Liangshan xingyue l zhiqing has a big price cut! The reserve price is 152,700. If you miss it, you won’t have it.

In car home Liangshan preferential promotion channel, preferential activities are being carried out. As an excellent automobile product, Xingyue L Zhiqing not only has excellent performance and driving experience, but also provides rich configuration and intelligent technology to bring you a more convenient and comfortable experience. At present, the highest discount of this car in Liangshan area has reached 0.7 million, and the lowest starting price is 152,700. If you want to know more preferential information, you can click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount. Act quickly and let Xingyue L Zhiqing become your new choice for travel!

The design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is very attractive, and the front face adopts a large air intake grille, which makes the whole front look very sporty. The grille is decorated with chrome, which makes the whole front look more exquisite. In addition, Xingyue L Zhiqing adopts a streamlined body design, and the overall style is very fashionable, giving people a very modern feeling. There are many details on the car body, such as chrome trim and sharp lines, which make the whole car look more dynamic and fashionable. Generally speaking, the design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is very attractive, and it is a very individual model.

As a medium-sized SUV, Xingyue L Zhiqing has excellent body dimensions, with length * width * height (mm) of 4,795 * 1,895 * 1,689, wheelbase (mm) of 2,845, front and rear wheel tracks (mm) of 1,610, front tyre size of 245/45 R20, and rear tyre size of the same kind. Viewed from the side, the car side lines of Xingyue L Zhiqing are smooth and natural, showing a beautiful S-shaped curve, and the overall visual effect is excellent. The rim style on the side of the car is fashionable and atmospheric, and the multi-spoke design is adopted to match the shape of the tire, making the whole car more dynamic. At the same time, the door design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is also very unique, and the hidden door handle is used to make the whole body more tidy. Generally speaking, Xingyue L Zhiqing is excellent in appearance design and left a deep impression on people.

The interior design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is full of sense of technology and luxury. The center console adopts a 12.3-inch LCD touch screen, which supports voice recognition control of multimedia system, navigation, telephone, air conditioner, skylight and window. The steering wheel is made of leather material, which supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth. There are two USB/Type-C interfaces in the front row and wireless charging function of mobile phone, and one USB/Type-C interface in the back row. The seat is made of imitation leather. The main driver’s seat supports four-way adjustment of front and rear, backrest, height and lumbar support. The co-pilot seat supports two-way adjustment of front and rear, backrest and height. The front seat also has heating and ventilation functions, and the driver’s seat is also equipped with electric seat memory function. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats support proportional reclining.

As a 1.5t L4 engine with 163 horsepower, the maximum power and torque of Xingyue L engine are 120kW and 255N·m respectively. It uses an advanced 3-speed DHT gearbox, which can provide excellent acceleration performance and driving experience. This engine not only has high combustion efficiency, but also has excellent reliability and durability, ensuring the stability and reliability of the vehicle. At the same time, Xingyue L Zhiqing also adopted advanced emission control technology, which made it perform well in environmental protection and meet the latest emission standards. In a word, Xingyue L Zhiqing is an excellent engine, which provides excellent power and performance for your driving experience.

In the evaluation of car home car owners, he spoke highly of the appearance of the Star Yue L-Smart Engine, calling it high-end, atmospheric and upscale, and even said that he wanted to control it himself at the first sight. This fully shows the outstanding performance of Xingyue L Zhiqing in design. As an SUV model, Xingyue L Zhiqing has made great efforts in body lines, front face modeling and detail treatment, presenting a style with a sense of modernity and technology. At the same time, its interior design is also very elegant, using high-quality materials and fine workmanship, making the whole car full of luxury and comfort. The intelligent engine system it is equipped with makes car owners love it, and it has performed very well in navigation, music and voice assistant. It can be said that Xingyue L Zhiqing has reached a high standard in appearance and interior design, which has brought excellent driving experience to car owners.

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30

Official authority, accurate, Xiaomi car is coming!

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

The new car announcement just released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Xiaomi Automobile is impressively listed:A car with a wheelbase of 3m and a wheelbase of 5m grows up, with a millet logo on the front and Beijing millet at the rear.

At the same time, an interior spy shot also flowed out:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

The popularity of all platforms in the whole network has been screened, especially the hot search in Weibo instantly rushed to the second place, which is second only to … You know that.

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Some people spit out "Bao Li Bao Qi", some people questioned that they could not be "the first car for young people", and all kinds of outrageous rumors also spread everywhere.

Xiaomi automobile "exploded" before it was launched.

What kind of car did Xiaomi build?

Do not speculate or break the news, only dig the public information in the announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, especially the key configurations that are ignored in the hot discussion but directly affect product positioning and even pricing.

Xiaomi Automobile is positioned as a medium-sized and large-sized car, with a body size of 4997mm/1963mm/1440mm and a wheelbase of 3000mm.

That is to say, the so-called "C-class car" is at the same level as the 5 Series, E Class and A6 of the traditional BBA.

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

In the camp of new energy and smart cars, it is equivalent to the newly released Aouita 12, Huawei Zhijie S7, BYD Han and Tengshi N7.

In terms of design, in the "Su Yan Zhao" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Xiaomi car is still beautiful and smooth, especially young and technologically advanced. It fits the "golden ratio" in design, with axle ratio 3X, width-height ratio 1.36X and wheel-height ratio 2X.

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

The deja vu design is also the root of being ridiculed for "keeping time and meters":

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

In fact, it’s not just Xiaomi who "protects the gas". Someone immediately made such a comparison:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

In terms of power parameters, the two-wheel drive model is equipped with a rear axle motor with a maximum power of 220kw, and the four-wheel drive model is equipped with a front motor of 220kw/ rear motor of 275kw.

That is to say, the four-wheel drive version is close to 650 horsepower, and if the declared total mass is 2.6 tons, it should be no problem to run into the 4-second club.

The two-drive battery is a lithium iron phosphate battery pack provided by BYD Foday Battery. The four-wheel drive model is a ternary lithium-ion battery provided by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited.

In terms of options, it is worth noting that:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

With lidar, according to Xiaomi’s firm positioning of building smart cars and the current trend of industry involution, the high probability is the high-order intelligent driving system covering NOA in the city.

The version without lidar is likely to achieve high-speed NOA capability.

Popular science, Xiaomi smart driving is not a procurement supplier, but a self-research. The core team comes from the previously acquired autopilot company DeepMotion.

At the same time, the exposure map of the interior also shows that Xiaomi gives high attention and functional priority to intelligent driving:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

The right side should be the choice of conventional driving modes, such as standard, sports and economy, while the button icon on the left side, like the concrete description of the perception outside the car, is likely to be "one-button intelligent driving".

Of course, the steering wheel design is also similar … However, it is still uncertain whether it is the final version.

Finally, it is worth noting that the Xiaomi logo is clearly hung on the front of the car, which is the same square logo as the mobile phone, and there is no special design for the car:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

At the rear of the car, the model name: SU7 is displayed, and the word "Beijing Xiaomi" is displayed:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Combined with the announcement information, Xiaomi Automobile is manufactured by Beiqi’s Beijing off-road production. The production place is also the Yizhuang factory in Beijing.

