Looking forward to the 2008 Geneva Motor Show: six beautiful cars are the first to see (Figure)




  Geneva is a world-famous neutral country, so the Geneva Motor Show has completely inherited the country’s "attitude towards life"-neutrality and objectivity. The biggest feature of the Geneva Motor Show is that it treats all car factories equally, without any racial prejudice, and will not give special care to the domestic automobile industry, because there is no automobile industry in Switzerland. Every Geneva Motor Show, major automakers in Europe, the United States, Japan, etc. participate in the most luxurious lineup. This year’s Geneva Motor Show will be officially unveiled in March. Different from the past, in addition to many domestic brands, there will be many new cars to be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show. Let’s pay attention to these new cars.

  Volvo XC60

  After the unprecedented success of its seven-seater full-size luxury SUV XC90, the XC60 concept new car that was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in 2007 is regarded as the forerunner of the global cross-border SUV. Recently, Volvo officially announced that the official production version of XC60 will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show. This novel and unique new car will be launched globally at the end of 2008 and enter the China market early next year. Competitors of this XC60 include Mercedes-Benz GLK, BMW X3, Audi Q5, Volkswagen Tiguan and so on.

  Ford sixth generation Fiesta

  Changan Ford will continue to bet on the "new car" this year, the most striking of which is the sixth generation Fiesta, which will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. If there are no accidents, this new car will be unveiled and put into production in China in the second half of the year and will be listed at the end of the year.

  The sixth generation Fiesta is the first mass-produced model of Ford concept car "Verve". In addition to the three-door model, the information of five-door models will be announced at the Geneva Motor Show. By comparing the pictures, we can find that the difference between the new generation Fiesta and Verve is quite small, and they have basically the same lines and designs, and only make adjustments in details, such as the large air dam at the front of the car, the combination of lights, and the chrome decoration under the fog lights.

  The chassis structure is the same as MAZDA2. In addition, the new Fiesta provides five power specifications. The gasoline engine includes two Duratec systems of 1.3 liters and 1.4 liters. In addition, a 1.6-liter Ti-VCT gasoline engine is added for the first time, with a maximum horsepower of 115 horsepower, which is more environmentally friendly than the previous generation.

  The second generation of British and finidi FX models

  In 2007, it was officially introduced into China, and Britain and finidi got a good start, and its FX, G, EX and other models were well received by the market. At this Geneva Motor Show, Britain and finidi prepared a rich feast-the second-generation FX car, which showed the determination of Britain and finidi to enter the European market, and it was reported that this new car would be introduced to China for a bigger market share at the first time.

  It has been nearly five years since the FX model was officially introduced into the market in 2003. Although the shape is still quite avant-garde from today’s point of view, it is inevitable that the second generation FX will come out in the face of the comprehensive upgrading of strong competitors. However, the news about the second generation FX is still quite limited, only that it will be equipped with a brand-new V8 power system.

  Chevrolet small change to Le Cheng

  A small modified Le Cheng made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007. It was a five-door hatchback car. At this Geneva Motor Show, GM Europe announced that it would release a brand-new three-door version of the car. Different from the previous five-door version, the Le Cheng three-door version has slightly changed the front face, enlarged the design of the Chevrolet cross factory emblem, and has a brand-new combination of red and white rear taillights. The car will be equipped with gasoline engines with displacement of 1.2L and 1.4L.. It is reported that Le Cheng will be listed in the middle of the year, with a five-door model and then a three-door model, which will impact the growing personalized car market.

  The Eighth European Accord

  Recently, Honda announced the European version of the eighth generation Accord, which will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Previously, the eighth generation Accord imported by Guangzhou Honda was the American version, which was quite different in appearance design. There are four-door and five-door versions on the model, and the pentagonal shield chrome-plated water tank cover is more stereoscopic than the American version, and it is full of sharp lines on the whole, showing incomparable aggression.

  The low center of gravity and wide car body are the characteristics of the Japan-Europe Accord, especially the five-door version, which can not only reduce the height of the luggage compartment floor, but also achieve the stability of driving and handling, and also provide excellent seating space and comfort. In addition, irregular chrome-plated door handles and double exhaust tailpipes will be standard equipment, and the rim size is 17 and 18 inches. (Ma Haiyan)

Editor: Wang Yuxi

Online gun trafficking swindles Guangdong "hurricane" and destroys more than 300 criminal gangs.

       CCTV News:Guangdong provincial police recently announced the "Hurricane 2019" special action. From January to May this year, Guangdong province destroyed more than 300 criminal gangs and arrested more than 5,400 suspects, mainly involving gun-making, violence, pornography and gambling, telecommunication network fraud and other illegal crimes.

       14 people were arrested for destroying the criminal gang that cheated and robbed mobile phones.

       Since the beginning of this year, there have been a high number of cases of cheating and robbing mobile phones on the streets of Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Dongguan police focused on such cases. In this "Hurricane 2019" special operation, a regional criminal gang that cheated and robbed mobile phones was destroyed and 14 gang members were arrested. According to the police, members of the criminal gang pretended to be Hong Kong businessmen, looking for crime targets in the streets, and fled after borrowing the victim’s mobile phone on the grounds that the mobile phone could not be used or the mobile phone was dead.

       Lu Junguang, a brigade of the Criminal Police Detachment of Dongguan Public Security Bureau, said: "Criminal gangs usually drive their own vehicles, and then look for targets while driving. I claim that my mobile phone is out of power, can I borrow your mobile phone to call my friend, and then he will use a model machine and say that I will put it at your place first, I will find my friend in the past, I will come back and return it to you, and then I will leave. "


       According to the police, criminal suspects generally choose high-end mobile phone models to reduce the vigilance of victims, and focus on teenagers and migrant workers to commit crimes.

