2024 Beijing Auto Show: The Great Wall made great efforts to launch the cannon!

  [car home New Car Launches] At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, we saw the Great Wall Dalilun gun model at the booth. This model is composed of Shanhaipao+Shanhaiju+exclusive car stickers, and it is an exclusive model customized for online celebrity "Dalilun loves spinach".

Home of the car

Home of the car

  "Dalilun Gun" is customized and built based on the performance version of Shanhai Gun. As an innovative masterpiece of leisure products for the Great Wall Gun, Shanhai Gun Performance Edition is built on the tank platform, equipped with a 3.0T V6 engine and a Hi4-T plug-in hybrid system, with a vertical 9AT transmission, and comes standard with Borgwarner 4A+MLOCK intelligent four-wheel drive and front and rear axle electronically controlled differential locks.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  "Dalilun Gun" not only continues the existing product strength of the performance version of Shanhai Gun, but also adds equipment that young people like, such as Shanhaiju and exclusive car stickers. Among them, Shanhaiju, as a mobile campsite, can lift the roof tent with one button and quickly create an outdoor "two-bedroom".

Home of the car

  The layout style of the new car interior is more luxurious and advanced. It uses a 14.6-inch central control panel and a 12.3-inch LCD instrument. In addition, it also has steering wheel heating, front and rear wireless charging, electric side pedals and brand audio. Driving assistance also provides HWA high-speed pilot-assisted driving functions, including ACC adaptive cruise, automatic parking, DVR driving records before and after, 360 HD look around and so on. (Compile/car home yaoyu)

The heavy Great Wall diesel 2.4T will be loaded, and the parameters are almost equal to D4D, matching the tank and gun models.

In recent years, hard-core off-road vehicles and recreational pickup trucks have exploded rapidly, becoming models sought after by consumers, especially the emergence of a number of domestic models, which has lowered the threshold and price of off-road, such as the current fire.
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A monopoly, it can almost be said that the Great Wall monopolizes the entry-level hard-core off-road market, with compact tanks relying on 300 and medium and large tanks relying on 500. There are still many models to be released in the subsequent tank family.

However, with the advent of high oil prices, Tank 300 is facing a severe situation. Although the sales volume is still stable, with the impact of rising oil prices and decreasing heat, the order growth rate of Tank 300 is declining, and its Tank 500 model has a larger displacement and higher fuel consumption, so consumers will think more about it. After all, it will cost money to buy it back.

How to solve this embarrassing dilemma? In fact, a solution has long been thought of. First, both Tank 300 and Tank 500 will launch hybrid models and plug-in hybrid models. Among them, the hybrid version of Tank 300 has been listed overseas and is expected to be released at the end of April in China, followed by the plug-in hybrid models of Tank 300 and Tank 500. The combination of plug-in hybrid technology and hard-core off-road is actually quite perfect, with high torque and low fuel consumption. Currently, H equipped with plug-in hybrid technology can reduce fuel consumption.

However, what can solve the urgent need at present is actually another means. It is the Great Wall of Wei Jianjun’s king-grade product-diesel power chain. The power of the Great Wall has been under development, and its green static series diesel engines have always been the leader of domestic diesel.
Later, H9, Fengjun series and Great Wall guns were all equipped, and they have always been the fist-class products of the Great Wall.

Compared with gasoline engine, diesel engine has higher thermal efficiency, lower fuel consumption and strong torque, which is very suitable for hard-core off-road vehicles. Compared with gasoline engine, diesel engine has half the use cost and better power performance, especially on off-road sections. However, because the technical content of diesel engine is not low at all, and the domestic fuel quality is poor, domestic passenger cars rarely use diesel power. However, the diesel engine of Great Wall is advanced in technology and has been adjusted for domestic oil products, which is deeply loved by consumers.

At present, due to many factors, such as emissions, all passenger cars of Great Wall are not equipped with diesel engines, and the diesel H9 has become a swan song. If you want to buy a diesel engine model of Great Wall, you can only buy a pickup truck of Great Wall, but the 2.0T engine on the pickup truck is weak, and the 2.0T diesel engine with twin turbines may not be used again because of emissions problems, but the recent appearance of a new car of Great Wall may completely change this situation.

Recently, a brand-new gun model-full-size pickup truck based on tank 500 platform will be equipped with the latest 2.4T diesel engine of Great Wall and matched with 8AT gearbox. This engine code-named GW4D24 is a vertical 2.4T diesel engine with a maximum power of 135kW and a peak torque of 480 N m. This parameter is close to that of Toyota 2.8TD4D diesel engine with larger displacement, and it is also equipped with an electronically controlled VGT variable cross-section turbine and a 2000Bar fuel injection system.

As a result, the Great Wall finally has a brand-new diesel engine for passenger cars, and this engine will also cover tank, Haval and gun series models in the future, which is a great good news for consumers who want to buy diesel versions of tank 300 and tank 500. After all, diesel engines are more powerful and have lower fuel consumption and cheaper oil prices, which is a good choice for consumers who like hard-core off-road vehicles. (Text/Youshi Automobile Haoyang)

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Netizens reported that it was difficult to unblock the mobile phone number after it was mistakenly blocked. Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department: Complaints can be made.

Netizens reported that it was difficult to unblock the mobile phone number after it was mistakenly blocked. Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department: Complaints can be made.

