Green travel helps low-carbon life (consumption window, new observation on green consumption ④)

  Haikou City, Hainan Province, speeds up the construction of public charging piles to escort citizens’ green travel. The picture shows that construction workers are installing new energy vehicle charging piles next to the public parking space at the intersection of Changtong Road and Binhai Avenue in Haikou.

  People’s Vision

  Daoxian County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province advocates low-carbon green travel, and has opened pure electric buses for Guitou Village, Lianghekou Village and other villages with rich tourism resources, which is convenient for villagers and tourists. The picture shows the pure electric bus running on the road at the entrance of Guitou Village, Meihua Town, Daoxian County.

  People’s Vision

  core reading

  The construction of the urban slow-moving system has been steadily carried out, the proportion of new energy vehicles in the fields of urban public transportation, taxis, and urban logistics distribution has continued to increase. Digital technologies such as the Internet and big data have deeply empowered the travel field, and green travel has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Promote the realization of the "double carbon" goal, and green transportation has great potential.

  Green travel fashion environmental protection

  All localities are accelerating the construction of urban slow-moving systems, making public transportation more convenient

  "My home is about 5 kilometers away from my unit, and I used to drive to and from get off work. Since Meihu Greenway was upgraded and renovated, as long as it didn’t rain, I would ride my bike to and from get off work. Not only is it low-carbon and energy-saving, but I can also enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, breathe fresh air all the way, and my energy is much better than before." Zhang Liyun, a citizen of Qingyunpu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, said that cycling to and from get off work can serve multiple purposes.

  Walking on the Badashanren Meihu Greenway in Qingyunpu District, you can always see many citizens riding, and cycling has become the first choice for more and more citizens to travel.

  "Urban greenway construction is a livelihood project that benefits the people. It enhances the well-being of the people while decorating the city." Ye Xiutang, secretary of the Qingyunpu District Party Committee, said that in recent years, the government has invested more than 10 million yuan to upgrade and renovate Meihu Greenway. About 1 kilometer of greenways have been built, and about 3.3 kilometers of greenways have been renovated. There are also new bicycle lanes to help residents travel green.

  In Anning City, Yunnan Province, the Mantis River slow-walking system is an ecological greenway that is everywhere. "The slow-walking system integrates a health trail and a bicycle slow-walking path. The two roads are separated by a variety of trees and shrubs, and there are rest areas and observation decks along the line, which is very attractive to citizens," said Jiang Qi, chief of the Landscaping Management Section of the Anning City Administration.

  Liang Shuanglu, a professor at the School of Economics at Yunnan University, believes that the popularity of urban greenways in various places reflects the concept of green travel.

  "Green transportation is an important part of forming a simple and moderate, green and low-carbon, civilized and healthy lifestyle, which helps to create a high-quality life and promote high-quality development." Wang Yun, deputy director of the Institute of Foreign Economics of the China Academy of Macroeconomics, said that from the perspective of consumption, green transportation involves purchase, use and management; from the perspective of participants, it involves the government, enterprises and consumers. In recent years, our country’s green transportation has developed rapidly, and gradually built a low-carbon and environmentally friendly transportation development pattern.

  The proportion of urban public bus and tram and rail transit trips has further increased, and the degree of public transportation travel facilitation has been significantly improved. For example, Beijing has created conditions for green travel by building a convenient, interoperable and multi-network integrated public transportation system, and the proportion of green travel in central urban areas is expected to reach 74.6% in 2022.

  The proportion of new energy vehicles used in public services such as urban public transportation, rental, sanitation, logistics and distribution, postal express delivery, and civil aviation airports has gradually increased. In some small and medium-sized cities, the cultivation of "green urban and rural transportation circles" is accelerating. For example, there are 437 buses in Anning City, of which 343 are new energy vehicles, accounting for more than 78% of the total number of vehicles. It is expected that all new energy buses will be operated by 2023.

  Accelerate the promotion of new energy vehicles

  The supply and sales of new energy vehicles are booming, and the operation and maintenance service system and other supporting facilities are accelerated

  "I found a new charging station on Suxi Avenue on the mobile map APP. It is very convenient to use. You can pay by scanning the code on your mobile phone, and it only takes about half an hour to charge quickly." Recently, next to the new energy vehicle charging station in the parking lot of the Sports Park in Suxi Town, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, Hu Xiaojun, an owner who is charging his new energy vehicle, said: "Now, there are more and more new energy vehicle charging stations, and it is more convenient and safe for us to use new energy vehicles."

