Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30

Official authority, accurate, Xiaomi car is coming!

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

The new car announcement just released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Xiaomi Automobile is impressively listed:A car with a wheelbase of 3m and a wheelbase of 5m grows up, with a millet logo on the front and Beijing millet at the rear.

At the same time, an interior spy shot also flowed out:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

The popularity of all platforms in the whole network has been screened, especially the hot search in Weibo instantly rushed to the second place, which is second only to … You know that.

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Some people spit out "Bao Li Bao Qi", some people questioned that they could not be "the first car for young people", and all kinds of outrageous rumors also spread everywhere.

Xiaomi automobile "exploded" before it was launched.

What kind of car did Xiaomi build?

Do not speculate or break the news, only dig the public information in the announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, especially the key configurations that are ignored in the hot discussion but directly affect product positioning and even pricing.

Xiaomi Automobile is positioned as a medium-sized and large-sized car, with a body size of 4997mm/1963mm/1440mm and a wheelbase of 3000mm.

That is to say, the so-called "C-class car" is at the same level as the 5 Series, E Class and A6 of the traditional BBA.

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

In the camp of new energy and smart cars, it is equivalent to the newly released Aouita 12, Huawei Zhijie S7, BYD Han and Tengshi N7.

In terms of design, in the "Su Yan Zhao" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Xiaomi car is still beautiful and smooth, especially young and technologically advanced. It fits the "golden ratio" in design, with axle ratio 3X, width-height ratio 1.36X and wheel-height ratio 2X.

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

The deja vu design is also the root of being ridiculed for "keeping time and meters":

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

In fact, it’s not just Xiaomi who "protects the gas". Someone immediately made such a comparison:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

In terms of power parameters, the two-wheel drive model is equipped with a rear axle motor with a maximum power of 220kw, and the four-wheel drive model is equipped with a front motor of 220kw/ rear motor of 275kw.

That is to say, the four-wheel drive version is close to 650 horsepower, and if the declared total mass is 2.6 tons, it should be no problem to run into the 4-second club.

The two-drive battery is a lithium iron phosphate battery pack provided by BYD Foday Battery. The four-wheel drive model is a ternary lithium-ion battery provided by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited.

In terms of options, it is worth noting that:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

With lidar, according to Xiaomi’s firm positioning of building smart cars and the current trend of industry involution, the high probability is the high-order intelligent driving system covering NOA in the city.

The version without lidar is likely to achieve high-speed NOA capability.

Popular science, Xiaomi smart driving is not a procurement supplier, but a self-research. The core team comes from the previously acquired autopilot company DeepMotion.

At the same time, the exposure map of the interior also shows that Xiaomi gives high attention and functional priority to intelligent driving:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

The right side should be the choice of conventional driving modes, such as standard, sports and economy, while the button icon on the left side, like the concrete description of the perception outside the car, is likely to be "one-button intelligent driving".

Of course, the steering wheel design is also similar … However, it is still uncertain whether it is the final version.

Finally, it is worth noting that the Xiaomi logo is clearly hung on the front of the car, which is the same square logo as the mobile phone, and there is no special design for the car:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

At the rear of the car, the model name: SU7 is displayed, and the word "Beijing Xiaomi" is displayed:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Combined with the announcement information, Xiaomi Automobile is manufactured by Beiqi’s Beijing off-road production. The production place is also the Yizhuang factory in Beijing.

To sum up, Xiaomi’s first car is a C-class coupe, with a lidar and an OS.

Design technology, young, "Porsche Disciple" adds another member.

Xiaomi car "exploded" before it was launched.

Xiaomi’s car "exploded" and instantly rushed to the second place in Weibo.

The feedback mainly focuses on the shape design and logo.

For example, some people are keen to study the origin of various design elements on Xiaomi car.

There is a direct comparison between him and Porsche Taycan:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Others say it’s Tesla+Porsche:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Others dug up Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and McLaren 750S:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

In addition, about the logo, the discussion is also very enthusiastic:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Of course, the most hotly debated is the price.