To sum up, Xiaomi’s first car is a C-class coupe, with a lidar and an OS.

Design technology, young, "Porsche Disciple" adds another member.

Xiaomi car "exploded" before it was launched.

Xiaomi’s car "exploded" and instantly rushed to the second place in Weibo.

The feedback mainly focuses on the shape design and logo.

For example, some people are keen to study the origin of various design elements on Xiaomi car.

There is a direct comparison between him and Porsche Taycan:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Others say it’s Tesla+Porsche:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Others dug up Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and McLaren 750S:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

In addition, about the logo, the discussion is also very enthusiastic:

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Of course, the most hotly debated is the price.

Netizens expect Xiaomi to reproduce the "first car for young people", which is also an important factor in the rise of Xiaomi in consumer electronics.

However, according to the detailed report of car critic Han Lu, the price of Xiaomi car is in the range of 300,000-400,000 yuan, but "it can still reflect the cost performance".

Xiaomi car screens! The price was exposed to 30-40w. User: Porsche is out of track.

Hanlu’s revelations about the logo, design and size of the car have been verified to be correct, and the price is also of reference value.

Objectively speaking, the C new energy car with a wheelbase of 3 meters, in addition to clearly taking the cost-effective route of Zero Run, Nezha. The basic selling price of products oriented to luxury, comfort and technology is in the range of 300,000 yuan, which conforms to the industry and market rules.

The range of 300,000 yuan for Xiaomi Automobile is a very likely thing.

Finally, let’s have a heated discussion. Are you satisfied with the design of Xiaomi car?

The price of the first car SU7 is 300,000-400,000. Is Xiaomi too "floating" or is it worth the fare?

And according to the style of Lei Jun and Xiaomi, you can always "believe that good things are about to happen" until the final press conference.

Source of the article: Quantum bit

Wuchuan: live broadcast with goods injects new kinetic energy into rural revitalization

In the Internet era, more and more enterprises and businesses use webcasting to drive online sales, which also "brings fire" to the market economy. Guizhou Libo Trading Co., Ltd., with the help of the east wind of the Internet, incubated online celebrity’s anchor, and made Wuchuan’s high-quality agricultural special products embark on the fast lane of e-commerce live broadcast, so that more people can enjoy the dividend of the e-commerce era and inject new kinetic energy into rural revitalization.

Zou Qiurong, a fruit farmer in Tongmu Village, Baicun Town, Wuchuan Autonomous County, who was still worried about the slow sales of citrus a few days ago, sold out of citrus with the help of the live delivery team of Guizhou Libo Trading Co., Ltd. She sincerely thanked them and said, "Thanks to their help, I sold 50,000 to 60,000 kilograms of citrus in two days and helped me increase my income by 50,000 to 60,000 yuan."

According to Zou Qiurong, her family grows 130 acres of citrus. There is a bumper harvest of fruits this year, but the sales channels are narrow and the citrus is unsalable. After understanding the situation of her family, the staff of the county economic and trade bureau took the initiative to dock and invited the network anchor to help her sell.

Helping Zou Qiurong’s family to sell oranges is just a microcosm of Guizhou Libo Trading Co., Ltd. e-commerce to help farmers. In addition to selling first-line agricultural products, the company also cooperated with Wuchuan Yijian Konjac Food Technology Co., Ltd. to lay a good combination of "entity+e-commerce" and release the vitality of economic growth.

"Now the lily noodles in our house are 29 yuan and 9 yuan, and we have 5 bags, each of which is 250 grams. If you want to eat, you can go to the little yellow car below and buy one and try it."

In the exhibition hall of Guizhou Libo Trading Co., Ltd., located in Daping Street Industrial Park, Wuchuan Autonomous County, the anchor is enthusiastically introducing product-related information to netizens, attracting many netizens’ attention and purchase.

"I think it is very meaningful to be able to sell our agricultural special products in Wuchuan to all parts of the country, so that more people can eat these original ecological foods, and also contribute to promoting Wuchuan’s economic development." Han Feng, anchor of Guizhou Libo Trading Co., Ltd. said.

The company not only attracts local anchors to "bring goods" for their hometown products, but also attracts foreign anchors to come to the exhibition hall to "select products", regardless of the live broadcast location to bring goods. After consumers place orders, the company will uniformly package and uniformly sell them, making full use of the power of talents from all over the world to sell Wuchuan agricultural special products.

It is understood that Guizhou Libo Trading Co., Ltd. was attracted by the county economic and trade bureau in February this year. At present, there are about 20 anchors from Wuchuan local and surrounding counties. The company mainly promotes more than 10 kinds of agricultural special products such as konjac, lily noodles and rock sugar garlic.

"E-commerce live broadcast helps the sales of Wuchuan agricultural special products, helps farmers increase their income, and also provides a platform for the majority of groups, especially young people, to find jobs nearby." Ren Congcong, general manager of Guizhou Libo Trading Co., Ltd. said that the company will further improve the mechanism and management, create "one village and one anchor", promote the orderly development of live e-commerce, and promote the live broadcast of e-commerce with greater efforts and better services. Rural revitalization.

Online celebrity’s Cat Cafe: How to calculate the responsibility of teasing the cat to be scratched?

  In recent years, the popularity of pet coffee shops has remained high. In most pet coffee shops, besides selling small animals, it is even more exciting that customers can get in close contact with small animals when they arrive at the store. However, behind these warm and lovely pictures, there are also many hidden dangers.

  A few days ago, a user nicknamed "sccggbb" commented on a shop on an APP platform, reflecting the experience that his boyfriend was scratched by a cat when he and his boyfriend went to a cat cafe for consumption.

  According to sccggbb’s description, I have visited this cat and coffee shop twice. The first time I went with a friend, "My friend was caught by a cat, but there was no bleeding"; The second time I went with my boyfriend, "My boyfriend was directly scratched by a cat and bled". In these two experiences when her companion was scratched by a cat, what made her angry was the way the shopkeeper handled it. The user’s message information shows that after the first friend was scratched by a cat, "the shopkeeper gave an alcohol cotton pad to wipe it", and after the second boyfriend was scratched, the shopkeeper said that the use method of teasing the cat stick was wrong.

  So, what exactly happened? As a new format, what measures will cat coffee generally take to reduce the chances of customers being scratched by cats? Who is responsible for the customer being scratched by a cat in a cat cafe?


  It’s the wrong way to tease the cat

  Or was it thrown for no reason?

  On July 4, the reporter contacted an APP user nicknamed "sccggbb", who refused to be interviewed on this matter.

  After combing the replies from an APP platform to the user, the reporter learned that the user "sccggbb" and her boyfriend bought a set meal coupon for two people worth 88 yuan through the platform on the afternoon of Dragon Boat Festival (June 25th) and went to the store for consumption. After completing the use registration of the set meal coupon, they each got a cat-teasing stick from the shopkeeper.