  In small and medium-sized cities, the degree of improvement of supporting facilities is a key factor affecting the willingness of more consumers to buy new energy vehicles. State Grid Yiwu Power Supply Company is actively building charging facilities to improve the social energy efficiency level in the service area. At present, the density of local public charging piles reaches 1.18 per square kilometer, which strongly promotes the green transformation of transportation.

  According to the data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2021, the annual sales of new energy vehicles in our country 3.521 million, an increase of 1.6 times year-on-year, ranking first in the world for seven consecutive years, with a market share of 13.4%. The "Implementation Plan for Promoting Green Consumption" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments proposes to "vigorously promote new energy vehicles". Wang Yun believes that with the continuous improvement of supporting infrastructure such as charging and replacing electricity, the consumption of new energy vehicles is expected to maintain a rapid development trend and help the transportation sector achieve the "double carbon" goal.

  "The vehicles have little noise and basically no shaking, and the interior is fully equipped with new seats, air conditioners, fire equipment, etc., which is very comfortable," said Zhang Xiaohong, a villager in Chuntao Town, Yujiang District, Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province. In recent years, Yujiang has continuously improved the service facilities of new energy buses to facilitate the travel of the masses. "Now, we have put in a total of 30 new energy buses to provide more convenient, safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly bus services for people to travel," said the relevant person in charge of Yujiang Passenger Station.

  The "14th Five-Year" Development Plan for Comprehensive Transportation Services issued by the Ministry of Transport proposes that by 2025, the proportion of new energy vehicles in urban public transportation, taxis, and urban logistics distribution will reach 72%, 35%, and 20% respectively. Wang Yun suggested that efforts should be made to promote the application of new energy vehicles for electricity exchange mode pilots, in-depth activities of various new energy vehicles to the countryside, and encourage car companies to develop and promote new energy models that are suitable for the travel needs of rural residents, of high quality and low price, and advanced and applicable.

  Digital technology is deeply empowering

  Utilize intelligent technology, innovate incentive mechanisms, improve travel sharing rates, and stimulate residents’ willingness to travel green

  "My friends and I often take a ride together, which can effectively reduce carbon emissions." Qu Yuanxin, a student at Hebei University, believes that in the context of increasingly intelligent and shared travel methods, Internet travel service platforms can contribute more to environmental protection, energy saving and reducing traffic pressure.

  According to the "Zero Carbon Travel" Research Report released by Didi Travel, 98.12% of the respondents are willing to guide the people around them to practice green and low-carbon. Li Jinlong, co-founder and vice president of Didi Travel, said that smart travel businesses such as Hitch should increase model innovation and technology empowerment, and promote the formation of green travel methods that combine mutual assistance travel and commercial travel.

  In September last year, the Environmental Development Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Central Joint Certification Center released the "Shared Cycling Pollution Reduction and Carbon Reduction Report", which shows that in the past five years, Meituan bicycle and motorcycle users have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 1.187 million tons, which is equivalent to reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of 270,000 private cars for one year.

  In recent years, transportation services have become more convenient and intelligent, technological application innovation has been active, and the level of digitalization, networking and intelligence in the industry has been continuously improved. Some local governments and enterprises have joined forces to use intelligent technologies to innovate incentive mechanisms to stimulate residents’ willingness to travel green.

  In September 2020, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, Beijing Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau and Autonavi Map jointly launched the "MaaS Travel, Green City" campaign. As of March 23 this year, the number of users participating in the campaign on the Autonavi Map APP exceeded 1 million. "We will further rely on digital technology innovation to enrich the connotation of carbon inclusion, continue to expand the scope of carbon inclusion incentives, and make people’s green travel experience better," said Liu Zhenfei, president of Autonavi Group.

  "When you leave, turn on the Autonavi map to ride the navigation, ride one kilometer to the subway station, and walk 500 meters to the destination after getting off the subway. You can get about 5kg of carbon emission reduction energy for the whole process. The accumulated carbon emission reduction energy can be used not only for participating in public welfare activities, but also for redeeming gifts such as public transportation coupons and shopping vouchers," said Zhang Ling, a Beijing resident.