The picture shows the telephone number announced by Yunnan Provincial Public Security Bureau. screenshot

  Kunming, Dec. 9 (Du Xiaoxiao)-Recently, the press office of the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Bureau announced that in the recent special crackdown on telecom network fraud, if there is a false seal, the public security organ will quickly identify the phone number and account number that was mistakenly shut down due to technical reasons after receiving the complaint and consultation call. If the public security organ is found to be inactive or passive, you can call "12389" to make a complaint.

  Recently, some netizens posted on the local message board that their micro-signal was permanently sealed by WeChat official on October 14th. After understanding, they learned that it was requested by Yunnan public security authorities, and provided contact numbers of 0871-630543xx and multiple telephones of Pu ‘er Public Security Bureau. After many contacts, the phone could not be opened.

  The netizen said that he works in Kunming and has never been to Myanmar. There is no violation of laws and regulations. The blocking of micro-signal has seriously affected his work and life. I hope the government can understand the situation as soon as possible and unblock the WeChat account.

  In addition, some netizens on the Internet reported that their QQ, mobile phone number, Alipay and other social platforms and payment platforms could not be used normally.

  The Information Office of the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department responded on the 8 th that in view of the rampant telecommunication network fraud activities in the border areas of China and Myanmar, which seriously infringed on the property safety of the people, the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference Office of the State Council on Combating New Crimes in Telecommunication Networks and the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Organs are organizing special crackdown actions, and decided to block and shut down suspected telecommunication network fraud calls, social and payment accounts such as QQ, WeChat, Alipay and POS machines in northern Myanmar and some areas where telecommunication network fraud activities are serious from October 14, 2019.

  If the phone number is turned off by mistake, you can contact the anti-fraud center of the local public security bureau as soon as possible (area code +96110) or call the anti-fraud center of the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Bureau (0871-63054338); If QQ, WeChat, Alipay, POS and other social and payment accounts are closed by mistake, you can contact the workstations of the Ministry of Public Security in Pu ‘er, Dehong and Lincang, Yunnan.

  The press office of the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Bureau said that if there is a false seal, the public security organ will quickly identify the phone number and account number that was mistakenly shut down due to technical reasons after receiving the complaint consultation phone number. If the public security organ is found to be inactive or passive, you can call "12389" to make a complaint.

Do not hesitate to violate the law in order to increase the powder? Be wary of "Tik Tok-style life" becoming a public hazard.


  On October 31, the official WeChat of the traffic police in Hanshou County, Changde City, Hunan Province issued a warning report, saying that some drivers with cars were illegally parked in the queue at Yuanshui Bridge in Hanshou County, occupying the road to shoot Tik Tok. After receiving the report, the police have organized an investigation and will deal with it seriously after verification. At the same time, they call for compliance with road traffic safety laws and regulations.

  Judging from the live pictures taken by netizens, more than one car occupies the road and is suspected of violating the parking. On the one hand, it hinders the normal passage of other vehicles and easily causes traffic congestion; On the other hand, because the road narrows, it is easy to cause rear-end collision, rubbing and so on, which can be said to be harmful to others. However, these phenomena of illegally occupying roads to shoot vibrato videos are just a microcosm of the prevailing "Tik Tok-style life". There are many forms and channels for similar things in reality, so we should be vigilant enough.

  For example, in order to shoot a short video of vibrato, someone forcibly accosted women on the road, which led to conflicts between the two sides and even criminal cases. Some people imitate the so-called "exchanging vegetables for meat" in the short video of vibrato, and exchange their vegetarian dishes for other people’s barbecues in restaurants or nightingale stalls. As a result, the other side is disgusted and the two sides fight. When more and more similar farce is staged around us, it reminds us that it is time for some young people to lead a "Tik Tok-style life".

  The "Tik Tok-style life" of netizens can also be divided into two situations. One is that some people take shooting short vibrato videos as a means to seek benefits and earn extra money, or even as their own career or entrepreneurial project. In order to attract attention, increase the number of fans and raise their attention, some people become increasingly anxious and crazy, even to the point where they do whatever it takes. There is also a kind of taking vibrato video as a pastime or entertainment, satisfying one’s vanity and getting satisfaction in others’ praise and evaluation. They may not be as eager for quick success as the first kind of people, but driven by vanity and stimulated by others’ praise and evaluation, they are easy to become sensitive and melodramatic, gradually lose self-control and do some weird or extreme things.

  It stands to reason that a person’s words and deeds in public places can generally be tolerated as long as they do not violate national laws and regulations and social order and good customs. However, it has been suspected of violating national laws and regulations, as well as social public order and good customs, for example, motor vehicles illegally occupying roads to shoot videos, forcibly chatting up and harassing others in order to shoot videos, or damaging the environment and cultural relics in order to shoot videos. In this regard, some netizens bluntly pointed out that those who trample on national laws and social morality for their own interests have actually become "social hazards."

  You can live a "Tik Tok-style life", but you must be responsible for your actions, consciously self-discipline, and keep your actions within the track of national laws and social morality, and not be too willful. The network platform that publishes such short videos should also increase the intensity of audit and supervision. Once illegal and unethical behaviors are found in short videos, they must be resolutely curbed, cleaned up and given necessary punishment.

  The relevant government departments should also strengthen the supervision and punishment of this phenomenon. For example, the act of illegally occupying roads to shoot short videos should be dealt with seriously in accordance with the existing laws and regulations, which will not only make the parties pay the due price, but also be a necessary warning education for others.