, of which the first and second phases will have a production capacity of 150,000 vehicles respectively. It is expected that the first car will be off the assembly line in 2024 and mass production will be realized.

  "Realizing mass production in 2024" is a word that Xiaomi official and Lei Jun are talking about, which has also become the beginning of Xiaomi’s car making.

  By the end of 2022, Xiaomi Automobile had applied for more than 400 patents involving autonomous driving, intelligent cockpit, charging device and power system.

  Especially in terms of autonomous driving, Xiaomi has accumulated technology for many years and soon formed a very strong autonomous driving team.

  In Lei Jun’s annual speech in 2022, Lei Jun said: "All sectors of the automobile industry are very complicated, among which non-automatic driving is the most complicated. At the same time, automatic driving is also the key point for the decisive victory of smart electric vehicles. Xiaomi’s car-making automatic driving will adopt full-stack self-developed algorithm to fully develop automatic driving technology, and the goal of automatic driving is to enter the first camp of the industry in 2024."

  According to the data of Xiaomi’s financial report in the second quarter of 2023, in terms of R&D, Xiaomi’s R&D investment in the second quarter reached 4.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21%, and the compound annual growth rate of R&D investment in the past six years reached 38.4%. It is estimated that Xiaomi’s R&D investment will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2023. It is worth mentioning that nearly 30% of the 4.6 billion yuan invested in R&D in the second quarter was used for the smart electric vehicle business.

  Although Xiaomi has been extremely cautious about information disclosure since the official announcement of the car-making plan, the voices from all sides inside and outside Xiaomi can also roughly describe the progress of Xiaomi’s car-making.

  In the conference call after the release of Xiaomi’s second-quarter earnings report, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi, mentioned in an interview that the actual investment of Xiaomi Automobile is even greater. Xiaomi is making the long-term layout of the automobile with the goal of entering the top five in the world in the future, doing full-stack self-research and building its own automobile factory, so the investment in cash flow is even higher than the disclosed figures.

  "Xiaomi Automobile has just finished the summer test, and the progress has exceeded expectations, maintaining the mass production target in the first half of 2024 unchanged." Lu Weibing further stated.

  In October 2023, at the launch conference of Xiaomi 澎湃 OS and Xiaomi 14 series new products, Lei Jun announced that the group strategy was officially upgraded to "the whole ecology of people and cars". The key core of this new strategy is Xiaomi 澎湃 OS, which is people-centered and organically integrates "the whole ecology of people, cars and homes". The system is not only suitable for mobile devices such as mobile phones, but also will be installed on Xiaomi cars. According to the PPT displayed at the press conference, Xiaomi will be equipped with a roof camera, through which people in the car can make video calls and other functions.

  The arrow is on the string and has to be sent. With the gradual unveiling of Xiaomi Automobile, it will take time to prove whether Lei Jun can lead Xiaomi to win this battle.