  Wang Yun said that relying on digital technologies such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, intelligent and shared travel methods have entered people’s lives, which will help to significantly reduce traffic pollution emissions. In the future, we must further adhere to the concept of intensive development, innovate travel models, deepen technology empowerment, improve travel sharing rates, optimize urban transportation capacity, and help traffic travel save energy and reduce emissions.

Aauto Quicker is a women’s group, Tik Tok is a variety show, and what are the "tricks" for short videos that cross the border?

The arrival of Q3 means that the year 2020 is half over.

In July, when the screen was full of excitement, two short video platforms, Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker, also launched a new round of "attack" plan for the film and television industry: Aauto Quicker directly announced the seven-person group "KSGirls" and took a step of "becoming an idol"; Tik Tok continued to engage in variety shows, and went online to hold hands with singer Hu Haiquan’s program "HI! Springs listen to me "…

What are the new ideas and new ways of playing behind these frequent "cross-border" behaviors?

“show you the world

I appreciate it with you.

Watch flower of life bloom freely.

There is always a light that will illuminate the road ahead.

There is always some love worth watching with enthusiasm.

The world is very big. Go ahead with the wind.

Every dream has its own unique magnetic field. "

On July 5th, one day after the formation of "Creation Camp 2020" and "Hard Candy Girl 303", Aauto Quicker Film and Television officially announced its female group "KSGirls". Interestingly, Aauto Quicker’s women’s team did not have the usual group-forming links such as voting and public performance, but directly announced the "C debut" and released the first female team MV of Colorful Vision.

KSGirls is composed of seven girls, including Cai Bing, a dance blogger on the platform of Aauto Quicker, Chen Chunyu, a dance master, Huoxianmei, a popular anchor who changed from a game to entertainment, Chen Doby, a beautiful girl musician, He Yating, a popular cover blogger, etc. They are fast-paced online celebrity creators, among whom Chen Doby and Huoxianmei Aauto Quicker have more than 10 million fans.

This year, it is the "year of playing" in the women’s team draft: In March, iQiyi’s "Youth has You 2" made programs such as "reader" and "Wow" quickly out of the circle; In May, Tencent Video’s "Creation Camp 2020" launched the women’s group combination of "Hard Sugar Girl 303"; In June, Mango TV’s "30+" women’s group "Braving the Wind and Waves", with stocks and hardcore sisters Qi Fei …

On the one hand, idol talent shows frequently issue innovative declarations of "not defining women’s groups", and on the other hand, short video platforms touch idol tracks for the first time. On the crowded track of women’s team and draft, the quiet joining of short video platform is just like the subtle "throbbing" mood of TV people when the video platform just launched the online draft program. At present, it is not clear how KSGirls will take the idol road after forming a group, and what supporting women’s group performing activities with short video features will be held. However, these online celebrity girls who are from Aauto Quicker and have different specialties and bring their own fans may find new ways to develop women’s groups outside the reality show.

Regardless of whether KSGirls operates successfully or not, for Aauto Quicker, this is a good marketing action to reshape the brand image. According to Aauto Quicker Film and Television, within 24 hours of announcing the debut of the Aauto Quicker Women’s Team, tens of thousands of female users in Aauto Quicker released videos, announcing that they were "Aauto Quicker girls", with the declaration logo…… of # Aauto Quicker girls are in position C # … In the first MV of the women’s team "Colorful Vision", the poster copy of "Open a Aauto Quicker, everyone will debut" also made the Aauto Quicker Women’s Team more like a marketing direction aimed at "pulling new things".

It can be said that it has always been the direction of Aauto Quicker’s efforts to wash away the stereotype of "rustic flavor" and "sprint" to first-tier cities. Previously, after the publicity video "Back Waves" of bilibili Youth Day was overturned due to "lack of insight", Aauto Quicker released the video "Seeing" jointly with Ollie for uncle on the ninth anniversary, but it was an excellent case of "emotional touch".

"Some people say that only by looking at the world with prejudice can we have a way of looking at the world; You don’t need to presuppose any way to look at the world … "Seeing MV takes" being your own hero "and" the power of seeing "as its themes, which makes Aauto Quicker’s" old irons "bravely expose themselves. The content depicts many aspects of life, and the copy is simple and moving, which is in line with Aauto Quicker’s positioning and highlights the product attributes of the short video" Seeing Life ".