  Ms. Fu, the owner of the store, recalled the scene to the reporter and added that while giving the cat-teasing stick, she also introduced the personality characteristics of each cat in the store to the two of them, and reminded them to pay attention to safety in the process of teasing cats. On the dining table in the store, there are also tips about the cat’s personality characteristics and the precautions for teasing cats.

  Ms. Fu told the reporter that through the monitoring of the store at that time, we can see that the boyfriend of the user "sccggbb" had the action of shaking the cat stick towards his body before being scratched by the cat, and thought that this was the main reason for being scratched by the cat. "Generally, the cat-teasing stick is shaken far away to ensure that you are not scratched by the cat." Ms. Fu admitted that when giving the cat-teasing stick to the two, she did not remind them of the possible risks of using the cat-teasing stick incorrectly.

  Ms. Fu’s statement is different from the comments made by the user "sccggbb" on an APP. According to the comments of sccggbb, "I didn’t mean to tease the cat at that time, but the cat jumped on me."


  Shopkeeper: I have returned the package coupon and am willing to send it to the doctor.

  Customer: You should compensate for the cost of vaccination.

  However, how to get injured is not the focus of the debate between the two sides. What makes the user "sccggbb" dissatisfied is mainly the way the shopkeeper handled his boyfriend after he was injured: "I didn’t see that you had anything to deal with within an hour of being scratched by a cat, so you should take the initiative to say that you would take us for vaccination."

  In this regard, Ms. Fu stressed in an interview that she started to communicate with her "sccggbb" boyfriend less than three minutes after he was scratched by a cat, and left after the customer said "It doesn’t matter, the cat has no problem with vaccination".

  Ms. Fu said that the store monitoring showed that after confirming the situation with "sccggbb" and her boyfriend, the two continued to tease the cat in the store and left after about half an hour. When they left, they were "really sorry", so they returned "sccggbb" and 88 yuan, who bought the package coupon with her boyfriend that day, and said that "you can go to the hospital to ask if you are not at ease."

  Ms. Fu told reporters that all the cats in her shop had received four doses of vaccine at the end of July 2019 (including the cat rhinotracheitis vaccine, the mosaic virus vaccine and the panleukopenia vaccine commonly known as "Miaosanduo", as well as the rabies vaccine).

  In response to Ms. Fu’s statement, "sccggbb" expressed different views. "Even if the cat has been vaccinated, there is a certain chance that it will be infected with rabies if it is exposed at the third level, and it has already caught bleeding." "sccggbb" said that it was precisely because of the store’s unacceptable handling method that it gave the store a bad review and asked the store to compensate for the cost of rabies vaccine and tetanus vaccine according to the market price.

  Lawyer’s statement

  Under the condition that the customer is not at fault

  Shops should bear the responsibility.

  Ms. Fu told reporters that she had stopped the operation of the store two or three days after the dispute with "sccggbb". "It has been nearly a year since I opened the store, and I have been troubled by various situations, especially after this incident. I decided to close this store."

  Ms. Fu said that "sccggbb" has reflected the above disputes to the platform and consumer rights protection organizations. "If the relevant departments determine that I do have the obligation to pay compensation, I will bear the corresponding compensation, and it will not be affected by closing the store."

  In fact, the dispute between Ms. Fu and "sccggbb" is not accidental, and the problem of cats scratching customers often occurs in cat cafes. Taking Chengdu as an example, the reporter searched for "cat coffee" on an APP platform and got 133 related stores.

  How do these 133 stores deal with customers being scratched by cats? The reporter immediately dialed the phone number of a cat and coffee merchant located in the third section of Hongxing Road.

  The person in charge of the store told the reporter that it is a common problem for customers to be scratched by cats in cat coffee. Usually, after the customer tells the clerk that he has been scratched by a cat, the clerk will disinfect the customer’s wound at the first time. "The cats in our store will be vaccinated once every six months, and we will know from frequent contact with cats that it will not be infected if they are scratched by cats, so routine disinfection is enough." The person in charge said that when customers ask for rabies vaccination, the store will also compensate them accordingly.

  The person in charge said, "As long as the customer’s requirements are reasonable, the store will try its best to meet them in order to avoid disputes." He also told reporters that in a prominent position at the entrance of their store, customers will be prompted to "don’t hug the cat forcibly, if there is a risk, you will be at your own risk." At the same time, for the sake of customer safety, children under the age of 8 are not allowed to enter the store. After contacting a number of cat cafes in Chengdu, the reporter found that all cats and cafes had scratched customers, and almost all shops had disclaimers. Then, does such a statement, as expressed in the text itself, make the cat and coffee shop exempt from liability when the cat hurts people?

  The reporter consulted Song Hongyu, a lawyer of Taihetai Law Firm. Song Hongyu said that customers are mainly divided into two categories when cats are scratched by cats. In the first category, customers are indeed scratched because of their own way of teasing cats, which leads to the cat’s stress response; The second category is that customers are scratched by cats just because they are in the store without teasing them. "As long as the customer is not at fault, the store should bear the responsibility that the cats it raises infringe on the rights and interests of others." (Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star Journalist Ye Yan Intern reporter Cheng Bo)

Tsinghua Peking University made a hot search on the big move. What’s the matter?

  Cctv news(Reporter Kan Chunyu): Recently, the notices issued by official website of two universities have been jointly screened. Just look at the names of the universities and you will understand everything.

  Tsinghua of Peking University has successively issued notices, and the educational administration departments of the two universities have reached a consensus and decided to open some undergraduate courses to each other and recognize credits. Among them, Peking University offers 27 courses, mainly in humanities and social sciences, while Tsinghua offers 12 courses, mainly in science and engineering.

  As soon as the notice came out, the two universities were immediately put on the hot search list of Weibo by netizens.

  As of press time, Tsinghua Peking University has opened some undergraduate courses to each other, and the topic of Weibo has been read by 160 million people. Netizens have given a familiar name to the two universities — — "TP-Link" has also voted pick Qingbei as the best CP of the year.

  Some netizens also expressed their regret that they missed the Qingbei course.

  There are also many college students calling on their schools to join the ranks.

  Then, as the envy of everyone, what do the students in Qingbei think of this change?

  Let’s take a look at the courses offered by the two schools first.

  According to the Notice of the Academic Affairs Department of Peking University on the Opening of Some High-quality Courses for Undergraduates in our University, in the spring semester of 2020, Tsinghua University will open 12 high-quality courses (with 170 places in 15 classes). In particular, it is pointed out that the grades obtained from cross-school courses are not included in GPA, but the credits will be included in Class A general-purpose credits or optional credits of the whole school.

  The Notice of Tsinghua University Academic Affairs Office and Registration Center on Opening Some General Core Courses for Undergraduates in Peking University shows that in the spring semester of 2020, some places of 27 general core courses for undergraduates in Peking University will be opened to undergraduates in Tsinghua.

  Qiu Wu, a junior in Peking University, learned the news in a circle of friends. After a rough understanding of the courses open in Tsinghua University, the girl of Chinese Department didn’t want to take courses, "because they are all engineering courses".