Netizens expect Xiaomi to reproduce the "first car for young people", which is also an important factor in the rise of Xiaomi in consumer electronics.

However, according to the detailed report of car critic Han Lu, the price of Xiaomi car is in the range of 300,000-400,000 yuan, but "it can still reflect the cost performance".

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Hanlu’s revelations about the logo, design and size of the car have been verified to be correct, and the price is also of reference value.

Objectively speaking, the C new energy car with a wheelbase of 3 meters, in addition to clearly taking the cost-effective route of Zero Run, Nezha. The basic selling price of products oriented to luxury, comfort and technology is in the range of 300,000 yuan, which conforms to the industry and market rules.

The range of 300,000 yuan for Xiaomi Automobile is a very likely thing.

Finally, let’s have a heated discussion. Are you satisfied with the design of Xiaomi car?

The price of the first car SU7 is 300,000-400,000. Is Xiaomi too "floating" or is it worth the fare?

And according to the style of Lei Jun and Xiaomi, you can always "believe that good things are about to happen" until the final press conference.

Source of the article: Quantum bit

Online celebrity’s Cat Cafe: How to calculate the responsibility of teasing the cat to be scratched?

  In recent years, the popularity of pet coffee shops has remained high. In most pet coffee shops, besides selling small animals, it is even more exciting that customers can get in close contact with small animals when they arrive at the store. However, behind these warm and lovely pictures, there are also many hidden dangers.

  A few days ago, a user nicknamed "sccggbb" commented on a shop on an APP platform, reflecting the experience that his boyfriend was scratched by a cat when he and his boyfriend went to a cat cafe for consumption.

  According to sccggbb’s description, I have visited this cat and coffee shop twice. The first time I went with a friend, "My friend was caught by a cat, but there was no bleeding"; The second time I went with my boyfriend, "My boyfriend was directly scratched by a cat and bled". In these two experiences when her companion was scratched by a cat, what made her angry was the way the shopkeeper handled it. The user’s message information shows that after the first friend was scratched by a cat, "the shopkeeper gave an alcohol cotton pad to wipe it", and after the second boyfriend was scratched, the shopkeeper said that the use method of teasing the cat stick was wrong.

  So, what exactly happened? As a new format, what measures will cat coffee generally take to reduce the chances of customers being scratched by cats? Who is responsible for the customer being scratched by a cat in a cat cafe?


  It’s the wrong way to tease the cat

  Or was it thrown for no reason?

  On July 4, the reporter contacted an APP user nicknamed "sccggbb", who refused to be interviewed on this matter.

  After combing the replies from an APP platform to the user, the reporter learned that the user "sccggbb" and her boyfriend bought a set meal coupon for two people worth 88 yuan through the platform on the afternoon of Dragon Boat Festival (June 25th) and went to the store for consumption. After completing the use registration of the set meal coupon, they each got a cat-teasing stick from the shopkeeper.

  Ms. Fu, the owner of the store, recalled the scene to the reporter and added that while giving the cat-teasing stick, she also introduced the personality characteristics of each cat in the store to the two of them, and reminded them to pay attention to safety in the process of teasing cats. On the dining table in the store, there are also tips about the cat’s personality characteristics and the precautions for teasing cats.

  Ms. Fu told the reporter that through the monitoring of the store at that time, we can see that the boyfriend of the user "sccggbb" had the action of shaking the cat stick towards his body before being scratched by the cat, and thought that this was the main reason for being scratched by the cat. "Generally, the cat-teasing stick is shaken far away to ensure that you are not scratched by the cat." Ms. Fu admitted that when giving the cat-teasing stick to the two, she did not remind them of the possible risks of using the cat-teasing stick incorrectly.

  Ms. Fu’s statement is different from the comments made by the user "sccggbb" on an APP. According to the comments of sccggbb, "I didn’t mean to tease the cat at that time, but the cat jumped on me."


  Shopkeeper: I have returned the package coupon and am willing to send it to the doctor.

  Customer: You should compensate for the cost of vaccination.