Recently, Aauto Quicker’s dynamics in the film and television track are far more than these: In May, the cinema film "Empty Nest" was launched in Aauto Quicker film and television, and the number of hits exceeded 16 million that night; At the same time, Aauto Quicker announced his participation in the production of the road film "He is My Brother" and the video call for papers for the joint film "Fighting over the tears of the Buddha’s Sage" in Aauto Quicker. Behind these actions, people are inevitably reminded that in September 2019, Aauto Quicker changed its business scope and added "film distribution and film production", and in December, it added "performance broker".

Long video is the only way for short video platform Aauto Quicker.

"The blue sky in the Milky Way.

There is a small white boat.

There is a osmanthus tree on the boat.

The white rabbit is playing. "

On July 4th, the singer Hu Haiquan held the guitar and sang the song "Little White Boat" which was recently ignited from the suspense drama "Hidden Corner", and cooperated with the band members to sing the classic song "The Most Beautiful" of Yu Quan …

This is Tik Tok’s recently launched custom music comprehensive "HI! Listen to me, the program created an online LiveShow on the short video platform. Formally, the program takes the personalized LiveShow of professional musicians as an incision, and invites different musicians as guests: in the first program, not only Guo Congming, a young singer with 42 million fans in Tik Tok and a Tik Tok talent, was invited, but also Liu Sihan, the singer of the song "Let the Rain Continue to Underground".

Compared with the music variety in the form of long video, this kind of music ensemble with the characteristics of high interactivity and timeliness of short video has obvious difference-relatively speaking, the music programs of network ensemble and electric ensemble are richer and more exquisite in sound effect, stage and program setting, but it also brings a sense of distance to the audience; The variety of short video platform is relatively "simple" in form and content, but it has the advantages of "small screen, live broadcast, barrage, gift" and so on.

Since the beginning of this year, Tik Tok’s attempt at variety shows can be described as tireless. During Q1 and Q2, Tik Tok, who is aiming at "house economy", quickly "dried up" in the variety section, and launched a series of entertainment programs, such as music DOULive, comedy DOU package and so on. Previously, Tik Tok also launched a series of star micro-variety shows, such as Return to Zero and Mr. Moxi, which cooperated with LAY and Leo. In addition, it also launched the "Star PD Plan" to jointly create online IP with stars. It can be said that for the layout of the entertainment track, Tik Tok’s characteristics are "famous guests+high publicity+huge flow", and combined with the characteristics of the platform to promote Tik Tok’s talent, under the "heavy money" to try the integrated development model of PGC and UGC.

Of course, Aauto Quicker is engaged in women’s idol, and Tik Tok is not idle. On June 5th, Tik Tok announced the launch of "Trainees, please start broadcasting" jointly with the four major head brokerage companies. Tik Tok Star Anchor Co-training Program ",it is reported that Tik Tok will invest 4 billion yuan to support the contestants in the event, aiming at supporting more high-quality talent anchors in music and dance.

As the growth of short video users slows down and the dividends peak, the business segments such as live broadcast between platforms, short video and advertising continue to "compete with each other", and the boundaries between long and short videos are increasingly blurred, which will inevitably make the giants’ eyes shift to other tracks. In the era of great entertainment, no matter which track the product is placed on, in the final analysis, it is the user’s time that is robbed.

The ecological changes in the entertainment market this year seem to be more intense.


Rotating editor: Yi Wu

Author: Siberia

Editor: Bitter wine

(Some pictures are from the Internet)

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took over the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety show?

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

At the end of May, iQiyi’s "Youth has You 2" ended; In June, Tencent’s video "Creation Camp 2020" is still going on, and Youku’s "The Name of a Teenager" is crouching aside and will be officially announced in a few days.

In the youth idol market, Teng Aiyou’s three companies are playing as close as a bee, and Hunan Satellite TV Department, the originator of the draft, is another world.

Today, Mango TV "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" suddenly went online. After the topic of "Young You 2" was broken, "Sisters" took over the traffic stick and swiped the screen in the circle of friends.

On the other hand, because the TV talent show is limited, TV stations that missed the idol talent show have entered the live broadcast field, at least they can’t miss the outlet of traffic realization. For example, Hunan Satellite TV just released a big live broadcast plan not long ago, aiming at various festivals and celebrations. Oriental TV broadcasts the ace program IP, and Zhejiang Satellite TV not only aims at the ace program live broadcast, but also will launch the first national anchor competitive variety show.