  Qiu Wu spoke highly of the courses offered by Peking University: "The courses we gave are very good, and everyone is worried that they will not be selected in the future."

  According to Qiu Wu, "Music and Mathematics", "History of Western Art" and "Sociology Theory Abroad" are all popular courses in Peking University, and many students from Tsinghua have attended before.

  Graduate Chen Chen originally planned to attend the intensive reading of Four Books in the spring semester, but after seeing this news, she changed her mind. She said: "There are a lot of people in these classes. After adding people from Tsinghua, the cost of auditing will be higher for students in our school, and it will take longer to occupy seats."

  Li Hua, a senior student in Tsinghua University, is somewhat moved by the psychology course offered by Peking University, but he is hesitant at the thought of running a long distance to attend classes. Jiang Zhifan, an alumnus, wants to choose "Music and Mathematics" of Peking University. However, considering the popularity of this class, he is somewhat worried that he will not be able to grab the class.

  Liu Mugeng is a sophomore in eecs. He is interested in the courses offered in Tsinghua. He said that he would study the content setting, class time, class hours, etc. of these courses again, and finally decide whether to take action according to his study plan for the new semester.

  Regarding the courses offered in Tsinghua, Jiang Zhifan, a senior student of Automation Department of Tsinghua University, said that "Introduction to Industrial Systems", "Experience of Manufacturing Engineering", "Basis of Industrial Systems" and "Introduction to Industrial Production" are all core courses of the school’s cultural quality, and the quality can be guaranteed. Alumni Li Hua believes that these "standard engineering courses" are not the most popular courses in the school, and "more than half of them are hands-on practice".

  According to the information of official website, the practical unit of the course "Industrial System Basis" includes not only intelligent factory sand table and 3D printing, but also the design and manufacture of welding robots and carbonless cars. "Modern Machining Technology and Practice" also covers the experiments of ultrasonic machining, laser machining and water jet cutting. The reporter learned that these two courses were offered by Tsinghua University Basic Industrial Training Center, and "Fundamentals of Industrial Systems" was once rated as an excellent course in Beijing.

  After reading this, what do you think about the communication between the two schools?

  In fact, in China, it is not new that a computer can connect the classrooms of the highest institutions of higher learning with a network cable. All major universities will publish their ace courses on the online education platform, including many national quality courses. These online courses are not only free, but also have their own assessment mechanism like a real university. To get the certificate of completion, you must take the mid-term and final exams and classroom tests.

  The door of knowledge has always been open to everyone, and "not getting a good class" is just an excuse for many people.

  (At the request of the interviewee, Qiu Wu, chenchen, Li Hua and Jiang Zhifan are all pseudonyms.)

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took over the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety show?

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

At the end of May, iQiyi’s "Youth has You 2" ended; In June, Tencent’s video "Creation Camp 2020" is still going on, and Youku’s "The Name of a Teenager" is crouching aside and will be officially announced in a few days.

In the youth idol market, Teng Aiyou’s three companies are playing as close as a bee, and Hunan Satellite TV Department, the originator of the draft, is another world.

Today, Mango TV "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" suddenly went online. After the topic of "Young You 2" was broken, "Sisters" took over the traffic stick and swiped the screen in the circle of friends.

On the other hand, because the TV talent show is limited, TV stations that missed the idol talent show have entered the live broadcast field, at least they can’t miss the outlet of traffic realization. For example, Hunan Satellite TV just released a big live broadcast plan not long ago, aiming at various festivals and celebrations. Oriental TV broadcasts the ace program IP, and Zhejiang Satellite TV not only aims at the ace program live broadcast, but also will launch the first national anchor competitive variety show.

In addition, the major trump cards of satellite TV, such as Extreme Challenge, Run, super brain and other "comprehensive N generations", have also ushered in great changes this year, with many bright spots.

Q3 variety show is very lively, and a new round of competition is about to begin.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?
"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Four major video platforms: Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku and Mango TV.

Five Davids: Hunan Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Oriental Satellite TV and Beijing Satellite TV.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Youai Tengmang: Wang Fried frequently,

The older "sister" group took over the flow stick.

The key variety shows of Q3 families will be launched one by one, which can be described as frequent explosions.

Talent shows on video websites are still the mainstream, including music, idols, dances, variety shows and so on. Tencent video carries out program innovation in the post-draft era, and pushes the first variety coffee draft; Mango TV’s older sister group has long since failed to broadcast the first fire. Today, when it went online, it swiped the screen and set off the next wave of traffic.

In addition, in Q3 this year, video websites also started to observe the lives of celebrities living alone, including "Let Life Look Good" by Tencent Video, "I want to live like this" by iQiyi, and "Look at my life" by Youku. Mango TV focuses on family relations. Before that, "The Romantic Travel of Wife" ushered in the fourth season, and the new "Mother-in-law and Mother" also really brushed a wave of existence.

1. Mango TV  

Family observation programs are the most important, and "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" unexpectedly disturbed the rivers and lakes

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Mango TV’s third-quarter variety play is: senior women’s team draft+focus on family relations+others.

First of all, family relations programs account for the most.

Among the seven programs to be broadcast on Mango TV in Q3, three will focus on family relations, including Romantic Travel of Wife 4, Mother-in-law and Mother-in-law, and Newborn Diary 2.

"Wife’s Romantic Travel" ushered in the fourth season this year, and "Ada Choi+Max Zhang" brought its own heat; "Mother-in-law and Mother" is a new program, which is naturally suitable for topic discussion and has been searched several times. "New Diary 2" invited GAI and Wang Siran to make their debut this year.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Of course, the most exciting thing is "Braving the Wind and Waves", which focuses on the draft of older female artists.

In essence, there is not much difference in the idol group drafts of Teng Aiyou’s three companies, all of which focus on young teenagers and girls, but the public is inevitably tired of aesthetics. Mango TV, on the other hand, launched "Sister Who Rides the Wind and Waves", focusing on older female artists who have entered the entertainment circle for many years. From sea selection to official publicity guests, they have been on more than a dozen hot searches in a month. After going online today, it was even more unexpected to brush the screen. At present, there are 30 well-known domestic female artists such as Quiet, Yi Nengjing, Eva Huang, Yisa, Claudia, Yuqi Zhang, Hailu and Orfila.

How the energetic "sisters" are selected into a group, what kind of group they become, what kind of planning they will have after forming a group, and how the market will react are all worth looking forward to.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

2. Tencent Video  

After the draft, the program of the times was innovated, and Talk Show 3 and Tomorrow’s Son 4 became the basic disc of Q3.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Tencent video Q3 will continue to explore in the draft field, and will be paired with two trump cards, Tomorrow’s Son 4 and Talk Show Conference 3. At present, there are programs on the air, such as Creation Camp 2020, Hot Us and Let Life Look Good.

"Creation Camp 2020" will end in early July, and "Hot Us" has been received in advance, and the broadcast time of the two programs will span the second and third quarters. "Hot We" can be regarded as a derivative of the talent show, positioning the well-known music groups in the market to fight.

