Tik Tok Female online celebrity Rankings 2018 The most famous Tik Tok female anchor rankings.

  Tik Tok is a video app that many people like to play nowadays. You should know that there are a lot of female online celebrity on Tik Tok, and their values are exploding. Every day, many single dog kneels down on these Tik Tok goddesses. Let’s take a look at the list of Tik Tok female online celebrity. How many do you know?

Tik Tok Women’s online celebrity Rankings 2018

1. Wu Jiayu

  Wu Jiayu is one of the most popular goddesses in Tik Tok. Her videos are basically dances. There are many people who can sing and dance well in Tik Tok, and she can stand out from the homogenization content and become one of the top ten online celebrity in Tik Tok. Wu Jiayu relies on special shooting techniques. From the subway station to the street, from the bedroom to the living room, the videos are very rhythmic and bring more visual stimulation to users.

2. fox is rigorous

  Fox was originally a model with a professional background, but I believe no one had heard of her before Tik Tok appeared. And her real popularity on the Internet is on Tik Tok. Some time ago, some negative news about her came out, such as indecent photos, but she still has a large number of fans on Tik Tok. In addition, fox has a very domineering name, which is called the first beautiful goddess in Tik Tok, and runs its own clothing brand Taobao shop offline.

3. Keiko ssica

  Keiko ssica is also a very famous dance goddess in Tik Tok, and she dances very well. I believe many netizens on Tik Tok have seen the video of Miss Keiko. Miss Keiko looks sweet, her big white legs are very beautiful, her dance is superb, and her smile is particularly charming. Every video of her brings youth and vitality, which makes people feel very comfortable.

4. Tik Tok is gentle.

  Speaking of Wen Wan, I believe many people have heard that this young lady was very popular at the beginning. She became popular all over the country overnight and was later banned. This new goddess of Tik Tok, who became popular overnight, is gentle, and many people got to know her after being screened by her overnight. However, there are many people who are popular. Only after a period of popularity, the new goddess was banned because of various negatives.

5. Brother Li

  Tik Tok Lige became popular because of a song called "Let You Be My Eyes". Just like this video, the cumulative praise is close to 20 million, which makes Li Ge rise by tens of millions. With a sweet smile and a unique voice, the number of fans is now more than 39 million, nearly 40 million, but it was later banned because of the national anthem.

6. Qu Yiting

  Qu Yiting is a well-known long leg in Tik Tok, and fans tease his legs for years. Qu Yiting heard that she is particularly low-key, but she has a pair of legs that can hold up a two-meter gas field. It’s the kind of thin, white, straight legs that I’ve ordered in my last life. Dancing is also very good, and the face value is also very high, which is really enviable! Dance with passion, changeable temptation, and play with legs for years.

7. Zhang Tianyun

  Zhang Tianyun believes that many otaku will like it because she is a very sweet girl. Otakus watch her videos many times every day, and even the mobile phone screensaver is all her. Xiaoxiao’s posting in Tik Tok has set off an upsurge that my husband wants to hug me. Because of wearing a rainbow sweater, Xiaoxiao’s recognition of sending a few shaking videos can be said to be very high.

8. Jiaxin

  Tik Tok Jiaxin can be said to be a strange man. With the help of "Hum, I will know all the time whether to accompany me to sleep!"! What, are you going to play for a while? No! " "Roll", and has a lovely appearance and a voice that attracts a lot of popularity!

9. Brother M

  Brother M’s popularity mainly depends on her unique voice, that is, her smoky voice with the same style as Zhou Xun. Brother M doesn’t have much advantage in face value, and his face is a little chubby, but Miss Jie’s singing skills are really invincible. With her unique voice and singing skills, Brother M also has tens of millions of fans on Tik Tok, many of whom are true love fans. Every time I listen to my little sister’s song, people have to love it.

10. Erdou

  In Tik Tok, Erdou is a very special female online celebrity. Because, she became popular not by herself, but by adoration. She had little experience in shooting short videos before she became popular. Later, without relying on facial features or jokes, Meng Chong became a figure in the popularity list of online celebrity, Tik Tok, and people had to sigh the strong attraction of Meng Chong.

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On April 23rd, the new car map of the M5 was exposed.