In addition, the major trump cards of satellite TV, such as Extreme Challenge, Run, super brain and other "comprehensive N generations", have also ushered in great changes this year, with many bright spots.

Q3 variety show is very lively, and a new round of competition is about to begin.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?
"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Four major video platforms: Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku and Mango TV.

Five Davids: Hunan Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Oriental Satellite TV and Beijing Satellite TV.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Youai Tengmang: Wang Fried frequently,

The older "sister" group took over the flow stick.

The key variety shows of Q3 families will be launched one by one, which can be described as frequent explosions.

Talent shows on video websites are still the mainstream, including music, idols, dances, variety shows and so on. Tencent video carries out program innovation in the post-draft era, and pushes the first variety coffee draft; Mango TV’s older sister group has long since failed to broadcast the first fire. Today, when it went online, it swiped the screen and set off the next wave of traffic.

In addition, in Q3 this year, video websites also started to observe the lives of celebrities living alone, including "Let Life Look Good" by Tencent Video, "I want to live like this" by iQiyi, and "Look at my life" by Youku. Mango TV focuses on family relations. Before that, "The Romantic Travel of Wife" ushered in the fourth season, and the new "Mother-in-law and Mother" also really brushed a wave of existence.

1. Mango TV  

Family observation programs are the most important, and "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" unexpectedly disturbed the rivers and lakes

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Mango TV’s third-quarter variety play is: senior women’s team draft+focus on family relations+others.

First of all, family relations programs account for the most.

Among the seven programs to be broadcast on Mango TV in Q3, three will focus on family relations, including Romantic Travel of Wife 4, Mother-in-law and Mother-in-law, and Newborn Diary 2.

"Wife’s Romantic Travel" ushered in the fourth season this year, and "Ada Choi+Max Zhang" brought its own heat; "Mother-in-law and Mother" is a new program, which is naturally suitable for topic discussion and has been searched several times. "New Diary 2" invited GAI and Wang Siran to make their debut this year.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Of course, the most exciting thing is "Braving the Wind and Waves", which focuses on the draft of older female artists.

In essence, there is not much difference in the idol group drafts of Teng Aiyou’s three companies, all of which focus on young teenagers and girls, but the public is inevitably tired of aesthetics. Mango TV, on the other hand, launched "Sister Who Rides the Wind and Waves", focusing on older female artists who have entered the entertainment circle for many years. From sea selection to official publicity guests, they have been on more than a dozen hot searches in a month. After going online today, it was even more unexpected to brush the screen. At present, there are 30 well-known domestic female artists such as Quiet, Yi Nengjing, Eva Huang, Yisa, Claudia, Yuqi Zhang, Hailu and Orfila.

How the energetic "sisters" are selected into a group, what kind of group they become, what kind of planning they will have after forming a group, and how the market will react are all worth looking forward to.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

2. Tencent Video  

After the draft, the program of the times was innovated, and Talk Show 3 and Tomorrow’s Son 4 became the basic disc of Q3.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Tencent video Q3 will continue to explore in the draft field, and will be paired with two trump cards, Tomorrow’s Son 4 and Talk Show Conference 3. At present, there are programs on the air, such as Creation Camp 2020, Hot Us and Let Life Look Good.

"Creation Camp 2020" will end in early July, and "Hot Us" has been received in advance, and the broadcast time of the two programs will span the second and third quarters. "Hot We" can be regarded as a derivative of the talent show, positioning the well-known music groups in the market to fight.

Idol draft has been developing in full swing on video websites in the past two years, but the embarrassing thing is that the development of idol industry is not mature, and the highly popular players and groups in the draft are almost all facing the state of debut.

"Then what?" Tencent Video issued such a question from a platform perspective, and the draft derivative program "Hot We" came into being, making up for the market vacancy.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

The picture is from the pilot film "Hot Us"

In addition to "Hot Us", in the field of draft innovation, Tencent Video Q3 will also launch a draft program focusing on variety coffee, that is, "Serious Gags", with a lineup of tutors such as He Jiong, William Chan, Zhang Wei, Li Dan and Stephy, which people are looking forward to.

The most noteworthy trump cards of Tencent’s video Q3 are Talk Show 3 and Tomorrow’s Son 4. Although it has not been officially announced, the prelude of Talk Show Conference 3, Cloud Sea Election, has been recorded for 16 issues, and Tomorrow’s Son 4 also announced its imminent return at the end of May.