Idol draft has been developing in full swing on video websites in the past two years, but the embarrassing thing is that the development of idol industry is not mature, and the highly popular players and groups in the draft are almost all facing the state of debut.

"Then what?" Tencent Video issued such a question from a platform perspective, and the draft derivative program "Hot We" came into being, making up for the market vacancy.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

The picture is from the pilot film "Hot Us"

In addition to "Hot Us", in the field of draft innovation, Tencent Video Q3 will also launch a draft program focusing on variety coffee, that is, "Serious Gags", with a lineup of tutors such as He Jiong, William Chan, Zhang Wei, Li Dan and Stephy, which people are looking forward to.

The most noteworthy trump cards of Tencent’s video Q3 are Talk Show 3 and Tomorrow’s Son 4. Although it has not been officially announced, the prelude of Talk Show Conference 3, Cloud Sea Election, has been recorded for 16 issues, and Tomorrow’s Son 4 also announced its imminent return at the end of May.

Recently, the artist of Laughter Culture, the winner of Talk Show 2 and Cam, the host and judge of Cloud Sea Election, were caught in a drug abuse scandal, which cast a shadow over the upcoming Talk Show 3.

"Children of Tomorrow 4" recently officially announced the members of the "teachers’ group", including G.E.M., Vin, Nana Ou-yang, Lang Lang and Liang Long, and the "visiting professor" was Pu Shu.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Children of tomorrow 4

3. Iqiyi  

Small and beautiful observation programs account for half, and "China New Rap 2020" and "Summer 2 of the Band" play ace.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Q3, iQiyi’s style of play is: observation program +S-level sound synthesis+others.

According to incomplete statistics, small and beautiful observation programs accounted for half of the eight variety shows broadcast by iQiyi in the third quarter. Including the amateur love program I like you and I am also 2, the star living alone I want to live like this, the family life observation men who do housework 2, and the interaction between stars and amateurs and the unknown table.

The observation variety show is the routine operation of iQiyi, so in Q3, the top stream of iQiyi’s trump card is still S-rated China New Rap 2020 and Summer 2 of the Band.

This year is China New Rap 2020 (Hip hop in China) in the fourth year, at present, except Wu Yifan, no other tutors have been officially announced.

Summer of the Band ushered in its second season this year. Last year, the program won the popularity of rock bands such as New Pants, Miserable Faith, Hedgehog Band, click#15, penicillin and Jiulian Reality. Among the online band versions, Houhai Shark, Joyside, the dada, Zuoyou Band and ETA are popular.

Summer Surfing Shop is a brand-new program launched by iQiyi in Q3, with the theme of stars running surfing shops. On June 8th, the program just officially announced the lineup of permanent guests such as Huang Xuan, Elvis Han, Bridgette and Justin. Previously, the program attracted much attention because of the participation of YiBo, Allen, Li Xian and 2》THE NINE team of "Youth 2".

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

4. Youku  

World War II Men’s Team Draft Market, "This! Is hip-hop 3, sitting in Q3.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Youku Q3 broadcasts fewer programs, "This! Hip-hop 3 and the name of a teenager are the biggest trump cards. Together with two observation programs, Wang Miao Story and Watch My Life, and the explosion is coming 2, it is a star-studded program.

This year is "This! It is the third year of Hip-hop 3. The four captains officially announced in the new season are LAY, Jackson Wang, YiBo and Wallace Chung. Wallace Chung’s joining was somewhat unexpected, which caused quite a stir in public opinion. What’s more, the program group also finalized that Huang Bo was a flying guest, a rookie of Qingdao dancing king PK idol, and there was a direct physical collision. I wonder how many hard-core topics would be produced?

"The Name of a Teenager" focuses on the men’s team draft. This program is actually the second season of "In the Name of a Team", but because last year’s "In the Name of a Team" didn’t work well, Youku decided to make a makeover and set sail again, and entered the field of men’s team draft in World War II.

This year’s "The Name of Teenagers" was produced by Du Yan’s team. As a veteran of Hunan Satellite TV’s reality show, Du Yan was once the creative core of the ace show "Singer". After leaving the system, the team of Du Yan and Sun Li jointly created "Creation 101" in Tencent’s video fire. Youku chose Duyan team to do "The Name of Teenagers" this year, and many people in the industry expressed their expectation.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?
"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Four Davids: comprehensive N-generation reform,

Live selling goods to kill red eyes

In Q3 this year, the treasures of various TV stations are still the comprehensive N generations who have occupied the viewing for many years, and there has been a big wave of reform. At the same time, various TV stations have also brought forth new ideas in their own fields, such as comedy variety of Oriental TV, outdoor programs of Zhejiang TV and music programs of Jiangsu TV. The most noteworthy thing is that the live broadcast field is a red sea, and satellite TV is competing to enter the game.

1. Hunan Satellite TV  

Mainly promote the reality show of life and release the big live broadcast plan in a high-profile way.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

In mid-May, Hunan Satellite TV released the film list for the second half of the year, and the "Happy Camp" and "Everyday Up" were constantly updated.

According to incomplete statistics, among the 10 variety shows broadcast by Hunan Satellite TV Q3, life reality shows accounted for 5.Including the trump card "Life I yearn for 4", "My Girl 2" and "Skillful Detective", and the food reality show "Fresh Chef 100" joined by Liu Yuning. At present, "Chinese Restaurant 4" is being recorded in China, and the scheduled date has not been fixed.

In addition, Hunan Satellite TV’s new programs scheduled for Q3 include the cross-screen intergenerational variety Father-Son Confrontation, the cross-dimensional sound idol draft "Sound Plan" produced by the team of "Sound in the Scene", and the sports game selection reality show "Sports Boys".

The most striking thing about this film list is that Hunan Satellite TV announced its big live broadcast plan in 2020.

In previous years, Hunan Satellite TV usually used live broadcast for New Year’s Eve parties. This year’s six major theme parties will all use live broadcast. The 818 Global Car Night is scheduled for Q3, and the latest live broadcast is "Let’s go!" Brothers’ poverty alleviation live broadcast selling goods program has a huge momentum.

This year, in addition to the innovation in the program, Hunan TV is very careful in studying the path of live broadcast with goods.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

2. Zhejiang Satellite TV  

The wind of outdoor sports is blowing fiercely, and the live broadcast of goods is threatening.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Hunan Satellite TV mainly promotes the slow variety reality show of life, while Zhejiang Satellite TV focuses on outdoor sports.

The outdoor sports program of Zhejiang Satellite TV bears the brunt of "Run". This year’s "Run" has new faces such as KUN and Guo Qilin, and a special season of running men will be launched in the fourth quarter.

At present, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s outdoor programs include Travel Notes of Youth 2 and a brand-new program Travel Notes of the Week. The host of Travel Notes of the Week is Jay Chou, and the guests include Nicholas Tse, JJ Lin and Jam Hsiao.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Zhejiang Satellite TV’s treasure of Zhentai "2020 Good Voice of China" (Season 9) will be broadcast in Q3.