       Lu Junguang, a brigade of the criminal police detachment of Dongguan Public Security Bureau: "Their awareness of prevention is relatively weak. There are also migrants who come out to work. Generally, they choose remote road sections or factory areas. Many migrant workers get off work, use these time periods and use their sympathy to cheat their mobile phones. "

       On April 19, Dongguan police launched a unified network-closing operation in Guangzhou, Dongguan and Bozhou, Anhui Province, and arrested 14 suspects, 5 vehicles used for committing crimes, mobile phones, fake license plates, mobile phone model machines, mobile phone cards and other items involved. At present, the case is still under further investigation.

       Lu Junguang, a brigade of the Criminal Police Detachment of Dongguan Public Security Bureau: "Citizens should raise their awareness of fraud prevention and ask themselves why they lent it to him, because criminal suspects usually pretend to be bosses who come to do business or businessmen who come back from abroad, and then drive themselves and ask themselves why they lend it to him, because ordinary drivers have navigation in their cars and don’t borrow mobile phones."

       "Precision Poverty Alleviation" fraud involves more than 10 million yuan

       In this "Hurricane 2019" special action, the police in Guangzhou and Shaoguan also jointly detected a series of fraud cases involving the thawing of national assets, and arrested 90 suspects. By fabricating false projects such as "precision poverty alleviation", this gang claimed that it would get rich returns from the state by paying a certain amount of money, which led to a large number of people being deceived.

       At the beginning of this year, Guangdong police received a clue that a criminal gang, under the banner of the state and the central government, used WeChat, QQ and other platforms to form various social groups to develop offline, adopted non-contact means for publicity and promotion, and fabricated projects such as "precise poverty alleviation" for fraud. After receiving the clue, the police immediately launched an investigation.

       Chen Wenhao, a policeman of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Wujiang Branch of Shaoguan Municipal Public Security Bureau: "In Shaoguan area, Xie Mou, Zeng Mou, Li Mou and others (headed) have successively established hundreds of WeChat groups. Through continuous development, they go offline and then look for victims. Tell them that as long as you submit personal information, as long as you pay project fees and admission fees of several yuan, ten yuan and several hundred yuan, you can get hundreds of thousands after the national cause and national rejuvenation of our country are completed.


       At the same time, Guangzhou police also received clues about the gang. After investigation, the police found that fraudsters brainwashed the masses by pyramid schemes, convincing the victims that they can get huge returns at a certain time in the future by paying a small amount of money.

       Lin Xijiang, Interpol Brigade of Yuexiu Branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau: "Although the so-called membership fee and admission fee are not much for everyone, some are more than 10 yuan, tens of yuan and more than 100 yuan, their statement is like a pile of sand, dripping water wears away the stone, and he deceives these people by brainwashing pyramid schemes, causing many people to believe him with all their heart." The total amount involved in our entire case is close to 50 million to 60 million. "

       From February 27th to March 21st this year, under the unified command of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, the public security organs in Guangzhou and Shaoguan launched a network-closing operation, which destroyed two criminal gangs, arrested 90 criminal suspects and seized a number of crime tools such as mobile phones, computers, official seals, letters of appointment and certificates on the spot. At present, the case is still under further investigation.

       Chen Wenhao, a policeman from the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Wujiang Branch of Shaoguan Public Security Bureau, said: "We found that most of these victims are middle-aged and elderly people. Remind them to be cautious when they are in contact with networks such as WeChat and Taobao. They should communicate with their children at home for these projects. If the public security organs take the initiative to find the victims, they also hope that the victims can cooperate with our work more. "

       Breaking the network gun trafficking case and seizing 54 guns.

       The case of manufacturing and selling guns is the key criminal case hit by the "Hurricane 2019" special action. Recently, the Guangzhou police destroyed a criminal gang that illegally manufactured guns and sold guns through the Internet, arrested 112 people involved and arrested 56 people. More than 50 guns of various types were seized.

       At the beginning of this year, Guangzhou police discovered a number of illegal gun trafficking dens in China through online inspections. After investigation, the police found that these suspects engaged in gun trafficking activities through social networks, involving more than 70 buyers.

       Zhou Jiandong, Interpol Brigade of Yuexiu Branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau: "There are buyers who buy it online and in some collection groups and QQ groups. Buyers are mainly young men, one is hobbies, collections, likes hunting, or some are engaged in illegal and criminal activities. "


       After careful investigation, the police grasped the basic situation of this criminal gang. On March 5, Guangzhou police launched a one-month network-closing operation. During the operation, 14 dens for manufacturing bullets were destroyed, 112 people were arrested, 56 people were detained, and a large number of guns, bullets, gunpowder and detonators were seized.

       Zhou Jiandong, Interpol Brigade of Yuexiu Branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, said: "Some [guns] are made or modified by themselves, and some are smuggled in. Trading by express mail, he took the whole gun apart and mailed it one by one. "

       Because the transactions of suspects are all conducted on the Internet and involve different provinces and cities in China, it is more difficult for the police to investigate and pursue.

       The police appealed to the general public to consciously resist illegal firearms, ammunition and explosives, and actively report illegal and criminal activities involving firearms, ammunition, explosives and simulation guns. For providing clues to the public security organs about illegal and criminal activities involving guns and explosions, the police will reward those who report meritorious deeds in accordance with relevant regulations. The police will investigate the legal responsibility for harboring and sheltering criminals involved in guns and explosions and helping criminals destroy or falsify evidence.