BYD Releases Yunnian Intelligent Body Control System

Hebei Daily News (Reporter Ren Guosheng) On the evening of April 10th, BYD Yunqi Intelligent Body Control System was officially released, which aims to systematically solve the body control problem in the vertical direction.

BYD has always adhered to the development philosophy of "technology is king and innovation is the foundation". The data shows that in 2022, BYD invested 20.2 billion yuan in R&D, a year-on-year increase of 90.31%. It is based on long-term unremitting efforts in technology research and development that BYD has launched subversive technologies such as blade battery, e-platform, DM and "Easy Sifang" to seize the technical highland in the era of electrification.

The rapid development of new energy vehicles poses new challenges for vertical direction control, and at the same time, electrification and intelligence also provide new opportunities for vertical direction control. In this context, BYD systematically considered the vertical control of new energy vehicles, and comprehensively integrated the software and hardware technologies such as perception, decision-making, control and interaction, and launched a new energy-specific intelligent body control system-Yunqi. This is another breakthrough in BYD’s safety technology after the blade battery, body integrated technology (CTB) and four-motor independent drive system ("Easy Sifang").

According to reports, the architecture of the cloud system covers the perception layer, the decision-making layer and the execution layer. It has the characteristics of intelligent perception, accurate decision-making and efficient execution, which can realize the integration of people, vehicles, roads, clouds and systems, ensure the timeliness and accuracy of vehicle signal acquisition, and make the posture of the car body more stable and the drivers in the car more calm. Generally speaking, it can effectively restrain the change of body posture, reduce the risk of vehicle rollover, reduce the sitting displacement of drivers and passengers, and at the same time protect the body and improve the driving experience under complex road conditions such as snow, mud and water.

At the event site, Lian Yubo, executive vice president of BYD Group and president of Automotive Engineering Research Institute, further introduced the characteristics of Yunqi body control system. Yunqi system is divided into Yunqi -A intelligent air body control system, Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system, Yunqi -P intelligent hydraulic body control system and other system architectures. According to the characteristics of each version, BYD will gradually apply the cloud technology to Dynasty marine vehicles, Tengshi, Wangwang and professional personalized brands to further consolidate its leading position.

Zulu, a new force in Civilization 6, announced that African chiefs led the rise of tribes.


Characteristic unit-Bantu samurai regiment

Wandering stars

  Zulu Warrior Regiment is a formidable force. Ambitious Shaka raised their fighting capacity to a new height with the help of the Ikova spear (a short and sharp spear with a wider blade than the throwing spear) and the light shield (a large oval shield covered with cowhide). Zulu warriors can perform shield wall tactics, which can not only defend against throwing stones and flying arrows, but also hide their true strength. When attacking, the "horns" are discharged-the recruits are responsible for containing the enemy’s two wings to encircle them (horns), while the more experienced main force is responsible for destroying the contained enemy (oxen).

  Shaka’s Bantu warrior training system is quite cruel. However, the harsh conditions also make the well-trained soldiers closely United and easily arrange a complicated battle. This unit replaces the spearmen and has a higher attack bonus; The cost is lower than that of other combat units in the same generation, and the maintenance cost is lower and the experience value is gained faster.

Characteristic area-Kanda, Iraq

Wandering stars

  Kanda (also known as "corral" or "Umz") is a self-sufficient Zulu settlement, which can defend against foreign enemies. It has a double wooden fence, the inner layer keeps livestock and the outer layer isolates intruders. For practical and strategic reasons, Kanda is usually located on the hillside: it can be used for natural cleaning by flowing rainwater, and it can also be used for commanding and defending foreign enemies. In Shaka’s military system, the Legion is stationed in Icandane for daily training and life.

  When Zulu marched eastward and westward for inclusion in the surrounding tribes, more Iraqi Kanda would appear like mushrooms after rain. This Zulu characteristic area can provide more housing instead of camp. After meeting the municipal or scientific and technological preconditions, legions and armies can be directly produced to speed up their creation.

Leader’s Characteristic Ability —— Ibuto

Wandering stars

  Shaka became the leader of a Bantu army at the age of 23. His outstanding military exploits made him become one of the most effective commanders under Chief Dingiswayo. Shaka was good at training troops and reorganizing equipment, and replaced the low-lethal javelin with a wide-edged Ikewa spear and a large cowhide shield. Therefore, in the game, Shaka can form a legion (which needs "mercenary" municipal government) and an army (which needs "nationalist" municipal government) earlier. In addition, Ibuto can also provide additional basic combat power for the legion and the army.

The ability of civilization characteristics-tribal praise

  After the tribe is conquered, it will be incorporated into the Zulu kingdom, and its young and middle-aged people will be incorporated into Ibuto and continue to fight with the Zulu army. Shaka waved the baton of the Bantu Warriors with one hand, and offered a diplomatic offensive with the other hand-a "tribal tribute" in the game. After conquering the city, you can gain loyalty bonus by stationing troops here. After unlocking the corresponding municipal government, the units that conquer the city will be upgraded to legions or armies.

  Chaka Zulu is one of the nine leaders in Civilization 6: Rise and Fall, which will be released on February 8, 2018.

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