Two years ago, the copyright lawsuit of "Good Voice" was settled, and "New Songs of China" was changed back to "Good Voice of China". This program, which once helped Zhejiang Satellite TV establish its status as a river and lake, has reached its ninth year this year. At the end of May, The Voice of ChinaGeneral director Jin Lei announced that the latest season will open the original track Internet audience voting.. Li Jian and Ronghao Li will join as mentors.

In Q3, Zhejiang Satellite TV will also launch the country’s first anchor growth competitive variety "Live City", music street variety "Good Times", and star apprentice Michelin’s food variety "Star Picking" and other new programs.

Last month, the public service live broadcast on the closing night of the fifth season of "Ace to Ace" made Zhejiang Satellite TV realize the power of the live broadcast. Q3 is in the field of live broadcast, and Zhejiang Satellite TV is also in a strong position. At present, the live variety show scheduled for Q3 is "High-speed Kitchen", which will try to sell goods with Viya.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

3. Dragon TV  

Comedy innovation+life slow variety, creating the ecological circle of Oriental Taiwan with goods

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Dragon TV’s top stream "Extreme Challenge" will usher in its sixth year this year, and it has been broadcast. At the same time, there is also a dance reality show "Dancer", with Allen, THEO, Tong Liya and Venus as guests. The two programs will span the second and third quarters.

A few days ago, at the investment promotion meeting of Oriental TV, the official of Oriental TV announced that Extreme Challenge would launch a derivative program "Treasure Trip", and the members of the "Extreme Group" would set off from Kashgar and explore the desert plateau and vast desert within 20 days.

At the investment promotion meeting, Oriental TV released many innovative programs in the second half of the year, and comedy innovation became the biggest highlight, such as The King of Variety Comedy, an all-star lineup including Bo Huang, Degang Guo and Shen Teng. However, at present, it is confirmed that there are two slow-paced programs scheduled in Q3, Perfect Summer for the stars to run an inn by the sea and King of Songs in a small town for young musicians to experience life in a small town.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

In the field of live broadcast, Dragon TV has penetrated the most thoroughly.

At the investment promotion meeting, Wang Leiqing, director of the Oriental TV Center, directly upgraded the live broadcast with goods to the strategy of TV, and will use three main programs, including the famous program IP to derive the content with goods, create a reality show with goods for online celebrity, and combine the TV evening with the big-name sales of e-commerce to form the ecological circle with goods of Oriental TV.

In addition, Oriental TV will also launch the first star e-commerce reality show "Super Red Brother in Business", and the current schedule is undecided.

Viya became the celebrity of Dragon TV this year. "We are in Action 4", which ended in February, used the program IP and Viya to sell goods, with a turnover of more than 7 million. At present, the "Extreme Challenge 6" being broadcast, Viya directly appeared on the PK Extreme Men’s Team, and the sales with goods reached more than 6 million.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

4. Jiangsu Satellite TV  

Music programs are innovative, and the live broadcast of the party is the hardest.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Jiangsu Satellite TV’s ace program "If You Are the One" and "One Stop to the End" have been constantly improved all the year round. At the same time, another ace "super brain" ushered in great changes in the seventh season.

The seventh season of "super brain" spans the second and third quarters, and the guest lineup has been greatly changed. At the same time, the competition system has been changed to the circle promotion system, supplemented by players playing the list, which is very similar to the operation of the idol talent show. For this reason, the audience has different opinions, but the ratings have indeed improved significantly compared with the sixth season last year.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Spanning the second and third quarters, there are the new blind date conference 4 and the reality show Sunshine Sisters Amoy.

At the end of 2019, Zeng Guan of Jiangsu Satellite TV Merchants Association announced the 2020 program list, in which there were many innovative audio-visual programs.

Judging from the news released at present, the original music program scheduled by Jiangsu Satellite TV in Q3 is most likely "China Original Season". China Original Season is characterized as a musical version of If You Are the One, which will bridge the gap between music and musicians. The permanent lineup of online transmission includes Joker Xue, KUN, Chris Lee, Liu Yuning and others.

In the field of live selling, Jiangsu Satellite TV seems to be less sensitive than its rivals. At present, its biggest investment is the 6.18X cat party. In other aspects, the live broadcast is mostly used in the interaction between Morphy, an IP and previous dating show player, and netizens.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?


The survival pressure of the film and television industry this year can’t be compared with any previous time, but the TV industry is a slightly lucky branch, especially in the field of variety shows, which can be recorded without audience and few guests.

Q1 Due to the epidemic situation, the entire film and television industry stopped; Q2 TV field began to resume work in an orderly manner; Q3′ s programs are launched one by one, and various platforms can be seen everywhere playing the card "King Fried". All TV time slots and websites are all-stars. Some variety producers say that Q3 this year is the most competitive time slot.

Great pressure forces the industry to innovate, and the choice of platform reveals the word "seeking change".Such as the various talent shows on the video platform-Idol draft has exploded.It has been booming for two years, and the "competing products are homogenized and the market is weak" appears from time to time, but Mango TV’s "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" has brought a new round of imagination space to the market.Tencent video is also constantly expanding idol programs, so there are "Hot Us" and "Serious Gags".

In other program types, several major video platforms are also constantly seeking for change and exploration. For example, Teng Aiyou has launched a star solitary observation program to cater to the living conditions of young people. Mango TV launched "Mother-in-law and Mother", and before the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was presented to the stage, iQiyi launched "Summer Surfing Shop", which was not available in the surfing theme market before.

"Braving the Wind and Waves" took the platform draft, and the four Davids competed for the live broadcast to sell goods | How to play Q3 variety?

Needless to say, satellite TV can only do deeper articles on "seeking change" because of more restrictions.

Super brain, Extreme Challenge, Run, and other enduring generations all ushered in great changes this year. Because of the pressure of survival, satellite TV’s "seeking change" is more practical, not only changing the program, but also changing the revenue mode. And "live broadcast" seems to be the life-saving straw that David grasped in his hand this year.

The program form can be broadcast live, the ace IP combination can also be broadcast live, and even a live variety show can be launched. Dragon TV also upgraded the "live broadcast" to the TV business strategy.

It is not easy to survive, and it is not easy to change. But also because of this, we will see a dazzling variety market with high quality and quantity in Q3.

The 2023 China International Commercial Auto Show will be held in Wuhan on November 8.

  2023 China International Commercial Auto Show (CCVS) will be held in Wuhan International Expo Center from November 8th to 11th. This exhibition is the only national commercial vehicle exhibition in China. It is held every single year and has been successfully held for five times since 2012. It is also the largest commercial vehicle exhibition in Asia at present.

  Automobile exhibition is the "wind vane" of automobile industry and market. The changes of commercial vehicle technology, product trend, competition pattern, industrial ecology and development mode in China will be fully reflected at the exhibition. This exhibition, which is in a new stage of high-quality development, will surely become an important exhibition pointing to the future. At this year’s exhibition, intelligent, new energy, national 6b, car networking and other elements will be fully reflected in all aspects of the industrial chain of commercial vehicles such as chassis, special vehicles and parts.