Recently, the artist of Laughter Culture, the winner of Talk Show 2 and Cam, the host and judge of Cloud Sea Election, were caught in a drug abuse scandal, which cast a shadow over the upcoming Talk Show 3.

"Children of Tomorrow 4" recently officially announced the members of the "teachers’ group", including G.E.M., Vin, Nana Ou-yang, Lang Lang and Liang Long, and the "visiting professor" was Pu Shu.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Children of tomorrow 4

3. Iqiyi  

Small and beautiful observation programs account for half, and "China New Rap 2020" and "Summer 2 of the Band" play ace.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Q3, iQiyi’s style of play is: observation program +S-level sound synthesis+others.

According to incomplete statistics, small and beautiful observation programs accounted for half of the eight variety shows broadcast by iQiyi in the third quarter. Including the amateur love program I like you and I am also 2, the star living alone I want to live like this, the family life observation men who do housework 2, and the interaction between stars and amateurs and the unknown table.

The observation variety show is the routine operation of iQiyi, so in Q3, the top stream of iQiyi’s trump card is still S-rated China New Rap 2020 and Summer 2 of the Band.

This year is China New Rap 2020 (Hip hop in China) in the fourth year, at present, except Wu Yifan, no other tutors have been officially announced.

Summer of the Band ushered in its second season this year. Last year, the program won the popularity of rock bands such as New Pants, Miserable Faith, Hedgehog Band, click#15, penicillin and Jiulian Reality. Among the online band versions, Houhai Shark, Joyside, the dada, Zuoyou Band and ETA are popular.

Summer Surfing Shop is a brand-new program launched by iQiyi in Q3, with the theme of stars running surfing shops. On June 8th, the program just officially announced the lineup of permanent guests such as Huang Xuan, Elvis Han, Bridgette and Justin. Previously, the program attracted much attention because of the participation of YiBo, Allen, Li Xian and 2》THE NINE team of "Youth 2".

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

4. Youku  

World War II Men’s Team Draft Market, "This! Is hip-hop 3, sitting in Q3.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Youku Q3 broadcasts fewer programs, "This! Hip-hop 3 and the name of a teenager are the biggest trump cards. Together with two observation programs, Wang Miao Story and Watch My Life, and the explosion is coming 2, it is a star-studded program.

This year is "This! It is the third year of Hip-hop 3. The four captains officially announced in the new season are LAY, Jackson Wang, YiBo and Wallace Chung. Wallace Chung’s joining was somewhat unexpected, which caused quite a stir in public opinion. What’s more, the program group also finalized that Huang Bo was a flying guest, a rookie of Qingdao dancing king PK idol, and there was a direct physical collision. I wonder how many hard-core topics would be produced?

"The Name of a Teenager" focuses on the men’s team draft. This program is actually the second season of "In the Name of a Team", but because last year’s "In the Name of a Team" didn’t work well, Youku decided to make a makeover and set sail again, and entered the field of men’s team draft in World War II.

This year’s "The Name of Teenagers" was produced by Du Yan’s team. As a veteran of Hunan Satellite TV’s reality show, Du Yan was once the creative core of the ace show "Singer". After leaving the system, the team of Du Yan and Sun Li jointly created "Creation 101" in Tencent’s video fire. Youku chose Duyan team to do "The Name of Teenagers" this year, and many people in the industry expressed their expectation.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?
"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Four Davids: comprehensive N-generation reform,

Live selling goods to kill red eyes

In Q3 this year, the treasures of various TV stations are still the comprehensive N generations who have occupied the viewing for many years, and there has been a big wave of reform. At the same time, various TV stations have also brought forth new ideas in their own fields, such as comedy variety of Oriental TV, outdoor programs of Zhejiang TV and music programs of Jiangsu TV. The most noteworthy thing is that the live broadcast field is a red sea, and satellite TV is competing to enter the game.

1. Hunan Satellite TV  

Mainly promote the reality show of life and release the big live broadcast plan in a high-profile way.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

In mid-May, Hunan Satellite TV released the film list for the second half of the year, and the "Happy Camp" and "Everyday Up" were constantly updated.

According to incomplete statistics, among the 10 variety shows broadcast by Hunan Satellite TV Q3, life reality shows accounted for 5.Including the trump card "Life I yearn for 4", "My Girl 2" and "Skillful Detective", and the food reality show "Fresh Chef 100" joined by Liu Yuning. At present, "Chinese Restaurant 4" is being recorded in China, and the scheduled date has not been fixed.

