Do not hesitate to violate the law in order to increase the powder? Be wary of "Tik Tok-style life" becoming a public hazard.


  On October 31, the official WeChat of the traffic police in Hanshou County, Changde City, Hunan Province issued a warning report, saying that some drivers with cars were illegally parked in the queue at Yuanshui Bridge in Hanshou County, occupying the road to shoot Tik Tok. After receiving the report, the police have organized an investigation and will deal with it seriously after verification. At the same time, they call for compliance with road traffic safety laws and regulations.

  Judging from the live pictures taken by netizens, more than one car occupies the road and is suspected of violating the parking. On the one hand, it hinders the normal passage of other vehicles and easily causes traffic congestion; On the other hand, because the road narrows, it is easy to cause rear-end collision, rubbing and so on, which can be said to be harmful to others. However, these phenomena of illegally occupying roads to shoot vibrato videos are just a microcosm of the prevailing "Tik Tok-style life". There are many forms and channels for similar things in reality, so we should be vigilant enough.

  For example, in order to shoot a short video of vibrato, someone forcibly accosted women on the road, which led to conflicts between the two sides and even criminal cases. Some people imitate the so-called "exchanging vegetables for meat" in the short video of vibrato, and exchange their vegetarian dishes for other people’s barbecues in restaurants or nightingale stalls. As a result, the other side is disgusted and the two sides fight. When more and more similar farce is staged around us, it reminds us that it is time for some young people to lead a "Tik Tok-style life".

  The "Tik Tok-style life" of netizens can also be divided into two situations. One is that some people take shooting short vibrato videos as a means to seek benefits and earn extra money, or even as their own career or entrepreneurial project. In order to attract attention, increase the number of fans and raise their attention, some people become increasingly anxious and crazy, even to the point where they do whatever it takes. There is also a kind of taking vibrato video as a pastime or entertainment, satisfying one’s vanity and getting satisfaction in others’ praise and evaluation. They may not be as eager for quick success as the first kind of people, but driven by vanity and stimulated by others’ praise and evaluation, they are easy to become sensitive and melodramatic, gradually lose self-control and do some weird or extreme things.

  It stands to reason that a person’s words and deeds in public places can generally be tolerated as long as they do not violate national laws and regulations and social order and good customs. However, it has been suspected of violating national laws and regulations, as well as social public order and good customs, for example, motor vehicles illegally occupying roads to shoot videos, forcibly chatting up and harassing others in order to shoot videos, or damaging the environment and cultural relics in order to shoot videos. In this regard, some netizens bluntly pointed out that those who trample on national laws and social morality for their own interests have actually become "social hazards."

  You can live a "Tik Tok-style life", but you must be responsible for your actions, consciously self-discipline, and keep your actions within the track of national laws and social morality, and not be too willful. The network platform that publishes such short videos should also increase the intensity of audit and supervision. Once illegal and unethical behaviors are found in short videos, they must be resolutely curbed, cleaned up and given necessary punishment.

  The relevant government departments should also strengthen the supervision and punishment of this phenomenon. For example, the act of illegally occupying roads to shoot short videos should be dealt with seriously in accordance with the existing laws and regulations, which will not only make the parties pay the due price, but also be a necessary warning education for others.

The principal of a criminal gang selling wildlife products in Ankang, Shaanxi Province was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

  Beijing News According to the WeChat WeChat official account news of Ankang Railway Transport Court, on February 20, 2020, Ankang Railway Transport Court sentenced a criminal case involving a large number of wildlife products prosecuted by Ankang Railway Transport Procuratorate in Hanbin District Detention Center.