  The theme of this exhibition is "new ideas, new patterns and new demands", and intelligent products have become the "protagonists" of the exhibition.

  With the acceleration of the development of trucks to the middle and high-end and the acceleration of product upgrading, intelligent trucks (especially heavy trucks) based on solving the pain points and difficulties of the industry will be unveiled, and new energy sources (electric vehicles, hydrogen engines, fuel cells, hybrids, methanol, etc.) and commercial vehicles meeting the national 6b emission standards will become the main exhibits of the exhibition.

2023 China International Commercial Auto Show will be held in Wuhan on November 8th _fororder_image001.

  In addition, the number of exhibitors of special-purpose vehicles and spare parts will increase substantially, and the exhibits will be richer, with higher technical level and grade. Among them, the number of new energy logistics vehicles and engineering special vehicles continues to increase; The number of well-known truck and bus parts enterprises at home and abroad will continue to increase; New energy and intelligent technology companies will also participate. It is estimated that the exhibition area will reach 80,000 square meters, and the number of professional visitors is expected to exceed 50,000.

  This year’s exhibition will continue to open a dynamic demonstration area outside the exhibition hall for exhibitors to demonstrate intelligent products and test drive activities. We will continue to open up cold chain exhibition areas to promote "rural revitalization", and display application scenarios and operation modes while displaying refrigerated trucks and related parts; An outdoor dynamic demonstration area will also be set up to demonstrate unmanned vehicles, test drive and other activities. Industry organizations, media and exhibitors will also hold more than 50 forums, awards, technical seminars, new product releases, promotions and other activities during the exhibition, and the on-site vehicle turnover is expected to continue to increase.

  This exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, sponsored by the Automobile Industry Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and undertaken by Hanyang Special Purpose Vehicle Research Institute, Hanover Milan Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Hubei Automobile Industry Association, Wuhan Xincheng International Expo Center Management Co., Ltd., Wuhan Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee and Industrial Culture Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. (Photo: provided by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automobile Industry Branch)

Ultra-low score and hot search, the idea of "black and red" should stop!

Special feature of 1905 film network Shortly after the TV series "Gentlemen of the East Eighth District" was broadcast, it ushered in a wave of bad reviews. The bad review pointed out that the starring performance was greasy and embarrassing, the plot was suspended and the values were distorted and vulgar. However, such a drama is called a sincere work that has been polished for many years by starring, screenwriter and producer at the same time. People’s Daily commented on this drama and questioned the sincerity of this work.

Gentlemen of the East Eighth District has been frequently searched since its launch, which has attracted much attention. Ma Rongrong, a film critic, said: "The appearance of such a play is, to some extent, a’ cultural landscape’ at present. Why can this play challenge the audience’s aesthetics and the bottom line of the three views unscrupulously? This is also a wake-up call for creators. Instead of indulging in self-emotion and their own small world, they should really observe and face this era, and not be divorced from the context and aesthetics of the times. In the current creative environment, all kinds of movies and TV dramas appear, but in the creation, creators still have a certain awareness of the bottom line, and what kind of bottom line is untouchable. "

Gentlemen of the East Eighth District can be said to give people a feeling of being out of date everywhere, but behind the tide of bad reviews, there is a phenomenon that TV dramas are getting more and more attention. The reason is very simple. Such a huge number of bad reviews have aroused the curiosity of some viewers and made people want to see how bad the play is. This phenomenon is called "black and red" in the industry.

The phenomenon of "black and red" has been around for a long time. In the early years, the film was famous because of poor production. After many years, this model is still tried and tested, so Ma Rongrong went to watch it: "I watched this play because there were too many critical voices on the Internet. Many WeChat official account even listed all the points of this play, and the greatest value of evaluating this play is that it can be the object of everyone’s spit and have a talk with colleagues. Gentlemen of the East Eighth District still takes the route of winning attention by bad reviews, which is definitely not a normal choice, and this’ black and red is also red’ is a very abnormal mentality. This kind of practice of paying attention to Bo and paying no attention to traffic is exhausting and unsustainable. It is definitely not worth the loss to pay for its long-term reputation for the sake of temporary interests. "

This time, the audience’s strong resentment also made everyone find that the audience’s aesthetics are constantly improving, but some creators are standing still. It is also a story about starting a business and growing up. The spirit, inner brotherhood and real connection of the three men in the story can be said that Zhu Yu is in the forefront; It tells the story of how the civilians who have nothing can realize their personal career development and self-worth through entrepreneurship.

Although "Gentlemen of the East Eighth District" also talks about brotherhood, these four people are already good brothers when they appear. This friendship has no source and is hard to convince. What they do most is to help each other escape moral responsibility and social responsibility. There is no concept of right and wrong, which is no different from collusion. On the other hand, in Miracle Stupid Child and Chinese Partner, all the people’s feelings are shaped in layers, for reasons and step by step. In Miracle Stupid Child, they gradually cultivate their feelings through long-term work and work together, which can make the audience feel substituted. True friendship is to face the reality together, solve difficulties together and face the crisis together, so that friendship can make real gold not afraid of fire.

In addition to scripts and values, actors’ performances are also the hardest hit areas for bad reviews. Hans Zhang, the leading actor, screenwriter and producer, has not made any progress in acting. Now, at the age of 38, Hans Zhang can be described as "rejuvenation", returning to the routine in the original "meteor rain". After reading it all, Qian Fan returned as a "overbearing president". On the contrary, in Miracle Stupid Child, the protagonist was the first to disassemble and repair the mobile phone. In order to fit the role, the protagonist really learned how to disassemble and repair the mobile phone, so that every related shot on the big screen was real, and the audience did not see this determination and perseverance for the performance.

It is not difficult to see that Hans Zhang has his own "ambition and greed" in the creation of Gentlemen in the East Eighth District, but after the superposition of multiple identities such as starring, producer, screenwriter and producer, he pieced together a "middle-aged version" of meteor rain. Hans Zhang, who was born as an idol drama actor, tried very hard to break through the bottleneck of his personal career and turn himself into an all-round film and television talent. However, to really get rid of the crisis of his personal career development, the core still needs him to constantly strive to improve himself and keep up with the development of the times in terms of cognition. Hans Zhang, whose creative consciousness has been left behind by the times, has repeatedly repeated the routine of "overbearing president", regardless of the audience’s aesthetics and the changes of the times.

It can be said that Hans Zhang’s answer sheet not only failed to satisfy the audience, but even made them angry. A work like Gentlemen of the East Eighth District not only affects the feathers of the creators and actors, but also is a new drama that can be broadcast on TV. In the case of wider spread, the wrong values in the work are spread out, which will mislead some immature audiences in front of the TV to some extent. At the same time, the plot that caters to bad tastes will also distort some viewers’ cognition of the world and gender relations, which is also a mistake that people can’t ignore in the drama. Movies and TV plays, as mass communication products, have a very strong influence on the orientation of the times and the people’s hearts. Popular cultural works must be responsible for their three views and contents.