Recently, we obtained a set of real car maps of the new model M5 from domestic social media. Earlier, at the Huawei HarmonyOS Ecological Spring Communication Conference, Yu Chengdong announced that the new M5 would be officially launched on April 23rd. The new car is expected to be upgraded for intelligent driving and driving control, and will continue to introduce pure electric and extended-range models.



  In appearance, this car is equipped with a closed air intake net, which is a pure electric version. The new border M5 has been fine-tuned for the appearance details. The LOGO of the front of the car is designed in black, and the silver trim at the lower enclosure is also changed to black. Other parts are consistent with cash.


  From the side of the car body, the camera components at the fender of the new car and the chrome trim around the window are all replaced with blackened designs. The new car is also equipped with black double five-spoke wheels and red brake calipers, which further increases the sporty atmosphere. In addition, we can see that the roof is equipped with a lidar.

  The power information has not been released, and the current models are available in pure electric and extended range. The motor is available in 272 HP rear drive and 496 HP four-wheel drive. The cruising range of pure electric rear-drive vehicles is 602 km and 620km, and that of pure electric four-wheel drive vehicles is 534km. The extended-range model is equipped with a 1.5T engine as a range extender, with a maximum power of 152 HP and a pure battery life of CTLC ranging from 230 to 260km.

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Do not hesitate to violate the law in order to increase the powder? Be wary of "Tik Tok-style life" becoming a public hazard.


  On October 31, the official WeChat of the traffic police in Hanshou County, Changde City, Hunan Province issued a warning report, saying that some drivers with cars were illegally parked in the queue at Yuanshui Bridge in Hanshou County, occupying the road to shoot Tik Tok. After receiving the report, the police have organized an investigation and will deal with it seriously after verification. At the same time, they call for compliance with road traffic safety laws and regulations.

  Judging from the live pictures taken by netizens, more than one car occupies the road and is suspected of violating the parking. On the one hand, it hinders the normal passage of other vehicles and easily causes traffic congestion; On the other hand, because the road narrows, it is easy to cause rear-end collision, rubbing and so on, which can be said to be harmful to others. However, these phenomena of illegally occupying roads to shoot vibrato videos are just a microcosm of the prevailing "Tik Tok-style life". There are many forms and channels for similar things in reality, so we should be vigilant enough.

  For example, in order to shoot a short video of vibrato, someone forcibly accosted women on the road, which led to conflicts between the two sides and even criminal cases. Some people imitate the so-called "exchanging vegetables for meat" in the short video of vibrato, and exchange their vegetarian dishes for other people’s barbecues in restaurants or nightingale stalls. As a result, the other side is disgusted and the two sides fight. When more and more similar farce is staged around us, it reminds us that it is time for some young people to lead a "Tik Tok-style life".

  The "Tik Tok-style life" of netizens can also be divided into two situations. One is that some people take shooting short vibrato videos as a means to seek benefits and earn extra money, or even as their own career or entrepreneurial project. In order to attract attention, increase the number of fans and raise their attention, some people become increasingly anxious and crazy, even to the point where they do whatever it takes. There is also a kind of taking vibrato video as a pastime or entertainment, satisfying one’s vanity and getting satisfaction in others’ praise and evaluation. They may not be as eager for quick success as the first kind of people, but driven by vanity and stimulated by others’ praise and evaluation, they are easy to become sensitive and melodramatic, gradually lose self-control and do some weird or extreme things.

  It stands to reason that a person’s words and deeds in public places can generally be tolerated as long as they do not violate national laws and regulations and social order and good customs. However, it has been suspected of violating national laws and regulations, as well as social public order and good customs, for example, motor vehicles illegally occupying roads to shoot videos, forcibly chatting up and harassing others in order to shoot videos, or damaging the environment and cultural relics in order to shoot videos. In this regard, some netizens bluntly pointed out that those who trample on national laws and social morality for their own interests have actually become "social hazards."

  You can live a "Tik Tok-style life", but you must be responsible for your actions, consciously self-discipline, and keep your actions within the track of national laws and social morality, and not be too willful. The network platform that publishes such short videos should also increase the intensity of audit and supervision. Once illegal and unethical behaviors are found in short videos, they must be resolutely curbed, cleaned up and given necessary punishment.

  The relevant government departments should also strengthen the supervision and punishment of this phenomenon. For example, the act of illegally occupying roads to shoot short videos should be dealt with seriously in accordance with the existing laws and regulations, which will not only make the parties pay the due price, but also be a necessary warning education for others.