  (The picture shows the trial photos of the case before the epidemic)

  Defendants Qu Moumou, Zhang Moumou, Wen Mou, Li Moumou, Che Moumou, Yao Moumou and other six criminals were convicted of illegally purchasing, transporting and selling precious and endangered wildlife products. The principal offender Qu Moumou was sentenced to 12 years in prison by the court and fined RMB 178,600. The other five criminals were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of three years and less than three months by the court, and fined ranging from 2,000 yuan to 19,000 yuan; A total of 353 wild animal products, such as sika deer, Burmese python, 13 kinds of second-class protected animals and 98 kinds of other animals, which were transferred with the case, were confiscated according to law and handed over to the competent forestry authorities for legal treatment.

  (The picture shows the photos of criminals identifying the scene)

  Since August 2017, the defendant Qu Moumou has illegally acquired a large number of dead wild animals through the Internet alone or in partnership with others, and processed them into specimens. In March 2019, Hanbin Branch of Ankang Public Security Bureau seized 353 dead wild animals in its rented place, and some of them have been processed into specimens.

  The evidence is conclusive and shocking.

  According to the inspection by Shaanxi Institute of Zoology, there are 41 rare and endangered wild animals, among which sika deer and Burmese python are the first-class national protected wild animals. The national second-class protected wild animals include golden pheasant, mandarin duck, sparrow hawk, peregrine falcon, black-winged kite, collared owl, crested eagle, red-bellied eagle, Japanese sparrow hawk, red-horned owl, eagle owl, spotted snipe and fur seal. Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) has a large-headed flat turtle; Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) includes macaw, Alexander parrot, sparrow and green iguana. In addition, there are 312 other wild animals, such as the Chinese chrysanthemum bat.

  The first paragraph of Article 341 of the Criminal Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) stipulates: "Whoever illegally hunts and kills rare and endangered wild animals under special state protection, or illegally buys, transports or sells rare and endangered wild animals under special state protection and their products, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention and shall also be fined; If the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but not more than ten years and shall also be fined; If the circumstances are particularly serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years and fined or confiscated. " The Ankang Railway Transport Court, after hearing the case according to law, found that the above-mentioned acts committed by the defendants Qu Moumou, Zhang Moumou, Wen Mou, Li Moumou, Che Moumou and Yao Moumou were conclusive and sufficient, which violated the law. Therefore, it was found that the public prosecution agency accused the defendant Qu Moumou and other six criminals of illegally purchasing, transporting and selling precious and endangered wildlife products. Qu Moumou plays a major role in participating in joint crimes and is the principal offender; Considering the criminal circumstances, harmful consequences and penitence of the six criminals, the court made the verdict mentioned at the beginning of the article according to law.

Enjoy Bijie in spring and come to a cherry blossom date!

Chunfeng youxin

Flowers bloom for a certain period

Cherry blossoms are blooming with red inside.

Or pink or white

Clusters and clusters are covered with branches.

Come to Bijie to enjoy flowers.

Live up to the great spring scenery

Early spring season

Taoying Village, Shedongguan Township, Nayong County

More than 30,000 mu of cherry flowers are in full bloom.

Attracting tourists to enjoy flowers in the spring.

in recent years

She Dongguan Township relies on agate red cherry.

Formed a flower viewing and fruit picking.

Cherry processing and cultural promotion as a whole.

Development pattern of integration of agriculture, literature and tourism

Promote the local people to increase their income continuously.

Effectively help rural revitalization

Early spring, warm and cold at first sight.

The cherry blossoms in Dafang Cat Farm quietly bloom.

Flowers in clusters, clusters in branches, branches in full bloom.

Welcome a good season to enjoy flowers in spring

Stroll in the sea of cherry blossoms

Little white covered with branches

Like clouds of snow, like clouds.

It’s like a dream, like a fool.

Take out your mobile phone, take photos and punch in.

You are the "most beautiful boy" in the circle of friends.

Come to the cat farm.

Have a romantic date with cherry blossom.

February cherry blossoms

April cherry fruit red

Enjoy the flowers

The season of fruit ripening

We still have an appointment!

Original title: "Enjoy Bijie Spring, come to a cherry blossom appointment! 》