It is not difficult to see from this bad review of Gentlemen of the East Eighth District that the audience’s eyes are discerning, and they can always tell which works are sincere and which works are fakes at the first time. Judging from the popular TV series in recent years, the audience wants to see more works with solid plot, logic, excellent production and sincere performance. I hope that the creators can learn from this lesson, earnestly grasp the hot spots, pulse and pain points of the times, and create works that are better and more suitable for this era.

"Hot Search" won the Golden Rooster domestic new film exhibition, which was most anticipated by the audience. Xin Yukun did not play suspense to dig deep into human nature.

A few days ago, the film "Hot Search" appeared at the Golden Rooster Film Festival and held a screening event. Director Xin Yukun, producer Wang Hongwei, starring Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang and Justin attended the post-screening interaction to share the behind-the-scenes story of film creation with the audience. In this film festival, Hot Search won the 36th China Golden Rooster Award, and the domestic new film exhibition was the most anticipated feature film by the audience.

The film "Hot Search" tells the story that Chen Miao (Zhou Dongyu), the editor-in-chief of the media, penetrated the traffic password, created an explosive article and rushed to the hot search, but indirectly boosted the female student of the bully to jump off the building. At this time, Chen Miao accidentally discovered the help information sent by a female student and involved a sexual assault case. Chen Miao’s partner He Yan (Song Yang) and investor Peng Yue (Justin) are involved in it. Public opinion has turned many times, what kind of interest chain is hidden behind the incident, and a public opinion war for the weak has started … The film will be officially released on December 1.

Xin Yukun, the director of Heart Labyrinth and Silent Burst, didn’t choose to make a fuss about suspense structure this time, but focused on the network theme closely related to the present, and explored the complex humanity behind the "network public opinion war". Xin Yukun said that in such a story, the suspense skills full of design will weaken the sense of reality. "I am willing to sacrifice suspense and impress the audience with authenticity.".

At the scene, producer Wang Hongwei said that movies have the responsibility to show social phenomena. Xin Yukun also said, "What happened in the network in recent years is the power of awakening, and it is necessary to be recorded and transmitted.". "The film can’t tell all the complicated causes behind the network, but I hope it can help you sort out the whole story and improve your ability to identify the truth."

This time, Zhou Dongyu plays Chen Miao, the editor-in-chief of the media. At the scene, Zhou Dongyu also shared his love for the role. "Chen Miao believes that one thing will die to the end, and this tenacity in her body particularly attracts me.".

Song Yang plays He Yan as a "middle-aged social animal" trapped by interests. Song Yang said frankly that the middle-aged crisis dominated the choice of what to say, and the reality and pressure made him constantly compromise, and he was powerless to the truth. Yuan Hong played a "perverted and bad" villain. Peng Yue held power and did whatever he wanted. Justin couldn’t help but say "I want to beat him!"

Looking forward to the 2008 Geneva Motor Show: six beautiful cars are the first to see (Figure)




  Geneva is a world-famous neutral country, so the Geneva Motor Show has completely inherited the country’s "attitude towards life"-neutrality and objectivity. The biggest feature of the Geneva Motor Show is that it treats all car factories equally, without any racial prejudice, and will not give special care to the domestic automobile industry, because there is no automobile industry in Switzerland. Every Geneva Motor Show, major automakers in Europe, the United States, Japan, etc. participate in the most luxurious lineup. This year’s Geneva Motor Show will be officially unveiled in March. Different from the past, in addition to many domestic brands, there will be many new cars to be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show. Let’s pay attention to these new cars.

  Volvo XC60

  After the unprecedented success of its seven-seater full-size luxury SUV XC90, the XC60 concept new car that was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in 2007 is regarded as the forerunner of the global cross-border SUV. Recently, Volvo officially announced that the official production version of XC60 will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show. This novel and unique new car will be launched globally at the end of 2008 and enter the China market early next year. Competitors of this XC60 include Mercedes-Benz GLK, BMW X3, Audi Q5, Volkswagen Tiguan and so on.

  Ford sixth generation Fiesta

  Changan Ford will continue to bet on the "new car" this year, the most striking of which is the sixth generation Fiesta, which will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. If there are no accidents, this new car will be unveiled and put into production in China in the second half of the year and will be listed at the end of the year.

  The sixth generation Fiesta is the first mass-produced model of Ford concept car "Verve". In addition to the three-door model, the information of five-door models will be announced at the Geneva Motor Show. By comparing the pictures, we can find that the difference between the new generation Fiesta and Verve is quite small, and they have basically the same lines and designs, and only make adjustments in details, such as the large air dam at the front of the car, the combination of lights, and the chrome decoration under the fog lights.

  The chassis structure is the same as MAZDA2. In addition, the new Fiesta provides five power specifications. The gasoline engine includes two Duratec systems of 1.3 liters and 1.4 liters. In addition, a 1.6-liter Ti-VCT gasoline engine is added for the first time, with a maximum horsepower of 115 horsepower, which is more environmentally friendly than the previous generation.

  The second generation of British and finidi FX models

  In 2007, it was officially introduced into China, and Britain and finidi got a good start, and its FX, G, EX and other models were well received by the market. At this Geneva Motor Show, Britain and finidi prepared a rich feast-the second-generation FX car, which showed the determination of Britain and finidi to enter the European market, and it was reported that this new car would be introduced to China for a bigger market share at the first time.

  It has been nearly five years since the FX model was officially introduced into the market in 2003. Although the shape is still quite avant-garde from today’s point of view, it is inevitable that the second generation FX will come out in the face of the comprehensive upgrading of strong competitors. However, the news about the second generation FX is still quite limited, only that it will be equipped with a brand-new V8 power system.

  Chevrolet small change to Le Cheng

  A small modified Le Cheng made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007. It was a five-door hatchback car. At this Geneva Motor Show, GM Europe announced that it would release a brand-new three-door version of the car. Different from the previous five-door version, the Le Cheng three-door version has slightly changed the front face, enlarged the design of the Chevrolet cross factory emblem, and has a brand-new combination of red and white rear taillights. The car will be equipped with gasoline engines with displacement of 1.2L and 1.4L.. It is reported that Le Cheng will be listed in the middle of the year, with a five-door model and then a three-door model, which will impact the growing personalized car market.

  The Eighth European Accord

  Recently, Honda announced the European version of the eighth generation Accord, which will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Previously, the eighth generation Accord imported by Guangzhou Honda was the American version, which was quite different in appearance design. There are four-door and five-door versions on the model, and the pentagonal shield chrome-plated water tank cover is more stereoscopic than the American version, and it is full of sharp lines on the whole, showing incomparable aggression.

  The low center of gravity and wide car body are the characteristics of the Japan-Europe Accord, especially the five-door version, which can not only reduce the height of the luggage compartment floor, but also achieve the stability of driving and handling, and also provide excellent seating space and comfort. In addition, irregular chrome-plated door handles and double exhaust tailpipes will be standard equipment, and the rim size is 17 and 18 inches. (Ma Haiyan)

Editor: Wang Yuxi