In addition, Hunan Satellite TV’s new programs scheduled for Q3 include the cross-screen intergenerational variety Father-Son Confrontation, the cross-dimensional sound idol draft "Sound Plan" produced by the team of "Sound in the Scene", and the sports game selection reality show "Sports Boys".

The most striking thing about this film list is that Hunan Satellite TV announced its big live broadcast plan in 2020.

In previous years, Hunan Satellite TV usually used live broadcast for New Year’s Eve parties. This year’s six major theme parties will all use live broadcast. The 818 Global Car Night is scheduled for Q3, and the latest live broadcast is "Let’s go!" Brothers’ poverty alleviation live broadcast selling goods program has a huge momentum.

This year, in addition to the innovation in the program, Hunan TV is very careful in studying the path of live broadcast with goods.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

2. Zhejiang Satellite TV  

The wind of outdoor sports is blowing fiercely, and the live broadcast of goods is threatening.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Hunan Satellite TV mainly promotes the slow variety reality show of life, while Zhejiang Satellite TV focuses on outdoor sports.

The outdoor sports program of Zhejiang Satellite TV bears the brunt of "Run". This year’s "Run" has new faces such as KUN and Guo Qilin, and a special season of running men will be launched in the fourth quarter.

At present, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s outdoor programs include Travel Notes of Youth 2 and a brand-new program Travel Notes of the Week. The host of Travel Notes of the Week is Jay Chou, and the guests include Nicholas Tse, JJ Lin and Jam Hsiao.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Zhejiang Satellite TV’s treasure of Zhentai "2020 Good Voice of China" (Season 9) will be broadcast in Q3.

Two years ago, the copyright lawsuit of "Good Voice" was settled, and "New Songs of China" was changed back to "Good Voice of China". This program, which once helped Zhejiang Satellite TV establish its status as a river and lake, has reached its ninth year this year. At the end of May, The Voice of ChinaGeneral director Jin Lei announced that the latest season will open the original track Internet audience voting.. Li Jian and Ronghao Li will join as mentors.

In Q3, Zhejiang Satellite TV will also launch the country’s first anchor growth competitive variety "Live City", music street variety "Good Times", and star apprentice Michelin’s food variety "Star Picking" and other new programs.

Last month, the public service live broadcast on the closing night of the fifth season of "Ace to Ace" made Zhejiang Satellite TV realize the power of the live broadcast. Q3 is in the field of live broadcast, and Zhejiang Satellite TV is also in a strong position. At present, the live variety show scheduled for Q3 is "High-speed Kitchen", which will try to sell goods with Viya.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

3. Dragon TV  

Comedy innovation+life slow variety, creating the ecological circle of Oriental Taiwan with goods

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Dragon TV’s top stream "Extreme Challenge" will usher in its sixth year this year, and it has been broadcast. At the same time, there is also a dance reality show "Dancer", with Allen, THEO, Tong Liya and Venus as guests. The two programs will span the second and third quarters.

A few days ago, at the investment promotion meeting of Oriental TV, the official of Oriental TV announced that Extreme Challenge would launch a derivative program "Treasure Trip", and the members of the "Extreme Group" would set off from Kashgar and explore the desert plateau and vast desert within 20 days.

At the investment promotion meeting, Oriental TV released many innovative programs in the second half of the year, and comedy innovation became the biggest highlight, such as The King of Variety Comedy, an all-star lineup including Bo Huang, Degang Guo and Shen Teng. However, at present, it is confirmed that there are two slow-paced programs scheduled in Q3, Perfect Summer for the stars to run an inn by the sea and King of Songs in a small town for young musicians to experience life in a small town.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

In the field of live broadcast, Dragon TV has penetrated the most thoroughly.

At the investment promotion meeting, Wang Leiqing, director of the Oriental TV Center, directly upgraded the live broadcast with goods to the strategy of TV, and will use three main programs, including the famous program IP to derive the content with goods, create a reality show with goods for online celebrity, and combine the TV evening with the big-name sales of e-commerce to form the ecological circle with goods of Oriental TV.

In addition, Oriental TV will also launch the first star e-commerce reality show "Super Red Brother in Business", and the current schedule is undecided.

