Huawei and "Ningwang" were dispatched over the weekend! Class A shares 100 billion auto giants announced big news

On June 25, Avita Technology and Huawei signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build high-end smart cars. Zeng Yuqun, Chairperson of Ningde Times, Xu Zhijun, Chairperson of Huawei, and Zhu Huarong, Chairperson of Changan Automobile, gathered at the scene.

At the signing ceremony, Avita’s first emotionally intelligent electric coupe SUV, Avita 11, and its limited edition model, Avita 011, were jointly unveiled and will be officially launched on August 8 this year, with deliveries within the year.

According to the agreement, the two parties will further build a series of smart car products based on the new generation of smart electric vehicle technology platform CHN, launch four new cars by 2025, and reach consensus in various fields such as optimal resource investment and Huawei HI trademark authorization.

It is worth mentioning that Avita is working with Huawei to actively implement the preparations for entering its store channels for sales.

The largest shareholder of Avita Technology is the listed company Changan Automobile, with a shareholding ratio of 39.02%; the second largest shareholder is the listed company Ningde Times, with a shareholding ratio of 23.99%.

Changan Automobile’s latest report is 22.35 yuan/share, with a market value of 148.30 billion yuan. In the past two months, Changan Automobile’s share price has risen by nearly 150%.

Fully cooperate with Huawei

It is reported that based on the intelligent driving platform, intelligent cockpit platform, and intelligent vehicle control platform, Avita 11 has built an industry-leading super-sensing system and supercomputer system that can handle scenarios such as high-speed roads and complex road conditions in urban areas.

According to Changan Automobile, in terms of intelligent driving capabilities, Avita 11 is the first model in the industry to come standard with Huawei HI (Huawei Inside) full-stack smart car solutions, equipped with super-sensing systems and supercomputing platforms, equipped with intelligent driving assistance systems for urban areas: The system has 34 sensors, including 3 semi-solid-state lidar, 6 millimeter-wave radar, 13 high definition cameras, 12 ultrasonic radar, and the computing power is as high as 400TOPS.

On May 20, Avita 11 announced the cockpit interior and opened reservations; the first stop of Avita 011 was launched in Chengdu at the end of May, and will also be held in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan from June to July.

"Less than a year after the launch of the Avita brand, the first product was launched. Such speed and efficiency are due to the innovative CHN cooperation model and the new generation of intelligent electric vehicle technology platform CHN jointly created by the three parties. The signing of the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei not only confirms Huawei’s recognition of the growth speed of Avita Technology, confidence in the CHN cooperation model and technology platform, but also demonstrates the determination of both parties to join hands and use Eastern wisdom to master the most core technology in the hands of the Chinese people." Tan Benhong, chairperson and CEO of Avita Technology, said.

It will be sold in Huawei stores in the future.

Avita is a global brand in the high-end SEV (Emotional Intelligent Electric Vehicle) field jointly created by Changan Automobile, Huawei and Ningde Times.

Avita Technology announced on March 29 that it completed the first round of strategic financing delivery and industrial and commercial information change, and the registered capital increased from 288 million yuan to 1.172 billion yuan. Changan Automobile’s shareholding ratio was 39.02%, still the largest shareholder of Avita; Ningde Times officially became the second largest shareholder of Avita Technology with a shareholding ratio of 23.99%, adding Qu Tao as the company’s director. At the same time, Avita Technology (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. added three core businesses: road motor vehicle production, charging infrastructure operation, and lifestyle derivatives sales.

With the release of Avita’s new car, Changan Automobile has recently become the focus of institutional research. Since May, 105 institutions have investigated Changan Automobile.

Changan Automobile is one of the three car companies that have adopted the "Huawei Inside" cooperation model with Huawei. On June 7, Changan Automobile said in an agency survey that Huawei is deeply involved in the development of intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and application systems of products, and realizes the co-creation of the Avita brand. It has jointly built the CHN platform with Changan Automobile and Ningde Times, which is not just a simple supply relationship. At present, more than 1,000 people in Huawei’s intelligent driving R & D team have been stationed in Chongqing for a long time, working together with Avita’s engineers to jointly develop Avita 11.

Avita is also actively building sales channels for new car sales. It is understood that Avita will use its own + partners to rapidly promote channel construction, and plans to cover channels to 110 cities within the year. The first batch of Avita experience centers will be officially opened in the third quarter. At present, Avita is working with Huawei to actively implement the preparations for entering its store channel sales.

"Avita Technology is Huawei’s strategic partner, and the two sides cooperate comprehensively based on the HI (Huawei Inside) model. Avita 11 is fully equipped with Huawei’s intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, intelligent networking, intelligent electric, and intelligent vehicle Cloud as a Service solutions. It is a blockbuster model for Huawei’s full-stack smart car solutions. The signing of this comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement marks the determination of both parties to further increase investment in smart electric vehicle technology and work together to build a global high-end car brand." Chi Linchun, president of Huawei’s smart car solutions BU marketing and sales service department, said.

(Originally titled "Huawei," Ning Wang "were dispatched at the weekend! Class A shares 100 billion auto giants announced big news, Huawei thousands of people have been stationed")