  However, how to get injured is not the focus of the debate between the two sides. What makes the user "sccggbb" dissatisfied is mainly the way the shopkeeper handled his boyfriend after he was injured: "I didn’t see that you had anything to deal with within an hour of being scratched by a cat, so you should take the initiative to say that you would take us for vaccination."

  In this regard, Ms. Fu stressed in an interview that she started to communicate with her "sccggbb" boyfriend less than three minutes after he was scratched by a cat, and left after the customer said "It doesn’t matter, the cat has no problem with vaccination".

  Ms. Fu said that the store monitoring showed that after confirming the situation with "sccggbb" and her boyfriend, the two continued to tease the cat in the store and left after about half an hour. When they left, they were "really sorry", so they returned "sccggbb" and 88 yuan, who bought the package coupon with her boyfriend that day, and said that "you can go to the hospital to ask if you are not at ease."

  Ms. Fu told reporters that all the cats in her shop had received four doses of vaccine at the end of July 2019 (including the cat rhinotracheitis vaccine, the mosaic virus vaccine and the panleukopenia vaccine commonly known as "Miaosanduo", as well as the rabies vaccine).

  In response to Ms. Fu’s statement, "sccggbb" expressed different views. "Even if the cat has been vaccinated, there is a certain chance that it will be infected with rabies if it is exposed at the third level, and it has already caught bleeding." "sccggbb" said that it was precisely because of the store’s unacceptable handling method that it gave the store a bad review and asked the store to compensate for the cost of rabies vaccine and tetanus vaccine according to the market price.

  Lawyer’s statement

  Under the condition that the customer is not at fault

  Shops should bear the responsibility.

  Ms. Fu told reporters that she had stopped the operation of the store two or three days after the dispute with "sccggbb". "It has been nearly a year since I opened the store, and I have been troubled by various situations, especially after this incident. I decided to close this store."

  Ms. Fu said that "sccggbb" has reflected the above disputes to the platform and consumer rights protection organizations. "If the relevant departments determine that I do have the obligation to pay compensation, I will bear the corresponding compensation, and it will not be affected by closing the store."

  In fact, the dispute between Ms. Fu and "sccggbb" is not accidental, and the problem of cats scratching customers often occurs in cat cafes. Taking Chengdu as an example, the reporter searched for "cat coffee" on an APP platform and got 133 related stores.

  How do these 133 stores deal with customers being scratched by cats? The reporter immediately dialed the phone number of a cat and coffee merchant located in the third section of Hongxing Road.

  The person in charge of the store told the reporter that it is a common problem for customers to be scratched by cats in cat coffee. Usually, after the customer tells the clerk that he has been scratched by a cat, the clerk will disinfect the customer’s wound at the first time. "The cats in our store will be vaccinated once every six months, and we will know from frequent contact with cats that it will not be infected if they are scratched by cats, so routine disinfection is enough." The person in charge said that when customers ask for rabies vaccination, the store will also compensate them accordingly.

  The person in charge said, "As long as the customer’s requirements are reasonable, the store will try its best to meet them in order to avoid disputes." He also told reporters that in a prominent position at the entrance of their store, customers will be prompted to "don’t hug the cat forcibly, if there is a risk, you will be at your own risk." At the same time, for the sake of customer safety, children under the age of 8 are not allowed to enter the store. After contacting a number of cat cafes in Chengdu, the reporter found that all cats and cafes had scratched customers, and almost all shops had disclaimers. Then, does such a statement, as expressed in the text itself, make the cat and coffee shop exempt from liability when the cat hurts people?

  The reporter consulted Song Hongyu, a lawyer of Taihetai Law Firm. Song Hongyu said that customers are mainly divided into two categories when cats are scratched by cats. In the first category, customers are indeed scratched because of their own way of teasing cats, which leads to the cat’s stress response; The second category is that customers are scratched by cats just because they are in the store without teasing them. "As long as the customer is not at fault, the store should bear the responsibility that the cats it raises infringe on the rights and interests of others." (Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star Journalist Ye Yan Intern reporter Cheng Bo)