Viya became the celebrity of Dragon TV this year. "We are in Action 4", which ended in February, used the program IP and Viya to sell goods, with a turnover of more than 7 million. At present, the "Extreme Challenge 6" being broadcast, Viya directly appeared on the PK Extreme Men’s Team, and the sales with goods reached more than 6 million.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

4. Jiangsu Satellite TV  

Music programs are innovative, and the live broadcast of the party is the hardest.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Jiangsu Satellite TV’s ace program "If You Are the One" and "One Stop to the End" have been constantly improved all the year round. At the same time, another ace "super brain" ushered in great changes in the seventh season.

The seventh season of "super brain" spans the second and third quarters, and the guest lineup has been greatly changed. At the same time, the competition system has been changed to the circle promotion system, supplemented by players playing the list, which is very similar to the operation of the idol talent show. For this reason, the audience has different opinions, but the ratings have indeed improved significantly compared with the sixth season last year.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Spanning the second and third quarters, there are the new blind date conference 4 and the reality show Sunshine Sisters Amoy.

At the end of 2019, Zeng Guan of Jiangsu Satellite TV Merchants Association announced the 2020 program list, in which there were many innovative audio-visual programs.

Judging from the news released at present, the original music program scheduled by Jiangsu Satellite TV in Q3 is most likely "China Original Season". China Original Season is characterized as a musical version of If You Are the One, which will bridge the gap between music and musicians. The permanent lineup of online transmission includes Joker Xue, KUN, Chris Lee, Liu Yuning and others.

In the field of live selling, Jiangsu Satellite TV seems to be less sensitive than its rivals. At present, its biggest investment is the 6.18X cat party. In other aspects, the live broadcast is mostly used in the interaction between Morphy, an IP and previous dating show player, and netizens.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?


The survival pressure of the film and television industry this year can’t be compared with any previous time, but the TV industry is a slightly lucky branch, especially in the field of variety shows, which can be recorded without audience and few guests.

Q1 Due to the epidemic situation, the entire film and television industry stopped; Q2 TV field began to resume work in an orderly manner; Q3′ s programs are launched one by one, and various platforms can be seen everywhere playing the card "King Fried". All TV time slots and websites are all-stars. Some variety producers say that Q3 this year is the most competitive time slot.

Great pressure forces the industry to innovate, and the choice of platform reveals the word "seeking change".Such as the various talent shows on the video platform-Idol draft has exploded.It has been booming for two years, and the "competing products are homogenized and the market is weak" appears from time to time, but Mango TV’s "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" has brought a new round of imagination space to the market.Tencent video is also constantly expanding idol programs, so there are "Hot Us" and "Serious Gags".

In other program types, several major video platforms are also constantly seeking for change and exploration. For example, Teng Aiyou has launched a star solitary observation program to cater to the living conditions of young people. Mango TV launched "Mother-in-law and Mother", and before the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was presented to the stage, iQiyi launched "Summer Surfing Shop", which was not available in the surfing theme market before.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Needless to say, satellite TV can only do deeper articles on "seeking change" because of more restrictions.

Super brain, Extreme Challenge, Run, and other enduring generations all ushered in great changes this year. Because of the pressure of survival, satellite TV’s "seeking change" is more practical, not only changing the program, but also changing the revenue mode. And "live broadcast" seems to be the life-saving straw that David grasped in his hand this year.

The program form can be broadcast live, the ace IP combination can also be broadcast live, and even a live variety show can be launched. Dragon TV also upgraded the "live broadcast" to the TV business strategy.

It is not easy to survive, and it is not easy to change. But also because of this, we will see a dazzling variety market with high quality and quantity in Q3.

Enjoy Bijie in spring and come to a cherry blossom date!

Chunfeng youxin

Flowers bloom for a certain period

Cherry blossoms are blooming with red inside.

Or pink or white

Clusters and clusters are covered with branches.

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Live up to the great spring scenery

Early spring season

Taoying Village, Shedongguan Township, Nayong County

More than 30,000 mu of cherry flowers are in full bloom.

Attracting tourists to enjoy flowers in the spring.

in recent years

She Dongguan Township relies on agate red cherry.

Formed a flower viewing and fruit picking.

Cherry processing and cultural promotion as a whole.

Development pattern of integration of agriculture, literature and tourism

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Original title: "Enjoy Bijie Spring, come to a cherry blossom appointment! 》